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  January 2022  
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Belgium's Parliament Debates Euthanasia for Children. Dignitatis Humanae Institute says proposed legislation is "sickening and deplorable".
'Death Pact' and the Euthanasia of 45-Year-Old Twins. How Can We Accompany the Dying, and Those Who Suffer While Living Life? Etienne Montero
'Everyone Has a Right to Be Born'. Thousands of Pro-Life Supporters Protest Outside Irish Parliament By William A. Thomas
A Critique of the Five Wishes
A Day to Remember Terri Schiavo. Interview with Her Brother, Bobby Schindler By Carrie Gress
A Society Open to Life. The Push for Euthanasia
About euthanasia kits?
ANALYSIS: Euthanasia Under Review. Catholic Church Speaks Out in Australia
Analysis: The Spread of Euthanasia. California Becomes 5th US State to Legalize Measure
Anti-euthanasia Ruling Hailed as Major Victory. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Sets Forth Principles
Australia's Euthanasia Debate. Green Party Pushes Law Changes By Father John Flynn, LC
Australian Euthanasia Campaigner's Medical License Suspended 'to Protect Public Health'. Doctor Promises to Continue Advocating for Assisted Suicide Anyway
‘We Can & Must Reject Temptation to Support the Possible Willingness of a Patient to Die,’ Decries Pope Francis Against Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide
Belgian Lawmakers Extend Euthanasia to Children. Legislation Passed by Large Majority in Belgium's Lower House
Belgium Moves Step Closer to Euthanizing Children. Proposed Law Now Faces Vote in Parliament
Belgium Parliament to Vote on Child Euthanasia on February 13th. Bill Would Extend Euthanasia to Minors with No Age Limit
Belgium: "euthanasia kits" on sale in pharmacies
Benedict XVI Decries Advance Toward Euthanasia. Tells Luxembourg Envoy That Taking Innocent Life Is Wrong
Benedict XVI Discusses Euthanasia's Spread. Luxembourg Set to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide
Benedict XVI: Euthanasia a "False" Solution. Says the Answer Is Love
Bishops Concerned About Euthanasia, Homosexual Adoption. Affirm Priest as Collaborator, Not Freelancer
Bishops in Britain on Offensive Against Euthanasia
Canada's Bishops Expand Teaching Resources on Euthanasia. Respond to Current Debate in Quebec on Forcing Assisted Suicide
Canada's Push for Euthanasia (Part 1). Interview With Director of COLF
Canada's Push for Euthanasia (Part 2) Interview With Director of COLF
Canadian Bishops Add Revamped Website to Efforts to Halt Euthanasia Push
Canadian Bishops Oppose Euthanasia Legislation. While Draft Law is Debated in Parliament, Bishops Call for Protection of Conscientious Objection and Promotion of Palliative Care
Canadian Judges Impose Euthanasia. One Year for Parliament to Draft Law By Father John Flynn, LC
Canadians Exhorted to Get Informed About Euthanasia as Debate Rages in Courts, Quebec "The hour is extremely serious. This is a question of life and death"
Cancer Patient Cancels Living Will. Says Many Support Euthanasia for Others, Not Self By Antonio Gaspari
Cases Like Eluana's Can Have Happy Endings. Missionary Rejects Award in Protest of Italy's Euthanasia Ruling
Catholic Health Alliance Welcomes British Columbia Court Ruling on Euthanasia.Says Ruling 'Affirms Foundational Relationships of Care and Trust in Health Care'
Child Euthanasia in Belgium: Church Calls Day of Fasting, Prayer
Christian Doctors Refuse "to Be Executioners". Catalonian Association Balk at Legalizing Euthanasia
Colombia Seeks Legalizing Murder, Says Bioethicist. Explains Contradictions in Euthanasia Legislation By Jesús Colina
Confronting the Reality of Euthanasia. Father Thomas Rosica Explains the Church's Opposition
Controversy over euthanasia kits
Countering the Myth of the Perfect Child. Bioethics Courses Focus on "Neonatal Euthanasia" and Other Problems
Deadly Decisions. The Euthanasia Debate Continues By Father John Flynn
Debunking the Papal "Euthanasia" Doctor Assails Claims Surrounding John Paul II's Death
Dignity in Life and Death. Debate Continues Over Euthanasia By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Do No Harm? Should Patients Still Trust Their Doctors? Medical Journals Show Increasing Support for Euthanasia By Denise J. Hunnell, MD
European Parliamentarian Vows to "Fight to the End" Child Euthanasia. Law.Luca Volonte Says Measure is a Step Backwards For Society
Euthanasia Alert. Exposing the Abuses in Belgium
Euthanasia at the Council of Europe
Euthanasia Extends Its Scope. The Race Down the Slippery Slope
Euthanasia Free Fall: What Do Trends and Numbers Tell Us About Where This Is Headed?
Euthanasia's Growing Acceptance
Euthanasia, Religious Freedom Taken Up at Red Masses. Australian Prelates Note Nation's Moral Battles
Euthanasia: Consuelo Cordoba Met the Pope in Colombia and Changed Her Mind
Experts Confront Problem of Euthanasia by Omission. Underline Papal Teaching on Care for Patients in Persistent Comas
Facing Euthanasia Law, Canadian Faithful Organize ‘Day of Prayer for Palliative Care’
Fighting to Live Versus Dying to Die. U.S. Bishops Challenge the Right-to-Die Movement By E. Christian Brugger
Handiphobia. Leading Cause of Euthanasia. Interview With Neonatologist Carlo Bellieni
Is Euthanasia Lobby Already Forcing 'the Hard Choice?' Pressure to Die Picks up Steam By Father John Flynn, LC
Italy's Itch for Euthanasia. Life-and-Death Issue Coming to Fore By Father John Flynn
Killing Instead of Caring: The Push for Euthanasia. Global Trend Sets Worrying Precedents
Killing versus Allowing to Die
Legalizing Euthanasia by Omission And Making It a Doctor's Order By E. Christian Brugger
Mexican Bishops Urge Anti-Euthanasia Law
Mexico Introduces Euthanasia Legislation
Montana Becomes 3rd US State to OK Euthanasia
Neglect of the Mentally Ill and the Lure of Euthanasia. Interview With Francesco Previte of "Christians for Service"
Neither Dignity Nor Justice. Canadas Supreme Court Legalizes Euthanasia
Newspaper Lauds Doctor's Resignation
Petition to Stop Belgian King Signing Child Euthanasia Law. Numbers of Signatories Rising Rapidly, Urging King Philippe to Take a Stand
Pope Warns Against Temptation of Euthanasia. Says Life Must Be Defended Against Culture of Death
Pope’s Order to Belgian Brothers of Charity: Halt Euthanasia
Prelate Warns Australians: Don't Abandon the Dying. Speaks Out Against Euthanasia as Advocates Pressure Government
Pressured to Die: Euthanasia Push Continues. Promised Safeguards Not Working By Father John Flynn, LC
Pressuring for Euthanasia. Activists Push to Loosen Laws By Father John Flynn, LC
Recipes To Die For. Euthanasia Advocates Gaining Ground By Father John Flynn, LC
Religious Leaders Unite to Oppose Belgium Extending Euthanasia to Children. Say "It Would Be An 'Inhuman' Practice"
Russian Parliamentarians Propose Ban on Belgian Adoptions. Concern Mounts that Child Euthanasia Law Poses Danger to Adopted Russian Minors
Social Doctrine Facing "Unheard of" Attacks. Vatican Official Says an Adequate Response Is Needed
Spanish Counseling Centers Push Euthanasia. Ethics Organization Warns Against Slanted Living Wills
Tactics to Promote Euthanasia. Interview With Dr. Margaret Somerville of Montreal
Terri Schiavo's Brother on Euthanasia. Interview With Bobby Schindler
The Threat of Euthanasia. Interview With Cardinal Renato Martino
Turning the Tide Against Euthanasia. Interview With Father Thomas Rosica
Vatican Calls for More Palliative Care Centers
Vatican Hails European Council's "No" to Euthanasia