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Daily News Archives
U.K. Catholics Home for Christmas. Interview With Bishop McMahon of Nottingham By Dominic Baster
U.K. Kids Breaking From Studies, Helping the Church. Faith-Based Groups Publish Service Opportunities on Web
U.K. Should be Unashamedly 'Evangelical' About Its Christian Faith, Says British Prime Minister. Says Christianity Could Transform the 'Spiritual, Physical and Moral' State of Britain
U.K. Vocations Appear to Be on the Rise
U.N. Death Penalty Moratorium "Significant". But Holy See Officials Urge Respect for Life in Wider Context
U.N. Official for Refugees Thanks Pope for Appeal
U.S. Adult Catechism a Quick Seller
U.S. Aid to Philippines Will Fund Humanitarian Assistance and Longterm Church Reconstruction. $24.5M Collected to Help Victims of Typhoon Haiyan
U.S. Ambassador Hopes to Foster Positive Relationship with the Holy See (Part 1). Ambassador Ken Hackett Speaks to ZENIT about Foreign Policy and Common Initiatives
U.S. Ambassador Hopes to Foster Positive Relationship with the Holy See (Part 2). Ambassador Ken Hackett Speaks to ZENIT about Foreign Policy and Common Initiatives
U.S. Ambassador's View of Benedict XVI. Interview With Francis Rooney
U.S. and Mexican Bishops Promote Solidarity
U.S. And Mexican Catholic Bishops Release Joint Pastoral Letter on Immigration. National Migration Week Campaign Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
U.S. Bill to Fund Work on New Cell Lines Is Assailed. Measure Would Bypass Current Prohibition
U.S. Bishop Condemns Attacks on Mosques
U.S. Bishop Hails Vatican Instruction as "Timely"
U.S. Bishop Makes Appeal for Bangladeshi
U.S. Bishop Promotes National Marriage Week. Bishop Richard Malone Says Event Celebrates the Gift of Marriage
U.S. Bishop Urges "Responsible Transition" in Iraq. Calls for Serious National Dialogue
U.S. Bishop Urges Continuation of Aid for Palestine
U.S. Bishop Urges Respect for Prisoners
U.S. Bishop Urges Senate to Reject Border Fence. Says It Wouldn't Solve Problem of Illegal Immigration
U.S. Bishop's Statement on Iraq. "Addressing Questions and Both Necessary and Patriotic"
U.S. Bishops Address Role of Catholic Politicians. Response to Statement by 55 House Members
U.S. Bishops Advertising Marriage. Campaign Looks to Aid Couples
U.S. Bishops Approve New Mass Translation
U.S. Bishops Ask End to Cuba Travel Ban
U.S. Bishops Back Bill for Those With Disabilities
U.S. Bishops Back Immigration Reform Plan. Hail Bipartisan Legislation
U.S. Bishops Call for Action in Wake of Newtown Tragedy. Statement Asks Legislators to Strengthen Regulations of Firearms
U.S. Bishops Call for Broad Immigration Reform. Ultimately a Moral Issue, Says Cardinal Mahony
U.S. Bishops Call for End to Human Trafficking. Urge Congress to Reauthorize Victims Protection Act
U.S. Bishops Call for Responsible Action in Iraq
U.S. Bishops Call for Support of Africa
U.S. Bishops Cautious of Immigration Proposal. In Favor of Reform and Continued Debate
U.S. Bishops Choose Top 10 Films for 2006
U.S. Bishops Cite Terrible Human Costs of Broken Economy. Annual Labor Day Statement Focuses on Unemployed and Exploited Workers
U.S. Bishops Conference Responds to Biden Statement on HHS Mandate. Inaccurate Comment during Vice Presidential Debate Sparks Response By Junno Arocho
U.S. Bishops Decry Stem Cell Research Bill. President Bush Vetoes Legislation
U.S. Bishops Discuss Iraq With Democrats. Call for End to Stalemate Over the War
U.S. Bishops Donating Funds to Africa
U.S. Bishops Hail Deal on Trade Policy. View It as Big Step Forward
U.S. Bishops Hail Debt Plan for Poor Nations
U.S. Bishops Honor Salvadoran Jesuit Martyrs. Acknowledge Contribution of Priests to Education
U.S. Bishops in Solidarity With Zimbabwe
U.S. Bishops Lament Stall in Immigration Reform
U.S. Bishops Launch Campaign to Aid Church in Latin America. Collection Sees As Opportunity to Share Faith
U.S. Bishops Launch Spanish-Language Facebook Page. Social Media Initiative Part of Effort to Reach Hispanic Catholics
U.S. Bishops Lobby for Mexico City Policy
U.S. Bishops Note Pope's Concern for Jews. Say Modified Prayer Reflects Vatican II's "Nostra Aetate"
U.S. Bishops Offers Families Resources to Celebrate Year of Faith. Make Prayers, Guides and Reflections Available Online
U.S. Bishops on Amnesty International
U.S. Bishops Prepare Document on Politics. Statement to Urge Catholics to Participate in Civil Life
U.S. Bishops Press Amnesty International
U.S. Bishops Propose 'Fortnight of Freedom' Continue Efforts to Protect Conscience Rights
U.S. Bishops Rallying Support for DREAM Act. Affirm It Is the Right and Moral Thing to Do
U.S. Bishops Release Statement on Anniversary of March on Washington. Call For Action To End Poverty and Inequality
U.S. Bishops Renew Resolve on Health Care Reform. Laud House Decision, Prepare to Work With Senate
U.S. Bishops Seek Meeting on Iraq
U.S. Bishops Set to Discuss Ministry in the Digital Age. Cardinal Wuerl to Present Document on Communications at Fall General Assembly
U.S. Bishops Statement on 50th Anniversary of March on Washington
U.S. Bishops Support Child Tax Credit. Say the Poor Need a Voice
U.S. Bishops Support Kids' Health Insurance
U.S. Bishops Support Pope's Call for Dialogue. Essential Between Christians and Muslims, Says Official
U.S. Bishops to Issue Document on Assisted Suicide. Draft Text to Be Debated During Spring Assembly
U.S. Bishops to Urge Ethical Infertility Treatments. Seek to Offer Hope and Encouragement to Couples
U.S. Bishops Urge House to Protect Embryos
U.S. Bishops Urge More Aid for Iraqi Refugees. Write Condoleezza Rice After Mission Trip to Area
U.S. Bishops Urge More Help for Iraqi Refugees. Report Details Findings From 12-Day Trip to Mideast
U.S. Bishops Urge Support for Lebanon
U.S. Bishops Warns of Worsening Refugee Crisis in Syria. Delegation Calls for More International Support to Avoid Humanitarian Crisis
U.S. Bishops Will Convene for Fall General Assembly in Novemberank. Presentations on Rebuilding Efforts in Haiti and Defense of Marriage Among Topics To Be Discussed
U.S. Bishops Will Vote on Canonical Steps for Dorothy Day Canonization. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Seeks Consultation with Full Body of Bishops
U.S. Bishops' Aide Applauds Bush on Stem Cells. Says All Human Life Should Be Treated Equally
U.S. Bishops' Fall Assembly Starts With Call to Leadership. Outgoing President Urges Prelates to Confront Society's Challenges
U.S. Bishops' Statement on Book of Father Peter Phan
U.S. Bishops' Statement on War in Iraq "Our Nation and Its Leaders Face Important Decisions"
U.S. Bishops: Faulty Wording Victimizes Refugees. Urge Senate Panel to Revisit Definitions of Terrorism
U.S. Bishops: Iran Issue Needs Diplomacy. No "Immediate Threat" Yet, Prelates Contend
U.S. Bishops: Religious Minorities Declining in Iraq. Sent Letter of Concern to Secretary of State
U.S. Bishops: Senate Takes 1 Step Forward, 1 Back. Assess Votes on Abortion and Foreign Policy
U.S. Bishops: Sunday's Collection Is Key for Poor
U.S. Cardinal Rips "Revisionist" History of Holocaust. Echoes Holy See in Wake of Iran Conference
U.S. Catechism for Adults Is Due Out. Result of 6-Year Project
U.S. Catholics Comprise 22% of Population
U.S. Catholics Donate $150 Million in Tsunami Aid
U.S. Couple Named to Family Council
U.S. Court to Reconsider Partial-Birth Abortion
U.S. Dollars Rebuilding Peru Churches. Collection for Church in Latin America to Be Held Jan. 27
U.S. Editor Named as Consultor to Council
U.S. Embassy to the Holy See Commemorates 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations. Ambassador Ken Hackett Sees Opportunities for Greater Collaboration on Peace and Justice
U.S. Episcopate Signals Support to Iraq Patriarch
U.S. Gets a New Papal Nuncio. Archbishop Pietro Sambi Moving From Post in Israel
U.S. High Court Upholds Assisted-Suicide Law
U.S. Holds 1st African Eucharistic Congress
U.S. Message to Vatican on Lebanon. "Our Common Goal Is a Free, Democratic Lebanon"
U.S. Ordinands Show a Seasoned Profile. 30% Had Graduate Degrees Before Entering Seminary
U.S. Parishes Send More Hurricane Relief
U.S. Prelate Hails Pope's First Encyclical. "A Profound Meditation," Says Conference President
U.S. Prelate Welcomes G-8 Commitments
U.S. Prelates Urge Review of Options in Iraq
U.S. Priest to Represent Vatican in Vienna
U.S. Senate Urged to Boost Aid for World's Poor. But Not for Abortions, Clarify Catholic Leaders
U.S. Vote Shows Ignorance, Says Bishops' Aide. But Welcomes Support of a Bank for Cord-Blood Stem Cells
U.S.-born Prelate Appointed Nuncio in Lesotho
Uganda Pressed to Halt Human Rights Violations
Ugandan Group Forms Breakaway Church
Ugandan Seminarian Escapes Life as Child Soldier. Families Send Messages to Lost Children Via Radio
UK Asked to Do More for Religious Freedom. All Party Parliamentary Group Presents Report
UK Assisted Suicide Amendment Defeated. Politicians Defend Disabled Persons
UK Bishop Encourages Prayer for Pope, Prelates. Offers Free Evangelization Pamphlet
UK Bishop Offers Answers to Modern Problems. Reflects on Church's Mission and Catholics' Responsibilities
UK Bishops Explain Why Papal Visit Is Historic. Emphasize Feeding Heart and Mind
UK Bishops Host Training Days on Human Trafficking. Participants Receive Training in Prevention, Combating Crime
UK Bishops Invite Catholics to 'Glorify God in Their Bodies'. 'Day of Life' Celebrates Importance of Athleticism and Healthy Lifestyle Leading up to Olympics
UK Bishops on Lifting of Excommunications. Q-and-A Explains Standing of 4 Lefebvrite Bishops
UK Bishops Protest Proposed Abortion Ads. Warn Against Danger of Sexualizing Children
UK Bishops Publish Prayer for Royal Wedding
UK Bishops Respond to Calls to Publicize Family Synod Questionnaire. Say Releasing Summary Would Defy Pope's Wishes
UK Bishops Respond to Pope's Resignation. "A decision of great courage and characteristic clarity of mind and action"
UK Bishops Say Vulnerable Are Most Hit by Immigration Bill. Warn That Families, Women and Children Would Suffer Disproportionate Impact
UK Bishops Show Solidarity with Ukraine During Plenary Assembly. Latin, Eastern Rite Bishops Celebrate Eastern Liturgical Rite Together For First Time
UK Bishops Urge Sanctifying the Home. Prepare to Celebrate National Family Week
UK Bishops: New Missal Brings "Moment of Grace" Say Changes Reflect Greater Fidelity to Liturgy
UK Cardinal Makes Ecumenical Plea for Congo. Christian Leaders Urge End to Disaster
UK Cardinal Named to Bishop Congregation
UK Catholic Schools Show Better Quality. Report Affirms Church's Investment in Societal Well-Being
UK Catholics Learn Media Skills Ahead of Papal Visit Project Seeks to Generate Positive Coverage of Pope
UK Catholics Pray for People With Dementia. Participants Encouraged to Wear Yellow
UK Catholics Support Pro-Life Initiatives Donations Given for Pregnancy Counseling, Stem Cell Research
UK Catholics to Reflect on End of Life Issues Scotland Celebrates Day for Life Sunday
UK Catholics, Anglicans to Pray for Pope's Visit to Bethlehem. Prelates Look Ahead to Historic Meeting With Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
UK Charity Director a Witness to Mideast Violence. Reports Christians' Hope for Pilgrims
UK Christians Take Religious Freedom Cases to European Court. Seek Right to Wear Cross, Follow Conscience on Homosexuality
UK Church Gaining Strength After Papal Visit. Bishop Reports Renewed Spirituality, Social Outreach By Genevieve Pollock
UK Church Launches Friends of Holy Land Charity. Parishes Groups Work With Latin Patriarchate
UK Churches Prepare for 2012 Olympics. More Than Gold Plans to Unite 3,000 Communities
UK Diocesan Health Care Advisor Awarded by Vatican. Father Scott Lauds Church's Chaplaincy Work
UK Displays Raphael's Sistine Tapestries, Designs. Unprecedented Exhibit Marks Benedict XVI's Visit
UK Event to Draw Attention to a New Generation of Martyrs. Pakistani, Egyptian Bishops to Join Archbishop Nichols
UK Government Apologizes to Benedict XVI Vatican Aide Affirms Desire to Maintain Good Relations
UK Health Service Promotes Teen Sex. Institute: "Sex Ed" Increases Pregnancy
UK Hearts Opened to Message of Faith and Reason. Interview With Newman Scholar Joseph Pearce By Genevieve Pollock
UK Hospital Reinstates Nurse Suspended for Prayer. Recognizes Importance of "Spiritual Belief"
UK Initiative Shows Growing Interest in Priesthood, Religious Life. Hundreds Flock to Rome Vocations Weekend From Around the Globe
UK Judge Protects Life of Minimally Conscious Woman. But Theologian Warns of "Arbitrary Line" By Kathleen Naab
UK Keeps Light Burning After Papal Visit. Bishop Says Pope Strengthened Catholic Identity
UK Legislator Compares Attacks on Christians to Atrocities of WWII. Calls For Action to End Persecution
UK Not Saying "I Do" as Much Anymore. Number of Marriages Hit 111-Year Low in 2006
UK Nurse Penalized for Wearing Cross
UK Ordinariate Will Be Established in January. Anglicans to Enter Catholic Church by Holy Week
UK Pilgrims Prepare to Visit Turin Shroud. Watch for Dissipation of Iceland's Volcanic Ash By Genevieve Pollock
UK Poll Finds Big Drop in Number of Christians: Bishops Respond. '11 Census Shows 13% Drop in 10 Years
UK Poll Tests Public Opinion Ahead of Papal Visit. Majority Recognizes Benedict XVI, Supports Christian Culture
UK Prelate Predicts New Phase in Church Relations. Archbishop Explains Significance of Papal Visit
UK Prelate Responds to His Appointment as Cardinal. Archbishop Nichols said his elevation to the College of Cardinals enables him to "serve the Pope in a direct and prolonged way".
UK Prelate Warns 'Tolerance Is Being Abolished'. Cardinal Murphy-OConnor Concerned With Growing Attack on Christianity
UK Prepares Highest Level of Welcome for Pope. Interview With Monsignor Andrew Summersgill By Genevieve Pollock
UK Prime Minister Acknowledges Pontiff's Impact. Stresses Partnership With Holy See
UK Remembers Pope's Visit, Acts on His Message. Home Mission Advisor Shares Chronology of Festivities By Traci Osuna
UK Trip Coordinator: Pope Was Here as a Father. Says Pontiff Spoke to Hearts, From the Heart
UK's Blogging Ambassador Baker
UK, Holy See Mark 29 Years of Restored Relations
UK: Cardinal Nichols: Our priestly DNA Begins and Ends in Our Love of the Lord
UK: Church Studies Ministry to Fallen-Away Catholics. Invite to Mass Not Seen as Best 1st Step
Ukraine Church Property Dispute Turns Violent. Bishop Calls Attack Disgraceful
Ukraine Marks 1,025 Years of Christianity. Leader of Greek Catholic Church Joins Celebrations
Ukraine Prelate Says Solidarity From Whole World Is 'Dear to Us' Appeals for Prayer as Nation Faces Long Road of Healing
Ukraine Remembers Visit of John Paul II
Ukraine's Blessed Wiecka a "Hymn to Life". Cardinal Bertone Urges Defense of Person in Every Stage
Ukraine's Major Archbishop Appeals for Solidarity and Support. Tells Reporters in Rome Europe Must Wake Up to Events in His Country
Ukraine's Public TV Takes Up Capuchin Program. Friars Offer Alternative for Children's Entertainment, Formation
Ukraine: Pope Offers Praise and Prayers
Ukraine: The Mother of God Destroyed the Soviet Empire. Archbishop Schevchuk Reflects on Rebuilding the Church in Ukraine
Ukraine: Two Orthodox Religious Murdered Within Days. Investigations Into Premeditated Murders Continue
Ukrainian Bishop Says Country in a "Battle for Dignity" Protesters are "Gathering Around Principles"
Ukrainian Bishop Up for Canonization
Ukrainian Bishops Pray for Peace in Rome. Cardinal Sandri Asks that The People Be Defended from Those Who Sow Hatred
Ukrainian Bishops' Synod Opens in U.S.
Ukrainian Catholic Hierarchy of Canada Makes Appeal for Peace in Ukraine "May the peace we enjoy in this country, not lessen but rather increase our concern for our brothers and sisters in our ancestral land, through the prayers of the Mother of God and a
Ukrainian Catholic Prelate: Let Christ's Resurrection Renew Our Attitude Toward Others. Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk in Easter Epistle Reflects on Crisis
Ukrainian Catholics Win Back Church. Building Re-Consecrated After Communist Expropriation
Ukrainian Church Calls for Active Participation in Upcoming Elections. Also Ask Parties to 'Act Honestly, Transparently and Responsibly'
Ukrainian Church Condemns Police Action in Kiev's Independence Square. Expresses Support for "Peaceful Character" of Protests
Ukrainian Notes Pope's Role in "Orange Revolution"
Ukrainian Orthodox Priest Killed in Ukraine. Head of Greek Catholic Church Sends Condolences to Orthodox Patriarchate
Ukrainian Seminaries Full, Turning Away Candidates. Blessed Omelian Kovch Inspires Priestly Vocations
Ukrainian University Considered Key for Church. Pope and Nation's First Lady Encourage Growing Initiative
Ukrainian University Marks a Milestone. Catholic Institute Welcomes Accreditation in Theology
Ukrainian-rite Archbishop Speaks on Caring for Eastern Catholics in US. US Ad Limina Visits Conclude With Prelates of Eastern Catholic Churches By Ann Schneible
Ukrainians Hoping for '12 Papal Visit
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Curing Patients
UN Chief to Meet Pope Francis. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon's Second Meeting with Holy Father
UN Committee Against Torture Issues Report. Holy See Focuses on 'Five Positive Conclusions' of Committee's Findings
UN Committee Grills Holy See. As Expected, Church Faces Unfair Questioning From UN Monitoring Body
UN Could Fuel Religious Prejudice, Prelate Warns. Urges Clarification of Concept of Defamation
UN Dedicates International Day of Charity to Blessed Mother Teresa. Initiative to Promote Importance of Benevolent Giving
UN Leader Invites Cardinal to Meeting on Poverty. Caritas President to Urge Better Cooperation
UN Marks Rights Declaration's 60th Birthday. Holy See: Anniversary Puts Man at Center of World Community
UN Official Visits Benedict XVI
UN President Visits Pontiff. Consider Role of General Assembly in Conflict Resolution
UN Recognizes Papal Proposal. Takes Benedict XVI's Thesis Into Debate
UN Report Outdated, Says Expert. Church the Global Leader in Child Protection
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Visits Pope Francis. Pontiff Calls on UN to Promote True, Worldwide Ethical Mobilization
UN Secretary General: Pope Francis is 'A Voice For the Voiceless'. Ban Ki-moon Speaks to Press About Audience with Holy Father
UN Secretary-General's Greeting to Pope "In So Many Ways, Our Mission Unites Us With Yours"
UN Uses LGBT Rights as 'Bargaining Chip' to Pressure Nations Into Abortion. A View of the Debates at the Session of the Commission on Population and Development
UN's Food Organization Director Visits Pontiff. Thanks Church for Efforts to Eradicate Hunger
UN: Breastfeeding a Significant Health Benefit for Newborns
UN: Holy See Greets Treaty on Nuclear Arms
UN: Protect Religious Minorities in Conflicts
Unable to Speak the Language. Journalist-Priest Notes Problems in Reporting About Religion By H. Sergio Mora
Unauthorized Baptism And More on Non-liturgical Music
Unbelief and Bad Belief
Unchurched Young Adults. Searching for Truth By Father John Flynn, LC
Underground Bishop Dies at 91. Ended 10-Year Battle With Alzheimer's
Underground Bishop Guo Wenzhi Dies
Underground Chinese Priest Released
Underground Church in China Loses Spokesperson. Bishop Who Worked for Reconciliation Dies
Undermining Parents. Access to Abortion and Contraception by Minors By Father John Flynn, LC
Undersecretary of State Named. Archbishop Filoni Has Served in Iraq and the Philippines
Understanding Church-Muslim Relations (Part 1). Egypt's Ali Al-Samman on Freezing Relations With Holy See By Emil Amin
Understanding Church-Muslim Relations (Part 2) Egypt’s Ali Al-Samman on John Paul II’s Beatification By Emil Amin
Understanding Marian Devotion Through Scripture, Theology and Daily Meditations
Understanding the Ascension. It's No Tale of First Century Fiction
Understanding the Spirit of John Paul II
Unemployed on Pope's Mind During Holidays. Calls for Solidarity With Those Affected by Financial Crisis
Unemployed Remembered in Pope's June Prayer Intentions. Also Prays Europe Can Rediscover Its Christian Roots
Unemployment Can Lead to Identity Crisis, Says Pope. Notes That Work Is Fundamental to Human Vocation
Unemployment Increasing Frontiers of Poverty, Pope Warns. Calls for Joint Efforts to Establish New Avenues for Expanding Solidarity
UNESCO: Holy See Pleads for ‘a Solidary Society’
UNESCO: The Holy See Supports Actions in Favor of the Ocean
UNICEF to Support Scholas, Pope Francis Initiative to Connect, Educate and Inspire Adolescents. New Collaboration Between Scholas and UNICEF Announced as Pope Francis, UNICEF Executive Director Meet in the Vatican
UNICEF Too Ambiguous on Gender, Says Observatory
Union of Christian Women Plan Jerusalem Meeting
Union of European Guides and Scouts. Founded on the Christian Roots of Europe
Union of Superiors General Elects Salesian
Union With God Leads to Christian Unity, Says Patriarch. Archbishop Sabbah Urges Youth to "Walk With God" By Robert Cheaib
Unite Yourself to Christ's Heart, Says Pope. Addresses Apostleship of Prayer
United by Blood and Religion. 1 of 4 Sisters in Holy Family Congregation Discusses Upcoming Beatification By Patricia Navas
United by the Sign of the Cross, Pope Notes
United Christianity Seen as Way to Peace. Spokesman Reflects on Believers' Hope
United Methodists, Catholics Discuss Climate. Mirror Copenhagen Summit With Christian Perspective
United Nations: Pope Francis to Address General Assembly on September 25th. Visit Coincides with the 70th Anniversary of the Institution's Founding
United States: Over 1,000 Families Offer to Go in Mission. Neocatechumenal Way Members Convene in Philadelphia Following World Meeting of Families
Unity Called a Goal and a Gift. Pope Greets Armenian Catholicos at Audience
Unity Council Marks 50 Years
Unity Council Readies to Mark 50th Anniversary of Vatican II's Ecumenism Document. Activities This Week to Consider 'Unitatis Redintegratio'
Unity Is Key for Survival, Says Synod Council. Middle East Churches Should Imitate 1st Christians
Unity Is Task for New Bishops, Says Cardinal Bertone. Opens Conference for Prelates Ordained Over Last Year
Unity Week a 100-Year Success Story. Prayer Octave Began in New York in 1908
Unity-Seekers Welcome New Russian Patriarch. Expect Advances in Dialogue With Catholics
UNIV: Pope Exhorts for ‘Integral Preparation in the Service of Man’
Universities Have a Vocation, Says Pontiff
Universities Urged to Focus More on Social Doctrine
University Aims to Build Culture of Unity. Institute to Launch Master's Program This Fall
University Institute to Foster Culture of Unity. Focolare President Describes Students Ready to Love By Chiara Santomiero
University President Named to Trenton Diocese. Father David O'Connell Stresses Service in Priesthood
Unless I Put My Hand Into His Side ... Gospel Commentary for 2nd Sunday of Easter. By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Unlikely to Survive. Few Down Syndrome Babies Making It to Birth By Father John Flynn, LC
Unprecedented Agreement to Eradicate Human Trafficking Signed at the Vatican "Global Freedom Network" Brings All Major Religions Together to End Trafficking by 2020
Unrest on the Rise in Darfur
Up Close With Postulator of John Paul II's Sainthood Cause (Part 1) Monsignor Oder Discusses the Pontiff's Beatification Process By Anita S. Bourdin and Sergio Mora
Up Close With Postulator of John Paul II's Sainthood Cause (Part 2) Monsignor Oder Discusses the Trials of a Young Polish Pope By Anita S. Bourdin and Sergio Mora
Up Close With Postulator of John Paul II's Sainthood Cause (Part 3) Monsignor Oder on the Pontiff's Cross By Anita S. Bourdin and Sergio Mora
Up Close With Postulator of John Paul II's Sainthood Cause (Part 4). Monsignor Oder Reflects on the Pope's Legacy of Mercy and Forgiveness By Anita S. Bourdin and Sergio Mora
Upcoming Vatican Conference: Children and Psychotropics. Experts to Examine Use of Drugs in Treating Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Upcoming Year of Faith Events To Focus on the Eucharist and Dignity of Human Life. Archbishop Rino Fisichella Gives Details on "Historical" Initiatives
Update on the Pope's Broken Wrist
Urgell Bishop Urges Pressure for Peace
Urging Catholics to Be Card-Carrying Members. Priesthood-Promotion Group Releases Identity Card
Urging Recognition of Pius XII as Venerable. Letter to the Editors
Uruguay Prelates: No Eucharist for Abortion Backers. Point to Canon Law
Uruguay to Allow Homosexuals to Adopt. Church Forced to Bow Out of Service
Uruguayan Bishops Bracing for Abortion Fight
Uruguayan Takes Highest Curia Post Ever Given Layman. Steubenville Prelate Moved to Joliet
US Approval of New Missal Translation Completed. Bishops Urged to Prepare for Coming Changes
US Archbishop Affirms Value of Worker Unions
US Attorney General Sets Religious Liberty Task Force
US Audit Finds Number of Sex Abuse Allegations Dropped. 34 Allegations Made for Abuse in 2012; Some Already Rejected as Unfounded
US Bill Proposal: Facilitate Immigration of Middle Eastern Persecuted Christians. Bill Would Help Those Forced to Flee Terrorists Join Already Present Chaldean, Assyrian, Syrian Groups in US
US Bishop Call Military Policy on Mexico Drug War "Counterproductive" Archbishop Wenski of Florida and Bishop Pates of Iowa Urge US Urge Protection of Human Rights
US Bishop Decries Injustice Against Marriage. Says President's Position Is Threat to Democracy
US Bishop: Church in Cuba More Than Surviving. Orlando Prelate Lauds Construction of New Seminary
US Bishop: Immigration Reform Long Overdue. Calls for Protection of Families
US Bishop: Pope Didn't Change Condom Teaching. Says Pontiff Spoke of Hope for Sinners
US Bishops Affirm Women's Contribution to Church. Reiterate Seriousness of Offenses Against Holy Orders
US Bishops Aid Churches in Africa With Nearly $1M. Pastoral Training Among Main Areas of Funding
US Bishops Announce 2nd Fortnight for Freedom. Prayer Effort Answers Threats to Religious Liberty
US Bishops Appeal for Tax Credits for Families. Express Concern Over Unemployment Rate
US Bishops Approve Baptism Accord With 4 Churches. Prelate Notes Shared Unity in Christ
US Bishops Approve Funding for Pastoral Work in Latin America. Grants Totaling Up to $2.3 Million to Also Help Reconstructions Efforts in Haiti and Cuba
US Bishops Approve Litany of Saints for Marriage Ceremonies. Also Vote to Use Mexican Missal as Base for Spanish-Language Missal in US
US Bishops Approve Mass for Life
US Bishops Approve Revisions to Charter for Protection of Children
US Bishops Ask Congress to Remember Human Dignity in Trade Deals. Cite Francis' Call for Economic Theories That Provide Every Inhabitant of the Planet With 'Minimum Wherewithal to Live in Dignity and Freedom'
US Bishops Ask for Special Collection for Philippines. Assure Typhoon Victims of Prayer and Support
US Bishops Ask Parishes to Pray for Iraq on Aug. 17. Provide Prayer Written by Iraqi Patriarch
US Bishops Back 'Positive Step' in Gun Control Issue. Note Support for Provisions in Legislation
US Bishops Back 3 Life-Protecting Bills. Address Tax Dollars for Abortion, Conscience Rights
US Bishops Back Aid Agency Amid Criticism. Affirm Catholic Relief Services Committed to Pro-Life Policies
US Bishops Back Measure to Bar Tax-Funded Abortion. Senate Vote Expected on Tuesday
US Bishops Back Obama Immigration Decision. Protects Those Who Entered Country as Children
US Bishops Bring Aid to Africa. Represent Offering of Catholics Nationwide
US Bishops Call for Good Jobs, Wages for All. Address New Social Contract in Labor Day Message
US Bishops Call Theologian Nun's Book "Misleading" Says "Quest for the Living God" Distorts Catholic Teaching
US Bishops Choose 174 Latin American Projects for Funding. Reconstruction in Haiti, Chile on the List
US Bishops Clarify Abortion "for" Mother's Health. Back Arizona Bishop in Reproving Catholic Hospital
US Bishops Commend 'Modest Replacement to Sequestration' Recall Needs of Poor, Vulnerable
US Bishops Condemn Church Bombing in Nigeria. Urge State Department to Intensify Support in Addressing Root Causes of Violence
US Bishops Congratulate Barack Obama. Say They Are Ready to Work With Him to Defend Life
US Bishops Declare Reiki Therapy Unchristian. Denounce Its Use in Catholic Institutions
US Bishops Decry Anti-Christian Violence. Urge Government to Be Mindful of Freedom When Making Economic Decisions
US Bishops Decry Arizona Immigration Law Propose Importance of Education on the Need for Reform
US Bishops Decry Falsifying of Church Teaching. Put Voters on Guard Against Faulty Information
US Bishops Decry Ruling on Abortifacients in Health Plans. Say Obama Decision Is 'Literally Unconscionable'
US Bishops Defend "Life Unworthy of Life" Note Government Move to Mandate Abortion in Health Insurance
US Bishops Defend Life Issues With Secular Sources. Bilingual Information Gears Up for Respect Life Sunday
US Bishops Denounce Abortion Doctor Slaying
US Bishops Encourage 'Gift of Forgiveness'. Release Pastoral Exhortation on Reconciliation
US Bishops Encourage Arms Reduction Efforts Obama Criticized for Developing New Weapons
US Bishops Encourage Frequent Confession, Advance Cause of US Activist. USCCB Continues its Annual Fall Assembly in Baltimor
US Bishops Establish Religious Liberty Committee. Point to "Accelerating Threats" to Freedom
US Bishops Fail to Approve Liturgy Translation. Will Revisit "Proper of Seasons" Text in November
US Bishops Give Internet Lenten Tools
US Bishops Greet Immigration Ruling With Hope, Concern. Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Path to Citizenship
US Bishops Highlight Catholic Support of Immigration Reform 'We Are an Immigrant Church and an Immigrant Nation'
US Bishops Hosting a Facebook Pope Contest
US Bishops Lament Senate's Rejection of Pro-life Amendment Say Current Health Care Reform Bill Doesn't Protect Life
US Bishops Laud Anti-Trafficking Law. Urge Quick Assistance for Child Victims
US Bishops Laud Congress Support for Iraqi Victims. Urge Passage of House Resolution
US Bishops Laud Eased Restrictions on Cuba. Affirm Hope for Better Relations
US Bishops Laud Injunction on Arizona Law. Say It Was the "Right Decision"
US Bishops Laud Plan for 1M Latino Students by 2020. Seen as a Challenge for the Church
US Bishops Laud Pope's Response to Child Abuse. Express Concern, Prayers for Victims
US Bishops Laud Senate for Passing Immigration Bill. Legislation Seen as Imperfect, But Overall Improvement of Current Situation
US Bishops Launch African Scholarship Fund. Catholics Invited to Participate in National Collection
US Bishops Launch Appeal to Pray for Those Persecuted for Faith Worldwide. Echo Pope Francis' Words That Murder of Coptic Christians Is a 'Testimony Which Cries Out to Be Heard'
US Bishops Launch John Paul II Legacy Web Site
US Bishops Lead Novena to End Abortion. Activities Mark 40 Years Since Supreme Court Decision
US Bishops Letter on US-Mexican Drug Trafficking Policy
US Bishops Look at Election. Call Faithful to Form Consciences
US Bishops Mark 50 Years of Sacrosanctum Concilium. Worship Committee Publishes Statement
US Bishops Name Leader for Vocations Secretariat
US Bishops Note Fundamental Flaws With Health Care Law. Urge Government to Repair Affordable Care Act After Supreme Court Upholds Legislation
US Bishops Note Moral Element of Union Debate. Madison Bishop Calls for Civility and "Fairness"
US Bishops Note Support for Challengers to Contraception Mandate. "we will continue our vigorous efforts"
US Bishops Offer 10 Tips to Protect Youth. Mark Child Abuse Prevention Month
US Bishops Offer 5 Keys to End Financial Crisis. Urge Responsibility for Choices Made
US Bishops Offer Guidelines on Afghan Policy. Urge Review of Military Force, Long-Term Goals
US Bishops Offer Lent Resources. Includes New Series of Audio Retreats in English and Spanish
US Bishops Offer Prayer Resources for Benedict XVI, Conclave. Music Suggestions, Liturgy Notes "to give thanks for his pontificate, and to pray for the Church"
US Bishops Offer Prayers for Chilean Brothers. Also Readied to Provide Assistance
US Bishops Offer Resources for Vocations Day. Urge Faithful to Support Those Called by God
US Bishops Offer Seminars on Missal Changes Highlight Role of Priestly Celebrant in Liturgy
US Bishops on Deficit Debate: How Will the Poor Be Treated? Remind Politicians That It's Not About Which Party Wins
US Bishops on Economic Crisis "Hard Times Can Isolate Us or They Can Bring Us Together"
US Bishops on Freedom of Choice Act. "A Good State Protects the Lives of All"
US Bishops on Guard to Keep Poverty Program Moral. Catholic Campaign for Human Development Undergoes Renewal
US Bishops Oppose Move to Cut Food Stamps Funding. Say Government Has 'Indispensable Role' in Ensuring Access to Food
US Bishops Outline Goals for Congress Advocacy. Emphasize Moral Criteria for Health Care Reform
US Bishops Outline Plan for Development Campaign. Affirm Commitment to Catholic Teaching
US Bishops Plan Aid for Eastern Europe. Annual Collection Brought $6.6M in '13
US Bishops Plan Pastoral Document to Address Pornography. Seek to Offer Healing and Hope to Those Harmed by Industry
US Bishops Praised for Courageous Words. More Than 50 Prelates Speak Out for Life and Family
US Bishops Pray for Oil Spill Victims
US Bishops Press On in Defense of Conscience. Say Forcing Catholic Hospitals to Cut Services Won't Bring Better Access to Health Care
US Bishops Promise Aid to Rebuild Haitian Churches Parish Collections to Be Sent to Earthquake Victims
US Bishops Promise Continued Fight for Religious Freedom. Clarify What Contraception Mandate Debate Is Really About By Kathleen Naab
US Bishops Promote Solidarity Fund for Africa
US Bishops Publish Compilation of Francis' 'Homespun Messages' Pope Recognized for Translating Great Theological Truths Into Everyday Speech and Images
US Bishops Question Use of Force in Libya. Stress Moral Responsibility, Principles of Justice
US Bishops Reaffirm Commitment to Dialogue With Muslims. Note Radicals' Violence Is Threat for Christians and Muslims
US Bishops Reiterate Call for 2-State Solution in Israel Conflict. Decry Plan to Confiscate Convent Land
US Bishops Reiterate Call to End Cuba Embargo. Say Engagement Will Do More Than Isolation
US Bishops Reiterate Health Care Reform Concerns. Send 2 Letters Urging Respect for Life; Consideration of Immigrants
US Bishops Release Next Pro-Marriage Video. "Made for Life" Speaks About "Sacred Gift"
US Bishops Remind Congress of Moral Issues in Budget Debate. Say It's Not About Which Party Wins, But How the Poor Are Treated
US Bishops Remind Congress of the Poor as Farm Bill Goes to Vote. Call for a Just Framework That Puts Hungry People First
US Bishops Request Trade Preferences for Haiti Stress Need for Long-Term Reconstruction
US Bishops Resolve to Improve Sunday Homilies. Also Call Catholics to More Frequent Confession
US Bishops Respond to Proposed Modifications to Insurance Mandate. "We will not cease from our effort to assure that healthcare for all does not mean freedom for few"
US Bishops Revise Charter on Sex Abuse
US Bishops Say They're Eager to Share Evangelii Gaudium With Dioceses "Pope Francis is a living model of the new evangelization"
US Bishops Say Thursday's Anniversary Is 'Time to Give Thanks' Francis Marks One Year as Pope on March 13
US Bishops See Common Sense in Immigration Development. Prelate Stresses Need to Respect Family Ties
US Bishops Seek a Church Effective in Media Age Offer Guidelines for Organizations and Personnel
US Bishops Seek to Push Immigration Reform. Official Sees 'Best Opportunity in Years'
US Bishops Seeking Immigration Reform in '10
US Bishops Send Labor Day Message. Calls for Rebuilding Economy Guided by Ethical Principles
US Bishops Send More Aid to Haiti
US Bishops Set Religious Freedom Week, June 22-29, 2019
US Bishops Steady in Resolve to Protect Children. Episcopal Conference President Notes Abuse Prevention Month
US Bishops Stress Moral Points for Federal Budget. Urge Protection of Poor and Vulnerable
US Bishops Stress Needs of Haitian Women, Children. Outline Reconstruction Priorities
US Bishops Support Ban on Abortion Funding. Note Popular and Congressional Agreement
US Bishops Support Move to Stop Alabama Immigration Law
US Bishops Support Universal Health Care. Appeal for Reforms That Respect Life
US Bishops Tap Radio to Promote Marriage in Spanish. 30-Second Spots to Begin Airing in April
US Bishops to Lawmakers: Don't Forget Poor in Budget Cuts. Say Deficit Must Be Reduced, But Vulnerable Must Be Protected
US Bishops to Remember Nuncio. Archbishop Sambi Buried in His Native Italy
US Bishops to Sponsor Youth Day Programming. Mass, Activities Planned at Madrid Arena
US Bishops to Vote on Liturgy Items at November Meeting Will Consider Using Mexican Missal as Base for Spanish-Language Liturgies in US
US Bishops Urge Bipartisanship in Health Care Debate. Call for Reform that Protects Life, Consciences
US Bishops Urge Boldness in Creating Just Economy. Labor Day Statement Parallels Martin Luther King's Concerns
US Bishops Urge Budget That Defends the Poor. Recommend Considering Impact on Human Dignity, Common Good
US Bishops Urge Clinton to Aid Honduras. Calls on Secretary of State to Take "Appropriate" Steps
US Bishops Urge Congress to Ratify Nuclear. TreatyEncourage Arms Reduction, Non-Proliferation
US Bishops Urge Continuation of Health Care Debate. Request Removal of Anti-Life Threats From Final Bill
US Bishops Urge End to Cuba Embargo. Delegation Visiting Island Nation
US Bishops Urge Prayer for ElectionsRelease Novena for Faithful Citizenship
US Bishops Urge Protection of Conscience Rights. Warn Against Potential Misuse of Health Care Law
US Bishops Urge Respect for Worker Rights. Document Outlines Ways to Bring Social Doctrine to Workplace
US Bishops Urge Responsible Afghan Transition. Promote Community Ownership as Military Departs
US Bishops Urge Senate to Move Forward With Immigration Reform. Say Not Only Future of Nation, But Also Its Soul, Is Impacted by Decision
US Bishops Urge Socially Conscious Budget Cuts. Warns Against Cutting Aid to World's Poor
US Bishops Urge Support For Federal Disaster Assistance Legislation Would Ensure Fair Treatment for Houses of Worship Damaged in Natural Disasters
US Bishops Urging Syrian Ceasefire. Ask Secretary of State Kerry to Work With Other Governments
US Bishops Visit Family Detention Center; Ask Why Is Our Nation Doing This? Catholic, Lutheran Leaders Urge Government to Accept Church's Help in Providing Humane Solution
US Bishops Visit Iraq, Urge Plan for Peaceful Future. Visit Site of Last October's Bombing That Claimed 58 Lives
US Bishops Vow to Continue Defense of Liberty, Marriage. Open Fall Meeting With Reports on 2 of Biggest Cultural Battles
US Bishops Warn Against Book on Sexuality. Say Basic Methodology Is Unsound
US Bishops Welcome "Dignitas Personae" Cardinal: Instruction Gives Guidance in Heavily Scientific Age
US Bishops Welcome '1st Step' to Immigration Reform. Seek Bipartisan Cooperation for 'Just, Humane Legislation'
US Bishops Welcome Court Victory in Fight Against Contraception Mandate. District Court Temporarily Prevents Government From Violating Religious Freedom
US Bishops Welcome End of Government Shutdown. Note Impact on Poor
US Bishops Welcome Introduction of Bill to Protect Conscience. Call It an 'Overdue Measure' That Is 'Especially Needed'
US Bishops Welcome Legislation to Protect State Marriage Laws. Note Federal Government at Odds With Supreme Court Decision
US Bishops Welcome Negotiations With Iran. Commend Government for Signing Arms Trade Treaty
US Bishops Welcome Pope’s Plan for ‘World Day of Prayer for Victims of Sexual Abuse’
US Bishops Write Every Member of Congress: Don't Resort to Military Intervention. Say Focus Is Saving Lives by Ending Syria Conflict, Not Fueling It
US Bishops Write Letter to Hispanic Immigrants. Recall That 'Authorized' or Not, All Humans Have Dignity
US Bishops' Administrative Committee: Military Attack Will Be Counterproductive. Leading Prelates Make Urgent Call for Political Solution
US Bishops' Aides Denounce Health Care Bills. Spokesmen on Life and Immigrant Issues Point to Faults
US Bishops' Biggest Hope: Life-Affirming Care for All. Interview with Richard Doerflinger on Health Care Reform By Kirsten Evans
US Bishops' Committee to Visit Haiti. Only Haitian-American Prelate Is Part of Advisory Group
US Bishops' Development Campaign Set for November. 2010 Theme: "Fight Poverty in America, Defend Human Dignity"
US Bishops' Labor Day Statement "As individuals and families, as the Church, as community organizations, as businesses, as government, we all have a responsibility to promote the dignity of work and to honor workers' rights"
US Bishops' Novena Surrounding Roe v Wade Starts Saturday. Daily Reflections, Suggested Acts of Reparation Sent Each Day
US Bishops' Official Calls for Raise to Minimum Wage. Says Worker Must Be at Center of Economic Life
US Bishops' Official Calls for Scrutiny of Drones Policy. Calls for More Comprehensive, Moral, Effective Fight Against Terrorism
US Bishops' Official on Immigration Reform "Simply put, the status quo is morally unacceptable. This suffering must end."
US Bishops' Official: New Carbon Pollution Standards an 'Important Step Forward' Archbishop Wenski Urges Congress Not to Block New Measures
US Bishops' Officials Author Booklet for Blessing of Unborn Children. Say New Parents Are Drawn Deeper Into Parish Life
US Bishops' President on Kidnapped Syrian Prelates "The kidnapping of two men of peace is a sign of the terrible violence that is destroying the fabric of Syrian society"
US Bishops' President Speaks at International Religious Freedom Symposium. Cardinal Dolan Calls for Action on Violence Against Religious Minorities By Junno Arocho
US Bishops' Response to News of Pope's Resignation. "Our experience impels us to thank God for the gift of Pope Benedict"
US Bishops' Statement on Day of Prayer for Peace in Syria "May our prayers, fasting, and advocacy move our nation to promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria"
US Bishops' Statement on Papal Inauguration. "The Church in our country has felt a renewed sense of unity, hope and love of Jesus Christ and His Church"
US Bishops' Statement on Today's 50th Anniversary of 'I Have a Dream' Speech "The Dream of Dr. King and all who marched and worked with him has not yet fully become a reality for many in our country"
US Bishops' Subcommittee Hosting Youth Day Contest WYD Is 43 Days Away
US Bishops' Subcommittee on Church in Africa Announce $2.8 Million in Aid. Grants Will Help in Implementing the Year of Faith
US Bishops, Charity Group Welcome AIDS Program. Laud Retention of "Conscience Clause" in Funding Plan
US Bishops, Iranian Religious Leaders Call for Culture of Tolerance, Dialogue
US Bishops, Iranian Religious Leaders Make Joint Declaration on Life, Dignity. Condemn 'All Forms of Disrespect for the Religious Traditions of Others'
US Bishops: Children Are Safer Now. National Review Board Gives Report at Episcopal Meeting
US Bishops: Contraception a Misfit on Health List. Spokeswoman Reminds That Pregnancy Isn't a Disease
US Bishops: Defend Conscience Before Sept. 30
US Bishops: Heath Package Still Funding Abortions. Urge Congress to Keep Working
US Bishops: HHS Accommodations Still Not Protecting Freedom. Affirm Resolve to Continue Seeking Solutions, Support Conscience Rights
US Bishops: Imbalances in Opportunity Don't Have to Be Inevitable. Call for Boldness in Promoting Justice
US Bishops: Immigration Laws Hypocritical. Say System Perpetuates Class of Workers Without Rights
US Bishops: Lawmakers Honored Obama's Promise. Stupak Amendment Finds Its Way Into Health Care Reform
US Bishops: Marriage Came Before State. Laws Cannot Redefine "Irreplaceable Institution"
US Bishops: New Book on Pope’s Vision of Permanent Diaconate
US Bishops: Now Is Time to Fix Immigration System. Prelates Asking Congress for 'Most Humane Legislation Possible'
US Bishops: Now Isn't the Time to Deport Haitians. Call on Homeland Security to Be Humanitarian
US Bishops: NY Is Abandoning the Common Good
US Bishops: Obama's 'Compromise' Has No Clear Protection for Key Stakeholders. "Today's Proposal Continues to Involve Needless Government Intrusion"
US Bishops: Our Nation Needs Great Healing. Cardinal O'Malley Says Gosnell Trial Has Led to Re-examination of Abortion Issue
US Bishops: Pelosi Got Church Teaching Wrong. House Speaker Misrepresents Catholic Understanding of Life
US Bishops: Senate Bill Still Unacceptable Send Last-Minute Letter on Health Care Reform
US Bishops: Strong Support for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
US Bishops: Tax Law Should Support Families. Call for Policies That Relieve Poverty
US Bishops: What We've Learned From Abuse Victims Survivors Concerned About Prevention Strategies
US Bishops' Anti-Poverty Collection Takes Up Pope's Call to Work on the Margins. Last Year, Grants Totaled Over $12M Distributed to 209 Projects
US Bishops' Official: Torture an Intrinsic Evil, Can Never Be Justified. Calls on Congress, President to Strengthen Legal Prohibitions
US Born Prelate 1st Nuncio to Botswana. Philadelphia Native to Represent Pope
US Capuchin Named Bishop in Papua New Guinea
US Cardinal Defends Rights of Muslims. Underlines Religious Liberty for All
US Cardinal Removes 21 Priests From Public Ministry. Takes Immediate Action on Sexual Abuse Allegations
US Catechism Goes Online in English and Spanish. Bishops' Conference Makes Free Resource Available
US Catholics Aid Post-Communist Lands. '08 Collection Theme Taken From "Deus Caritas Est"
US Catholics Back Bishops' Stance on Religious Liberty. Poll Shows Sharp Increase in Approval of Church Leadership
US Catholics Celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week. Annual Event Calls On Parishes to Promote Vocations Through Prayer and Education
US Catholics Finish 'Fortnight for Freedom'. July 4 Celebrations Spotlight Conscience Rights
US Catholics Invited to Support Francis' Charity Work. Annual Collection a Chance to 'Enter Most Suffering Areas of Our World'
US Catholics Score Lowest on Survey About Religions. Atheists Get Most Correct Answers
US Catholics to Support Church's Work in Media. Annual Campaign Funding Development of Internet Safety Guide
US Catholics Urged to Support Immigrants on Francis Cabrini's Feast. Nov. 13 Set as Day to Call Representatives
US Church Sends $4 Million Southward. Grants Support Faithful in Latin America
US Church-State Lawsuit Seen as Meritless. Bishop Defends Catholic Aid to Trafficking Victims
US Citizenship for Undocumented Youth Gains Ground. Bishops Praise 1st Passage of DREAM Act
US Commission Wants UN to Help Iraqi Christians. Urges Government to Address Issue at Security Council Meeting
US Conference of Catholic Bishops To Vote For New President and Vice-President. Vote to Take Place at Annual Fall General Assembly
US Conscience Protection Deadline Draws Near
US Dioceses to Welcome 150,000 New Catholics. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich Joins Church
US Guidelines on Feeding Tubes Revised. Bishop Stresses Continuity of Church Teaching By Genevieve Pollock
US Hispanic Leaders Offer Voter's Guide. Evaluate Presidential Candidates on Catholic Social Teaching
US Hispanic Leaders Study How to Improve Ministry
US Hispanic-Leaders Group Presented in Rome. Association Aims to Promote Catholic Culture By Miriam Díez i Bosch
US Issues Mother Teresa Postal Stamp. Launch Held at Immaculate Conception Basilica
US Jews, Muslims, Christians Join in Defense of Freedom, Marriage. Joint Letter Called a 'Compelling Argument' and 'Sign of Hope'
US Latino Leaders Respond to "Caritas in Veritate" Delegation to Greet Benedict XVI on Wednesday
US Law Professor: Secularity Not Compulsory for Europe. Argues on Behalf of 10 Member States in "Crucifix Trial"
US Lawmakers Urge President to Remember God. Say Obama Misstated National Motto
US Lay Leaders Meet in Rome. Consider Importance of Using Talents to Build Up Church Miriam Díez i Bosch
US Lay Theologian Wins Pontifical Academy Prize
US Man Killed For Holding Pro-Life Sign
US Might Turn Blind Eye to Religious Freedom. While Christians Suffer More Persecution Than Any Other Faith By Edward Pentin
US Military Archbishop Notes Challenges of Family Ministry. Church Focuses Spotlight on Family Issues
US Mission Group Marks 100 Years With Celebrations in China. Maryknoll Missionaries Hold Centennial Activities
US Moves Closer to Prohibiting Tax-Funded Abortion
US Nun Closer to Canonization. Founded Order of African Americans to Minister to Slaves
US Nuncio Calls on Bishops to Be "In Tune With Their People" Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó Addresses USCCB Fall General Assembly
US Official Calls for Justice in Christian Murders. Decries Failure of Egyptian Authorities to Punish Perpetrators
US Officials Urged to Build Bridges in Mideast
US Ordination Class Exhibits Cultural Diversity. Survey Shows Correlation of Catholic Education and Priestly Vocations
US Panel: Vietnam Lacks Religious Freedom. Notes Improvement, Says Overall Condition Still Poor By Will Taylor
US Papal Nuncio to Join West Coast's March for Life. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Will Participate in Jan. 26 Event
US Parishes Increasingly Multicultural. New Study Estimates 38%
US Politicians: Encyclical Points to Human Dignity. Affirm Value of Document for Catholic, Secular World
US Prelate Addresses Anti-Nuclear Weapon Summit. Underlines Church's Just War Teaching
US Prelate Laments Leadership Gap on Immigration. Calls for More Effective US-Mexico Dialogue
US Prelate Named to Latin America Commission
US Prelate Offering Married Couples Online Retreat in Lead-up to Valentine's Day. Bishop Loverde Praises Technology as Means to Give Couples Chance to Invite Christ Into Their Homes
US Prelate Urges Patriotism in Sacramental Life Calls Notre Dame's Honor of Obama the Greatest Scandal
US Prelate: Church Doing More to Keep Children Safe. Study Shows Sharp Decline in Abuse Cases
US Prelate: Voters Need to Hear About Life Issues. Archbishop Gomez Calls Them "Fundamental Concerns"
US Prelates Express Support for Bishop D'Arcy
US Prelates Rally Around Bridgeport Court Case. Supreme Court Rejects Connecticut Bishop's Appeal
US President Barack Obama to Visit Pope Francis Thursday. Global and Domestic Issues Among Topics Expected to Be Discussed
US President: Pope Francis is a 'Transformative Leader' Says Climate Change, Poverty and Persecution of Christians Will Most Likely Be Discussed During Apostolic Visit
US Priest Named Close Collaborator to Pope. Oklahoma Native to Coordinate Embassies, Nuncios
US Priest Recognized as Martyr
US Priest to Head Pontifical Oriental Institute
US Promotion of International Religious Freedom
US Rallies Against Contraception Mandate. Chain of Cities Hosts Demonstrations Defending Religious Liberty By Ann Schneible
US Releases Report on State of Religious Freedom. Singles Out Holy See as Promoter of Relations With Islam
US Religious Leaders Decry Release of Libyan. New York Prelate Calls for Justice Toward Abdelbaset al-Megrahi
US Religious Leaders Support Peace Efforts. Express Hope for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
US Roman Missal Translation Advances. Bishops Offer Teaching Material About Changes
US Secretary of State John Kerry Visits Vatican. Lengthy Meeting With Archbishop Pietro Parolin Focuses on Middle East, US Healthcare Reform
US Secretary of State: Religious Freedom Matters to Billions of World’s People
US Seminary in Belgium Closing
US Senate Moves to Protect "Most Vulnerable"
US Should Urge Israel to Stop Confiscating Palestinian Lands, Says Bishop 'I Was Simply Astounded by the Injustice of It All'
US State Department Releases Annual Report on Religious Freedom. Secretary of State Clinton Expresses Concern Over Deteriorating of Rights By Junno Arocho
US Supreme Court Declines Appeal on Right to Vote. Catholic Group Warns Against Violating Rights of Children
US Supreme Court Denies Vatican Appeal. Sends Oregon Abuse Case Back to District Courts
US Supreme Court to Hear Case on Marriage. San Francisco Archbishop Calls Hearing 'Significant Moment' in US
US Vocations Choosing Traditional Orders. Study Shows Example of Religious Most Important Factor
US Youth Can Pledge Allegiance to Nation "Under God"
US, Latin American and African Bishops Stand in Solidarity. Bishop Richard Pates Appeals For Continued Collaboration on Common Issues
US, Mexico Leaders Urged to Tackle Immigration. Bishops' Aide Speaks on Obama-Calderón Meeting
US-Based Catholic Relief Services Joins Campaign to End Hunger 'Global Wave of Prayer' Scheduled for Tuesday
US: 77,000 Petition for Mother Teresa Stamp. Decry Bigoted Attacks of Atheist Groups
US: ‘Religious Freedom is in our DNA’
US: Church to Observe National Maritime Day
US: Maronites to Gain Presence at National Marian Shrine. Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn Spearheading Project
US: National Migration Week January 6-12
US: Pope Approves Delegates to Synod on Youth
US: Rosary Coast to Coast Planned for October 7, 2018
US: Rosary Coast-to-Coast Draws Crowds Across Nation
USA: call for national network of cord blood banks
USA: ESCRO to monitor human embryo
USA: ovary tissue transplant between twins
USA: Thousands to Participate In 2017 National Prayer Vigil for Life Before Tomorrow’s March For Life
USCCB Publishing Launches New Web Site
Use of Altars by Non-Catholics. And More on Albs
Use of Mustum at Mass. And More on Episcopalian Eucharist
Use of the Billings Ovulation Method
Use Summer to Encounter Christ, Urges Pope at Angelus
Use Talents Wisely, Pope Reminds
Using Joy to Reach Sanctity. Model for Youth Raised to the Altar By Carmen Elena Villa
Using Vaccines Obtained From Intentionally Aborted Human Embryos. Further Clarification Needed for Parents, Researchers
Utah Prelate Is Named Archbishop of San Francisco. George Niederauer Holds a Ph.D. in English
Uzbekistan on the Rebound