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Daily News Archives
Vacation a Time for God, Says Holy Father
Vacationers Invited to Seek Paradise. Spanish Prelate Says There Are Glimmers of Heaven on Earth
Vacationing Benedict XVI Greets Residents
Vacationing Pope Enjoying Piano. Local Clergy Say He Is "Relaxed and Happy"
Vacationing Pope Stays in Touch With Vatican
Vacationing Pope: a Rainy Walk, a Paperless Homily
Valencia's Archbishop Says Families in a New Stage
Valencia, World Capital of the Family in July. Interview With Archbishop Agustín García-Gasco
Values Without Virtues. Children Need to Be Taught Virtues, Not Values Based on Subjective Feelings
Values-Based Sex Ed Appeals to Head, Heart "Alive to the World" Program Called an Effective Alternative By Edward Pentin
Van Thuân Observatory on Laity. Summarized in 10 Points
Vandals Strike Another Monastery in Holy Land. Pro-Israeli Settlers Believed to be Behind Attacks on Christian Sites
Vatican "Joyful" at Serbian Patriarch Invite New Orthodox Leader Proposes a 2013 Meeting With Pope
Vatican "Perplexed" at Bank Investigation. Affirms Confidence in Directors of Institute for the Works of Religion
Vatican "Regrets" European Court Ruling on Crucifix. Spokesman Defends Symbol of Italian Culture, Identity
Vatican Accounts Could Improve in 2010 Despite Situation of "Permanent Difficulty"
Vatican Address on Situation in Lebanon. "Peace Is the Basic Condition for Human Rights"
Vatican Address to U.N. Forum on Indigenous Issues "Show Flexibility and Social Farsightedness"
Vatican Address to U.N. on Religious Tolerance
Vatican Adds Voice to Liberation of Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria. Fr. Lombardi Says Abduction is Horrible Violence 'Typical' of Boko Haram
Vatican Affirms Innocence in Abuse Cover-up in Ireland. Issues Much-Anticipated Response to Cloyne Report
Vatican Agency Honors Chinese Film Director
Vatican Agency Honors Jewish Film Director. Argentine Daniel Burman Hoping to Transmit Values By Jesús Colina
Vatican Aid Group for Africa Gives $2M to 200 Projects. John Paul II Foundation for the Sahel Concludes 30th Council Meeting
Vatican Aide Affirms Depth of Sign Language Says the Church Gives Importance to Deaf People
Vatican Aide Asks, Where's the Love? Says "Humanae Vitae" Critics Still Don't Get It
Vatican Aide Asks: Are You Corrupting Youth?
Vatican Aide Assures Continued Help in Orlandi Mystery. Officials Inspect Tomb of Enrico de Pedis
Vatican Aide Cautions Obama on Ethics. Says Some Humans Shouldn't Be Used for Others By Carmen Villa
Vatican Aide Clarifies Baptism of Former Muslim. Says Church's New Member Does Not Represent Holy See
Vatican Aide Considers Challenges for the Church in Latin America. Views of Guzman Carriquiry, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America By Jose Antonio Varela Vidal
Vatican Aide Considers Situations of Migrant Women. Urges Governments to Offer Special Protections
Vatican Aide Considers Why the Pope Picked Mexico. Reflects on Plans for March Trip
Vatican Aide Lauds US Response to Clergy Abuse. Says "Extraordinary" Efforts Cut Cases by 30%
Vatican Aide Notes 2 Reasons for Hope. Hails U.N. Death Penalty Moratorium and Sarkozy Proposal
Vatican Aide Offers 3 Back-to-School Tips. Also Gives Advice to Teachers and Administrators
Vatican Aide on Lessons of Fall of Berlin Wall. Father Lombardi Reflects on 20th Anniversary
Vatican Aide Recalls Shipwrecked African Migrants. Highlights Pope's Words at Yad Vashem Memorial
Vatican Aide Reflects on Sobrino's Errors
Vatican Aide Responds to Muslim Professor "We Do Not Think the Church Merits the Accusation of Lack of Respect"
Vatican Aide Sees Promise in Arab Countries Unrest. Urges Dialogue With All Seeking Greater Liberty
Vatican Aide Speaks Out on Phobias. Fear of Christianity Arises From Misinformation, Says Prelate
Vatican Aide to Baby 7 Billion: 'You Are a Wonderful Gift'. Father Lombardi Addresses Human Side of Population Debate
Vatican Aide Welcomes News of Pan-Orthodox Council. Stresses Importance of Vitality of Orthodox Church
Vatican Aide: "Voice" of Synod Is Final Message. Responds to Critics That Say Assembly Was Anti-Israel
Vatican Aide: Christians Are Victims of Hatred Father Lombardi Analyzes Violence in Iraq
Vatican Aide: Church Is Both "For" and "With" Africa. Father Lombardi Reflects at Conclusion of Special Assembly
Vatican Aide: Death a Reality, Despite Technology. Affirms That Palliative Care Headed in Good Direction
Vatican Aide: Heart of Ecumenism Is Prayer. Father Lombardi Comments on Christian Unity
Vatican Aide: Oil Spill Is a Lesson in Humility. Stresses Responsibility in Technology Use
Vatican Aide: Ordinariate Very Important to Pope. Says Unity Is Built on Love and Truth
Vatican Aide: Priest Vocations Up in 20 Countries. Addresses Conference of Promoters From England and Wales
Vatican Aide: Profit Seeking Needs Balance. Sees a Choice Between Egoism and Love
Vatican Aide: Put Man at the Center of the Economy. Cardinal Martino Says World Is More Than Just Money
Vatican Aide: Religious Freedom a 2-Way Street. Notes Consistent Magisterial Call for Reciprocity
Vatican Aide: Seeking Asylum Requires Courage. Pope's Message for Migrant and Refugee Day Released By Carmen Elena Villa
Vatican Aide: Suffering Reveals God's Love. Underlines Pope's Message for World Day of the Sick
Vatican Aide: UN Could Be Great. Says International Groups Must Defend Human Rights
Vatican Aide: War Is Not Inevitable. Reflects on Chile-Argentina Peace and Friendship Treaty
Vatican Aide: Women Spiritual Guides Deserve Credit Female in the Curia Says Her Role Is Respected, Welcomed
Vatican Aides Reportedly in Beijing for Talks
Vatican Aims at Transparency in Financial Institution. Paolo Cipriani, Director General of IOR, Speaks Out By Sergio Mora
Vatican Alarmed by Strife in Holy Land. Holy Father Expresses Sympathy for Victims
Vatican Alerts Doctors to Anti-Life Mindset. Cardinal Bertone Urges Education in the Culture of Life By Antonio Gaspari
Vatican and China to Agree on New Bishop
Vatican and FAO Allied in Fight Against Hunger. Francis to Meet With Delegations in July
Vatican and Germany Plan Stamps for Youth Day
Vatican and Law Enforcement Join Forces Against Human Trafficking Police Chiefs and Church Representatives To Convene in Rome
Vatican and Partners Launch International Observatory on the Family
Vatican and Russian Orthodox to Discuss Europe
Vatican Announces Creation of New Web Page
Vatican Announces Prayer Initiatives Ahead of Next Year's Synod
Vatican Announces Widespread Reform Plans. French Businessman and British Peer Hired to Oversee Changes to Finances and Media
Vatican Apostolic Library To Digitize 82,000 Manuscripts. Agreement Will Oversee Availability of Documents Dating to Pre-Columbian America and Ancient China
Vatican Appeal for Respect for Religious Minorities "A Potential for Fears and Conflicts, or a New Phase of Mutual Enrichment"
Vatican Appeals for Ethical Tourism. Urges Recovering Paradise by Caring for Nature
Vatican Appeals for Missing Priest in Sri Lanka
Vatican Appeals for Texan on Death Row
Vatican Appeals Ruling in Sex Abuse Lawsuit
Vatican Applauds Poland's Episcopal Investigation. Warns of Possible Manipulation of Documents
Vatican Approves Blessing for Child in the Womb
Vatican Approves Roman Missal Translation. New Text Will Be Used for 2011 Advent
Vatican Approves Shalom Community's Statutes
Vatican Approves US English Translation of Missal. Bishops Ready Faithful for 1st Major Change to Mass in Decades
Vatican Approves Youth Day Patrons. Group of Saints Includes Laity, Religious and Youth
Vatican Archbishop Closes Year of Faith Lecture Series in London. Archbishop Di Noia: We Need Confident Evangelizing Spirit, Robust Apologetics
Vatican Archives Exhibit Opens in Rome. 'Lux in Arcana' Offers a Rare Look at History
Vatican Archives Present New Galileo Volume
Vatican Asks Bishops to Turn in Guidelines on Abuse. Deadline Set for Next May
Vatican Asks US Agency to Lead Haiti Effort Catholic Relief Services Coordinating Earthquake Aid
Vatican Assails "Culture of Conflict". Urges Ratification of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Vatican Assails Sex Industry at World Cup. Prelate Says German Authorities Are Responsible
Vatican Assesses How to Proceed Operations Amid Pandemic
Vatican Assures Cooperation With Authorities in Light of Arrest. Senior Accountant Arrested For Suspicious Transactions
Vatican at UN: Faithful’s Commitment to 2030 Agenda Is Fundamental
Vatican Awaiting Possible Invitation From Turkey
Vatican Backs Scottish Bishops on Missile Stance
Vatican Bank Addresses Financial Crisis. Stresses Human Dignity as Basis of Economy
Vatican Bank Commits to Transparency. Prosecutors Consider Institute a Foreign Bank
Vatican Basilica Is Sign of Faith, Says Cardinal
Vatican Begins Move to High-Definition TV
Vatican Briefing on the Conclave. Climate Among Cardinals: "One of Great Familiarity"
Vatican Brings on Communications Adviser. Missouri-native, Veteran Journalist Greg Burke Named
Vatican Brings Shrines Closer to Rome. Kicks Off Pilgrimage Air Charter Service
Vatican Calls Bishops to Support Holy Land. Cardinal Sandri: Every Christian Is at Home in Jesus' City
Vatican Calls China's Illicitly Ordained to Examine Hearts. Notes Fear Is Mitigating Factor in Excommunication Latae Sententiae By Jesús Colina
Vatican Calls Christians, Buddhists to Work to End Corruption
Vatican calls fight against corruption a “moral obligation”
Vatican Calls for Better Education for Gypsies. Also Decries Their Forced Sterilizations
Vatican Calls for Decisive Action in Africa. Archbishop Urges Nations to Honor Pledges
Vatican Calls for Fair and Efficient Health System
Vatican Calls for Pastoral Reflection on "Women of the Street"
Vatican Calls for Prayers for Elderly During Pandemic
Vatican Calls for Reflection After Bin Laden's Death. Church in Pakistan on Full Security Alert
Vatican Calls Israel Meeting Constructive
Vatican Calls Muslims, Christians to Prepare Youth for Peace. Sends Message for End of Ramadan
Vatican Calls Prostitution a Form of Slavery. Document Addresses Plight of "Women of the Street"
Vatican Calls Rich to Make Universal Health Care Possible. Laments That "Poor People Miss Out"
Vatican Calls Sport a Means to Unite Humanity. Adds That It's a Vehicle for Personal Development
Vatican Cardinal to Visit South Sudan. President of Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace to Celebrate Mass, Meet President
Vatican Celebrates Europe-China "Bridge" Exhibit Honors Jesuit Missionary on 400th Anniversary of Death By Carmen Elena Villa
Vatican Christmas Decorations Reflect Care for Environment, Concern for Refugees
Vatican Christmas Tree to Be Unveiled at Start of Jubilee of Mercy
Vatican Circulates 50-Cent Coin
Vatican City State Goes Online
Vatican City State Rejects Corruption Charges. Responds to Letters Attributed to Current US Nuncio By Kathleen Naab
VATICAN CITY, 19 FEB 2009 (VIS) - The Holy See Press Office released the following communique late this morning:
Vatican City: Population 557
Vatican City: Schools Celebrate With Francis. Pope Explains to Thousands Why He Loves School
Vatican Clarification on Good Friday Prayer. No "Change in the Catholic Church's Regard for the Jews"
Vatican Clarification on Lefebvrites, Holocaust. "The Holy Father Asks Accompaniment in Prayer"
Vatican Clarifies Holy Days and '62 Missal
Vatican Clarifies Its Condom-AIDS Study For Internal Dialogue, Explains Cardinal Lozano Barragan
Vatican Clarifies Pope's Forthcoming Document on Ecology. Holy See Spokesman Stresses Draft is in Early Stages
Vatican Clarifies Process for Evaluating Reported Apparitions, Revelations. Publishes Decades-Old Guidelines
Vatican Clarifies: No Change in Position on Jews. Says Prayer for 1962 Missal Does Not Modify "Nostra Aetate"
Vatican Collaborates in Documentary on Confession for Year of Mercy. Available for Viewing on YouTube
Vatican Commentary on New Norms for Anglicans. Father Gianfranco Ghirlanda Explains Significance
Vatican Commentary on World Communications Day. Media "Can Foster Greater Unity or Create Divisions and Conflict"
Vatican Commission to Consider Christians and Muslims as 'Beacons of Hope'. Cardinal Tauran Notes How History Marks Present Relationship
Vatican Commission to Discuss Challenges in China
Vatican Commission to Host Meeting on Evangelizing the Americas With 1st American Pope. Francis to Greet Participants in Mexico City Through Video Message
Vatican Commission Will Continue to Promote Child Protection Worldwide
Vatican Committee Discusses Church in China
Vatican Communique on New Commission for Holy See Finances. 8 Lay Experts in Legal, Economic, Financial and Organizational Matters
Vatican Communique on Pope's Meeting With Jordan's King "Special attention was reserved for the tragic situation in which Syria finds itself"
Vatican Condemns Cartoons of Mohammed
Vatican Conference Explores Religious Freedom Worldwide. Experts Gather to Study Diverse Phenomena of Christian Persecution
Vatican Conference Hopes to Promote Truth on Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Doctors, Patients Speak on Personal Experiences
Vatican Conference to Examine Ways to Serve Elderly
Vatican Conference: Revisiting Psychiatric Treatment of Children (Part 1). Questioning Effectiveness, Safety of Psychotropic Drugs
Vatican Conference: Revisiting Psychiatric Treatment of Children (Part 2). Questioning Effectiveness, Safety of Psychotropic Drugs
Vatican Confirms Benedict XVI's Upcoming UK Trip Scottish Bishops Invite All to Participate
Vatican Confirms Excommunication of St. Louis Group. Hired Suspended Priest for St. Stanislaus
Vatican Confirms High Regard for Contemplative Life
Vatican Confirms Lefebvre Group Has Responded. Doctrinal Congregation to Examine Reply By Kathleen Naab
Vatican Confirms Lefebvre Group Has Responded. Doctrinal Congregation to Examine Reply By Kathleen Naab
Vatican Congregation Makes DVD About Eucharistic Adoration. Cardinal Cañizares: There will be no 'new evangelization' without adoration
Vatican Congress Focuses on Women and Human Rights. Calls for a New Feminism in Favor of Life
Vatican Congress on Migrants and Travelers
Vatican Congress to Mark "Mulieris Dignitatem" at 20. Laity-Council to Host Reflection on Women By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Vatican Considering Ethics of "Synthetic Life" Cardinal Hails Another Sign of Man's Intelligence By Jesús Colina
Vatican Considering Union Request From Anglicans. Cardinal Says Congregation Giving Proposal "Serious Attention"
Vatican Considers Life on Other Planets. Holy See Hosts Study on Astrobiology
Vatican Consultor on Youths' Role in Communication. Interview With Father Thomas Rosica By Anita S. Bourdin
Vatican Convokes Historians of Christianity
Vatican Could Plead Mercy for Aziz, Says Aide
Vatican Council Aims to Make Media Yellow Pages
Vatican Council Recommends Including Children in Prayer Day. Sees Chance to Explain Harshness of News, Hope of Peace
Vatican Council: More Than Ever, There's Space for Dialogue With Muslims. Says Believers Must Show That Religions Are Required to Be Heralds of Peace
Vatican Criticizes Book by American Nun. Point Out Issues Not in Conformity With Church Teaching
Vatican Criticizes Decision on Embryo Work
Vatican Criticizes New Stem Cell Procedure. It's Still Manipulation, Says Bishop Sgreccia
Vatican Crusade Against "Da Vinci Code"? Hardly
Vatican Daily: Faith Was Kim Dae-jung's Support
Vatican Debates Genetically Modified Veggies
Vatican Declaration on Letter to Chinese Catholics. "A Pressing Invitation to Charity, Unity and Truth"
Vatican Decree on the "Ordination" of Women
Vatican Decries Twisting of Papal Address. Says Speech to Italian Leaders Wasn't Meant to "Undervalue" Their Work
Vatican Defends Choice of Publisher for Pope's Book
Vatican Defends Participation in Durban II. Iranian President's Declarations Called "Unacceptable"
Vatican Defends Work of "Propaganda Fide" Responds to Criticism of Italian Media
Vatican Delegation in Brazil Preparing WYD '13. Cardinal Rylko of the Laity Council Highlights Holy Spirit's Work By Maria Emilia Marega
Vatican Delegation to Bring Its Blessing to Newest Nation. Many Citizens of South Sudan Are Catholic
Vatican Denies Asking Bishop to Join China's Church False Reports Circulating
Vatican Denies Private Meeting With Prodi
Vatican Denies Rumors of Coming Liturgical Reform
Vatican Denies Tinkering With Wikipedia. Spokesman Downplays BBC Report
Vatican Denounces Fake Meds for Poor. Notes Most Victims Are Children
Vatican Denounces Nun's Murder in Somalia
Vatican Deplores Belgium's Criticism of Pontiff. Denounces Attempt to Silence Pope's Moral Teaching
Vatican Deters Use of "Tainted" Vaccines
Vatican Didn't Lobby Authorities on Eluana Case. Denies Media's Claim of Interference
Vatican Diplomacy: Realism of Hope. Papal Visitors Show Church's Patience, Says Spokesman
Vatican Diplomatic Corp Convene in Rome to Discuss Syrian Conflict. Archbishop Dominique Mamberti Addresses Need for Renewal of Dialogue and Unity
Vatican Document on Corruption "Makes Societies Less Just and Less Open"
Vatican Document Unifies Theology Studies. Lengthens 4-Year Program
Vatican DVDs Give Insight Into Papal Trip
Vatican Economist: Recession Caused by Low Birthrate. Blames Small Families, Poor Savings Habits
Vatican Edition of Night at the Museum
Vatican Emphasizes Strength of Relations With Ireland. Comments on Irish Decision to Close Embassy
Vatican Employees to Get More Benefits. Offices Aim to Improve Treatment of Staff
Vatican Exhibit Celebrates Astronomy. Offers Viewing of Ancient and New Instruments By Carmen Elena Villa
Vatican Exhibits Papal Elections
Vatican Expands Online Presence at Pope's Wishes. News.va to Open as Benedict XVI Celebrates 60th Priestly Anniversary
Vatican Experts, Journalists Prepare Reflections on 50 Words Used by Pope Francis
Vatican Explains Visit to Respond to Ireland Abuse. 1st Phase Expected to End by Easter
Vatican Expresses Shock Over Raids in Belgium. Laments the Violation of Two Graves in Cathedral Crypt
Vatican Features UK Marriage Prep Course. Offers Unique Response to Church
Vatican Filter of Italian Law Takes Effect
Vatican Finances Aboveboard, Affirms Aide. Laments Misunderstanding That Could Have Been Easily Clarified
Vatican Finances Also Seeing Economic Crunch. Council Expresses Thanks to Those Continuing to Donate
Vatican Finances Continue in the Black. Budget Balances for 3rd Consecutive Year
Vatican Financial Expert Indicates Root of Economic Crisis. Says Family Is the Solution By Salvatore Cernuzio
Vatican Financial Information Authority Signs. Memorandum of Understanding With Italy. Beef Up Efforts to Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
Vatican Financial Intelligence Authority Admitted to Global Network of Financial Intelligence Units Represents Recognition of Holy See's Efforts in Fighting Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
Vatican Forms Medjugorje Study Commission. Led by Cardinal Camillo Ruini
Vatican Foundation Creates Nobel Prize of Theology. Promotes Study of Ratzinger's Works
Vatican Gardens Open to Minibus Tours
Vatican Gives Deadline to Peru University. Meeting Held with Cardinal Bertone
Vatican Gives Guidelines on Religious Obedience. Congregation for Consecrated Life Releases Instruction
Vatican Gives OK to Chinese Bishops. L'Osservatore Reports Papal Approval
Vatican Gives Tool to Prepare for '12 Family Meeting. "Work and Celebration" Manual in 7 Languages
Vatican Greetings to Buddhists for Vesakh "We Continue to Work Together to Build a Better World"
Vatican Grieves Murder of Portuguese Missionary in Angola
Vatican Guidelines for Protection of Minors – FULL TEXT
Vatican Has Anniversary Mass for Slain Iraqi Prelate. Cardinal Urges Peace 1 Month After Mosul Archbishop's Death
Vatican Health Director on H1N1: Stay Calm
Vatican Highlights Contributions of Circus World. Notes its Grandeur in Eliciting Children
Vatican Highlights Problem of Online Bullying. Cardinal Turkson Discusses This New Form of Violence
Vatican Hires Swiss Finance Lawyer as Consultant. Holy See Following Recommendations of Moneyval Report
Vatican Holds Brief, Yet Intense, Blogger Event. Father Lombardi Encourages Open and Frank Dialogue on Faith By Edward Pentin
Vatican Honors Caritas Aide for Work in North Korea
Vatican Honors John Paul II With Multimedia Site. Laity Council Remembers Pontiff With New Internet Presence
Vatican Hopes U.N. Council Is Less Politicized
Vatican Hosting a Meeting for Bloggers
Vatican Hosting Stem Cell Conference. 3-Day Event to Highlight Need for Collaboration in Research
Vatican Hosts Conference Promoting Awareness of Human Trafficking. Trafficking Victim, Law Enforcement Officials, Church Leaders Give Testimony By Ann Schneible
Vatican Hosts Meeting to Focus on Plight of Africans Living, Working on Street. Benedict XVI Sends Greetings to Attendees in Tanzania
Vatican Hosts Whirling Dervishes Show. Sponsored by Turkish Embassy to the Holy See
Vatican II History on DVD
Vatican II Put Spotlight on Mary’s Human Side, Says Mariologist. Says Focus Reveals Humanity of the "Woman of Nazareth"
Vatican II Texts Were Misinterpreted, Says Pope. Explains Roots of Crisis That Hit Church in Wake of Council
Vatican II to the New Evangelization. Cardinal Pell Addresses Meeting in Glasgow
Vatican II's Ecclesiological Riddle
Vatican II, the Church and Art. A Hermeneutic of Liturgical Reform in Continuity By H. Sergio Mora
Vatican II: Theme of Canonizations. Salt and Light Founder, Producer, Reflect on Significance of the 'Day of the Four Popes'
Vatican II’s Liturgy: a “school of prayer” (full translation)
Vatican Information Service Publishes Last Communiqué. Press Office Bulletin to Replace Former Service
Vatican Institutions Join Forces to Help Syrian Children. Will Offer Medical Care to Refugees in Lebanon Over Next Three Months
Vatican Intent on Avoiding Any Hint of Syncretism in Assisi. Next Week's Event Presented as a Pilgrimage
Vatican Invites Buddhists to Educate in Peace. Note Religious Plurality in Classrooms
Vatican Invites Buddhists to Walk Together in 'Fostering Fraternity'. In Annual Vesakh Message, Calls for Establishing Culture of Dialogue and Encounter
Vatican Invites Hindus to Work Together for Religious Freedom. Notes Fundamental Right Includes Possibility of Changing Religion
Vatican Issues Note on Opus Angelorum. Alerts Local Ordinaries About Wayward Members
Vatican Issues Series on Theology of Pope Francis
Vatican Journalists Present "Paper Church" Book Gives Perspective of Vaticanistas By Sergio Mora
Vatican Joyful Over Liberation of Iraqi Priests
Vatican Justice Department Keeping Up
Vatican Laments Destruction of Holy Places
Vatican Launches 'Pause for Peace' Campaign Ahead of World Cup Final. Initiative Urges People to Remember Those Stricken by Wars and Unrest Worldwide
Vatican Launches Digital Papal Photo Archive
Vatican Launches New Series of "Latinitas" Journal for Latin Lovers Will Also Be Published in Other Languages for First Time
Vatican Lights Up Its Christmas Tree. Benedict XVI Affirms: Christmas Is a Christian Feast
Vatican Lights Up Tree in St. Peter's. Pope Reflects on Message of Christmas Symbols
Vatican Lists Its Concerns About Europe
Vatican Looks at Politics as Form of Charity. Cardinal Says Genuine Democracy Needs a Soul
Vatican Marking Anniversary of John Paul II's "Familiaris Consortio". Family Council to Host Plenary Assembly Next Week
Vatican Marks 83rd Year of Tribunal. Event Highlights Changes in Norms Dealing With Finances
Vatican Medal Awarded to Welsh Bishop
Vatican Media Day to Focus on Children
Vatican Meeting Discusses Tourist Ministry. Analyzes Pastoral Needs and Concerns of Growing Industry
Vatican Meeting on Communications to Take Place in Cuba. 35 Bishops from Region to Attend Seminar in February
Vatican Message for 53rd World Day of Leprosy
Vatican Message for Thursday's Celebration of World Fisheries Day. In Wake of Typhoon in Philippines, Day Takes on Special Significance
Vatican Message for Today's World Autism Day. "Love beyond stigma"
Vatican Message for World Day Against AIDS
Vatican Message to Buddhists "May We Continue to Contribute Toward Peace and Harmony"
Vatican Message to Buddhists for Feast of Vesakh. Christians and Buddhists: Loving, Defending, and Promoting Human Life
Vatican Message to Hindus on Diwali "Let Us Help to Foster Non-Violence Among Our Followers"
Vatican Message to Muslims "Poverty Has the Power to Humiliate"
Vatican Message to Muslims at Ramadan's End "Love for God Is Inseparable From Love for Others"
Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan
Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan
Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan
Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan "A Culture of Peace and Solidarity Can Be Built"
Vatican Message to Muslims for Ramadan "According to Saint John Paul II, Christians and Muslims have “the privilege of prayer” (Address to Muslim Religious Leaders, Kaduna, Nigeria, 14 February 1982). Our prayer is much needed: for justice, for peace and
Vatican Message to US Migration Congress "All Persons Are Equal, Well Beyond the Differences"
Vatican Might Call a Day of Prayer for Holy Land. Bishops Welcome Patriarch's Proposal
Vatican Missing From Obama Itinerary
Vatican Mourns Death of Greek Orthodox Leader. Bishop Says He Was Key Player in Ecumenical Progress By Jesús Colina
Vatican Mum on Forthcoming Encyclical
Vatican Museums and Catacombs Free for a Day
Vatican Museums Donate Day for Earthquake Victims
Vatican Museums Evangelize With Art, Says Pope. Masterpieces Synthesize Gospel and Culture
Vatican Museums Extend Hours for JPII Beatification
Vatican Museums Host Specialists on Art Conservation
Vatican Museums Hosts Study Day on Pieta's Reconstruction. Mentally Disturbed Tourist Destroyed Parts of Sculpture on This Day in 1972
Vatican Museums Open on Friday Nights
Vatican Museums Opens 'Square Garden' to Tourists Benches Offer Rest, View of St. Peter's Dome
Vatican Museums Participate in Etruscan Exhibit. Opens in Asti on March 17
Vatican Museums Reopen on Friday Evenings
Vatican Nativity Scene Opening on Christmas Eve. Figures Represent Family Values
Vatican Nativity Scene Puts Joseph in Relief. Art Expert Says It Highlights Father's Role in Christ's Birth
Vatican Newspaper Assails Attack in Israel
Vatican Newspaper to Offer Series on Theology of Women. Follows Pope Francis' Call for a Re-examination of the Theology
Vatican Not Sweating UK Protests. Aide Says Objectors Represent Minority By Carmen Elena Villa
Vatican Note for UN's World Family Day. "Family Cohesion Constitutes the Vital Means to Preserve and Transmit Values"
Vatican Note on Divine Innocence Community
Vatican Note on Letter to China's Catholics "Sure Guidance for Pastoral Activity in Years to Come"
Vatican Note on Pope's Comments on Sexual Abuse. Fr. Rosica Responds to Enquiries on Holy Father's Comments to Dutch Bishops
Vatican Notes "Mere Speculation" in New York Times Reiterates Information Provided by Munich Archdiocese
Vatican Notes Common Quest for Truth With Buddhism. Sends Message for Feast of Vesakh
Vatican Notes Concern for South Africa. Expresses Hope for End to Anti-Immigrant Violence
Vatican Notes Context of Abuse-Homosexuality Link. Says Cardinal Bertone's Comments Do Not Infer a Societal Trend By Jesús Colina
Vatican Notes Papal Highlights So Far in 2011. John Paul II Miracle Was Recognized; Ordinariate Established
Vatican Observatory Director Hails 'Historical Achievement'. Welcomes Successful Landing of Mars Rover, Curiosity
Vatican Observer to the UN Says Illegal Arms Trafficking Sustains Conflicts. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi Says Resources for Military Should Be Used for Social Development
Vatican Observers Get a Course of Their Own
Vatican Offers Explanation for All the Attacks. Archbishop Amato Comments on "Da Vinci Code" and "Gospel of Judas"
Vatican Offers Guide for Sex Abuse Reports Procedures Explained for Laity, Non-Canonists
Vatican Offers Internet Lenten Music
Vatican Offers Night at the Museum Sequel
Vatican Offers Pius X Path to Reconciliation. Asks Traditionalist Society to Sign "Doctrinal Preamble"
Vatican Offers Weather Forecast on Web Site
Vatican Official Asks Security Group for Genuine Respect. Says Defending Christians Takes More Than Good Attitude
Vatican Official Asks the Sick to Pray for Priests. Invites Them to Offer Up Their Sufferings
Vatican Official Assesses State of Ecumenism
Vatican Official Assures Church's Closeness to Egypt Victims
Vatican Official at UN: International Organizations Need More Realistic Concept of Human Person “The more the individual shuts himself in himself the more he destroys himself”
Vatican Official Backs a Next Step for Multiculturalism. Says It's Time to Move Past Mere Coexistence By Roberta Sciamplicotti
Vatican Official Backs Call for Transaction Tax. Says It Would Be One Way to Return Finance to Its Real Vocation
Vatican Official Calls for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy. Archbishop Mamberti Addresses General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency By Pietro Gennarini
Vatican Official Calls for World Day on Anti-Christian Persecution. Says as Many as 200M Christians Suffering Discrimination
Vatican Official Considers Aquinas' Comeback. Recalls How Morality Was Scorned in the 60s By Antonio Gaspari
Vatican Official Denounces Decision by So-Called Episcopal Conference of China. Expresses Support and Admiration for Persecuted Auxiliary Bishop of Shanghai By Junno Arocho
Vatican Official Hails Loyalty to Pope in China. Priests, Bishops Reminded of Importance of Unity
Vatican Official Holds Briefing on Moneyval Report. Monsignor Balestrero: Moral Commitments Must Be Accompanied By Compliance
Vatican Official Hopeful at Stem Cell Discovery. Asks Scientists to Help Consider Ethical Implications
Vatican Official in Chile: State of Bilateral Relations Is Excellent. Leaders Discuss Life, Family Issues
Vatican Official in Cuba: Let Church Speak Too. Cardinal Asks Castro for Fairness
Vatican Official in US: Immigration Has Benefits. Says Migration Is Opportunity for Interreligious Dialogue
Vatican Official Inaugurates Housing for Tsunami Victims
Vatican Official Invites Consecrated to Become Experts in Communion. Instructors Gather in Rome for International Congress
Vatican Official Marks Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing. Calls for Solidarity to Build Real Peace
Vatican Official Meets With Cuban President Castro. Emphasizes Cooperation of Church and State
Vatican Official Names 2 Keys for Migrant Ministry. Notes That Charity Is a Force for Evangelization
Vatican Official Notes Catholics' 3 Weaknesses
Vatican Official Notes Ignorance Surrounding Leprosy. Recalls Church's History of Caring for Victims
Vatican Official Notes Lesson to Learn From Muslims. Cardinal Tauran Promotes Dialogue in Indonesia
Vatican Official on Jewish-Catholic Dialogue: ‘It Is at a Good Point’
Vatican Official on Visit to California Says Latin Church Must Support Eastern Churches Facing Violence. Cardinal Sandri Voices Hopes for Peace, Justice for Persecuted Christians in Mideast
Vatican Official Optimistic About Relations With China
Vatican Official Ordains 4 Bishops in Central African Republic. Cardinal Filoni: God Sends You To Teach His Word, Which is Light and Truth
Vatican Official Recognizes Brazilian Director. Notes There Are Still Steps to Be Taken in Cinema World
Vatican Official Remembers Cardinal Van Thuán on 10th Anniversary of His Death. "There is a close nexus between the New Evangelization and the Cross of Christ"
Vatican Official Signs on to Interreligious Declaration on Syria Crisis. Sponsored by New York-based Centre Representing Major World Religions
Vatican Official Speaks Out on Imprisoned Chinese Clergy. Rome-based News Agency Launches Freedom Campaign
Vatican Official Tells Religions for Peace Assembly: No True Religious Leader Can Preach Violence
Vatican Official to Security Council: Seize the Moment. Time to Get Past Cold War, Says Archbishop
Vatican Official to Visit Al-Azhar University
Vatican Official Urges Halt to Cloning Technique. Bishop Sgreccia Responds to Reports From England and Korea
Vatican Official Visits Catholic Aid Agencies in Syria. Call Made for More International Support in Face of Growing Need
Vatican Official Warns of Repeating Nazi Evil. Says Memory of Barbarism Key for Justice Today
Vatican Official: Benedict XVI's Resignation Still "Tugs at My Heart" Msgr. John Kennedy Also Recalls Working Under Cardinal Ratzinger at CDF
Vatican Official: New Evangelization Not Just for Europe. Conference Highlights Jesus' Call to Bring Relief to the Suffering By Antonio Gaspari
Vatican Official: Pope Has Plans for Latin Mass. Says Benedict XVI Wants to Offer This "Treasure" to All
Vatican Official: Priests Are 'Foreigners' in a World Far From God. Cardinal Opens Academic Year at Residence Run by Opus Dei
Vatican Official: Religion Capable of Best, Worst. Calls Dialogue a Necessity
Vatican Official: Yes, We're in a State of Generalized Crisis, But There's Hope. Archbishop Fisichella Addresses Emmanuel Community Conference By Salvatore Cernuzio
Vatican Officially Presents "Laudato Si'" Fr. Federico Lombardi Says Universal Church United With Pope in Conveying Message of Responsibility to the World
Vatican Officials Discuss Church in China
Vatican Officials Make Dialogue Trip to South Korea
Vatican Officials: Priests Need to Be Saints. Clergy Congregation Addresses Priests Before World Prayer Day
Vatican OK's 1st Section of Missal Translation. New "Order of Mass" Texts Not to Be Implemented Immediately
Vatican on New Italian Immigration Law "Justice and Solidarity Are Not Antonyms"
Vatican Opens Ancient Roman Necropolis. Discovered While Building a Parking Garage
Vatican Opens New Bookstore. Includes Section of Papal Audience Photos
Vatican Opens Search for New Bank President
Vatican Opposes Discrimination Against Homosexuals. Spokesman Restates Teaching After Holy See Criticized
Vatican Organizes Africa Forum
Vatican Paper Looks at an Oscar Nominee's Message "Secret of Kells" Set in 9th-Century Irish Abbey
Vatican Paper Makes Tribute to "King of Pop"
Vatican Paper Notes Death of Edward Kennedy
Vatican Paper Urges Obama to Remember War on Life. Notes Reservations on Criteria for Peace Prize Selection
Vatican Paper's World War II Editions Put Online. Pave the Way Foundation Grows Web Library
Vatican Participates in Meeting on Church in India. Attended by 56 of Nations' Bishops and Theologians
Vatican Plans Colloquia, Party for Nonbelievers. Launches "Courtyard of the Gentiles" Initiative
Vatican Plans Galileo Celebrations. New Edition of Trial Documents to Be Published
Vatican Plans Parish Support for Families. Pontifical Council Leaders Join Meeting in Colombia
Vatican Pledges Penal Measures Against Canadian Bishop. Raymond Lahey Jailed for Possession of Child Pornography
Vatican Points Out False Claims in Corruption Charges. Explains That So-Called Vatican Bank Is Not Actually a Bank
Vatican Police Force to Join Interpol. Pope Thanks Gendarme for Dedication
Vatican Posts Canon Law in Chinese
Vatican Posts Catholic Catechism in Chinese
Vatican Posts Document on Unbaptized Infants
Vatican Posts Financial Loss for Third Year. Notes Continuing Effects of Financial Crisis
Vatican Posts Reflections for Week of Prayer
Vatican Praise for UK Prelate's Defense of Family. Lancaster Bishop's "Fit for Mission" Gets Rome's Thumbs Up
Vatican Praises Cuba's Plan to Make Good Friday a Holiday. Pope Asked Castro Government to Recognize Christian Feast
Vatican Praises Obama's Nobel Win. Notes President's Promotion of Peace
Vatican Prayer Vigil Held for Peace in Syria and Iraq. Faithful Affirm That Nothing Is Impossible for Him Who Believes
Vatican Prelate's Assets Frozen As Part of Investigation Suspicious Transactions Attributed to Msgr. Nunzio Scarano Investigated By Vatican Authorities
Vatican Prepares Relic of John Paul II's Blood. French Nun to Carry Reliquary on Sunday
Vatican Prepares World Congress on Woman. To Mark 20 Years Since "Mulieris Dignitatem"
Vatican Preparing a Manual to Help Priests Celebrate Mass. Prefect Warns Against Making Liturgy Into a 'Show' H. Sergio Mora
Vatican Preparing Bioethics Document
Vatican Presents Holy See’s 1st Document on Sport
Vatican Presents Instrumentum Laboris for Synod on Young People
Vatican Presents Working Paper for Evangelization Synod. Bishops Will Gather Oct. 7-28
Vatican Press Office Director Confirms Details of Pontiff's Final Week. Fr. Federico Lombardi Also Clarified Several Issues Regarding Conclave, Media Speculations
Vatican Press Office on Old Allegations Against Bergoglio "There have been many declarations demonstrating how much Bergoglio did to protect many persons at the time of the military dictatorship"
Vatican Press Office Recalls Text
Vatican Promotes "Tourism Without Borders"
Vatican Promotes Media's Bridge-Building Role
Vatican Protests "Outrageous" Qur'an Burning Plan. Calls for Respect, Protection for Other Religions
Vatican Publisher Sponsors Cultural Gatherings. Aims to Be Salt of Earth In Rome's Daily Life By Mirko Testa
Vatican Publishes Book by Patriarch Kirill Marks Growth in Catholic, Russian Orthodox Relations
Vatican Publishes Compilation of Texts on Judaism
Vatican Publishes Law No. CCCLI on Vatican City State Judicial System
Vatican Publishes List of New Cardinals' Titular Churches. Nineteen New Cardinals Assigned Churches in Rome in Accordance with Tradition
Vatican Publishes Meditations for Good Friday Way of the Cross
Vatican Publishes Message for World Tourism Day
Vatican Publishes Pope's Liturgical Celebrations for Holy Week, Easter. On Good Friday, Pope Will Lead Via Crucis at Colosseum
Vatican Publishes Second Volume of Pope's Morning Homilies. Part of a Series Entitled "The Words of Pope Francis"
Vatican Publishes Study on 4th Crusade. Seeks Impartial Look at Event That Cemented 1054 Schism
Vatican Publishing House Releases Lectio Divina Book. Joins With American Bible Society to Promote Praying With Scripture
Vatican Publishing House Selling Online
Vatican Puts Budget Cap on Saints' Causes. Spending Review Aims to Help Make Process Simpler and Fairer
Vatican Radio Director Summarizes Family Meeting. "It Stated That Christian Love Is Possible"
Vatican Radio Goes Silent for Iraq's Dead
Vatican Radio Hosts "Why Poverty" Exhibition. Photos Aim to Bring Awareness to Needs of the Poor Worldwide
Vatican Radio Notes Castro's "Heavy-handedness"
Vatican Radio Presents Theater Festival
Vatican Radio Sells Advertising Time. Italian Energy Company Enel Is 1st Customer
Vatican Radio Turns 80. Church Communications Continue Developing By Mariaelena Finessi
Vatican Radio Uses Social Media in New Evangelization. Facebook Becomes Medium for Spreading the Gospel to a New Generation By Ann Schneible
Vatican Radio: Pope's Encyclical Got US Talking. Reports That 1,800 Articles Discussed the Text
Vatican Ratifies Protocol on "Explosive Remnants of War"
Vatican Reacts to Escalating Congo Crisis. Calls for Strong Response From World Community
Vatican Ready to Assist Dominican Republic Investigation of Nuncio
Vatican Reaffirms: Women's Ordination Invalid. Decree Says Offense Incurs Automatic Excommunication
Vatican Recalls Nuncio in Ireland. Cites Need to Consult on Cloyne Report
Vatican Recognizes 1st Asian Society of Priests. Founded in 1965; Working in 13 Nations
Vatican Recruits Youth to Foster Jewish-Christian Relations. Liaison Committee Meeting Begins With Next Generation Event
Vatican Reflects on Women's Roles in the Church, Culture. Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture Is Addressing Problems and Issues Relating to Women
Vatican Reiterates Appeal for Horn of Africa. Underlines Dire Circumstances of Drought, Food Crisis
Vatican Releases Pope's Message for World Day of Social Communications. Family At the Center of Communication Says Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli
Vatican Releases Pope's Program for July Trip to Latin America. Apostolic Visit to Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay Will Include Visit to Pediatric Hospital
Vatican Remembers a Cardinal Who Averted a War
Vatican Reporter Giuseppe de Carli Dies at 58. Worked for Italy's Biggest TV Station
Vatican Reports Medjugorje Group's 1st Meeting. Experts in Mary, Theology and Psychiatry Form Commission
Vatican Reports Open, Cordial Meeting With Nuns' Group. Says It Promotes a Vision of Communion Founded on Faith in Christ
Vatican Representative Expresses Admiration of Filipino People. Msgr. Paul Tighe in Philippines for Catholic Social Media Summit
Vatican Representative to Inaugurate New Homes in Guatemala. Project Made Possible by Gift From the Holy Father
Vatican Responds To UN Committee Recommendations. Regrets Areas that Interfere with Church Teaching on Human Dignity and Religious Freedom
Vatican Says "Tourism Enriches"
Vatican Says "Yahweh" Not to Be Pronounced. Calls on Practice Used by 1st Christians
Vatican Says Change of Mentality Required Towards African Refugees. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi Calls for End to "Globalisation of Indifference" to Their Suffering
Vatican Says Press Union No Longer Catholic. Looking for New Ways to Associate Catholic Journalists By Jesús Colina
Vatican Secret Archives Documents Going Online. Pave the Way Foundation Proposal Approved By Jesús Colina
Vatican Secretariat of State Calls False News Stories 'Deplorable'. Decries Attempt to Influence Conclave Through Public Opinion
Vatican Secretary of State Inaugurates 2nd Catholic Church in Abu Dhabi. There Are Some 1 Million Catholics in United Arab Emirates
Vatican Secretary of State Remembers Martyrs. Witnesses for Faith Did Not Fear Derision, Death
Vatican Secretary of State Sends Condolences to Lebanese Patriarch After Bombing. Holy Father Condemns Violence, Calls for Peace and Reconciliation
Vatican Secretary of State: We Need an ‘Offensive of Mercy’
Vatican Secretary of State’s Letter to Participants in 12th National Pilgrimage of Families for the Family (Pompeii)
Vatican Seeking Spiritual Moms for Priests And Dioceses Willing to Offer Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
VATICAN SEEKS FAITH-CULTURE DIALOGUE WITH US. Interview With Max Bonilla of the Camartis Institute By Genevieve Pollock
Vatican Seeks Legal Protection of Pope's Image. Secretariat of State Respond to Fake Photo in Benetton Ads
Vatican Seeks to Address Road Accident Deaths. 1.3 Million Killed Annually
Vatican Seeks to Defend Pope's Right to Privacy. Calls Publication of Confidential Documents a 'Criminal Act'
Vatican Seeks to Improve Pastoral Service to the Sick and Suffering. 700 Health Representatives to Attend International Conference on Neuro-degenerative Pathologies
Vatican Senses More Leeway in Vietnam
Vatican Set to Go Green
Vatican Spokesman Awarded Doctorate. Father Lombardi Helps "Fill Our World With God's Message"
Vatican Spokesman Briefs Press on Key Upcoming Vatican Meetings. Details Cover Council of Cardinals, Council for Economics, and Vatican Commission on Protection of Minors
Vatican Spokesman Calls for Calm, Clear Thinking. Responds to Series of Leaked Memos Causing Italian Media Uproar
Vatican Spokesman Calls Rolling Stone Article 'Superficial Journalism' Denounces 'Shameful' Portrayal of Pope Benedict's Pontificate
Vatican Spokesman Considers 3 Popes, 3 Noteworthy Communicators. Says It's Been No Problem That Francis Doesn't Speak English
Vatican Spokesman Defends Communication Record. Father Lombardi Says It's Time to Turn the Page By Kris Dmytrenko
Vatican Spokesman Explains Background to UN Child Abuse Hearing. Says Pope Francis Gives New Energy to Fight Against Abuse of Minors
Vatican Spokesman Given a Journalism Prize
Vatican Spokesman Given Honorary Doctorate
Vatican Spokesman Issues Statement on Upcoming Convention Against Torture Conference in Geneva. Says Convention Is a Voluntary, Standard Part of UN-Required Activities
Vatican Spokesman Looks Ahead to Stepping Aside
Vatican Spokesman Marks 50 Years of Religious Life. Calls for Attention to Papal Messages
Vatican Spokesman Meets With Abuse Victims. Stresses Church's Commitment to Protect Youth
Vatican Spokesman Named Communicator of the Year. Father Lombardi Recognized for Being 'at the Service of Information'
Vatican Spokesman on Participation of 2 Women in Foot Washing Ceremony. "The very beautiful and simple gesture of a father who desired to embrace those who were on the fringes of society"
Vatican Spokesman on the Sex Abuse Scandal “Patient and Solid Love of Truth Is Necessary”
Vatican Spokesman Reflects on Benedict's Resignation and His Example Today. Describes Resignation as "Great Act of Government, Made with Great Spiritual Profundity."
Vatican Spokesman Reflects on Cardinal Martini's Life. Says John Paul II Was Courageous to Put Scholar at Head of Huge Archdiocese By Junno Arocho
Vatican Spokesman Refutes Murphy Case Accusations Clarifies Role of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith By Genevieve Pollock
Vatican Spokesman Reviews 2011. Notes Pope's Interest in Secularized Society, Technology
Vatican Spokesman Says Expected Canonization Numbers Are Exaggerated. Confirms Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII Will Be Canonized in St. Peter's Square
Vatican Spokesman Says Pope Will Not See 'Philomena' Addresses Rumor of Possible Vatican Screening of Controversial Film
Vatican Spokesman Speaks on Youth's Need for Hope. Notes Pope's Address to New Generations
Vatican Spokesman Summarizes Brazil. Says Pope Combined Spirituality and Modern Times
Vatican Spokesman's Statement on Cloyne Report "A New Stage on the Long and Arduous Journey in Search of Truth"
Vatican Spokesman: Austria Is Closer to the Pope. Notes That Faithful Showed Love for Holy Father
Vatican Spokesman: Encyclical on Ecology Will Most Likely Be Released Before Summer. Fr. Lombardi Denies Claims That Document Will Be Published at the End of January
Vatican Spokesman: Papal Trip Already Met 2 Goals. Father Lombardi Notes Success With Muslims, Christians
Vatican Spokesman: Pope Francis Considering Possible Stop in Cuba During US Trip. Fr. Federico Lombardi Says Plans Are Still Too Early To Confirm
Vatican Spokesman: Vatican Continues Taking Measures to Protect Against Coronavirus Spread
Vatican Spokesmen Urge Caution Over Pope's Phone Call Reports. Say No Change in Doctrine on Divorce, Remarriage, Eucharist
Vatican Spokesperson Calls for Full Solidarity with the Pope. Emphasizes Importance of Unity While Investigation Moves Forward
Vatican Stamp to Help Haiti
Vatican Stamps Commemorate Sede Vacante. Coins Also to Be Minted
Vatican Statement on Ban Ki-moon's Visit to Pope. Secretary-General Invited Benedict XVI to the U.N.
Vatican Statement on Bush Meeting "The Holy Father Renewed His Gratitude for the Welcome in the US"
Vatican Statement on Doha Meeting "A New Pact to Re-establish the International Financial System"
Vatican Statement on Episcopal Ordination in China "Conferred Without a Pontifical Mandate"
Vatican Statement on Illicit Ordinations in China "A Grave Violation of Religious Liberty"
Vatican Statement on International Arms Trade Treaty "An Important Step Toward a True Global Culture of Peace"
Vatican Statement on Kerry's Visit "It was a constructive encounter, an important one, and the length of time it lasted is indicative of its underlying significance"
Vatican Statement on Legionaries of Christ "The Church Is Firmly Resolved to Accompany Them"
Vatican Statement on Moneyval Adoption of Holy See Progress Report "significant progress has been made"
Vatican Statement on Obama Visit
Vatican Statement on Pope's Meeting With Obama "There was a discussion on questions of particular relevance for the Church in that country, such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection, as well as the issue of
Vatican Statement on Pope's Phone Call to Woman in Argentina. Fr. Lombardi Says Media Amplification Cannot be Confirmed as Reliable
Vatican Statement on St. Pius X Society Talks
Vatican Statement on the Responsibility to Protect. "Find the Power to Forgive So That True Peace Can Emerge"
Vatican Statement on U.N. Partnership for Africa "Turn Pledges Into Action"
Vatican Statement to Europe Security Organization "In the Noble Pursuit of Democracy"
Vatican Statement to Summit of Religions. "Open Houses Which Can Teach and Practice Dialogue"
Vatican Statement to U.N. on Labor
Vatican Statues Turn Blue for Diabetes
Vatican Streamlines Process for Handling Abuse. Norms Updated on Church's Gravest Crimes
Vatican Stresses Importance of Catholic Bloggers. Priest Calls for More Web Pastors
Vatican Stresses Mutual Respect in Hindu Relations. Calls for Greater Interreligious Trust, Cooperation
Vatican Summary of "Caritas in Veritate" "Charity Is at the Heart of the Church"
Vatican Summit on Syria Ends with Calls for Immediate Ceasefire. Political Experts and Church Leaders Say Ending Hostilities is "Humanitarian Imperative".
Vatican Sums Up Christian Vision of Creation. Publishes 10 Commandments of the Environment By Inmaculada Álvarez
Vatican Supports International Treaty on Arms Trade
Vatican Takes to Blogging
Vatican Talks to Continue With Society of St. Pius X. Each of Group's Bishops to Be Considered Individually
Vatican Tapping Its Media as a Key Tool. Spokesman Tells of Efforts in Line With Papal Priorities
Vatican Taps Technology to Promote JPII Beatification. Polish Pontiff Has Official Facebook, YouTube Pages
Vatican Targeted in Cyber Attack on Google Internet Searchers Misdirected
Vatican Teaches Young Priests How to Hear Confession
Vatican Television Center Strikes An Agreement With Argentina's Canal 21. Will Allow Access of Vast Archive of Images of Pope Francis' Ministry as Archbishop of Buenos Aires
Vatican Ties With Chief Rabbinate "Fluid" Sources Confirm Relations Were Never Severed By Karna Swanson
Vatican Ties With Vietnam Closer, Cardinal Says
Vatican to Assess Growing Needs of Elderly. Pontifical Council to Host International Congress
Vatican to Be Guest of Honor at Caribbean Book Fair. Cardinal Ravasi to Represent Pope at Santo Domingo Event
Vatican to Broadcast Christmas Masses. Announces Details of Worldwide Access to Telecasts
Vatican to Consider Grandparents' Roles. Pontifical Council to Focus on Families' Oldest Members
Vatican to Convoke Experts on Human Genome
Vatican to Focus on Hearing Impaired. Health Care Council Presents International Conference
Vatican to Honor Women at International Event. International Day Celebrated With Multimedia Gathering
Vatican to Host Catholic Journalists. Seeking "Answers for Future" for Church in Digital Age
Vatican to Host Workshop on Health of People and Planet
Vatican to Lead Parishes Worldwide in 'Festival of Forgiveness' Round-the-Clock Confessions Set to Become Annual Lenten Tradition
Vatican to Live-Stream Beatification
Vatican to Muslims: Let's Fight Violence Together. Stress Importance of Education Toward Respect
Vatican to Participate in European Heritage Days
Vatican to Prepare Document on Seminarians. To Develop in Framework of Year for Priests
Vatican to Prepare New Document on Media. Last Instruction Was Published 17 Years Ago By Jesús Colina
Vatican to Publish Document on Poverty. Cardinal Says Economic Inequality a "Dramatic" Problem
Vatican to Publish Manual on Ecclesiastical Coats of Arms. New Resource Aims to Help Others Understand and Interpret Church Heraldry
Vatican to Publish New Volume on Galileo. To Include 20 Documents Discovered Since '91
Vatican to Reflect on Infectious Disease
Vatican to Reflect on New Evangelization. Father Cantalamessa to Preach Advent Meditations
Vatican to Release Official Medal for 7th Year of Pontificate of Pope Francis
Vatican to Study Bringing Catholics Back to Politics
Vatican to Study Care of Elderly. Conference to Gather Medical and Pastoral Experts
Vatican to Study US Women Religious. Official Visitation to Consider Quality of Life
Vatican to U.N. on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict "Address the Problem of the Fundamental Injustice"
Vatican Treasures on Display in New York
Vatican Troubled by Indonesian Executions
Vatican TV Laments Violence in Iraq. Urges World to Not Get Used to the Bloodshed
Vatican TV Releases DVD Collection
Vatican U.N. Diplomat Warns Against Increasing Dehumanization of Warfare. Says Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems Could Irreversibly Alter Nature of Warfare
Vatican Undertakes Reform of Nuns' Group. Archbishop Sartain of Seattle Appointed as Delegate
Vatican Unease Over Islamic Countries
Vatican Unveils Logo for Year of Faith. Calendar Outlined for Oct. 11, 2012, to Nov. 24, 2013
Vatican Unveils Theme for World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Day Will Be Celebrated at Start of Jubilee Year of Mercy
Vatican Unveils Year for Consecrated Life Plans. Twelve Months Will Include International Events and New Documents
Vatican Updates Regulations for Doctors Who Examine Alleged Miracles in Sainthood Cases
Vatican Urges Caution in Kosovo Situation. Asks for Avoidance of Violence
Vatican Urges Chinese to Defend Faith With Sacrifice. 11-Point Message Addresses Main Difficulties
Vatican Urges Earth-Friendly Vacations. Pontifical Council Suggests "Joyful Austerity" for Tourists
Vatican Urges Priests to Keep Prayer Life Strong Clergy Congregation Letter Calls it "Vital Food"
Vatican Urges Support of Holy Land Collection. Appeals to Faithful to Promote Peace in the East
Vatican Urges U.N. Convention on Terrorism "Uses Innocent People As Means to Obtain Its Ends"
Vatican Visitor Named for Aid to the Church in Need
Vatican Voice Comments on 'Tebow-mania'. Director of Laity Council's Sports Section Speaks on Prayer and Role Models By Kathleen Naab
Vatican Voices Hope for Peace in Libya. Laments Systems Based on Power, Not Human Dignity
Vatican Waiting for an Official Word From Lefebvrians. Holy See Has 'Taken Note' of Declaration From Society's General Chapter
Vatican Wants More From Bishop Williamson. Says Apology Is Insufficient
Vatican Web Page Has New Connections
Vatican Web Site Focuses on Lent
Vatican Weighs in on France's Gypsy Deportation. Notes Complexity of Europe's Largest Minority
Vatican Welcomes Court's OK to Crucifixes in Schools. Says Decision Affirms Christianity's Role in Europe's History
Vatican Welcomes New Bishop Amid Controversy. Laments Participation of Excommunicated Prelate at Ordination
Vatican Will Continue Investigating Theft of Private Documents. Popes Personal Assistant is Willing to Collaborate With Authorities By Antonio Gaspari
Vatican Writing a Guide on Dialogue. Cardinal Says 10 Commandments Would be Inspiration By Inmaculada Álvarez
Vatican ‘Foreign Minister’: Protection of Religious Freedom Increasingly Urgent and Necessary
Vatican's 2009 Financial Statement. Statement Published by Economic Council of Cardinals
Vatican's Address to U.N. on Climate Change
Vatican's Address to U.N. on Population "Promote a Culture Respectful of the Rights of the Least-protected"
Vatican's Aid Sought for Iranian Sentenced to Stoning
Vatican's Christian Unity Official Resigns at 77. Cardinal Kasper Acknowledges Mixed Feelings About Stepping Down
Vatican's Christmas Tree Aglow
Vatican's Climate Expert, an Atheist, Speaks on Impact of Leader of World's 1.2B Catholics Tackling Environment Issue. Also Shares on How Encyclical 'Laudato Si' Can Be Decisive Push Needed
Vatican's Council for Family on Saturday's Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace "Parents, do not be afraid to propose an austere and minimal lunch to your children"
Vatican's Council for Migrants Opens Web Site
Vatican's Ecumenism Leader Meets With Russian Patriarch. Note Points of Catholic-Orthodox Unity
Vatican's Ecumenism, Interreligious Councils Welcome Participants in Day of Prayer. Affirm Everyone of Good Will Can Be in Solidarity Wishing for Peace
Vatican's Message for Buddhist Feast of Vesakh "Buddhists and Christians: Together Fostering Fraternity"
Vatican's Message for World Day of Tourism 2014 "It is necessary to promote a tourism that develops in harmony with the community that welcomes people into its space, with its traditional and cultural forms, with its heritage and lifestyles."
Vatican's Move to Financial Transparency Rewarded. $33M Unfrozen; Aide Affirms Holy See's Commitment to Continue
Vatican's Sea Sunday Message "I wish to invite every Christian to look around and realize how many of the objects we use in our daily lives have come to us through the hard and laborious work of seafarers"
Vatican's Site Launches Latin Edition
Vatican's U.N. Observer: Do Not Jump to Conclusions Without Facts. Catholic Aid Agency Spokesman Sheds Light on Latest in Syrian Crisis
Vatican's UN Official Outlines Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons. Says a World Without Nuclear Arms Is Possible, Urgent
Vatican's US Lawyer Unruffled by High Court Ruling Clarifies What Supreme Court's Decision Meant
Vatican's US Lawyer Unruffled by High Court Ruling. Clarifies What Supreme Court's Decision Meant
Vatican's World Tourism Day Message Has 'Green' Theme. Ppontifical Council Urges Lifestyle Change to Reduce Energy Consumption By Junno Arocho
Vatican's Worship Congregation Releases 2 More DVDs in Series on Eucharist, Mass "From the Visible to the Invisible" Features Explanations, Commentary From Long Line of Liturgy Experts
Vatican, China Might Reopen Dialogue. Unconfirmed Sources Claim Talks Are in the Works
Vatican, EU Update Financial Accord
Vatican, Lutherans Preparing Document on Reformation. Pope's Trip to Homeland Will Have Ecumenical Focus
Vatican, UK Call for Respect for Religion in All Countries. Emphasize Need for Church to Be Able to Act According to Its Principles
Vatican, Vietnam Set Schedule for Enhancing Relations
Vatican, World Council of Churches Meet on Interreligious Dialogue
Vatican, World Council of Churches to Meet Yearly. Annual Event a Fruit of Pastor's Meeting With Pope, Curia Officials
Vatican-Israel Commission Reports "Some Progress"
Vatican-Israel Meeting Seen as "Useful"
Vatican-Israel Meeting Seen as Positive. Joint Statement Contradicts Negative Media Report
Vatican-Jewish Relations on the Mend. Both Sides Meet in Rome
Vatican-Jewish Row Declared Over. Rabbis Satisfied With Papal Response
Vatican-Produced Documentary Reveals Francis' 1st Words After Election. Film Also Chronicles End of Benedict XVI's Pontificate
Vatican-Russian Relations Upgraded. Medvedev Visits Benedict XVI in Rome
Vatican-US Partnership Fighting Against AIDS. Sponsors Conference on Saving Children in Africa By Edward Pentin
Vatican-Vietnam Commission to Meet in Hanoi. Next Week's Meeting to 'Strengthen and Develop' Relations
Vatican-Vietnam Working Group Advances. Both Sides Report "Positive Developments"
Vatican: "Time Ripe" for Ties With Beijing
Vatican: 1962 Liturgy Needs "Appropriate Honor" New Document Clarifies Pope's Expansion of Extraordinary Form
Vatican: A "Catholic" Church in China Must Follow Church Doctrine. Holy Father "Deeply Saddened" at Latest Illicit Ordination
Vatican: Abuse Scandal a Problem for Society. Spokesman Cautions Against a False Perspective
Vatican: Abusive Belgian Bishop No Longer in Diocese. Pope to Decide on Further Sanctions
Vatican: Accused Brazilian Abusers Not Bishops
Vatican: Ali Agca's Release Is Up to Courts
Vatican: Appointment Shows Pope's Desire for Reconciliation With Traditionalists. American Prelate From Liturgy Congregation Named to Ecclesia Dei
Vatican: Assisi Event a Pilgrimage, Not Syncretistic. Notes Elements Holy Father Proposes for Reflection
Vatican: Be Wary of False Work Contracts. Says Some Trying to Take Advantage of Good Faith of Young People During Economic Crisis
Vatican: Benedict XVI Advanced Case Against Maciel Spokesman Refutes Accusations Made in German Press
Vatican: Benedict XVI's Words Were Manipulated. Doctrinal Congregation Clarifies Pope's Thoughts on Condoms
Vatican: Bernini's Colonnade Will Not Crumble. Structure to Undergo 4-Year Restoration Project
Vatican: Catholic Church Statistics 2018
Vatican: Catholic Education Is Source of Hope. Stresses Need to Form Total Human Person
Vatican: Catholic-Muslim Forum a "Step Forward" Spokesman Said Much Work Is Still to Be Done
Vatican: Church Teaching on Abortion Unchanged. Responds to Concerns Regarding Brazil Case
Vatican: Curia Won't Be Reformed Overnight. Council of Cardinals Plans Next Meetings for July
Vatican: Death of Tarek Aziz Will Not Help Iraq. Speaks Out Against the Execution of Saddam's Aide
Vatican: Dignity of Person Is Basis for Peace. Archbishop Migliore Addresses United Nations
Vatican: Divine Innocence Spirituality Flawed. Archbishop of Southwark Releases Decision
Vatican: Don't Fight Drugs With Drugs. Says Answer Is Finding Meaning of Life
Vatican: Don't Pay to See John Paul II's Beatification. Assures Pilgrims That No Tickets Are Required
Vatican: Future Priests Need More Than Prayer Life. Offers Guide for Psychological Evaluation of Candidates
Vatican: Holy See Announces Theme of 49th World Day of Peace. Pope Francis' Message to Reflect on Overcoming Indifference and Winning Peace
Vatican: Intercultural Dialogue in Education is a Key to Peace. Congregation for Catholic Education Encourages Schools to Develop "Intercultural Vision"
Vatican: Let Peace Begin in Jerusalem. Cardinal Turkson Sends Note for Holy Land Prayer Day
Vatican: Mideast Christians Are Victims of Crime. Urges Interpol to Address Baghdad Attack, Globalization
Vatican: No Comment on China Negotiations. Delegation Spotted in Beijing, Reports AsiaNews
Vatican: No Confirmed Dates on Canonization of Mother Teresa. Holy See Spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi Responds to Speculation of Possible Jubilee Year Event
Vatican: No Criminal Investigation into Cardinal Bertone. Ex Secretary of State Denies Embezzlement Allegations Made by German Tabloid
Vatican: No Official OK for Genetically Modified Potato Church Decries Hunger, Doesn't Offer Technological Solution
Vatican: Nuncio Expressed Personal Opinion
Vatican: Obedience in Church Based on Respect. Official Calls Priests to Live Virtue With Authenticity
Vatican: Parishes Can Be Closed for Good of Diocese. Appeals From Boston Parishioners Are Denied
Vatican: Polish Archbishop Paetz Not Reinstated. Poznan's Archbishop Has Not Resigned
Vatican: Pontiff Didn't Attack U.N.Clarifies Comments Made to NGOs
Vatican: Pope Not Seeking to Restrict Liturgy Reform. Says Media Reports Have "No Foundation"
Vatican: Prayer for Young People at Sant’Anna Parish
Vatican: Prayer Is Priests' 1st Priority. Key to Vocation Is Personal Relationship With Christ
Vatican: Priests Can't Skip Metaphysics. Calls for More Philosophy Study at Ecclesiastical Institutions
Vatican: Priests Need Rambo-esque Spiritual Muscle Archbishop Piacenza Presents Year for Priests Activities By Carmen Villa
Vatican: Reporting on '83 Kidnapping "Sensationalism" Decries "Defamatory and Groundless" Accusation of Prelate
Vatican: Rome Ready for JPII Beatification. Invites All Pilgrims to Attend 3 Events
Vatican: Schools Need Communion in Relativistic World. Education Congregation Discusses Consecrated-Lay Teamwork
Vatican: The Pontifical Mission Societies On World Mission Day
Vatican: Traveling a "Privileged Event" Underlines Positive Value of Knowing Different Cultures
Vatican: US Seminaries Sign of Hope for Nation. Report on Apostolic Visitation Released
Vatican: Violence Unacceptable, Religions Must Be Respected. Spokesman Responds to Libya Attack by Reiterating Pope's Message of Dialogue
Vatican: Whole Church Should Value China Bishops' Fidelity. Pope Deplores How Church in China Is Being Treated
Vatican’s Commission on Protecting Minors Releases Statement
Vatican’s Interreligious Dialogue Council Says Al-Azhar Meeting Was Fruitful
Vatican’s Sea Sunday Message
Venerable English College Begins Year With New Rector. Monsignor Whitmore of Roman Curia Heads Formation of English, Welsh Seminarians
Venerable English College Celebrates Martyrs' Day in Rome. Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Represent Queen Elizabeth II By Ann Schneible
Veneration of Altar at End of Mass And More on Concelebrants From Different Rites
Venezuela Bishops Decry Attacks on Religious Images. Call Leaders to Work for End of Intolerance
Venezuela Cardinal Defends Constitution at Assembly. Tells Legislators He Has Citizen's Rights; Criticizes Certain Laws
Venezuela Prelates Ask Prayer for President's Health
Venezuela Remembers Saint John Paul II. Pays Tribute to Pontiff Who Taught Path to "Peace, Reconciliation, Solidarity and Freedom"
Venezuela to Host Beatification. Mother Candelaria Known for Generous Care of Sick
Venezuela's Bishops Allowed to Visit Rome. Conference Dispels Rumors of Chávez Interference
Venezuela's Bishops Keep Promoting Peace
Venezuela's Chávez Given Anointing of the Sick. Bishop Highlights Spiritual Strength That Comes From Sacrament
Venezuela's Nuncio Moved to Belgium
Venezuela's Nuncio Moved to Belgium
Venezuela: Pope Notes Beatification of Mother Maria Carmen Rendiles Martínez
Venezuela: The Light of Men
Venezuelan Bishop Notes Concern Over Escalating Violence. Bishop Luis Armando Tineo Calls for Peace Between Opposing Parties
Venezuelan Bishops Concerned About Weakening Faith in the Country. Call for Compliance of the Constitution Regarding New Presidential Mandate Nieves San Martin
Venezuelan Bishops Decry Anti-Catholic Aggression Cardinal Urosa Receives Support From Various Sectors
Venezuelan Bishops Urge Respect for Protesters' Human Dignity. Decry 'General Criminalization' of Right to Demonstrate
Venezuelan Bishops Warn of "Reform" Plan. Country Prepares for Dec. 2 Referendum
Venezuelan Bishops: Nothing Good Comes From War. Release Statement on Crisis With Colombia
Venezuelan Cardinal Calls for Halt to Chavez Worship. Affirms That Christ Is Much More Than a Social Leader
Venezuelan Cardinal Denounces Marxist Socialism. Responds to Criticisms of President Chávez
Venezuelan Cardinal Hails Amnesty Decree
Venezuelan Cardinal Mourned by Pope
Venezuelan Cardinal Will Offer Mass for Deceased President. Hugo Chavez Succumbs to Cancer at Age 58
Venezuelan Episcopate Official Found Dead
Venezuelan Official Asks for Papal Mediation in Nation. Opposition Leader Requests Francis' Help in Beginning a 'National Dialogue'
Venezuelan Prelate Takes Government to Task. Challenges Its Spending Abroad
Venezuelan Prelates Defend Protesters. Call All Citizens to Work for Peace
Venezuelan Prelates Plea for Peace. Tensions High as Vote Nears on Constitutional Reform
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Meet with Pope Francis. Apostolic Nuncio Hopes Meeting will Foster Dialogue Between Government and Local Church
Veni Sancte Spiritus. The Holy Spirit is the movement of God in the world—prompting us, speaking to us, opening doors for us
Verbum Dei Founder Gets Papal Greeting
Verdi's Requiem Seen as "Cry to the Father" Pope Says Work Shows Gamut of Human Emotions in Face of Death
Veritatis Gaudium: For Renewal, Reform of Higher Ecclesiastical Studies
Vermont Approval of Euthanasia Seen as Slippery Slope in Action. US Bishops' Official Warns of Alarming Trend
Very Good Because It Does Not Try to Answer Every Question
Vestments in Hot Climates And More on Ending a Homily
Vesture for Non-celebrating Priests
Via Concert, Pope Sent Message to Beijing. Spokesman Says Event Showed Church's Desire to Serve
Via Crucis Author Reflects on Experiences Translated to Meditation. Archbishop Bregantini Speaks of Face of Christ, Face of Man
Via Satellite, Russian Catholics Pray With Pope. St. Petersburg Took Part in Marian Vigil
Vial of Blessed John Paul II's Blood Stolen from Italian Church. Police Launch Major Investigation into Theft
Vian: God's Messengers Still Vital in Today's Society. L'Osservatore Director Asks if Priests, Saints Are Needed
Vian: John Paul II's Beatification Is "Historic" Calls Pope an "Authentic Servant of God"
Vian: Pope Calls for Christian Voice in Modernity. L'Osservatore Director Reflects on Papal Trip to Aquileia
Vian: Pope Calls for Christian Voice in Modernity. L'Osservatore Director Reflects on Papal Trip to Aquileia
Viaticum, the Last Sacrament of the Christian
Vicar Tells Youth of the Road to Happiness
Vicar Urges Romans to Attend Pope's Last Audience Cardinal Vallini: He "has never failed to give us his illumined word to direct us in our spiritual and pastoral journey"
Vice Prefect of Vatican Archives Named
Vice President Named for Latin American Commission
Victim of Argentine Dictatorship: Francis Wants to Advance Truth, Justice. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Discusses Meeting With Pope
Victims of Chile Earthquake Receive Message From Pope. Urges Christians to Offer Effective Help
Video Affirms "There's Always a Reason to Live" Spanish Bishops Mark Pro-Life Day on March 25
Video Games and Violence. Opinions Divided Over Solutions By Father John Flynn, LC
Video Remembers Death of John Paul II
Video Violence: Kids See, Kids Do
Video-Game Violence: Higher Stakes
Videoconference to Focus on Fidelity to Pope
Videoconference to Focus on Globalization and Culture
Videoconference to Focus on Race and Culture
Videos of Papal Trip to Valencia Are Online
Vienna: Catholic-Orthodox Forum on the Situation of Christians in the Middle East
Vietnam Asked to Free Jailed Catholics And Return Land to Redemptorists
Vietnam Backtracks on Visas for Vatican Officials
Vietnam Grants Amnesty to Christian Prisoners
Vietnam Prelate Dies a Witness of Persecution. Communists Mark Life of 100-Year-Old Bishop
Vietnam Readies Jubilee. 1st Vicariates Celebrate 350 Years
Vietnam Religious Decline Official Christmas Greetings. Protest Travel Restrictions, Government Take-Over of Property
Vietnam Remembers Cardinal Van Thuân
Vietnam Showing Signs of a Robust Faith. 57 Priests Ordained in Hanoi as Thousands Attend
Vietnam Targets Redemptorists in Land Battle. 2 Priests Accused of Plotting Overthrow
Vietnam to Host Asian Bishops' Meeting
Vietnam's Rights Record Under Scrutiny. Believers Continue to Face Restrictions By Father John Flynn, LC
Vietnam's Story of Corruption and Martyrdom. Director of AsiaNews Tells of Tolerance and Violence
Vietnam: Christian Activists Released From Prison. Catholic Blogger and Protestant Leader Served 4-Year Sentence After Sham Trial
Vietnam: Church-Defending Blogger Disappears. Clarifies Pope's Words Among Government Distortion
Vietnamese Bishops Appeal for Catechesis Aid. Affirm Nation's Strong Faith, Many Vocations
Vietnamese Cardinal Dies at 89
Vietnamese Leader Visits Benedict XVI. 1st Time a General Secretary of Communist Party Visits Pontiff
Vietnamese Parents Beg Prayers After Arrest of 15 Youths. Say Their Only "Crime" Is Promoting Common Good
Vietnamese Police Maul 2 Priests. 500,000 Protest Anti-Catholic Violence
Vietnamese Prelate Reports 30,000 New Catholics
Vietnamese Prelate, 61, Dies
Vietnamese Priest Moved From Prison to Hospital
Vietnamese Refugee Named Melbourne Auxiliary
Viewing History in the Larger Context of God. Biblical Reflection for 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Viewing Love via Benedict XVI
Viewing the Church Through the Lens of the Holy Spirit. Biblical Reflection for the Solemnity of Pentecost By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Vigil for Refugees Who've Died Trying to Reach Europe
Viktor Frankl Foundation Awards Caritas President
Vincent de Paul Seen as a Page From the Gospel. Spiritual Family Marks Anniversaries of Founders' Deaths
Vindicated Thinker to Be Beatified. Father Rosmini's Writings Were Condemned
Violence against Christians Escalating in Syrian Conflict. Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Says Christians Are Exploited in Conflict
Violence Against Copts on the Rise in Egypt. Tensions Increase As Al-Qaeda Leaders Message Incites Violence Against Christians
Violence Blocking Any "Free, Fair" Runoff in Zimbabwe. African Prelate Given 1st-Hand Reports of Torture
Violence Continues in Divided Nigeria. Church Bomb Kills 10; Reprisals Bring More Deaths
Violence in God's Name a "Curse" Naples Meeting Concludes With Commitment to Dialogue
Violence in Venezuela Is Not a Tale, Says Leader of Country's Bishops. Archbishop Encourages Keeping Hope Alive
Violence Postpones Cardinal's Trip to Armenia. Secretary of State Still Planning Stop in Azerbaijan
Violent and Sacrilegious Attacks on Churches in Venezuela. Insecurity Rising as Month-Long Anti-Government Protests Continue
Violent Mexico Needs a Papal Visit. Ambassador to Holy See Speaks of Country's Eagerness for a 'Father to Help' By H. Sergio Mora
Virgin Mary, Patron of Brazil, to Be Enthroned in Slovakia. Image Is Copy of Our Lady of Aparecida
Virgin of Lujan: Images Exchanged Between United Kingdom and Argentina
Virtual Advent Calendar Unites Globe. Australia-based Xt3 Offers Online Christmas Preparation Tool
Virtual Booklet Marks Francis' 1st Year as Pope. Vatican Releases Anniversary Commemoration
Virtual Sacraments Ruled Out
Virtue and Business. Can Ethical Principles Help the Troubled Markets? By Father John Flynn, LC
Visible Images of the Invisible God. Monsignor Timothy Verdon Speaks on Faith and Figurative Art in Dialogue By Salvatore Cernuzio
Visiting St. John Lateran? There's an App for That
Visiting the Refugees in Iraq. Bishops' Main Focus Has to Be Needs of the Moment
Visiting the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome. Young People Take Part in Centuries Old Tradition By Ann Schneible
Vitae Monologues Offer V-Day Alternative. Interview With Epiphany Studios Founder Jeremy Stanbary By Genevieve Pollock
Vocation Comes From an Encounter. Lectio Divina: V Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
Vocation Expo Asks: What's Your Call to Holiness? Emmanuel Community Making Dreams Come True
Vocation Video Wins Award. Film Hailed as "Extremely Moving"
Vocational Poverty Linked to Youth Violence. Prelate Presents Book on God's Call in the Bible
Vocations and Migration at Heart of Chaldean Church's Next Synod. Will Examine Selection of New Diocesan Priests
Vocations Booming in Mexico
Vocations Crisis Is "Time of Trial," Cardinal Says. European Service Analyzes Effectiveness of Ministry
Vocations Film Aims to Boost Priests Too. U.S. Bishops to Show "Fishers of Men"
Vocations on the Rise in England and Wales. Prayer Campaign Coincides With 'Dramatic Increase' in Number of Seminarians
Vocations on the Rise in UK. 2013 Statistics Indicate Rise in Entrants to Convents, Seminaries, Religious Houses
Vocations-Promoting Bishop Made Primate of Belgium. New Archbishop Reveals 3 Pastoral Priorities By Jesús Colina
Voice of the Good Shepherd. Biblical Reflection for 4th Sunday of Easter C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Voices of Faith Brings Women's Stories to Forefront. Vatican Celebrates International Day With Multimedia Event
Voices of Faith, Caritas Award First Ever Women, Sowers of Development Award. Will Mark International Womens' Day Sunday in Vatican's Casina Pius XI
Vol. 2 of "Jesus of Nazareth" Expected March 13. Pope's Book on Crucifixion Ready for 1st Sunday of Lent
Volume Collects Pope's Words From US Visit
Volume Compiles Doctrinal Congregation's Teachings. Documents Date From 1966-2005
Volume Gathers Benedict XVI's Key Thoughts
Volume Looks at Femininity and Masculinity. Papers From Vatican Congress Published
Volunteers of Suffering Give Meaning to Pain. Interview With Father Armando Aufiero
Volunteers to Launch Lourdes Jubilee. Marks 150th Anniversary of Apparitions
Volunteers, Organizers Reflect on 50th International Eucharistic Congress. Dublin Event Officially Comes to a Close
Von Hildebrand's Voice of Reason. Interview With Founder of Legacy Project
Von Hildebrand's Voice of Reason. Interview With Founder of Legacy Project
Vote Planned on Guidelines for Holy Communion
Voting a Duty, South African Prelate Affirms. Urges Christians to Get Informed About Candidates
Voting a Right and a Responsibility, Recall US Bishops Comment on Supreme Court Ruling