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  August 2019  
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Daily News Archives
Packed Toronto Cathedral Mourns Cardinal Ambrozic
Padre Pio Credited With Parish's Conversion. Former Orthodox Woman Says Saint Obtained Cure for Her By Nieves San Martín
Padre Pio Had a Protector in the Pope. Author Looks at Unpublished Documents on Capuchin Saint By Mariaelena Finessi
Padre Pio's Body Moved to Church Named for Him
Padre Pio's Remains Exposed for Veneration in St. Peter's Basilica
Painting Benedict: an Experience of Faith. Classical Artist Finds Himself Anti-Establishment
Pair of Convents Attacked in Bihar
Pakistan Archbishop Blames Authorities for Security Failure in Deadly Attacks. Says Christians Are Defenseless After Bombing of Two Churches
Pakistan Archbishop: Pope Francis Is a Valuable Source of Inspiration. Seminar in Karachi Focuses on Social Transformation and Change
Pakistan Catholics Protest Land Seizure. Schools, Churches, Hospitals Among Properties Seized by Government
Pakistan Flood: Only the Rich Will Be Saved. Aid Agency Protests Minority Discrimination
Pakistan Sympathizes With Christians After Attacks
Pakistan's Bishops Mark Year Since Bhatti's Murder "His Martyrdom Will Not Be in Vain"
Pakistan's Bishops Target Blasphemy Law
Pakistan: Cardinal Joseph Coutts Reflects on God’s Plan
Pakistan: Church Leaders Call for Peace Talks with India
Pakistan: Make Me a Channel of Your Peace. Auxiliary of Lahore Speaks of Being a Tiny Minority in a Muslim Land
Pakistan: Police Save Christian Family Accused of Blasphemy From Being Lynched. Also Arrest Local Imam Who Tried to Incite Crowd Against Police
Pakistan: Religious Leaders Appeal for Reconciliation and UN Mediation
Pakistan: Walking in the Footsteps of the Father. Biblical Scholar Speaks on Teaching Theology in Predominately Muslim Nation
Pakistani 'Harmony' Minister Optimistic About Equality. But Retired Lahore Prelate Sees Only 2 Options: Convert or Leave By Edward Pentin
Pakistani Archdiocese Launches TV Channel
Pakistani Bishop Decries Theft of Church Land. Government Takes Over Property, Destroys Buildings
Pakistani Bishop Target of Death Threats
Pakistani Bishops Decry Discrimination in Textbooks. Curriculums Continue Despite Ongoing Appeals to Foster Peace
Pakistani Bishops Decry Government Lethargy Denounce Taliban Oppression of Religious Minorities
Pakistani Bishops Encourage Faithful: Fear Not. Pastoral Letter Acknowledges National Insecurity
Pakistani Bishops Push to End Anti-Blasphemy Law. Say Statute Is Still Abused
Pakistani Bishops: Can Bhatti Be Called a Martyr? Prelate Highlights Minister's Legacy
Pakistani Brothers Killed for Insulting Mohammed. Local Bishop Preaches End to Hatred
Pakistani Catholic Didn't Burn Quran, Says Archdiocese. Anti-Blasphemy Law Continues to Victimize Christians
Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy Set Free. Benedict XVI Had Appealed for Her Freedom
Pakistani Christian Condemned for Blasphemy Tells Her Story. Asia Bibi Collaborates With French Journalist
Pakistani Christian Man Dies While in Police Custody. Investigation Launched After Family Denounces Extrajudicial Killing
Pakistani Christians Call on Interior Minister to Apologize For Inflammatory Remarks. Director of National Commission for Justice and Peace Calls Statements 'Useless and Wrong'
Pakistani Christians Die in Violent Attack. Continuing Problems for a Persecuted Minority By Father John Flynn
Pakistani Christians Forced From Homes. Used as Shelters for Earthquake Victims
Pakistani Christians: Second-Class Citizens? Interview with Bishop Joseph Coutts
Pakistani Church Burned by Muslims. Bishop Says Religion Is Being Misused
Pakistani Church Leader Urges Faithful to Be Careful. Tensions High Over Blasphemy Laws After Slaying of Local Politician
Pakistani Girl Acquitted of Blasphemy. Lahore Bishop Hails 'Real Justice'
Pakistani Girl Arrested for Blasphemy Released on Bail. Church Leaders Hope Other Judges Will Find Similar Courage
Pakistani Homes Reduced to Mud, Says Caritas. Stresses Need to Affirm Flood Victims' Human Dignity
Pakistani Leader Won't Change Blasphemy Law. Archbishop Calls for Respect for All Religions
Pakistani Politician Floods Christian Town, Kill 15. Aid Workers Murdered by Muslim Fundamentalists
Pakistanis Decry Torture, Death of Christian Girl 12-Year-Old Reportedly Raped by Employer
Pakistanis Respond to Pope's Appeal
Paleography Expert Analyzes Manuscript of Third Secret of Fatima. Confirms Authenticity of Handwritten Document by Sister Lucia
Palestine Appeals To Vatican and UN To Protect Holy Sites Call for Protection Comes Following Attacks on Greek-Orthodox Seminary in Jerusalem and Mosque in Bethlehem
Palestinian Ambassador: War Against Gaza Is War Against 2-State Solution. Representative to the Holy See Shares With ZENIT His Perspective on the Conflict
Palestinian Authority's UN Bid Heightening Tension. Bishop Urges Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land
Palestinian Invites Benedict XVI to Holy Land
Palestinian Leader Requests Vatican Presence in Peace Talks
Palestinian Leader: Christian Presence Is Vital. Affirms Shared Concerns With Benedict XVI
Palestinian Nuns to Be Canonized Saints in May. Pope Francis Will Canonize Founder of First Palestinian Congregation
Palestinian President Meets With Archbishop of Westminster. Archbishop Nichols Says Holy Land Peace Affects Whole World
Palestinian President Visits Benedict XVI. Leaders Note Legitimate Aspirations for Independent State
Palm Sunday Has Become Your Day, Pope Tells Young People
Palm Sunday: Pope Calls for Humility, Warns Against Worldliness. Also Reflects on World Youth Day, Entrusts Flight Victims to Mary's Care
Palm Sunday: ‘God’s Way of Acting Seems So Far Removed From Our Own,’ Says Pope
Pampered Pets, Hungry Kids
Panel Backs Hopes for Unbaptized Infants Who Die. Pope OKs Publication of Report on Limbo
Panel of Theologians Reportedly Approve Miracle Attributed to Paul VI's Intercession. Cardinals, Bishops and Pope Francis Must Confirm Theologians' Conclusions
Panel Suggests Allowing Priests of Eastern Catholic. Churches of North America to Marry. Recommends a Return to Tradition of These Churches
Panel Worried Over Eastern Catholics
Paolo Gabriele Testifies on Second Day of His Trial. Former Papal Butler Says He Stole Documents Out of Concern for the Church By Junno Arocho
Papa New Guinea Bishops Announce 'Conscientious Objection' to Condom Ruling. Episcopal Conference Prepared to Challenge Controversial Directive
Papacy 'Illuminated' by Pope Francis' Humanity, Says UK Prelate. Archbishop Nichols Speaks on Recent Election of Pope Francis (Part I)
Papal Address After Performance of a Péguy Play. Benedict XVI Hails "Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc"
Papal Address After Vespers at Monte Cassino "St. Benedict Invites Every Person that Climbs This Mount to Seek Peace"
Papal Address at Basilica in Regensburg "Solemn Sacred Music an Important Means of Participation in Worship"
Papal Address at Bonaventure's Birthplace "The Universe Itself Can Again Be the Voice That Speaks of God"
Papal Address at Close of Prayer Week for Unity "We Must From Now on Give a Common Witness"
Papal Address at Congress of Military Ordinariates "Giving Priority to the Soldier's Christian Formation"
Papal Address at Ecumenical Meeting "As Europe Listens to the Story of Christianity, She Hears Her Own"
Papal Address at End of Retreat "You Have Taught Us to Elevate Our Hearts"
Papal Address at End of Way of the Cross "Gaze on the Lifeless Face of the Crucified One"
Papal Address at Mount Nebo "Like Moses, We Too Have Been Called by Name"
Papal Address at Munich's Mariensaeule
Papal Address at Pavia Hospital "Technology and Human Love Should Always Go Together"
Papal Address at Roman Soup Kitchen "The Crib Tells Us That Love and Poverty Go Together"
Papal Address at Shrine of the Holy Face "To 'See God' It Is Necessary to Know Christ"
Papal Address at Site of Christ's Baptism "He Is With Us as the Vine Is With Its Own Branches"
Papal Address at the End of the Way of the Cross "What Have We Done With This Gift?"
Papal Address at the University of Pavia "What the Person Needs Is Unity and Synthesis"
Papal Address at University of Regensburg
Papal Address at University of Sacred Heart. "'Catholic' Identity Is in No Way Reductive"
Papal Address at Vatican Library "A Welcoming House of Knowledge, Culture and Humanity"
Papal Address at Vespers. A Reflection on the Evangelical Counsels
Papal Address at Welcoming Ceremony. "Family Is Unique Institution in God's Plan"
Papal Address for Symposium of Secular Institutes "God Is All and Will Be All In Your Lives"
Papal Address in Czestochowa
Papal Address in John Paul II's Hometown
Papal Address on 40th Anniversary of "Ad Gentes". "Called to Serve Humanity by Trusting in Jesus Alone"
Papal Address on 50th Anniversary of Treaty of Rome "You Have the Duty to Contribute to Building a New Europe"
Papal Address on 75th Anniversary of Vatican Radio "A Choir of Voices"
Papal Address on Anniversary of John Paul II Foundation "A Wealth of Writings and Actions"
Papal Address on Capitoline Hill "The Heart of Rome Is a Poetic Heart"
Papal Address on Career of Cardinal Ruini "An Example of Commitment to 'Thinking the Faith'"
Papal Address on Caring for Sick Children. "Every Human Being Has a Value in Himself"
Papal Address on Day for Consecrated Life "Paul Lives For, With and In Christ"
Papal Address on Epiphany
Papal Address on Eucharistic Congresses
Papal Address on Internal Forum "It Is Necessary to Turn to the Confessional"
Papal Address on Natural Law "The Only Valid Bulwark Against Arbitrary Power"
Papal Address on Stem-Cell Research. "A Good Result Can Never Justify Intrinsically Unlawful Means"
Papal Address on the Internal Forum "The Priest Is the Instrument of This Merciful Love of God"
Papal Address on the Media and the Internet "Without Fear We Want to Set Out Upon the Digital Sea"
Papal Address on World Day for Consecrated Life "Nourish Your Day With Prayer, Meditation and Listening to the Word of God"
Papal Address on World Day of Consecrated Life. "That God Reign in Our Will, in Our Hearts, in the World"
Papal Address on World Day of the Sick
Papal Address to "Fidei Donum" Missionaries "The Lord of the Harvest Will Not Let us Lack Workers"
Papal Address to Academy for Life Conference. "Confidence in Science Cannot Forget the Primacy of Ethics"
Papal Address to Academy of Sciences "Cannot Replace Philosophy and Revelation"
Papal Address to Agricultural Development Fund. "Theirs Is a Work Which Carries With It a Dignity All Its Own"
Papal Address to Amalfi Pilgrimage Group "It Is for Us to Decide Whether to Practice Justice or Wickedness"
Papal Address to American Jewish Organizations. "Shoah Was a Crime Against God and Against Humanity"
Papal Address to Angolan Politicians. "The Time Has Come for Africa to Be the Continent of Hope"
Papal Address to Archbishop of Canterbury
Papal Address to Artists of Anniversary Exhibit. "Never Seek Beauty Far From Truth and Charity"
Papal Address to Assembly of Council for Migrants "Christians Must Open Their Hearts to the Lowly and the Poor"
Papal Address to Azerbaijan's Ambassador. "That Religious Freedom ? Be Sanctioned as a Fundamental Civil Right"
Papal Address to Bangladesh Prelates "Bishops Are Called to Be Patient, Mild and Gentle"
Papal Address to Bishops in Formation Course
Papal Address to Bishops of Ghana "To Reach Out to Today's Youth ."
Papal Address to Bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomons. On the "Communion" Between a Prelate and His Priests
Papal Address to Bishops of Togo "Visible Communion of Christ's Disciples Is Essential"
Papal Address to Brazilian Bishops "God Does Not See as Man Does"
Papal Address to Capranica College "Quality of the Clergy Depends on Seriousness of Their Formation"
Papal Address to Caritas Internationalis. "You Are Called to Spread the Love of God"
Papal Address to Catholic Action "In a Church That Calls for the Heroism of Holiness, Respond Without Fear"
Papal Address to Catholic-Muslim Forum. "Find a Common Ground for Building a More Fraternal World"
Papal Address to Charitable Groups "By Combating Poverty We Give Greater Possibility to Peace"
Papal Address to Circolo San Pietro "Yours Is a Silent Witness of Love for Human Life"
Papal Address to Conference on Genome. "Human Dignity Can't Be Identified With Genes"
Papal Address to Confessors "The Conscious Means of a Wonderful Event of Grace"
Papal Address to Consecrated Women. "Never Distance Yourself From Intimacy With Your Heavenly Spouse"
Papal Address to Cuban Bishops "You Have in Your Hands the Care of the Vine of the Lord"
Papal Address to Delegates of Paris-based Academy. "Always Uphold the Truth About Man"
Papal Address to Denmark's New Ambassador
Papal Address to Doctrinal Congregation. "Service to the Faith . Is Also a Service to Joy"
Papal Address to Eastern Patriarchs and Major Archbishops. "The Whole Church Is in Need of the Experience of Coexistence" Cardinals,
Papal Address to Education Congregation "Teaching Is an Expression of Christ's Charity"
Papal Address to Education-Seminar Participants "Human Being Must Not Be Sacrificed to Success of Science"
Papal Address to Envoy From New Zealand "It Is From God That Men and Women Receive Their Essential Dignity"
Papal Address to Envoy From Serbia "With Regard to Kosovo, I Call Upon All Parties to Act With Prudence"
Papal Address to Envoy From Sweden "The Plight of Christians in the Middle East Is of Great Concern"
Papal Address to Envoy of Belize "Young People Everywhere Are Entitled to a Sound Education"
Papal Address to Envoy of Sierra Leone "A Great Sign of Hope for Africa and for the World"
Papal Address to Eritrea's New Ambassador
Papal Address to European Community Envoy "That Europe Not Allow its Model of Civilization to Be Eroded"
Papal Address to Fabbrica di San Pietro "You Who Work Here Are 'Living Stones'"
Papal Address to Finnish Ecumenical Delegation "Christian Unity Is a Gift From Above"
Papal Address to Finnish Ecumenical Delegation Marks 25th Anniversary of Annual Pilgrimage to Rome
Papal Address to Focolare and Sant'Egidio Friends. "Communion Among Charisms a 'Sign of the Times'"
Papal Address to Gift of Mary House "God Always Comes to Meet Our Needs"
Papal Address to Greek Envoy "Paul's Memory Is Forever Planted in Her Soil"
Papal Address to Group From Anti-Defamation League "Jews, Christians and Muslims Share Many Common Convictions"
Papal Address to Holy Land Ordinaries in Upper Room "The Different Christian Churches Found Here Represent a Rich and Varied Spiritual Patrimony"
Papal Address to Hospice Foundation "Find in Jesus Support and Comfort"
Papal Address to India's New Ambassador "No Citizen Should Ever Have to Experience Discrimination"
Papal Address to Interreligious Dialogue Organizers "We See the Possibility of a Unity Which Is Not Dependent Upon Uniformity"
Papal Address to Israeli President "What Humane Political End Can Ever Be Served Through Conflict and Violence?"
Papal Address to Italian Charity Circolo San Pietro "Continue to Be a Concrete Sign of the Pope's Charity"
Papal Address to Italian Christian Executives
Papal Address to Italian Christian Workers' Associations. Misuse of Science and Technology "Can Seriously Threaten the Destiny of
Papal Address to Italian Volunteers "You Contribute to the Spreading of the Gospel of God's Love"
Papal Address to Laity Council "Work in the Lord's Large Vineyard Needs 'Christifideles Laici'"
Papal Address to Latin American Bishops' Meeting. Marriage: "Patrimony of Humanity"
Papal Address to Lithuanian Envoy. "Shared Faith Is a Wonderful Source of Strength and Unity"
Papal Address to Macedonian Envoy "Your Country Is Proud of a Long and Luminous Christian Tradition"
Papal Address to Mar Dinkha IV. "We Are Asked by the Lord to Join Our Hands and Hearts"
Papal Address to Members of Biblical Commission "Freedom Attains Its Perfection When Directed Toward God"
Papal Address to Members of Roman Rota
Papal Address to Members of Sacra Famiglia Group "How Inseparable Truth and Love Are"
Papal Address to Mennonite Delegation. "Christ Himself Calls Us to Seek Christian Unity"
Papal Address to Moldova's New Ambassador
Papal Address to Muslim Leaders and Diplomats. "Lessons of the Past Must Help Us to Seek Paths of Reconciliation"
Papal Address to Muslim Leaders in Jerusalem "Here the Paths of the World's Three Great Monotheistic Religions Meet"
Papal Address to Netherlands Envoy "Globalization Needs to Be Steered Towards the Goal of Integral Human Development"
Papal Address to New Ambassador of Lesotho. "The Only Sure Foundation for a Stable Society"
Papal Address to New Bishops "Prayer Is the Soul of Pastoral Activity"
Papal Address to New Danish Ambassador "A Healthy Democracy Requires a Solid Ethical Foundation"
Papal Address to New Swiss Guards "Maintain the Legacy Received From Your Predecessors"
Papal Address to Officials of Academy for Life. "Formation of a True Conscience Is Indispensable"
Papal Address to Ordinary Council of Synod of Bishops "Gospel Love Concerns Every Person and the Whole Person"
Papal Address to Orthodox Archbishop of Cyprus "The Lord Has Not Ceased to Guide Our Steps"
Papal Address to Participants in Congress on Women "Recall the Design of God That Created the Human Being Male and Female"
Papal Address to Patrons of Vatican Museums "Artistic Treasures Witness to the Church's Unchanging Faith"
Papal Address to Polish Bishops on Dec. 3. "The Chief Person Responsible for the Work of Evangelization"
Papal Address to Pontifical Academy for Life "God Loves Every Human Being in a Unique and Profound Way"
Papal Address to Pontifical Biblical Institute "Continue on Your Way With Renewed Determination"
Papal Address to Priests in Warsaw Cathedral
Papal Address to Puerto Rican Bishops "You Should Develop a Specific Vocations Apostolate"
Papal Address to Recipients of Pallium Symbol of Catholicity, Unity
Papal Address to Roman Politicians
Papal Address to Roman Rota. Marriage: "A Bond Which Is Unique and Definitive"
Papal Address to Rome Diocesan Congress. "Faith Is a Community Act and Attitude"
Papal Address to Rome's Politicians "Christianity Brings a Luminous Message on the Truth About Man and the Church"
Papal Address to Rome's University Students "Is Not the Theme of Hope Particularly Suited to Young People?"
Papal Address to Saint Lucia's New Ambassador. "Moral Aspect of Economic Development Is of Fundamental Importance"
Papal Address to Secretariat of State, Representatives "Speaking Up in Defense of Man"
Papal Address to Seychelles Envoy "The Future of the State Depends in Large Part on Families"
Papal Address to Social Sciences Academy "The Heavenly and Earthly Cities Interpenetrate"
Papal Address to South Africa's New Ambassador. "Your Nation's Policy of Acceptance of Others Has Been Exemplary"
Papal Address to South Korean Ambassador "No Cost Is Too Great for Persevering in Fidelity to the Truth"
Papal Address to Special Council for Africa "Africa Has Received a Particular Vocation to Know Christ"
Papal Address to Spiritual Exercises Federation "Insistence on the Necessity of Prayer Is Always Timely and Urgent"
Papal Address to Synod of Church of Antioch "Called to Play a Special Role in the Ecumenical Process"
Papal Address to Syro-Malankara Church Leader. "Now Is a Time of New Evangelization"
Papal Address to Taiwanese Bishops "Effective Catechesis Inevitably Builds Stronger Families"
Papal Address to Taiwanese Envoy. "Promote Peaceful Solutions to Disputes of Whatever Kind"
Papal Address to Tanzania's New Ambassador. "The Generosity Your Country Has Shown Is Most Praiseworthy"
Papal Address to Thai Envoy to Holy See. Development Must "Highlight the Dignity of the Human Person"
Papal Address to the Vatican Chapter "I Trust in Your Ministry So St. Peter's May Become a Place of Prayer"
Papal Address to Theology Professors "Listen to the Answers That the Christian Faith Gives Us"
Papal Address to Tribunal of the Roman Rota. "The Truth About Marriage and About Its Intrinsic Juridical Nature"
Papal Address to Turkey's Religious Affairs Director. We "Belong to the Family of Those Who Believe in the One God"
Papal Address to UN Staff "I Would Like to Express My Personal Appreciation"
Papal Address to University Federation "Whoever Wants to Be a Disciple of Christ Is Called to Go Against the Tide"
Papal Address to University Students "Intellectual Charity as a Force of the Human Spirit"
Papal Address to World of Culture a "Surprise" Secretary of State Notes Positive Reaction From Muslims
Papal Address to Youth Forum "The Attention of the Church Has Been on the Social Question"
Papal Address to Youth. "I Send You Out on the Great Mission of Evangelizing"
Papal Address Upon Arrival in Amman "I Come to Jordan as a Pilgrim"
Papal Address Upon Arriving in Malta "Serve As a Bridge of Understanding"
Papal Addresses on Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius "Celestial Patrons of ... the Whole of Europe"
Papal Advent Homily "In This Season the Whole Church Is Called to Be Hope"
Papal Advice to Youth: "Lean on Christ"
Papal Agency Pledges New Aid to Iraqi Christians. Refugee Assistance Comes One Year After Their Expulsion by IS
Papal Agenda for Next 2 Months. Brazilian Nun to Be Beatified in December
Papal Aide and Donation Go to Holy-Land Christians
Papal Almoner Goes In Search of the Poor. Archbishop Konrad Krajewski Gives Glimpse Into Mission Entrusted by Pope
Papal Appointments Announced for Denver and Buffalo. Benedict XVI Nominates Bishop and New Archbishop
Papal Appointments Give Prelates Multiple Tasks. Benedict XVI Names Members to Roman Curia
Papal Assailant Might Stay in Jail Till 2010
Papal Astronomer: Real Science Is Not the Realm of Atheists or Egoists. Award Winning Brother Guy Consolmagno Tells ZENIT How and Why Religion and Science Co-Exist
Papal Audience Tickets Available by Fax
Papal Audiences, Monday November 11. Pope Francis Receives Representatives of the Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Among Others
Papal Basilica to Open Ecumenical Chapel
Papal Biographer: This Is Going to Be a Remarkable Pontificate. Matthew Bunson Speaks on His Study of Cardinal Bergoglio
Papal Biography Published in Malayalam
Papal Call for Peace in Address to Ambassadors. "Important to Pay Special Attention to Youth"
Papal Celebration to Close Christian Unity Week. Theme Reflects Experience of Churches in Korea
Papal Challenge: Spread God's Kingdom. Urges Church in US to Pray Our Father
Papal Charity Allocates $1.82 Million
Papal Charity Gifts $2M to Latin America. Populorum Progressio Approves 171 Projects
Papal Charity Gives $2 Million to Latin America
Papal Christmas Liturgies Available Live Online. Language Commentaries Include Chinese, Arabic
Papal Coat of Arms Still Relevant. Interview With Expert on Ecclesiastical Heraldry
Papal Comments at Conclusion of Lenten Retreat "We Must Walk With Jesus"
Papal Condolences for Victims of Refinery Fire in Venezuela. At Least 40 Killed in Amuay
Papal Condolences Sent to Indonesia. Message Encourages Workers Rescuing Quake Victims
Papal Corpus Christi Homily. "Jesus Comes to Meet Us and Imbues Us With Certainty"
Papal Delegate Announces Changes in Regnum Christi. Names External Prelates as Temporary Directors
Papal Delegate Named for Fatima Event
Papal Delegate to Preside at Upcoming Beatifications
Papal Delegation to Attend Funeral of Alexy II
Papal Diplomat: Pope's Words Having Impact in Holy Land. Apostolic Delegate to Israel and Palestine Calls for End to Violence in Gaza
Papal Directives Permit John XXIII Missal. Will Be Used As Extraordinary Form
Papal Discourse to Estonian Ambassador
Papal Discourse to New Nepalese Ambassador. "Violence as a Tool for Political Change Must Always Be Avoided"
Papal Envoy Chosen for Ghana Event
Papal Envoy Chosen for Singapore Event
Papal Envoy Leaves for Iraq Today. Visit Comes a Day After Nomination of New Prime Minister
Papal Envoy Marks John Paul II's 1986 India Trip. Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor Representing Benedict XVI
Papal Envoy Named for Asian Mission Congress. Gathering to Be the First of Its Kind
Papal Envoy Named for Long Tower Celebration
Papal Envoy to Ivory Coast Stuck in Ghana
Papal Envoy to Open Italian Eucharistic Congress. Benedict XVI Will Close the Event on Sept. 11
Papal Envoy's Final Statement in Lebanon "Only Submission to God Will Enable Us to Break the Logic of Evil"
Papal Envoy: Iraqi Minorities Facing Genocide, Calls For Urgent Action. Cardinal Filoni Appeals to International Community to Intervene, Says Visit of "Great Benefit"
Papal Farewell to Czech Republic "The Church in This Country Has Been Truly Blessed With a Remarkable Array of Missionaries and Martyrs"
Papal Foundation's Council Meets in Ecuador. Populorum Progressio Finances Projects for Needy Latin Americans
Papal Greeting to a Parish Pastoral Council
Papal Greeting to Catholicos of Cilicia of the Armenians "Continue to Shape the Culture of Your Nation"
Papal Greeting to Metropolitan Archbishops. The Church is "called to make Christ known and proclaim the Gospel to all continents in various languages"
Papal Greeting to Palestinian Authority President "The Holy See Supports the Right of Your People to a Sovereign Palestinian Homeland"
Papal Greeting to Patriarch Bartholomew I "Men and Women Feel a Growing Need for Certainty and Peace"
Papal Greeting to Russian People "I Wish Peace and Well-being and a Spirit of Mutual Love"
Papal Grief for Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Papal Holy Land Trip to Have Interreligious Focus. Unofficial Itinerary Reflects Attention to Jewish, Muslim Dialogue
Papal Homily at Amman Stadium Mass "Fidelity ... Demands of Each of You a Particular Kind of Courage"
Papal Homily at Augustine's Tomb "Serving Christ Is First of All a Question of Love"
Papal Homily at Canonization Mass "Jesus Invites His Disciples to the Total Giving of Their Lives"
Papal Homily at Canonization Mass. "The Celebration of Sanctity Is Renewed in St. Peter’s Square Today"
Papal Homily at Canonization Mass. "Wisdom Likes to Dwell in the Midst of Human Beings"
Papal Homily at Cardinal Javierre's Funeral "The Farewell Is Haloed With Hope and Joy"
Papal Homily at Cardinal Mayer's Funeral Mass "The Christian Is Distinguished by the Fact That He Places His Security in God"
Papal Homily at Chrism Mass "Being United to Christ Calls for Renunciation"
Papal Homily at Close of Africa Synod. "Courage! Get on Your Feet, Continent of Africa"
Papal Homily at Close of Pauline Year "The World Cannot Be Renewed Without New People"
Papal Homily at Conclusion of Unity Week "Why Have You Wounded the Unity of My Body?"
Papal Homily at Episcopal Ordination "The Church Is Not Our Church, but God's Church."
Papal Homily at Italian Eucharistic Congress. "The Sacrament of Unity"
Papal Homily at Juvenile Detention Center "We Must Understand What Freedom Is"
Papal Homily at Marian House in Ephesus
Papal Homily at Mass in Porto "It Is Jesus Whom Everyone Awaits"
Papal Homily at Mass of the Lord's Supper
Papal Homily at Midnight Mass
Papal Homily at Munich's Fairgrounds "Heal Our Hardness of Hearing for God's Presence"
Papal Homily at Ordination Mass "The Lord's Goodness Is Always With You, and It Is Powerful"
Papal Homily at Pentecost Mass "The Holy Spirit Is Love"
Papal Homily at Shrine of Mary "De Finibus Terrae" "Mary Shines on the Sea of Life and History as a Star of Hope"
Papal Homily at Synod of Bishops Inauguration "Africa Is the Repository of an Inestimable Treasure for the Whole World"
Papal Homily at Vespers in Aosta. "We Must Bring the Reality of God Back Into Our World"
Papal Homily at Vespers in Jordan "The Church Herself Is a Pilgrim People"
Papal Homily at Vespers of First Sunday of Advent
Papal Homily at Vespers on Dec. 31 "Christ Is Our Trustworthy Hope"
Papal Homily at Vespers on Dec. 31 "God's Style Required a Long Period of Preparation"
Papal Homily at Vigil With New Movements "The Spirit Blows Where He Wills. But His Will Is Unity"
Papal Homily for Anniversary of John Paul II's Death
Papal Homily for Day of the Sick "God, in Fact, Wishes to Heal the Whole Man"
Papal Homily for End-of-Year Liturgy "Make an Effective Contribution to Building Up the Church"
Papal Homily for Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul "Going to Rome Is for Paul the Expression of His Mission
Papal Homily for Mass With Baptisms "We Restore to God That Which Has Come From Him"
Papal Homily for Palm Sunday "With the Cross, Jesus Opens Wide the Door of God"
Papal Homily for Sts. Peter and Paul "I Am Pleased to Announce a Special Jubilee Year"
Papal Homily for the Assumption "Mary Lives Her Constant Ascent to God in the Spirit of the Magnificat"
Papal Homily in Cathedral of Vienna "Give the Soul Its Sunday, Give Sunday Its Soul"
Papal Homily in Istanbul's Catholic Cathedral "Church's Mission Is to Offer Christ"
Papal Homily in Loreto "Jesus Has a Fondness for Young People"
Papal Homily in Velletri "We Have Believed in Love: This Is the Essence of Christianity"
Papal Homily in Warsaw's Pilsudski Square. "Faith Is a Gift, Also a Task"
Papal Homily on 40th Anniversary of Close of Vatican II. "Mary Turns to Us, Saying: 'Have the Courage to Dare With God!'"
Papal Homily on Augustine's Conversions "Passion for the Truth Truly Guided Him"
Papal Homily on Corpus Christi. "A Synthesis of Creation"
Papal Homily on Feast of Christ's Baptism. "Parents Thus Become Collaborators of God"
Papal Homily on Nazareth's Mount of Precipice "Children Have a Special Role to Play in the Growth of Their Parents in Holiness"
Papal Homily on New Year's Day
Papal Homily Recalling Deceased Cardinals, Bishops
Papal Intention Focuses on Families, Unity
Papal Intention Focuses on Synod
Papal Intention Focuses on Unity
Papal Intention Focuses on Values-Based Culture
Papal Intention: for Migrants
Papal Intention: for Missionary Vocation
Papal Intention: for Persecuted Christians
Papal Intention: for Quebec Event
Papal Intention: Growth in Mission Awareness
Papal Intentions Focus on Value of Silence. Pope Also Praying for Persecuted Christians
Papal Intentions: for Peace and Life
Papal Intentions: for Sanctity and Vocations
Papal Invite: Be Still and Think of Good Things. Benedict XVI Teaches on Meditation in Audience Series on Prayer
Papal Itinerary for Poland Trip Released
Papal Legate Apologizes to Abuse Victims in Ireland. Cardinal Ouellet Meets With Survivors By Junno Arocho
Papal Legate Closes Spain's Eucharistic Congress. Calls Eucharist the World's "Greatest Wonder"
Papal Legate Named for 2 Assisi Churches
Papal Legate Named for Eucharistic Congress. Cardinal Tomko to Bring Pope's Message to Canada
Papal Letter "Ecclesiae Unitatem" A Restructuring of the Commission "Ecclesia Dei"
Papal Letter Called Unusual. Spokesman Says It Merits "Great Attention"
Papal Letter Gives Heads-Up on Trip Plan. Sent to Austrian Newspapers
Papal Letter on 50th Anniversary of "Haurietis Aquas". Remembrance of Encyclical on Devotion to Sacred Heart
Papal Letter on Lithuanian Anniversary. "Wrong Use of Freedom Leads to Emptiness"
Papal Letter on New Secretary of State. "Especially Capable of Combining Pastoral Care, Doctrinal Wisdom"
Papal Letter on Scouts "A Forceful Presentation of Christianity"
Papal Letter on Society of St. Pius X "We Must Have at Heart the Unity of All Believers"
Papal Letter to Cardinal Arinze On the Occasion of the 43rd Anniverary of "Sacrosanctum Concilium"
Papal Letter to Cuba's Bishops. "To Open One's Heart and Mind to the Things of God"
Papal Letter to Ex-Warsaw Archbishop "Continue With Confidence and Serenity in Your Heart"
Papal Letter to Ireland Seen as Valid for Everyone. Cardinal Cottier Reflects on Pope's Efforts to Stop Abuse
Papal Letter to Italian Leader Ahead of G-8 "Maintain and Reinforce Aid for Development"
Papal Letter to Italian Leader Ahead of G-8. "Maintain and Reinforce Aid for Development"
Papal Letter to Knights of Columbus. Lauds public witness in "protecting the right and duty of believers to participate responsibly, on the basis of their deepest convictions, in the life of society"
Papal Letter to Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Written After Pope's Trip to Cyprus
Papal Letter to Mississippi River Symposium. "The Great Fluvial Systems of Every Continent Are Exposed to Serious Threats"
Papal Letter to Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople "Christianity Is Faced With Increasingly Complex Challenges"
Papal Letter to Spanish Bishops. Exhorts Them to "Continue Dauntlessly"
Papal Mass Reflects Mosaic of Turkish Catholics
Papal Meeting With Religious Leaders Fraternal
Papal Message Against Racism Is Read at Soccer Match
Papal Message Congratulates Orthodox Marking Easter. Calls to a Common Witness of the Resurrection
Papal Message Encourages Peru's Pro-Life March. Nations Across Globe Remember Unborn on Feast of Annunciation
Papal Message for 22nd Youth Day "A 'Discovery' of Love"
Papal Message for Easter "The Resurrection Is Not a Theory, but a Historical Reality"
Papal Message for Pray-for-Vocations Day. Vocations "Flourish in a Spiritual Soil That Is Well Cultivated"
Papal Message for World Communications Day "Priests Stand at the Threshold of a New Era"
Papal Message for World Communications Day. "Beauty Inspires and Vivifies Young Hearts and Minds"
Papal Message for World Day of Sick Presented. Pontiff Emphasizes Moment to Reflect on the 'Inherent Caring for Life, Health, and Suffering' Junno De Jesús Arocho Esteves
Papal Message for World Day of the Sick "Mary Suffers With Those Who Are in Affliction"
Papal Message for World Day of the Sick "Mary Suffers With Those Who Are in Affliction"
Papal Message for World Food Day "Often, International Action to Combat Hunger Ignores the Human Factor"
Papal Message for World Mission Sunday "Servants and Apostles of Christ Jesus"
Papal Message for World Mission Sunday. "All the Churches for All the World"
Papal Message for World Peace Day "If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation"
Papal Message for World Tourism Day
Papal Message Notes 'Joy, Comfort' at Peace Meeting in Spirit of Assisi. Sant'Egidio Event in Sarajevo Concludes Today
Papal Message of Condolence for London Attacks
Papal Message on '56 Hungarian Uprising. "The Human Person . Takes Precedence Over the State"
Papal Message on Cardinal Van Thuân "We Remember Him With Great Admiration"
Papal Message on Cultural and Religious Dialogue "Address the Great Challenges That Mark the Post-Modern Age"
Papal Message on Disarmament, Development and Peace. "Promote the Good of Every Man and of the Whole Man"
Papal Message on the Sacrament of Penance. "To the Extent That the Sense of Sin Is Lost, Feelings of Guilt Increase"
Papal Message Points to Road to Fulfillment. Cardinal Bertone Writes to Annual Rimini Meeting
Papal Message Recalls Assisi Meeting of '86
Papal Message Sent to Earthquake Victims. Says in Wake of Tragedy, Faith Remains as Source of Hope
Papal Message to "Humanae Vitae" Congress "Only the Eyes of the Heart Can Understand the Demands of Great Love"
Papal Message to "Together for Europe" "A Matter of Defending a Human and Spiritual Heritage"
Papal Message to Academy of Social Sciences "Inner Freedom Is the Condition for Authentic Human Growth"
Papal Message to Catholic TV Congress. "Respond in a Solicitous Manner to the Needs of Our Times"
Papal Message to Catholics in Mideast "Peace Warrants Great Sacrifices on the Part of All"
Papal Message to Charismatic-Communities Conference "Each Christian Must Become Christ's Follower"
Papal Message to Conference on Women. "Gifted By the Creator With a Unique Capacity for the Other"
Papal Message to Cyprus Meeting. Peace "Is at the Same Time a Gift and a Task"
Papal Message to Ecumenical Congress in Germany "We Cannot Ourselves Achieve the Great Things in Life"
Papal Message to Envoy From Namibia. "Continue Along the Path of Strengthening the Common Good"
Papal Message to Envoy From Norway "A Generous and Welcoming Nation"
Papal Message to Filipino Ambassador "The Work of Charity Is Particularly Urgent"
Papal Message to Franciscan General Chapter "To Everyone Take Peace, Received and Given"
Papal Message to Interreligious Meeting "Peace Is Both a Gift From God and an Obligation"
Papal Message to Movements, Communities. "A Luminous Sign of the Beauty of Christ and His Bride"
Papal Message to Priests on Retreat in Ars "Your Hands, Your Lips, Become ... the Hands and Lips of God"
Papal Message to Rogationist Fathers "Spread Ever More the Spirit of Prayer ... for All Vocations in the Church"
Papal Message to Russian Orthodox Choir That Sang in Rome "What was separated by historical events ... meanwhile maintained a profound unity in art"
Papal Message to Seoul Archbishop for Month of Martyrs "An opportunity for pilgrims to rekindle the faith in their hearts and so commit themselves more fully to the urgent task of evangelization"
Papal Message to Social Sciences Academy "There Will Always Be a Place for Charity"
Papal Message to U.N.-Related Prayer Service
Papal Message to Venezuelan Bishops "Encourage a Profound Life of Faith and Prayer"
Papal Message to Volunteers of God
Papal Message to Waldensian-Methodist Synod
Papal Message to World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates "Pope Francis prays that all present may be renewed and encouraged in their urgent work, and that their labours may bear an abundant harvest of peace for the world."
Papal Message to ‘Liturgy Week’ in Italy
Papal Message: Liturgical Celebration Nourishes Hope
Papal Pause Not Exactly a Prayer
Papal Peace Day Message Focuses on Planet. Recalls Distinctiveness of Human Person Within Creation
Papal Photographer Recalls Half-Century Career. Arturo Mari Shares Memories of John Paul II
Papal Photos Available at "Vatican Click"
Papal Pilgrimage Ends With a Bang. Benedict XVI Sums Up Message in Packed Address By Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Papal Plea to Political Leaders: Value the Family
Papal Plea: "May Humanity Not Forget Auschwitz!". Benedict XVI Reflects on His Trip to Poland
Papal Prayer at Ground Zero "God of Peace, Bring Your Peace to Our Violent World"
Papal Prayer Intention for Mission Societies
Papal Prayer Intention: That Pastors Lead to Peace
Papal Prayer Intentions for December
Papal Prayer Intentions for December
Papal Prayer Intentions for February
Papal Prayer Intentions for July
Papal Prayer Intentions for July
Papal Prayer Intentions for May
Papal Prayer Intentions for October
Papal Prayer Intentions for September
Papal Preacher: ‘God is and that Suffices’
Papal Preacher’s First Advent Sermon 2017
Papal Preparation Aids Vatican-Israeli Relations. Formal Negotiations Not Expected to Conclude
Papal Press Conference en Route to Jordan "We Are Not a Political Power, But Rather a Spiritual Force"
Papal Priorities for Brazil Trip
Papal Program for Lent and Holy Week Has Novelties. Includes Mass for Repose of the Soul of John Paul II
Papal Program for Sept. 7-9 Austria Trip. Includes a Tribute to the Victims of the Holocaust
Papal Q-and-A Session With Priests, Part 1 On Conscience, Pastoral Organization and Immigrants
Papal Q-and-A Session With Priests, Part 2. On Divorce, Youth, Missions and Beauty
Papal Q-and-A Session With Priests, Part 3. On Sports, Priorities and Vatican II
Papal Reflection After Way of the Cross "Our God Is Not a Distant God"
Papal Reflection on Fall of Berlin Wall "We Have Reason to Thank God With Our Whole Soul"
Papal Representative Named for Sudan
Papal Representative to UN Calls for Debt Forgiveness. Archbishop Tomasi Addresses Session of Human Rights Council By Junno Arocho
Papal Retreat Focuses on Sense of Sin
Papal Retreat Participants Greet Holy Father on 6th Anniversary of Election
Papal Schedule for Christmas, New Year. Traditional Celebrations to Mark Holiday Season
Papal Schedule in Brazil Finalized. Will Meet Youth and Open General Conference of Latin American Episcopate
Papal Secretary Highlights Benedict XVI's Courage. Reflects on Pope's Greatest Convictions
Papal Secrets for Getting the Message Out. Navarro Valls Analyzes Communication of Benedict XVI and John Paul II. By Mercedes de la Torre
Papal Speech After Blessing University Cornerstone "Belief in God Does Not Suppress the Search for Truth"
Papal Speech to Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Panel. "May Thirst for the Good News Strengthen Our Resolve to Work"
Papal Speech to Religious of Genoa "Persevere in Your Institutions and Especially in Your Presence"
Papal Spokesman Laments False Rumors. Report Into Stolen Documents Has Been Presented to the Holy Father By Junno Arocho
Papal State of the Planet Address "Fighting Poverty to Build Peace"
Papal Statement to Climate Change Meeting "The Earth Is Indeed a Precious Gift of the Creator"
Papal Summer Residence Offers "Enchanting" Views Benedict XVI Continues Rest, Prayer, Work at Castel Gandolfo
Papal Talk to Conferees Gathered by Popular Party. Church Speaks Up for "Promotion of Dignity of the Person"
Papal Talk to Lourdes Group and a Movement for the Blind "Experiences of Fraternal Sharing Based on the Gospel"
Papal Telegram on Death of Nun in Somalia "A Seed of Hope to Build an Authentic Fraternity Among Peoples"
Papal Testament: Fate Was in God's Hands. "I Ask Him to Call Me Back When He Himself Wishes"
Papal Trip "Has Borne Fruit in All Directions". Interview With Vatican Spokesman Father F. Lombardi
Papal Trip Prompts Call for Holocaust Hero Stories. Foundation Seeks Testimonies of Jews Saved by Catholics
Papal Trip to Auschwitz a Possibility
Papal Trip to Commemorate St. Paul's Shipwreck Vatican Confirms Details of April Journey to Malta
Papal Trip to Lebanon Still Under Consideration
Papal Trip to Lourdes Confirmed
Papal Trip to Monaco in 2012 "Feasible" By Jesús Colina
Papal Trip to Portugal Has Marian Touch. Spokesman Gives Details of Next Week's Visit By Carmen Elena Villa
Papal Trip to U.S. Confirmed for April '08. Pontiff to Stop in Washington and New York
Papal Tweet Launches News Portal
Papal Tweet Rallies Pro-Lifers. Pope Francis: I Join the March With My Prayers
Papal Twitter Account Surpasses 2 Million Followers in Two Weeks. First Tweets from Pope Benedict XVI Sent After Last Wednesday's General Audience
Papal UK Visit Could Build Anglican-Catholic Bond. Newman Seen as Ecumenical Link
Papal Vacation Set for July 9-27
Papal Visit Blog Launched
Papal Visit Boosts "We Who've Been Here 2,000 Years" Jordanian Christian Tour Guide Welcomes Pilgrim Pope By Mercedes de la Torre
Papal Visit Expected to Boost Religious, Cultural Dialogue. Pontifical University Professor Gives Outlook By Miriam Díez i Bosch and Kathleen Naab
Papal Visit to a Land of Nonbelievers. Czech Prior Reflects on Benedict XVI's Next Trip
Papal Visit to Birthplace of St. Joseph Freinademetz. "All Cultures Are Waiting for Christ"
Papal Visit to Cyprus Will Be a "Huge Event" Catholics Note Feeling of Support
Papal Visit to Fatima Possible
Papal Visit to Great Mosque of Rome Likely Taking Shape
Papal Visit to Synagogue Likely Aug. 19
Papal Visit to the UK Possible
Papal Words for Assistant's Funeral: God Remembers Us. Pope Gives Thanks to God for Life of Manuela Camagni
Papal Words to Orthodox Delegation "We Have Been Called to One Hope"
Papal Words to Priests, Youth at Padre Pio Church "Love for Christ Is Inevitably Linked to Love for His Church"
Papal YouTube Message in 27 Languages Beats Record
Papua New Guinea Mission Celebrates 25 Years
Papua New Guinea: Pope Expresses Sadness About Earthquake Victims
Parable of the Father Prodigal of Mercy
Paraguay: Bishops Conference Announces Papal Visit in July. Says Pontiff Will Announce Exact Dates in the 'Coming Days'
Paraguayan Bishop Suspended. After Announcing His Presidential Candidacy
Paraguayan Hero-Priest Dies at 93. Known for Keeping Peace During Civil War
Pardon Asked for Krakow Priests Who Aided Communists. Cardinal Dziwisz Had Set Up Commission to Probe Allegations
Parental Rights Seen as Heart of Controversy on HPV Vaccine. California Archbishop Laments New Law By Kelly Luttinen
Parents of Missing Girl Meet Benedict XVI
Parents: Children Need More Than 49 Minutes. Catholic Group Stresses Importance of Family Time
Paris Cardinal Notes "Horror" at Holocaust-Denier. Reiterates That Church Unity Is Pope's Mission
Paris Cardinal's Message to Catholics of the City "The greater part of our fellow citizens lived this situation as an appeal to rediscover a certain number of fundamental values of our Republic"
Paris Marchers Confront 'Right' to Eugenics. President of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation Talks About Sunday's Protest By Anita Bourdin
Parish Council Members Sent on Mission
Parish Priest Recounts Tragedy of Gaza. Testimony of Father Manuel Musallam
Parish Priest Seen as Premier Catechist
Parish Sessions Aim at Christmas Depression
Parishes Must Rediscover Value of Sundays, Says Pope
Parishes Need a Home, Says Pontiff. Encourages Generosity in Building Churches
Parishes Urged to Be Open to Ecclesial Groups
Parishioners Say Church in China Was Burned Down by Arsonists. Local Police Have Failed to Investigate Cause of Fire
Parliament Debate on Anti-Christian Persecution Turns Fiery. UK Government Called to Do More in Foreign Policy
Parliamentarians Get Copy of Pope's Speech
Part of Oldest Bible Accidentally Discovered. Student Finds Section Hidden Beneath Binding
Partial-Birth Abortion and the U.S. Supreme Court, Round 2. Interview With Law Professor Teresa Collett
Parting Views of Opus Dei's Media Man. Interview With Juan Manuel Mora
Partners Against Sex Trafficking; A Cure for Poverty. Conference Explores Grassroots Efforts to Shut Down Brothels By Edward Pentin
Party Platform Versus Catholic Faith. Bishop Aquila on Nonnegotiable Life Issues
Passing on the Faith. The Role That Families Play
Passion to Serve. Lectio Divina: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
Past Opus Dei Prelate Closer to Beatification. Diocesan Phase Concludes for Bishop del Portillo
Past Opus Dei Prelate Nearer to Beatification
Past Pupils of Mary Help of Christians. Aim to Share Values Learned in the Classroom
Pastor Imprisoned for Protesting Church Demolitions in China. Courts Refuse 'Wrongful Detention' Counter Suits
Pastor: Teamwork With Movements Key for Evangelization. Spanish Priest Encourages Harmony With Parishes
Pastoral Care for Those With Same-Sex Attraction. Interview With Father John Harvey of Courage
Pastoral Care of Gypsies Being Discussed
Pastoral Guidelines for Gypsies Published
Pastoral Letter From Bishops of Zimbabwe "We note with apprehension that three months after the dust from the elections began to settle down, there are no visible prospects for improvement in the spheres of life in Zimbabwe that cry for restoration to giv
Pastoral Strategies for the Church. Offering Christ to the World
Pastors and Movements: Better Together. Bishops Conclude Congress on New Charisms
Patents Shouldn't Deprive the Poor, Says Holy See. Urges Regulation of Ideas to Benefit Economy
Patriarcate of Moscow: “Politics Must Not Interfere in the Life of the Church”
Patriarch Alexy II Thanks Pope Benedict XVI. Summit Reflects "Positive Development" of Orthodox/Catholic Relations
Patriarch and Pope Have "Good Will" Encounter. Meet at Church in Istanbul
Patriarch Appeals for Release of Kidnapped Nuns and Orphans in Iraq. Two Religious and Three Children Have Been Missing Since Saturday
Patriarch at the Synod: Unexpected Impact. Interview With Fraternal Delegate From Orthodox Church By Jesús Colina
Patriarch Bartholomew I on the Papal Visit. Interview With Orthodox Church Leader
Patriarch Bartholomew Pays Tribute to Benedict XVI. Orthodox Leader Says Pope Emeritus Built Close Friendships With the Orthodox
Patriarch Bartholomew's Homily at Prayer Service With Pope "This sacred Tomb invites us to shed another fear that is perhaps the most prevalent in our modern age: namely, fear of the other, fear of the different, fear of the adherent of another faith, ano
Patriarch Bartholomew's Message to 19th Session of the Conference of the Parties
Patriarch Calls Christians in Holy Land to Solidarity
Patriarch Calls for Arab League Meeting. Asks World Leaders to Act on Behalf of Iraqi Christians
Patriarch Calls for Calm in Cairo. Tensions High Among Coptic Christians
Patriarch Calls for End to Bloodshed In Iraq. Says Behavior Is Inhumane, Far From Religion
Patriarch Decries Christian Persecution in Iraq
Patriarch Decries School Bombing in Syria. Melkite Greek Catholic Leader Calls for International Aid
Patriarch Delly: Iraqis Are Sons of Hope. Says He Will Try to Convince Emigrants to Return Home By Marta Lago
Patriarch Encourages Bishops in Africa Synod. Says Religious Leaders Have Key Role on Continent
Patriarch Expresses Hope for New Era in Mideast. Calls on Infant of Bethlehem to Save His Homeland
Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem Sends Message to People of Jordan. Thanks King Abdullah II for Ensuring the Right to Vote of Citizens
Patriarch Ignatius III Younan on the Mideast Exodus. Church Considers Ways to Support Priests Whose Flocks Have Become Refugees
Patriarch Kirill Affirms Value of Truth. Sends Message for Orthodox Christmas
Patriarch Kirill I Visits Katyn Graves. Appeals for Reconciliation Between Poland, Russia
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Meets With Holy See Representative. Discuss Peace in Syria, Cooperation in Defending the Family
Patriarch Kirill Praises Vatican's Balanced Approach to Ukraine Crisis. Expresses Concern Over Greek Catholic Church's Stance in Conflict
Patriarch Kirill Says Preparations for All-Orthodox Council Need Speeding Up. Would Like Persecuted Christians, Cult of Consumption, and Destruction of Morals to Be on Agenda
Patriarch Kirill Wants Next Pope to Continue in Benedict's Line. Russian Orthodox Leader Notes 'Good Development' in Relations
Patriarch Kirill's Address to Participants in Geneva II Peace Conference "I call upon people of good will to do all in their power to stop the escalation of violence in Syria"
Patriarch Kirill's Message to Pope Francis. "We need to labour together for the affirmation of traditional moral values ​​in modern secular societies"
Patriarch Laham Responds to Kidnapping of Franciscan Friar in Syria. Says Muslims and Christians Must Strongly Condemn Islamist Violence
Patriarch Laments Lack of Wisdom in Caring for Creation. Addresses Religion, Science and Environment Symposium
Patriarch Lauds Catholic Magazine in Russian
Patriarch Looks for Better, Brighter Egypt. Expresses Thanks for "Patriotic Youth"
Patriarch of Baghdad Awarded International “La Traglia” Prize. Louis Raphael I Sako Recognized for Commitment to Dialogue, Unity in Iraq
Patriarch of Burma in Line for Beatification. Missionary Father Clemente Vismara
Patriarch of Jerusalem on Hope in Our Lady for a Solution in the Mideast. As a Native of Nazareth, Mary Is 'Our Parishioner' By Salvatore Cernuzio
Patriarch Pleads to Stop ‘Tsunami’ of Youth Emigration From Syria “Despite all your suffering, stay! Be patient! Don’t emigrate! Stay for the Church, your homeland, for Syria and its future! Stay! Do stay!”
Patriarch Rai Speaks Out Against States Supplying Arms to Syrian Regime, Opposition. Head of Maronites Calls for Border Monitoring in Lebanon Ann Schneible
Patriarch Rai to Lebanese Government: Stop War of Attrition. Calls for De-Escalation of Tensions Within Country
Patriarch Rai to Visit Pope This Week. Islamist Violence in the Region and Political Stalemate Likely to Be on Agenda
Patriarch Rai: Arab World Needs the Gospel. Says There is No Arab Spring Without a Christian Spring
Patriarch Rai: Islamists Are Enormous Threat, Taking Region Back to the Stone Age. Maronite Leader Makes Impassioned Plea to International Community to Act
Patriarch Rai: Poverty Is Also Destabilizing the Middle East. Maronite Patriarch Visits Site of Suicide Bombing in Tripoli
Patriarch Receives Papal Birthday Wishes
Patriarch Sako Calls For 'Real Communion' With Suffering Iraqis. Criticizes International Community, Muslim Leaders for Ineffective Action
Patriarch Sako Calls on Muslims to Condemn Extremism That Distorts Religion. In Eid Message, Says Not All Muslims Approve of ISIS, Underlines Importance of Education
Patriarch Sako's Address at Iraqi Center for Diversity Management "Let us all promote an open culture that dispels prejudices and strengthens confidence and brilliancy."
Patriarch Sako's Homily at the Synod Today "How to reconcile love and justice? If love does not surpass justice, the Gospel is emptied"
Patriarch Sako: 'Italy Must Not Fall Into the Trap of ISIS Threats' Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad Speaks To ZENIT on Persecution of Christians, Dialogue With Muslims and the Suffering of the Church in Iraq
Patriarch Sako: 'Stop the Factory of Death' Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako Gives An Update on the Situation in the Middle East, Condemns the Manufacture of Arms and Comments on the Latest Massacre in Tunisia
Patriarch Sako: “Thank you Pope Francis for the Gesture of the Lamborghini”
Patriarch Sako: Iraq Won't Remain a Single State. Leader of Chaldean Catholic Church Evaluates Current Crisis
Patriarch Sako: One Month Since Their Displacement, Iraqi Christians Are 'Becoming Extinct' Chaldean Catholic Church Leader Also Calls for "Decisive Steps" At Home and Abroad
Patriarch Sako’s Christmas, New Year’s Message: ‘Peace for Humanity’
Patriarch Says Chiara Lubich Was Gift For Orthodox. Bartholomew I Gives Tribute to Focolare Founder
Patriarch Shevchuk: "Stop the Bloodshed!" Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Appeals for End to Violence After Latest Clashes in Kiev
Patriarch Still Hoping for Kidnapped Priest's Return
Patriarch to Accompany Pope to Rome's Synagogue. Hopes Gesture Will Strengthen Interreligious Relations
Patriarch to Egyptians: It's Time to Go Home. Catholics Wave Banner of "Non-Destruction"
Patriarch to Visit London, Tell of Mideast Plight. Aid Agency Raising Awareness of Holy Land Suffering
Patriarch Twal Invites President Abbas to Canonization Mass for Nuns From Holy Land at Vatican. Palestinian President Expressed His Gratitude, Praised Church's Contributions
Patriarch Twal of Jerusalem: ‘Hope, Where There Is No Hope’
Patriarch Twal to Arab Christian Media Conference "The Media is capable of toppling or upholding governments as it is also capable of starting wars and ending others"
Patriarch Twal Visits Kehilla in Jerusalem. Profanation of Greek-Orthodox Monastery Decried
Patriarch Twal: "Evil Will Not Have the Last Word" Latin Patriarch Says Christ's Forgiveness Makes Faithful "Artisans of Peace"
Patriarch Twal: Gaza Siege Should Be Lifted. Sees Hope for Peace in Education
Patriarch Twal: Holy Land Longs for Christ's Peace. Affirms Impact of Prelates' Visit on Civil Society
Patriarch Twal: Issue of Divorced, Remarried Is One of the Most Difficult Pastoral Problems We Have to Deal With. Says People Cannot Feel the Church Is Working Against Them
Patriarch Twal: New Culture, Mentality Needed to Achieve Peace in Gaza. Holy Land's Latin Rite Leader Calls for International Peacekeeping Force
Patriarch Twal: Peace, It's a Beautiful Thing. Says It's Worth Every Sacrifice
Patriarch Twal: Security Risks Can't Stop Pope From His Mission. Whether in Turkey or Israel, Says Love Involves Having Courage to Call Out What Is Wrong
Patriarch Twal: United Nations Decision Will Restore Credibility to Palestinian Government. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Expresses Joy Regarding Vote in UN
Patriarch Twal: Weary We May Be, But Not Without Hope. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Speaks on Situation of Christians in the Holy Land
Patriarch Twal: World Is Seeing Cost of Being Christian. Says Bearing Peace Means Sharing the Cross
Patriarch Twal's Appeal to Bishops: 'Keep Christian Families in the Holy Land'. Urges Dioceses to Adopt a House, Piece of Land in Jerusalem, Bethlehem
Patriarch Twal's Letter to Bishops' Conferences. Encourages Them to Help Christians in Middle East Stay, Have Homes
Patriarch Underlines Role of Family, Value of Life. Says Christ Child Teaches Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Patriarch Urges Release of Captives in Iraq
Patriarch Urges Unity in Lebanon. Interview With Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir By Tony Assaf
Patriarch Visits Churches Attacked in West Bank
Patriarch Welcomes Pope With Virtual Greeting
Patriarch Younan: In Syria & Iraq, Survival of One of Oldest Christian Churches Is Being Threatened
Patriarch's Homily for Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul With Benedict XVI's Introduction
Patriarch-Turned-Cardinal Reflects on Synod. Egyptian Prelate Cautions Against "Islamophobia" By Carmen Elena Villa
Patriarch: Fix Gaze on Jesus. Offers Meditations for Holy Week
Patriarch: Holy-Land Christians Should Stay Put Says They Have Vocation to Be Where Jesus Lived
Patriarch: It's Time to Take a Step Toward Unity Metropolitan Filaret Comments on Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue By Jesús Colina
Patriarch: Jerusalem Awaiting Peace This Christmas. Affirms That Palestinians and Israelis Are Capable of Living Together
Patriarch: Jordan Supplying 80% of Seminarians. Emphasizes Nation's Importance for Christian Community By Mariaelena Finessi
Patriarch: Pope Is Like-Minded on Morals, Values Says Both Churches Can Work Together on Many Issues
Patriarch: President Is "Top Priority" for Lebanon. Cardinal Sfeir Addresses UN Security Council
Patriarch: West Must Act to Protect Persecuted Christians. Avoid Political Correctness and Value Christianity's Contribution to Freedom
Patriarchs Call for Lenten Fast in Support of Middle East Christians
Patriotism Is Good to a Point, Says Cardinal Sodano. Cautions Against Falling Into Nationalism
Patron Saints of Churches
Patroness of Depressed Enthroned in Argentina. Prelate Sees Modernity Leaving Many Lonely and Uncertain
Patronness of the Americas: a Great Communicator Archbishop Offers Example of Our Lady of Guadalupe By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Patti Gallagher Mansfield's Address at Vigil
Paul Is No Inventor of Christianity, Says Pope. Notes Apostle's Faithful Transmission of Tradition
Paul of Tarsus "Be Imitators of Me, As I Am of Christ"
Paul of Tarsus, Continued. "He Lives From Christ and With Christ"
Paul Seen as Expert in Dialogue. Cardinal Kasper Notes Aspect to Learn From Apostle
Paul VI a Lover of the Church, Successor Notes Benedict XVI Draws Out Lessons for Today
Paul VI and Italian Order Founder Move Closer to Sainthood. French Mother, Jesuit and Italian Priest to Become Venerable
Paul VI as a Child Was a Mischievous Little One. A Teacher of the Future Blessed Talks about Him
Paul VI Could Be Canonized on the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
Paul VI Honored as 'One of the Great Protagonists of the 20th Century'. Historical Investigation Launched at Roman University
Paul VI Institute Founder Asks, Why Me? Reflects on Pope's 1968 Appeal to Men of Science By Karna Swanson
Paul VI's Social Encyclical Still "Urgent" Dublin Archbishop Recalls Letter's Focus on Person
Paul VI, Archbishop Romero Among Those to be Canonized October 14, 2018
Paul's Biography "He Dedicated Himself to the Proclamation of the Gospel"
Paul's Conversion "We Are Christians Only If We Encounter Christ"
Paul's Journeys Show Need for Gospel, Says Pope. Continues Catechesis on Apostle of the Gentiles
Paul's Love Letters Get New Review. Abbot Discusses Winding Down of Jubilee Year
Paul's Message Is for Today, Says Pontiff. Looks at 3 Fundamental Elements in Apostle's Teaching
Paul's Teaching on the Church "We Who Are Many Are One Body"
Paul's Teaching on the Holy Spirit. "Analyzes His Presence in the Life of the Christian"
Pauline Basilica Gets Austrian Christmas Tree. 82-foot Fir Donated to Benedictine Monks By Marco Cardinali
Pauline Feast OK'd for Sunday in '09. Vatican Authorizes Decree for Jubilee Year
Pauline Sisters Hold Convention of Lay Collaborators. Participants Focus on Call to Share the Word of God to All
Pauline Year Seen as Invitation for All Christians. Pope Says It Is Call to Be Missionaries of Gospel
Pauline Year to Put Tarsus in Limelight. Town in Turkey Needs Church for Pilgrims, Says Bishop By Nieves San Martín
Pavarotti Honored a Divine Gift, Says Pontiff
Pave The Way Foundation Praises Pope. Says Criticism Comes From Groups With "Opposing Agendas"
Pax Christi Elects Presidents
PBS Limits Television Masses. TV Network Limits Shut-In Masses
Peace a Priority, More Than Ever, Says Pontiff. Addresses New Ambassador From Japan
Peace Altar Praised by Pope
Peace and Joy Are For Everyone, Says Pope Notes Mission of Church Is to Spread God’s Mercy
Peace Appeal From Encounter of Peoples and Religions
Peace Appeal Issued at Assisi Meeting of Prayer "God Is Stronger Than Those Who Want War"
Peace Begins and is Lost in the Human Heart. Bishop Davies' Pastoral Letter for 'Peace Sunday'
Peace Calls for Conversion, Says Patriarch
Peace Day Event Garners Papal Support. Sant'Egidio Organized 380 Marches
Peace Day Theme Highlights Religious Freedom. Benedict XVI Continues to Elaborate "Path to Peace"
Peace Day to Focus on Family. Pope Chooses Theme Amid Present "Crisis"
Peace Hinges on the Truth of Man, Says Holy See. Affirms That Rights Are Based in Human Nature
Peace in the Holy Land: Patriarch Bartholomew in Rome. Andrew and Peter Will Also Pray Together for Peace This Sunday
Peace Is a Name for God, Says Benedict XVI
Peace Is Highlighted on the Medal of the 6th Year of Pope Francis’ Pontificate
Peace Is Papal Priority, Says Cardinal Bertone. Reflects on Pope's Address to Diplomatic Corps
Peace Main Concern of Iraq's Nuncio. Ready to Serve Church in Troubled Country
Peace Meeting Hoping to Break Down Cyprus Wall. 40 Religious Leaders Cross Checkpoint
Peace of Conscience for Rape Victims
Peace Requires Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Says Pope
Peace Requires Development, Affirms Pontiff. Says War Is Never Inevitable
Peace Requires Force of Meekness, Truth and Love, Says Pope. Holy Spirit Animates Efforts of All Peacemakers Holy Father Says During Angelus Address on Solemnity of Mother of God
Peacemakers in Darfur. Interview With Member of Sant'Egidio Community
Pediatricians: Don't Reinforce Gender Disorder Urge Schools Not to Encourage Risky Gay Behavior
Pedophilia a Worldwide Issue, Not a Priest Problem. Founder of Protection Agency Laments Media Lobbies
Pelosi's Archbishop Seeks Conversation on Abortion. Responds as Pastor to Her Errors on Church Teaching
Penitential Rite on Easter
Pennsylvania Bishops: A Call for Fair and Realistic Immigration Reform "legitimate issues do not absolve us from fixing a broken immigration system that often fails to protect the basic dignity of immigrant men, women, and children seeking a better life"
Pennsylvania Priest Named to Virgin Islands. Delaware Also Gets New Bishop
Pennsylvania Sees Changes to Episcopate. And US Bioethicist Named to Life Academy
Pentecost Message for Canada's Ecclesial Movements and Associations. The Spirit creates unity in diversity
Pentecost: the Gift of the Consoler
Pentecostalism: a Century-Old Challenge
People Live in a Constant Hurry, Pope Laments
People of Faith Deserve a Public Voice, Says Archbishop
People of the UK Spoke to My Heart, Affirms Pope. Says He Confirmed That Europe's Nations Have Christian Soul
People Urged to 'Walk With Francis' Ahead of Pope’s US Trip. Pledges to Pray, Serve or Act Being Collected by Archdiocese of Washington
Perfection, Holiness and Mercy
Permanent Deacon Ministry on the Rise. US Bishops Note Results of Study
Permanent Diaconate on the Rise in US
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration: a Parish's Fuel. Interview With a Monsignor in Sicily
Persecuted Christians Face Difficult Christmas Night. Celebrate Christ's Birth Without Peace
Persecuted Christians Given a Voice Online Web Site Offers Look Into Suffering Communities
Persecuted Christians Have New Advocate. Church Recognizes 1st Indian Female Saint
Persecuted, But Invincible. The history of the Church shows that when the celebration of the Eucharist declines, Christianity also slowly begins to disappear.
Persecution of Christians Highlights What Unites Us, Pope Tells Assyrian Patriarch "When we think of their suffering, it is natural to overcome the distinctions of rite or confession"
Persecution the Media Hide. Report Shows Scope of Anti-Christian Violence
Persevere Despite the Adversities and Persecutions
Persevere With One Heart in Prayer. Wrote John Paul II
Person Seen as Top Priority for Politicians. Cardinal Address Argentine Social Week
Personal Value and the Gold Chains of Society. Interview With Theologian Jutta Burggraf
Persons With Disabilities Teach Lessons of Joy. Australian Priest Recounts Experience of Service in Lebanon
Peru Archbishop to Mediate in Mining Conflict. Says Church Always Disposed to Contribute to Peace
Peru Declares March 25 as "Day of the Unborn"
Peru Diocese Marks 400 Years. Sends Out 10,000 Missionaries on Continental Mission
Peru Government Lauds Caritas
Peru University Loses Catholic Status. Statutes Not in Accord With Vatican Norms
Peru's Prelates Reaffirm Death Penalty Stance
Peruvian Cardinal Comments on Mining Conflict. Archbishop of Lima Speaks on Problems in Cajamarca By H. Sergio Mora
Peruvian Catholic Radio Commemorates 55 Years. Popular Station Reaches Remote Areas of South American Country
Peruvian Faithful Urged to Vote Pro-life
Peruvians Mourn Irish Bishop Who Dedicated His Life to Andean Peoples. Dublin Native Spent 30 Years in Poorest Region of Peru
Peter And Paul Feast Celebrates Unity, Says Aide. Calls Rome a Symbol of Christian Communion
Peter Brings "Pence" to the Poor. Annual Collection to Aid Poorest in Economic Crisis
Peter Kreeft: Catholics Can Learn from Muslim Devotion. Says Secularism a Bigger Threat Than Islam
Peter's Faith Still Upholding Unity, Says Pope. Receives Orthodox Delegation on Feast of Apostles
Peter's Pence Brings in $100 Million
Peter's Pence Brings in $80 Million. Anonymous Donor Gave $14 Million in 2007
Peter's Pence Collection Focuses on Love for Poor. Campaign Begins June 26
Peter's Pence Collects $51.7 Million
Peter's Pence Donations May Be Made Via Web
Peter's Pence Has a Marian Theme
Peter's Pence Is Not Part of Holy See's Budget
Peter's Pence Seen as Aid to Solidarity
Peter's Rehabilitation and Ours. Biblical Reflection for 3rd Sunday of Easter By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Peter, the Rock "The Custodian of the Communion With Christ"
Petition Launched Against Pakistani Blasphemy Law. 4,600 Signatures Gathered in First Week
Petition to Save Sudanese Christian Mother Sentenced to Death for 'Apostasy'. Leading British Pro-Life Politicians Urge People to Sign
Pew Study Seen as Confirming US Religiosity. Bishop Notes Work of Priests and Catechists in Faith
Phenomenologist: Suffering Youth See Satan as 'Angel', 'Friend' Believes Behind Every Young Satanist is Someone Searching for God and Spirituality
Philadelphia Archdiocese Affirms Regret in Sex Abuse Case. Monsignor William Lynn Sentenced to Prison for Child Endangerment By Junno Arocho
Philadelphia Gets New Auxiliary. Tells Press He Loves Being a Priest
Philadelphia Prelate to Head Raleigh Diocese
Philadelphia Rejoices for Native Son. Archbishop Foley to Get Red Hat
Philadelphia's Family Meeting Takes Theme From St. Irenaeus. Archbishop Chaput Explains: "Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive."
Philanthropy Isn't Enough, Insists Pope. Urges Pastors to Be Concerned With Formation
Philippine Bishop Begs Off From Truth Panel
Philippine Bishops Call for Clean Elections. Encourage United Effort to Guard Against Corruption
Philippine Bishops Call For Prayers as Typhoon Yolanda Makes Landfall. Church and Government Officials Working Closely to Provide Assistance
Philippine Bishops Defend Women
Philippine Bishops Oppose Government Supported Real Estate Project. Experts Fear Areas At High Risk of Flooding
Philippine Bishops Praise Senators Expose on Reproductive Health Bill. Various International Lobby Groups Allegedly Behind Measure
Philippine Bishops Release Pastoral Letter on New Evangelization. Highlight 9 Priorities Leading Up to 5th Centenary of Arrival of Catholicism By Junno Arocho
Philippine Bishops Urge Truth-Seeking. Pastoral Letter Addresses Increased Corruption in Country
Philippine Bishops' Conference President Downplays 'Last Pope' Prophecy. Archbishop Jose Palma Says Church Is Always in the Hands of God
Philippine Catholic Bishops Conference President Calls for Explanation of Election Glitches. Archbishop Jose Palma Not Satisfied With Handling of Polls by Election Commission
Philippine Congress Votes to End Death Penalty
Philippine Embassy in Rome Increasing Relief Efforts to Typhoon Victims. Consul General Speaks on Challenges of Helping Foreign Patriots Reach Their Families
Philippine Prelates Decry Approval of 'Reproductive Health' Bill. Legislation Passes by Narrow Margin After 14-Year Debate
Philippine President Opts for "Truth Commission"
Philippine Shrine Might Become a John Paul II Parish. Former Refugee Camp Was Site of Papal Mass
Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Reproductive Health Law. Archbishop Socrates Villegas Says Church Must Continue to Defend Life
Philippines Creates Interconfessional E-Bible
Philippines Crisis Basically Moral, Say Bishops. President Arroyo Facing Calls for Resignation
Philippines Ends Death Penalty
Philippines Has Special Role, Says Benedict XVI. For Task of Evangelization in the East
Philippines Looking Forward to Canonization of Native Son. Also Celebrating 5 Centuries of Christianity
Philippines Marks Day for Unborn. Debate on Birth Control Legislation Continues
Philippines Threatened By a 2-Child Policy. Population Control Bill Enters Plenary Debate By Genevieve Pollock
Philippines: Archbishop Palma Urges Youth to Follow Mary’s Example
Philippines: Door to Asia. Priest Tells of Church's Strengths, Challenges
Philippines: Muslim Extremists Destroy the Cathedral of Marawi
Philippines: Nuncio Tells Youth to be Instrument of Mercy, Peace
Philippines: ‘A Martyr for Peace’ Commemorated. After 15 Years, Community Recalls Death of Claretian Fr. Rhoel Gallardo
Philosophic Legacy of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II
Philosophy and Poetry Meet to Contemplate Reality. Rimini Meeting Reflects on Maria Zambrano's Works
Philosophy Behind "Deus Caritas Est". Interview With Catholic University's Monsignor Sokolowski
Phoenix Receives 1st Auxiliary Bishop
Photo Exhibit Reflects on Priests in Cinema. Italian Bishops Host Event at Conclusion of Year for Priests
Physician Tells of Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano
Pianist Pope Reflects on Power of Music. Says It Invites the Mind and Heart to God
Pianist Pope to Meet With Artists. Singers, Architects, Painters to Gather in Sistine Chapel
Picking the Day Lent Begins. And More on Polygamy
Picking Up Pieces: Iowa Prelate Proposes Plan. Offers 5 Points for Renewing Church
Pilgrim George Bush Pauses to Pray
Pilgrim Walking the World for Christian Unity. Inviting People to Join in Praying For One United Church
Pilgrim's Journal: Is It Worth It? Amid Drizzle and Cold, Protestors Affirm Hope By Mary Yep
Pilgrim's Journal: Putting on the Armor of God. A University Student's View From the Back Corner of the DC Basilica By Mary Yep
Pilgrimage for Permanent Deacons and Their Wives
Pilgrimage Group Preparing "Aussie Invasion" 5,000 Expected to Travel for MacKillop Canonization
Pilgrimage Highlights Needs of Immigrants Invoke Our Lady of Guadalupe as Patroness
Pilgrimage Shows Conflict Overcome. Italians, Slovenians and Austrians Meet at Shrine
Pilgrimage to Nazareth to the Holy Family. Lectio Divino: Feast of the Holy Family
Pilgrimage to Nazareth to the Holy Family. Lectio Divino: Feast of the Holy Family
Pilgrimage: an Ancient and Present Reality. Father Caesar Atuire Talks About His Experiences By Luca Marcolivio
Pilgrimages and Vocations. Religious, Young People Speak About Discernment
Pilgrimages Are Form of Evangelization, Says Pope
Pilgrimages to the Bedside Patients Awaiting the Aid of New Evangelizers. By Fr. Joseph Tham, LC, MD, PhD. Professor, School of Bioethics, Regina Apostolorum Pontifical university, Rome, Italy
Pilgrims and Martyrs. The Venerable English College Celebrates 650 Years By Ann Schneible
Pilgrims Anticipating Pope's 1st Visit to Assisi. Final Preparations Underway at Site of Outdoor Mass
Pilgrims at Lourdes Evacuated in Bomb Scare
Pilgrims Converge in Rome for 3-Day Beatification. Vatican Reiterates Details of Vigil, Liturgies
Pilgrims Follow Pope from Scotland to England. Neocatechumenal Way Leads Evangelization Mission By Jesús Colina
Pilgrims Have Their Reasons. Report Reveals Why Youth Came to Sydney
Pilgrims Must Still Wait to Visit Pope's Tomb
Pilgrims Recall Christians Still Suffering for Faith
Pilgrims to be Hosted by Sydneysiders
Pilgrim’s Progress, Turin 2010. A 1st-Hand Account of the Shroud Exhibit By Andrea Assaf
Pioneer in Church Communication Dies at 79. Professor Alfonso Nieto Believed 'Church Has the Best Message'
Pirates Among Apostleship's Main Concerns. Sea Sunday Also Focuses on Need for Solidarity With Fishermen
Pittsburgh Prelate Moved to Michigan. Pope Fills Vacancies in Africa and Asia
Pius V's 1570 Bull And More on the Divine Praises
Pius V's Latin Mass Scheduled at Youth Day. Members of Juventutem to Participate
Pius X Shows Need for Union With Christ, Says Pope. Recalls Predecessor Who Set Age for 1st Communion
Pius X Society Response to Benedict XVI "We Fully Share His Utmost Concern for Preaching to Our Age"
Pius X Society: Restructuring of Ecclesia Dei Imminent. Faces Threat of New Excommunications in Germany By Kris Dmytrenko
Pius XI Revealed. Interview with Professor Matteo Luigi Napolitano
Pius XII and His Bible Revolution. Marking 50 Years Since Death of "Papa Pacelli"
Pius XII Archives Need Time for Cataloguing. Aide: Organizing 16 Million Documents Will Take 6-7 Years
Pius XII as a "Righteous Gentile". Scholar Ronald Rychlak Defends Wartime Pope
Pius XII Caption Not Keeping Pope Out of Israel. Vatican Says Issue Is Relevant, Not Decisive
Pius XII Defended in Israeli Newspaper. American Scholar Says Defamation is "Doomed to Failure"
Pius XII Display Includes Rabbi Thank You. '44 Letter Recalls Jews Saved in Rome
Pius XII Letter to Roosevelt Published for 1st Time. Pontiff Appealed to President to Spare Innocent Lives
Pius XII Proposed as Righteous Among the Nations. Petition Presented to Benedict XVI
Pius XII Saw "Miracle of the Sun" Handwritten Note Reveals Pope's Experience By Antonio Gaspari
Pius XII's Beatification Cause Still Under Way. Claims of Silence Regarding Nazis Historically False By Marta Lago
Pius XII's Efforts to Save Jewish Culture Revealed. Mobilized Church Leaders to Defend Synagogues
Pius XII's Letter to US President Roosevelt "Spare Innocent Civil Populations and in Particular Churches"
Pius XII's Massive Crusade (Part 1). Interview With Sister Margherita Marchione
Pius XII's Massive Crusade (Part 2). Interview With Sister Margherita Marchione
Pius XII's War Efforts Seen on Rediscovered Films. Demonstrate Pope's Commitment to Peace By Jesús Colina
Place and Role of Movements in the Church (Part 1). Interview with Father Arturo Cattaneo, Professor of Canon Law
Place and Role of Movements in the Church (Part 2)
Placing the Crucifix at the Center of the Altar. Why it Gives Faithful and Celebrant a Common Point of Reference By Father Mauro Gagliardi
Plan for Papal Visit to Paul VI's Birthplace. One-day Visit Set for Nov. 8
Planes Replace Trains for Modern Pilgrims. Vatican Charters Foster Prayerful Atmosphere
Planet Unites in Opposing Death Penalty. Cities Join With Sant'Egidio Community Initiative
Planning Your Funeral Liturgy
Plans Begun for Teresa of Avila's 500th Birthday. Carmelites Appoint Commission for Saint's Celebration
Plans Continue for World Youth Day in Germany
Plans Ready for Closing Event of Year for Priests. Pope to Meet Twice With Participants
Plans Resume for Family Center in Nazareth. Charismatic Renewal of Italy Taking Forward Vatican Initiative
Plans Revealed for Beatification of Pontiff. Vigil and Veneration of Relics to Surround Event
Plans Revealed for Benedict XVI Foundation Launch. Featured Event to Be Lecture on Pope's Theology
Play About Joan of Arc Reminds Pope of Mideast
Plea From Bishops of Central African Republic: Let Us Rebuild Together in Peace "While the world was celebrating Christmas, we were spending our time killing one another"
Plea Raised at Iraqi Priest's Funeral Mass
Please Pray for Egypt. Charity Head Appeals for Peace After Sudden Increase in Attacks on Christians
Plenary Assembly of European Episcopal Conferences Concludes in Switzerland. Annual Meeting Focuses on Economy, Social Changes, Religious Liberty in Europe By Junno Arocho
Plenary Assembly of Interreligious Dialogue on the Theme: Woman Is Educator of Fraternity
Plenary Indulgence Attainable on Dec. 8
Plenary Indulgence Offered for Pauline Year. Faithful Can Obtain It in Rome and Elsewhere
Plenary Indulgence Offered for Pentecost Meeting
Plenary Indulgence Offered for Year for Priests. Jubilee Marks 150 Years Since Death of Curé de Ars
Plenary Indulgence Offered for Youth Day And Partial One for Faithful Who Pray for Sydney Event
Plenty of Room for Everyone, Says Archbishop. Notes Some Pros and Cons of Immigration
Poland Asks Forgiveness for Its Priests. Bishops Led Prayer on Ash Wednesday
Poland Hosts Meeting on Future of Europe. Focuses on Questions of Humanity's Identity
Poland Hosts New Evangelization Conference. Some 1,200 Representatives of Communities, Movements and Groups Gather at Kostrzyn By Father Mariusz Frukacz
Poland Remembers St. Bruno. Marks Millennial of Bishop's Martyrdom By Patricia Navas
Poland to Host 2nd World Congress on Divine Mercy. October Event Is Follow-Up to 2008 Conference in Rome
Poland's Cor Unum Retreat to Focus on Motivations. European Aid Workers to Meet in Czestochowa By Jesús Colina
Poland: 40,000 Youth Gather and Pray for Synod2018
Poland: More than 30,000 Consecrated Serve in Country
Poles Confess to Lots of Confessing. Survey Reveals Positive Attitude Toward Sacrament
Poles Defend Freedom of Information in Brussels. Protests in Poland and Brussels to Defend the Right of Catholic TV
Police Find Stolen John Paul II Relic. Cloth Stained with Blood of Late Pontiff Discovered in Garage
Police in Pakistan Raid Catholic Bookstore
Polish Academic Prize Goes to Benedict XVI
Polish Bishop Named Health Care Council President
Polish Bishops Appeal for Freedom to Broadcast. Government Seen as Discriminating Against Catholic TV By Antonio Gaspari
Polish Bishops on Funding Human Embryo Research. "Human Dignity Is Inviolable. It Must Be Respected and Protected"
Polish Bishops Outline How to Leave Church
Polish Bishops Plan Day of Prayer for Priests
Polish Bishops Verify Collaborationists. Interview With Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
Polish Bishops' Address on Archbishop's Resignation "Not Up to Us to Judge a Man, a Brother, Who Has Served the Church"
Polish Bishops: Defense of Marriage Isn't "Homophobia". Reject Europarliament Resolution
Polish Catholic Paper Punished for Abortion View. Loses Appeal in What's Seen as Freedom of Speech Battle
Polish Defenders of Free Speech Journey to Rome (Part 1). Radio Maria Founder Comments on Pilgrimage and Challenges in Homeland
Polish Defenders of Free Speech Journey to Rome (Part 2). Radio Maria Founder Comments on Pilgrimage and Challenges in Homeland
Polish Missionary Killed in Ecuador
Polish Parish Dedicated to St. Gianna. Archbishop Makes Appeal to Respect Life
Polish President Pays Visit to Pontiff
Polish President Thanks Pope for JPII Beatification
Polish President Visits Benedict XVI
Polish President Visits Benedict XVI
Polish Priest Named Family-Council Secretary
Polish Priest Working in Tunisia Murdered
Polish Primate's Defense of Archbishop Wielgus "Was Forced to Collaborate Under Threats and Verbal Attacks"
Polish Surveyed About John Paul II Memories. 66% of Catholics Offer Prayers Through Pope's Intercession By Mariusz Frukacz
Polish Volume Honors John Paul II. Also Pays Tribute to Faithful Collaborator By Father Mariusz Frukaez
Political Instability Awaits Pope in Cyprus. Interview With Alfred-Maurice de Zayas By Michaela Koller
Political Representatives Reject Accusations Against Egyptian Monks. Monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai Accused of Colluding With Foreign Entities
Politically Incorrect Numbers. Interview Regarding Homosexual Lobby and Cardinal Bertone By Jesús Colina
Politics and Pilgrimage. Interview With Jerusalem Patriarch on Upcoming Papal Trip By Marie-Armelle Beaulieu
Politics Can Be Charity Work, Says Pope
Politics Needs New Generation, Says Pope. Encourages Sardinians in Seeking Solutions
Politics, Abortion, and Communion. What Action Should the Bishops Take?
Poll Finds Strong Opposition to Cloning for Any Purpose
Poll Indicates Sharp Decline in Religious Fervor in Ireland. Archbishop: Faith Isn't Passed Automatically From Generation to Generation
Poll Shows Pope Francis Very Popular With American Catholics. 85% Express Favorable View of Him After 1 Year on Throne of St. Peter
Poll: 8 in 10 US Catholics Satisfied With Pope. Survey Shows Similarity of Church's Youngest and Oldest
Poll: Americans Like the Pope. 70% Want to Hear Him Speak on God in Daily Life
Poll: Americans Like the Pope. 70% Want to Hear Him Speak on God in Daily Life
Poll: Catholics Want Immigration Reform
Poll: Most Americans Celebrate Easter. 63% Say They Will Attend Church Services
Poll: Papal Trip Had Impact on US Catholics. Helped Understanding of Church Teaching
Poll: US Catholics Greatly Appreciate Benedict XVI. Recognize His Positive Impact in Church, World and Personal Lives
Polls Show Shift Toward Pro-Life Side
Polygamy, Sons and the Priesthood. And More on Purification
Polyglot Bible to Be Given to Pope. Initiative Marks October's Synod on Word of God By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Pontiff "Deeply Shaken" by Japan Quake. Renews Spiritual Closeness, Affirms God is Near
Pontiff Advises Against Road Rage
Pontiff Affirms Communion With New Maronite Patriarch. Bechara Boutros Rai Installed in Lebanon
Pontiff Affirms Duty Toward Future Generations. Says World Must Be Entrusted to Them in Inhabitable State
Pontiff Affirms Family Is Way to Share in Divine Life. Promotes Solid Vocational Discernment for Religious
Pontiff Affirms Mission of Vatican City State. Small in Size, But Great in Scope
Pontiff Affirms Mystery of Childbirth. Stresses Child's Need for Parental Love
Pontiff Affirms Nepal's Democratic Ideals. Calls for Continued Respect for Catholic Institutions
Pontiff Affirms Solidarity With Lepers
Pontiff Affirms Solidarity With Polish Flood Victims
Pontiff and Curia Discuss Latin America
Pontiff and Italian President to Attend Concert on Monday. Musical Event Celebrates 84th Anniversary of the Lateran Pacts
Pontiff Announces New Compendium
Pontiff Announces New Evangelization Synod. Will Be Held in 2012
Pontiff Announces Trip to Mexico and Cuba. Celebrates Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Pontiff Appeals for Aid for Iraqi Refugees in Syria. U.N. Estimates Number at 600,000
Pontiff Appeals for Healthy Secularity. Calls for Mutual Respect and Constant Dialogue
Pontiff Appeals for Peace in Guinea
Pontiff Appeals for Peace in Syria. Says People Cannot Be Seen as Evils to Be Eliminated
Pontiff Appeals for Those Who Suffer. Invites All to Pray for Consolation, Reconciliation, Peace
Pontiff Appeals for Those Who Suffer. Invites All to Pray for Consolation, Reconciliation, Peace
Pontiff Arrives in Malta As a Pilgrim. Notes Role of Providence in St. Paul's Shipwreck
Pontiff Asking for More Prayerful Bishops. Says Contact With God Is Key for Serving Faithful
Pontiff Asks All Catholics to Pray for China. Asks Mary's Intercession to Help Bishops Give Witness to Faith
Pontiff Asks Church to Pray for Chinese Catholics. Recalls This Thursday's Day of Prayer
Pontiff Asks Church to Stand in Solidarity With Mideast Christians. Affirms Rejoicing at Upcoming Trip to Lebanon
Pontiff Asks for End to Violence in India. Condemns All Attacks Against Human Life
Pontiff Asks Prayer as Thursday Loreto Trip Follows John XXIII's Footsteps. '62 Pilgrimage Was to Entrust Vatican II to Our Lady
Pontiff Asks Prayers for Catholic-Orthodox Meeting. Commission Again Looking at Papal Primacy in 1st Millennium
Pontiff Asks Protection for Single Mothers. Joins Predecessors in Honoring Patron of Sardinia
Pontiff Asks the Sick to Help Save the World. Says They Can Be Redeemers With the Redeemer
Pontiff Assures Prayer for US Tornado Victims
Pontiff Assures Prayers for Victims of Train Wreck in Argentina. More Than 700 Wounded; 51 Dead
Pontiff at Cardinal's Funeral: New Life Starts Now Reflects on Participation in Christ's Glory
Pontiff Attentive to Poverty, Democracy in Latin America
Pontiff Backs Dialogue With "Reformed Churches"
Pontiff Backs Muslim-Christian Meeting. Cardinal Tells Participants About Way of Peace By Inmaculada Álvarez
Pontiff Bids Farewell to Castel Gandolfo
Pontiff Bids Farewell to Portugal. Hopes His Visit Reignites Spiritual, Apostolic Zeal
Pontiff Blesses Lambs on Feast of St. Agnes
Pontiff Blesses Lambs on Feast of St. Agnes
Pontiff Blesses Statue of Pray-for-Vocations Saint
Pontiff Calls Assistant "Wise and Prudent Virgin" Says Mass for Repose of Soul of Manuela Camagni
Pontiff Calls Catholic Men to Defense of Religious Freedom. Message to Knights of Columbus Notes 'Unprecedented Gravity' of New Threats
Pontiff Calls Faithful to Pray for Disaster Victims
Pontiff Calls for "Ecology of Man" Warns Against New Theories of "Gender"
Pontiff Calls for "Missionary Audacity" Evangelization Isn't Just for the Fallen-Away, Clarify Bishops
Pontiff Calls for Christian Social Action. Underlines Need to Address "Educational Emergency"
Pontiff Calls for Complete Fidelity to Magisterium. Says That Doctrine Is Live-Giving, Not Prohibiting
Pontiff Calls for Coordinated Care of Migrants. European Delegates Reflect on Overcoming Fears
Pontiff Calls for Ecclesial Unity in China. Urges Communion Among All Bishops
Pontiff Calls for End to Syria Violence. Urges Authorities to Commit to Peace
Pontiff Calls for End to Violence in Colombia
Pontiff Calls for Halt to Violence in Holy Land. Troubled by Situation in Gaza Strip
Pontiff Calls for Mines and Cluster Bombs Ban. Assures Support for Victims of "Devastating" Weapons
Pontiff Calls for Progress on Nuclear Disarmament. Appeals to Review of Non-Proliferation Treaty
Pontiff Calls for Re-Plan of Economics. Says Governing Principles Can Be Found in Natural Law
Pontiff Calls God Audacious; Says Priesthood Is Proof. Closes Year for Priests With 15,000 Concelebrants at Mass
Pontiff Calls Interfaith Dialogue the Road to Peace. Notes Security Is More Than the Absence of Threats
Pontiff Calls Movements and Communities Part of the Riches of the Church. Encourages Faithful to Never Tire in Preaching the Gospel
Pontiff Calls Movements Gifts to the Church. Lauds Cardinal Cordes for Helping Them Grow
Pontiff Calls on All to Restore Peace to Congo
Pontiff Calls on Church to Find Parables for Today. Considers What Believers Should Give to Modern Communication
Pontiff Calls on Italian Diplomats to Promote "Culture of Encounter" Meets with Diplomatic Staff of Italian Republic and Embassy to the Holy See
Pontiff Calls Sagrada Familia a "Catechesis" Says Family Is "Hope for Humanity"
Pontiff Calls Sierra Leone a "Sign of Hope" Praises Nation for Recovering From Civil War
Pontiff Calls Water an Inalienable Right
Pontiff Came as Friend of Israelis, Palestinians. President Peres Notes Papal Statement on Holocaust
Pontiff Cautions Against Putting God Aside. Recalls That His Plan Is Loving and Wise
Pontiff Cautions Against Traps of Public Debate. Says Truth Is What Makes Consensus Possible
Pontiff Celebrates Mass With Argentine Journalists. Invites Faithful to See the Wounds of Jesus in Those Less Fortunate
Pontiff Celebrates Sunday Mass with Italian Soldiers and Families. Gathered to Pray for Those Who Have Died or Wounded for the Sake of Peace
Pontiff Cites 2 Keys for Priestly Formation. Invites Seminarians to Value Gift of Vocation
Pontiff Cites Blessed Frassati as Model for Youth
Pontiff Cleared of Reassigning Pedophile Priest. Former Vicar General of Munich Archdiocese Takes Responsibility By Gisčle Plantec and Jesús Colina
Pontiff Commemorates Anniversary of Mexico Cathedrals Construction. Invites Faithful to "Gather the Best from this Spiritual Heritage"
Pontiff Congratulates Chief Rabbi of Rome
Pontiff Congratulates Closest Collaborator Secretary of State Celebrates 50 Years as a Priest
Pontiff Congratulates John XXIII's Secretary
Pontiff Congratulates Poland on Independence Day
Pontiff Congratulates President of the Italian Republic. Giorgio Napolitano, 88, Re-elected During Parliamentary Elections
Pontiff Considers Youth Day Joy "Inexplicable" Says Event Is Not a Rock Festival Featuring the Pope
Pontiff Consoles Widower; Wife Killed Self, Children
Pontiff Contemplates Mary's Smile. Urges Afflicted to Turn Toward Our Lady
Pontiff Contends Church Must Still Ask Pardon
Pontiff Could Receive Abuse Victims in Malta. Vatican Neither Confirms or Denies Possible Meeting
Pontiff Defends Christians of Iraq, India. Urges World Leaders to Solidarity With Minorities
Pontiff Defends Church's Role in Society. Lauds Dialogue With Irish Government
Pontiff Defends Role of Disabled in Society Says Faith Can Help to "Imagine Life as God Does"
Pontiff Denies Claim 1962 Missal Is a Regression. Calls Liturgy a Living, Developing Reality
Pontiff Denounces Attack on Bolivian Cardinal. Says Violence Is Unworthy of Human Person
Pontiff Denounces Child Pornography, Pedophilia. Stresses Christian Ethos as Basis of Moral Action
Pontiff Denounces Murders in Colombia
Pontiff Deplores More Church Bombings in Iraq. Series Continues Today; 4 Dead So Far
Pontiff Desires Simple Mass for Holy Thursday. Pope Francis to Celebrate Mass of the Lords Supper at Local Juvenile Detention Center
Pontiff Discusses Jesus With Former Students. Invites 2 Protestant Exegetes as Guests
Pontiff Distressed Over Uganda Attacks. Day of Prayer to Be Held Sunday
Pontiff Donates $250,000 to UK Ordinariate. Nuncio Says Gift Is Sign of Pope's Commitment to Christian Unity
Pontiff en Route to Lebanon Speaks of Importing Arms as 'Grave Sin'. Urges Importing Instead Ideas, Peace and Creativity By Junno Arocho
Pontiff Encourages Catechesis for Growth in Faith. Stresses Inculturation With Fidelity, Creativity
Pontiff Encourages Charismatic Renewal. Members Gather in Rimini for Annual Meeting
Pontiff Encourages Community Life in Parish. Urges Courage, Generosity, Sacrifice in Marriage
Pontiff Encourages Taizé Gathering Set for Zagreb
Pontiff Encourages Vatican Presence on Net. Television Center Marks 25 Years
Pontiff Enjoying Fruitful Working Vacation. Spends Days Studying, Writing, and Praying
Pontiff Entrusts Pastors of the World to St. Joseph. Reflects on Figure of Christ's Legal Father
Pontiff Entrusts Youth to Our Lady of Fatima
Pontiff Exhorts Jesuits to Heed Ignatius' Legacy
Pontiff Explains Church's 'Yes' to Marriage of Man, Woman. Speaks to Charity Council About Christian Vision of Human Person Kathleen Naab
Pontiff Explains Messianic Significance of Psalm 110. Says Christ Is Model of True Royalty
Pontiff Explains Why Society Needs Aquinas. Notes Timeliness of Saint's Moral Theology
Pontiff Expresses "Trepidation" Over Libya Events. Requests Security for Citizens
Pontiff Expresses Concern for Handicapped
Pontiff Expresses Grief for Air Crash Victims
Pontiff Expresses Heartfelt Sympathy on Death of Cardinal Giovanni Cheli. Former President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People Passes Away Yesterday
Pontiff Expresses His Hopes for Bolivia
Pontiff Extols a Step Toward Sydney '08
Pontiff Extols Jerome's Biblical Insights. Comments on the Scholar's Many Lessons
Pontiff Finishes Second Book on Christ. Volume Focuses on the Passion and Resurrection
Pontiff Given 6th Edition of Atlas Hierarchicus
Pontiff Gives Ideas to Improve Participation at Mass. Wonders If People Are Afraid of Detaching From the Media
Pontiff Gives Push to New Evangelization By Anita S. Bourdin
Pontiff Gives Secret to Vocational Discernment And a Guideline to Determine "True Prayer"
Pontiff Gives Thanks for Chance to Do Charity. Notes Gratitude for Donation to Holy See
Pontiff Grateful for L'Osservatore Romano
Pontiff Grateful for Support for Charity Day
Pontiff Greets 49 New Legionary Priests. Cardinal Sodano Presides at the Ordination
Pontiff Greets Bishops From Focolare Event
Pontiff Greets Cape Verde Prime Minister
Pontiff Greets Communion and Liberation. Movement Convention Focusing on Truth
Pontiff Greets European Cor Unum Retreat. Urges Participants to Renew Commitment to Serve
Pontiff Greets Journalists One by One
Pontiff Greets New Leader of Ukrainian Church. Ecumenical Hopes Mark Beginning of Archbishop Schevchuk
Pontiff Greets New Serbian Orthodox Leader Assures Patriarch Irinej of His Prayers
Pontiff Greets Students From Conflict Zones
Pontiff Hails Cardinal's Service to Church. Prelate Marks 25 Years in Episcopate
Pontiff Hails Dialogue in Lebanon. Says Nation Called to Be a Sign of Peaceful Coexistence
Pontiff Hails Example of Beatified Italian Youth
Pontiff Hails Example of St. Francis
Pontiff Hails Mary as Mother and Teacher
Pontiff Has Big Hopes for Family Meeting. Says Transmission of Faith to Youth Is Key
Pontiff Highlighted Best of US, Says Aide. Spokesman Thinks Objectives of Trip Were Met
Pontiff Highlights Mary's Hope in God. Even in Darkness, Christ Never Abandons Us
Pontiff Highlights Other Aspects of Pius XII. Says His Many Writings Are Weighty and Relevant
Pontiff Highlights St. Paul's Lenten Example. Says Grace Was Leaven of Spiritual and Geographical Journey
Pontiff Hopes Fatima Event Increases Charity
Pontiff Hopes Marathon Can Aid Peace
Pontiff in Benin: Don't Neglect the Past to Build Future. Says Virtue Must Guide Transition to Modernity
Pontiff Invites Couples to Learn From Nazareth
Pontiff Invites Students to Consider What Christmas Is About. Notes Reason for Hope in Future, Courage in Present
Pontiff Joins Religious Leaders in Peace Appeal. Calls for Protecting Children from Fanaticism and Violence
Pontiff Laments Metro Accident in Rome
Pontiff Lauds Aid for Agriculture. Notes Key Role Rural Population Plays in Society
Pontiff Lauds Artisans Confederation
Pontiff Lauds Efforts to End Death Penalty. Notes Human Dignity of Prisoners
Pontiff Lauds Example of Malta Ex-President. Guido de Marco Dead at 79
Pontiff Lauds Internet's Benefits for Seminarians. Asserts Central Role of Theology in Education
Pontiff Lauds Taizé Founder's "Ecumenism of Holiness" Papal Message Marks Anniversary of Foundation, Murder
Pontiff Leads Eucharistic Procession. Says Jesus Knocks at the Door of Human Hearts
Pontiff Links Christ's Baptism and the Cross. Says Immersion in Jordan Was Beginning of Taking on Humanity's Sin
Pontiff Links Evangelization and True Peace. Says October is Missionary Month
Pontiff Links Leprosy to Poverty
Pontiff Links Missionaries' Work to Love. Gives Address on World Mission Sunday
Pontiff Links Peace With Respect for Women
Pontiff Lists 3 Principles for Christians in Politics: Defense of Life; Recognition of the Family; Freedom of Education
Pontiff Looks for More Fruits in Unity Dialogue. Catholics, Lutherans Mark a 10th Anniversary, Look to a 500th
Pontiff Looks Forward to Malta Visit. Invokes Prayers of St. George Preca
Pontiff Makes Appeal for Congo. High-Level Meeting at UN Considers Solutions for Conflict-Plagued Region
Pontiff Makes Appeal for Horn of Africa
Pontiff Makes Special Appeal for Lebanon. Echoes Fears Expressed by Maronites
Pontiff Marks Anniversary of Battle of Britain. Calls Nazis a Force of an "Evil Ideology"
Pontiff Marks World Refugee Day
Pontiff Meets Politician-Philosopher
Pontiff Meets With Neocatechumenal Way Initiators. Strategies Discussed to Evangelize Europe
Pontiff Meets With President of Italian Senate
Pontiff Meets With Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Discuss Church's Contribution to Development of Peoples and Environmental Protection
Pontiff Meets With Serbian President. Also Converses With Czech Prime Minister
Pontiff Mourns Cardinal Ambrozic
Pontiff Mourns Cardinal Ghattas
Pontiff Mourns Cardinal Saldarini
Pontiff Mourns Children Shot in Brazil School
Pontiff Mourns for 65 Mexican Miners
Pontiff Mourns Former Philadelphia Prelate, Cardinal Bevilacqua. Notes His Care for Immigrants
Pontiff Mourns Madagascar Cardinal
Pontiff Mourns Murder of 4 Missionaries in Africa Highlights Faithful Witness to the Gospel
Pontiff Mourns Polish Bus Crash Victims
Pontiff Mourns Victims of Capsized Ferry
Pontiff Mourns Victims of Red Sea Shipwreck
Pontiff Mourns Victims of Train Explosion
Pontiff Not Concerned by Pre-Trip Polemics. Notes Point of Union for Anglicans and Catholics
Pontiff Notes 40th Anniversary of European Bishops' Group And Voices Hope for East-West Communion
Pontiff Notes a Catholic-Lutheran "Togetherness" Points to Future of Hope, Despite Difficulties
Pontiff Notes a Milestone for Vatican Radio
Pontiff Notes Fundamental Need in Mideast Conflict. Reiterates Right to Homeland
Pontiff Notes Hope in Recently Founded Churches. Says Church Is Born of Mission and Grows With Mission
Pontiff Notes Hopeful Element in 'To Dust You Shall Return'. Says Through That 'Dust,' God Became Unthinkably Near By Kathleen Naab
Pontiff Notes Hopes for Charismatic Renewal
Pontiff Notes How Caritas Is Distinctive. Speaks of Responsibilities That Come With Acting in the Name of the Church
Pontiff Notes How Protecting Dignity Gives Peace. Reflects on Milestones in Germany
Pontiff Notes Mary's Help in Believing
Pontiff Notes Mary's Help in Believing
Pontiff Notes Saint's Light in Trying Times. Cardinal, Clerks Regular Remember Giovanni Leonardi
Pontiff Notes Sri Lanka's Ordeal. Priests in Jaffna Peninsula Send an SOS
Pontiff Notes Vocational Renewal Through Retreat. Cardinal Reflects on Preaching Meditations to Pope
Pontiff Notes What's New in New Commandment. Celebrates Mass in Turin
Pontiff Offers a Way to Grow in Love for Jesus
Pontiff Offers Cardinal Stepinac As Model of Fortitude. Says Blessed Was Ready to Die Before He Would Betray Christ
Pontiff Offers Curé d'Ars as Model for Laity Says Priest Loved the Poor
Pontiff Offers Example of Simon and Jude
Pontiff Offers Example of St. John Bosco
Pontiff Offers Key for New Evangelization
Pontiff Offers Key for Promoting Vocations. Says Faithful Witness Prompts Youth to Answer Call
Pontiff Offers More Than Good Luck in '09. Says Hope Is Anchored by Christian Faith
Pontiff Offers St. Paul as Model for Consecrated. Highlights His Practice of Evangelical Counsels
Pontiff Offers St. Stephen as Model of Scripture-Centered Prayer. Says We Should Make 'Real Contact' With God, With the 'Abandonment of Children' By Kathleen Naab
Pontiff Offers Youth a Counter-Current Invitation. Reflects on His Message for World Youth Day
Pontiff Officially Confirms Trip to Brazil in July. Pope Francis to Attend World Youth Day in Rio De Janeiro
Pontiff on Crisis of Faith, Abuse Scandal, AIDS. Excerpt From Book-Interview "Light of the World"
Pontiff Ordains 5 Bishops. Urges Priests to Be Faithful, Prudent, Good Servants
Pontiff Pays Tribute to a Favorite Composer
Pontiff Places Prayer at Center of Unity Efforts. Reflects on Characteristics of Early Christians
Pontiff Plans Full Schedule for Holy Week, Easter. Will Lead Vesper Service for Consecrated Life Day
Pontiff Pleas for Iraqi Christians' Safety. January Letter to Prime Minister Published
Pontiff Points to Church's Role in "Torn" Society. Notes Model of Society Rooted in Heaven
Pontiff Points to Example of Philip Neri
Pontiff Points to Thérčse's "Little Way"
Pontiff Points Up Church's Missionary Mark. In Address on Solemnity of Pentecost
Pontiff Praises Bankers Studying Encyclical
Pontiff Praises Cardinal Secretly Ordained Under Communism. Cardinal Ján Chryzostom Korec Marks 60 Years as a Bishop
Pontiff Praises Devotion to Mary of Guadalupe
Pontiff Praises Eastern Churches. Expresses Hope for Unity With Orthodox
Pontiff Praises Ecumenical Study of St. Augustine. Urges Symposium to Find Points of Convergence
Pontiff Praises Former Vatican Radio Director
Pontiff Praises Liberty in Mongolia. Speaks With Ambassador About 20 Years of Democracy
Pontiff Praises Newly Beatified Laywoman
Pontiff Praises Promoter of Faith-Reason Dialogue. Polish Priest Wins Templeton Prize
Pontiff Praises St. John Bosco as "Teacher of Life"
Pontiff Praises Wearing the Scapular. Asks Mother Mary to Wrap Us in Her Mantle
Pontiff Praises Work of Public Officials. Reminds Them of State's Role at Service of Citizens
Pontiff Praying for Kids on the Net
Pontiff Praying for Pirates' Captives. Meets With Families of the Kidnapped
Pontiff Praying for Quake-stricken Chile
Pontiff Prays at Jewish Memorial
Pontiff Prays Bhatti's Murder Will "Awaken" Consciences. Expresses Concern for Conflicts in Africa and Asia
Pontiff Prays for 2M Nigerian Flood Victims
Pontiff Prays for Authentic Social Progress
Pontiff Prays for Peace in Egypt. Underlines Shared Commitment for Common Good
Pontiff Prays for Polish Storm Victims
Pontiff Prays for Victims of Train-Bus Wreck in Argentina
Pontiff Prays for Victims of Valencia Accident
Pontiff Presents Mary as Road to Peace. During Homage to the Immaculate Conception
Pontiff Presents Testimony of 2 Holy Priests. Says Their Ministry Was Marked by Total Gift of Their Lives
Pontiff Presents Truth as a Path to Peace. In Address to Ambassadors Accredited to Holy See
Pontiff Promotes Authenticity of Life in Media. Theme Chosen for World Communications Day
Pontiff Promotes Clear Thinking in Holy Land. Says Muslims, Christians Should Cultivate "Potential of Human Reason"
Pontiff Promotes Corpus Christi Procession
Pontiff Proposes Cure for Selfishness. Says Eucharist Is Able to Bring the World to God
Pontiff Proposes Example of Padre Pio
Pontiff Proposes Silence for Communicators. World Communications Day Message Announced
Pontiff Proposes St. Francis as Model for Youth
Pontiff Puts Forth Question of Unity to Faithful. Pope Asks If We're Guilty of Obscuring the Lord's Mission
Pontiff Puts World in Mary's Hands. Visits Our Lady of the Rosary in Pompeii
Pontiff Rallies Australian Families. Calls for Deepening of Affection in "Family of God"
Pontiff Reaches out to Priests and Seminarians Vatican Newspaper Underlines Pope's Pastoral Role
Pontiff Recalls "Memorable" Days in Portugal. Affirms Church's Mission to Transform Hearts
Pontiff Recalls 25 Years of World Youth Day Cross. San Lorenzo Center Celebrates Anniversary of Gift
Pontiff Recalls Flood Victims. Disasters in Australia, Brazil, Philippines and Sri Lanka
Pontiff Recalls Key Ecumenical Events of '06
Pontiff Recalls Religions' Duty to Promote Peace
Pontiff Receives Costa Rican President
Pontiff Receives Lutheran Delegation From Finland
Pontiff Recognizes Heroic Virtue of 14. 2 Laywomen and American Priest on List
Pontiff Recommends Daily Rosary
Pontiff Recommends Mentors for Young Priests. Urges Clergy to Keep Pursuing Lost Sheep
Pontiff Recruits Youth for Red Cross
Pontiff Reflects on a Pillar of Franciscan History. Notes Contribution of St. Anthony of Padua
Pontiff Reflects on August Riots in London. Says Moral Relativism Leads to Frustration, Disregard for Life
Pontiff Reflects on True Adoration of God. Says Purifying Fire Recreates Our Hearts
Pontiff Relives Christ's Passion and Death. Offers Reflection at End of Good Friday Via Crucis
Pontiff Remembers "Small but Fervent" Gaza Parish. Notes Hope That Israelis, Palestinians Will Listen to One Another
Pontiff Remembers Cardinal Martini as Man of God. Says He Not Only Studied Bible But 'Loved It Intensely'
Pontiff Remembers Famine in Soviet Ukraine. Notes 70th Anniversary of Vatican Radio's Polish Section
Pontiff Remembers Joy of Last Year's Trip to Barcelona
Pontiff Remembers Mary Debate at Vatican II. Says Ways of Truth, Beauty and Love Needed to Study Our Lady
Pontiff Reminds Students of Marian Vigil
Pontiff Reports That Africa Has a Freshness of Hope. Dedicates General Audience to Benin Trip
Pontiff Reproaches Scientific Arrogance. Says Work Often Not Focused on Good of Humanity
Pontiff Requests Aid for Contemplative Religious Affirms Value of Prayer from Cloisters
Pontiff Requests Formation for Chinese Catholics. Commission Deplores Arrest of Bishop Jia Zhiguo
Pontiff Requests Prayer for Fulfillment of Mission. Says Rome's Primacy Protects Unity and Diversity in Church
Pontiff Requests Prayers for Peace in Jerusalem. Encourages Pilgrims to Visit Holy Land
Pontiff Respects Islam, Says Spokesman
Pontiff Says Behind Creation, 'There Is a Heart'
Pontiff Says Children Bear the Face of God. Brings Gifts to Pediatric Unit at Polyclinic
Pontiff Says Children Bear the Face of God. Brings Gifts to Pediatric Unit at Polyclinic
Pontiff Says Christ's Tunic an Image of Church Unity. Sends Message for Pilgrims Visiting German Cathedral Where Robe Is Displayed
Pontiff Says Contemplatives Give Breath to World. Calls Communities a "Spiritual Lung"
Pontiff Says He Heads to US as a Missionary
Pontiff Says History Proving Worth of Paul VI. Letter Marks 30th Anniversary of His Death
Pontiff Says Mother Teresa "Invaluable" for World. Sends Message to Missionaries for Her 100th Birthday
Pontiff Says People Aren't Governed by the Stars. Reiterates Galileo's Thought on Cosmos
Pontiff Says Region of Sarajevo Can Become Symbol of Unity. Encourages 'Learning the Lessons of History,' But Remembering God 'Gives Us the Present and the Future'
Pontiff Says the Crib Reflects Culture and Art Too
Pontiff Says Visit Aided Catholic-Orthodox Ties
Pontiff Says Word of God Is Church's Priority. Affirms Scripture Is Key for Evangelization
Pontiff Says World Stability "Fragile" Shares '08 Outlook With Diplomatic Corps
Pontiff Sees First Communion as Key Step. Greets Children and Mothers
Pontiff Sees Hellenistic Roots as Key for Europe. Tells Greek Envoy of Hopes for Renewal During Pauline Year
Pontiff Sees Martyrs as "Hope for the World". Says They Show That Love Is Stronger Than Hate
Pontiff Sees Media as Vital for the Gospel
Pontiff Sees Values as Key for European Integration
Pontiff Sees Vatican-Syria Relations Progressing
Pontiff Sending Envoys to 7 Pauline Spots. Ready Closing of Jubilee Year
Pontiff Sends $200,000 to Peru
Pontiff Sends Birthday Greetings to 104-Year-Old Nun. Recalls Meeting Her During Madrid Trip
Pontiff Sends Christmas Note to Gypsy Children
Pontiff Sends Condolences for Sheikh Tantawy Affirms Partnership in Catholic-Muslim Dialogue
Pontiff Sends Easter Greetings to Eastern Churches. Offers Prayers for UN Conference on Racism and Intolerance
Pontiff Sends Greeting to Catholic Media Convention. Says New Media Has "Extraordinary Potential" for Evangelization
Pontiff Sends Greeting to Orthodox Meeting in Bose. Notes Hope for Renewed Commitment to Communion
Pontiff Sends Greetings to Beatification of Spanish Bishop. Says 17th-Century Prelate Was "Defender of the Indians"
Pontiff Sends Greetings to Eastern Christians
Pontiff Sends Greetings to Italy's Eucharistic Congress. He Will Travel to Ancona for Closing Mass Next Sunday
Pontiff Sends Message to Far East's Oldest University. Pontifical University of Santo Tomas Marks 400 Years
Pontiff Sends Message to Filipino Flood Victims. Urges Dutch Envoy to Uphold Family Values
Pontiff Sends Message to Funeral of Italian Physicist. Cabibbo Was President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Pontiff Sends Message to Rimini Meeting. 30th Year for Communion and Liberation Event
Pontiff Sends Message to Santo Domingo Book Fair. Holy See Is Guest of Honor at Cultural Event
Pontiff Sends Money to Bolivia
Pontiff Sends More Aid to Famine-Struck Africa
Pontiff Set Clear Goals for Aparecida Conference. Aide Comments on Inaugural Homily
Pontiff Shares Joy at "Eucharistic Springtime". Reflects on St. Juliana, Promoter of Corpus Christi Feast
Pontiff Shares Sorrows of Mideast Christians. Addresses Members of Order of the Holy Sepulcher
Pontiff Speaks for Monogamous Marriage. Addresses Visiting Bishops From Ghana
Pontiff Speaks of the "Today" of the Paschal Mystery. Reflects on the Last Supper During Mass at St. John Lateran
Pontiff Speaks of Threats to Fulfillment. Invites Faithful to Allow Christ to Enlighten Life
Pontiff Speaks to Children of Catholic Action "Jesus Sees You and Hears You, Even Though You Are Little"
Pontiff Speaks to Muslims of Love for God, Neighbor. Visits Site Dear to 3 Monotheistic Religions
Pontiff Speaks Up on Behalf of Children. Exhorts: "Let Us Care for Our Little Ones"
Pontiff Stands Up for Persecuted Christians. Says Christianity Is Religion of Peace
Pontiff Still Praying for Haiti. Nuncio Says Reconstruction 9 Months Post-Quake Is Yet to Begin
Pontiff Stresses Importance of Coptic Patriarch's Election. Gives 'Ecclesiastica Communio' to Bishop Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak
Pontiff Stresses Importance of Faith. Urges Doing God's Will With Humility
Pontiff Stresses Need for Love in Mission Work
Pontiff Stresses Urgent Need for Religious Freedom. Decries Extremes of Secularism, Fundamentalism
Pontiff Suggests Sobriety in 1st Communion Celebrations. Says They Are a Feast of Faith
Pontiff Supports Mexicans in Flu Fight. Says Our Lady of Guadalupe Will Help
Pontiff Takes Message of Charity, Humility to Spain. Father Lombardi Reflects on 2-Day Visit
Pontiff Tells Europe: God Is Not the Enemy. Urges Continent to Meet Christ Without Fear
Pontiff Tells Muslims Religion Must Unveil Reason. Encourages Cooperation in Building Civilization of Love
Pontiff Tells Poles to Do As Christ Says
Pontiff Tells Why He's Reaching Out to Lefebvrists. Points to Unity as "Explicit Duty" of a Pastor
Pontiff Thankful for Vatican II. Marks 40th Anniversary of Its Close
Pontiff Thanks Bishops for Welcoming Refugees. Meets With West African Prelates
Pontiff Thanks Family Meeting Organizers
Pontiff Thanks Holy Land Faithful for "Gracious Hospitality" Hopes More Christians Will Soon Be Able to Visit
Pontiff Thanks Priests in Stormy Times. Receives in Audience Belgian Bishops
Pontiff Thanks Retreat Director. Says He Taught Listeners to Elevate Their Hearts
Pontiff Thanks St. Peter's Guardian Angels. Expresses Gratitude to Security Personnel
Pontiff Thanks UN Staff. Says They Are "Microcosm of the Whole World"
Pontiff to Address Church-State Separation. Spokesman Says Most Likely Upon Arrival
Pontiff to Answer on TV Questions About Jesus. Public Invited to Submit Inquiries
Pontiff to Attend Interreligious Meeting
Pontiff to Children: Approach Christ Without Fear Tells Them That Jesus Is Glad to Hear From Them
Pontiff to Consecrated: Be Listeners of the Word. Reflects on Role of Simeon and Anna at Christ's Presentation
Pontiff to Future Priests: Christianity Is a Gift. Visits Seminarians of Rome, Delivers "Lectio Divina" By Mirko Testa
Pontiff to Guatemala: Say No to Corruption. Receives New Ambassador in Audience
Pontiff to Mark Feast of Guadalupe With Special Mass. Gesture of Solidarity for Peoples of Latin America
Pontiff to Mideast Christians: You Are Not Alone. Says They Are Always Accompanied by the Church
Pontiff to Present Town With Bronze Column. Plans to Visit Velletri on Sunday
Pontiff to Proclaim Gaudi's Church a Basilica Cardinal Reveals Details of November Visit
Pontiff to Remember Gaza on Holy Thursday
Pontiff to Stay With Benedictines in Săo Paulo
Pontiff to Vacation in Veneto Region
Pontiff to Visit Shrines in Genoa, Savona. Schedule Released for May 17-18 Trip
Pontiff Underlines Christian Roots of Wales. Blesses St. David Mosaic
Pontiff Urges "Constructive Dialogue" in Ivory Coast
Pontiff Urges "Deep Examination" in Ireland. Prelates Meet With Him About Abuse Cases
Pontiff Urges African Church to Have Courage. Calls for a New Evangelization of the Continent
Pontiff Urges Aid for Cyclone-stricken Bangladesh
Pontiff Urges All to Do Their Part. Says Self-interest Will Lead to World's Demise
Pontiff Urges Bishops to Welcome New Movements
Pontiff Urges Calabria to Turn to Mary. Visits Italian Region Plagued With Crime, Unemployment
Pontiff Urges Care for Terminally Ill. On World Day of the Sick
Pontiff Urges Chaplains to Show Inmates God's Mercy. Address to Congress on Pastoral Prison Care
Pontiff Urges Christians to Defend Hope. Says This Is a Proclamation of the Faith
Pontiff Urges Cooperation in Evangelization
Pontiff Urges Dialogue Between 2 Koreas
Pontiff Urges Fairness in Resolving Mideast Conflict. Greets Palestinian Leader Mahmud Abbas
Pontiff Urges Families to Trust God
Pontiff Urges Fearless Response to Church's Call. Says Sanctity Is Possible Today
Pontiff Urges G8 to Focus on Poverty
Pontiff Urges Greater Commitment to Mentally Ill
Pontiff Urges Help for Cholera Victims in Haiti
Pontiff Urges Lebanese to Focus on Common Good
Pontiff Urges Lebanese to Shun Violence. Cautions About "Irreparable Damage" to Nation
Pontiff Urges Meekness in Face of Violence
Pontiff Urges Mexico to Be Open to God's Love
Pontiff Urges More Religious Liberty in Ecuador. Hopes Government Will Respect Church's Social Doctrine
Pontiff Urges Negotiation in Gaza Crisis
Pontiff Urges New Vision of Modern Economy. Without Orientation to Common Good, No Path to Progress
Pontiff Urges Norway to Promote Religious Freedom. Lauds Nation's International Peacemaking Efforts
Pontiff Urges Peace in Somalia
Pontiff Urges Positive Role in Coexistence
Pontiff Urges Practicing What You Preach. Says Laity Need to Be Coherent When It Comes to Politics
Pontiff Urges Prayer for Annapolis Meeting
Pontiff Urges Recovery of Values to Battle Hunger
Pontiff Urges Reign of Christ in Hearts. Says That's How to Spread Jesus' Kingship in World
Pontiff Urges Respect for Spiritual Needs. Focuses on Education as Key to Development
Pontiff Urges Sick to Pray for "Prisoners of Evil"
Pontiff Urges Solidarity With Tuberculosis Victims
Pontiff Urges Spouses to Build Up the Church
Pontiff Urges State to Support Families. Encourages Solidarity Through Education of Youth
Pontiff Urges Youth to Build True Peace. Says Path Is the One Marked by Christ
Pontiff Visits Memorial of Italian Nazi Victims. Calls Massacre of 335 Citizens an "Offense Against God"
Pontiff Voices Concern Over Marginalized Religion. Notes Paradox of Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Christian Agenda
Pontiff Wants Families to Start Preparing 2012 Event. Recommends Initiatives Based on "Familiaris Consortio"
Pontiff Wants Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy. Calls Disarmament an Urgent Task
Pontiff Warns Against Danger of Spiritual Pillage. Greets New Recruits for Swiss Guard
Pontiff Warns Against Getting Used to War Fatalities. Laments World's Numerous Deadly Conflicts
Pontiff Warns of Temptation to Make God "Comprehensible" Says Moses' Prayer Shows True Divine Nature
Pontiff Warns of Truth-Falsehood Mix-Up. Encourages Catholic Press to Follow Truth
Pontiff Warns San Marino of Losing Values. Urges Preservation of Christian "Patrimony"
Pontiff Warns Scots of Self-Destructive "Jungle" Calls on Faithful to Defend Religion's Contribution
Pontiff Warns That Technical Efficiency Can Dazzle Us. Stresses That Man Has to Remember Question of Meaning By Junno Arocho
Pontiff Welcomes Visitationists to Cloister. Nuns Lend Prayerful Support to Pope By Jesús Colina
Pontiff Will Consecrate Youth to Sacred Heart
Pontiff Wishes the East a Happy New Year
Pontiff Wishes the Sick a Serene Christmas
Pontiff Worries About Mideast Christians
Pontiff Writes Lutheran Group on 60th Anniversary
Pontiff's Address at Caritas Baby Hospital "Innocent Children Deserve a Safe Haven"
Pontiff's Address at End of Lenten Retreat "Only in the 'We' of the Church Can We Truly Hear the Word"
Pontiff's Address at White House "Faith Sheds New Light on All Things"
Pontiff's Address to Bishops of Angola and Săo Tomé. "Your Nations Have So Many Vibrant Communities of Faith"
Pontiff's Address to Jesuits "A Precious Spiritual Legacy That Must Not Be Lost"
Pontiff's Birthday Takes on Ecumenical Tone
Pontiff's Book a Gift, Aide Says
Pontiff's Book on Christ Marks Many Firsts. Scholars Discuss Novelties of "Jesus of Nazareth" By Anna Maria Basquez
Pontiff's Doctor Reflects on His Service to Church. Says Job Is a Dream Come True
Pontiff's Farewell Address to the Holy Land "This Land Is Indeed a Fertile Ground for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue"
Pontiff's Holidays Confirmed for July 13-29
Pontiff's Homily at Mass in Brno "The Human Being Is Free and His Freedom Remains Fragile"
Pontiff's Homily at St. Pio of Pietrelcina Church "God Never Annuls That Which Is Human, but He Transforms It"
Pontiff's Homily to First Communicants and Others
Pontiff's Israel Trip Seen as "Courageous" Vatican Spokesman Explains Context
Pontiff's Message for Vocation Prayer Day. "Faith in the Divine Initiative -- the Human Response"
Pontiff's New Book to Be Presented to Roman Diocese
Pontiff's Piazza di Spagna Address. Mary Immaculate: "Sign of Sure Hope and Consolation"
Pontiff's Prayer at Madonna della Quercia Shrine. "Keep Firm the Unity of Our Families"
Pontiff's Prayer Has "Back to School" Focus. September Intention: That Teachers Can Instill Love of Truth
Pontiff's Program for Africa Trip. Will Visit Cameroon and Angola
Pontiff's Reflection on St. Joseph at Vesper Service "To Be a Father Means Above All to Be at the Service of Life and Growth"
Pontiff's Secretary of State Launches Marian Jubilee Year. Cardinal Bertone Celebrates Solemn Mass at Marian Shrine
Pontiff's Words After Concert of Chinese Musical Groups "Music Expresses Universal Human Sentiments"
Pontiff's Words at Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger Centre "Christ Himself Is Close to All Who Suffer"
Pontiff's Words at Latin Patriarchate Co-Cathedral. I Give Thanks for "the Hidden Apostolate of the Contemplatives Who Are Present Here"
Pontiff: "Violence and Hate Are Always Defeat" Reiterates Closeness to Libya, Ivory Coast
Pontiff: Africa Is Continent of the Future and Hope for the Church. Encourages Work of John Paul II Foundation for the Sahel
Pontiff: Alexandrian Prelate Aided Monasticism. Says Athanasius' "Best Seller" Was Key for Movement's Growth
Pontiff: Anti-Christian Attacks Hurt All Iraqis. Sends Message in Wake of Blasts at Churches in Kirkuk
Pontiff: Avoid Bias Against AIDS Patients
Pontiff: Be More Radical in Following Christ Calls Saying Yes to God a "Beautiful Experience"
Pontiff: Bioethics Needs Natural Law. Stresses God's Unique Love for Each Person
Pontiff: Bishop's Murder Not Political. Talks Ecumenism, Peace With Journalists
Pontiff: Christ's Yoke Is Sweet But Demanding. 41 Archbishops Receive Symbol of Union With Peter
Pontiff: Christmas a Feast of Restored Creation. Midnight Mass Homily Has Ecological Theme
Pontiff: Church Has Key to Halt STDs. Addresses New Ambassador From Namibia
Pontiff: Church Needs Holy Priests. Opens Yearlong Celebration of Priesthood
Pontiff: Church Trusts in Man's Heart, Mind. Says Showing This Trust Is Key Mission
Pontiff: Church Will Never Sink. Reflects on Symbolism of Easter Vigil
Pontiff: Church-State Relations Face a Certain "Tension". Receives in Audience New Envoy From Austria
Pontiff: Communism Left Legacy of Distrust. Invites Hungarian Bishops to Show Church as Mother
Pontiff: Diplomats Need Christ's Friendship
Pontiff: Don't Forget the Gospel When Packing for Vacation. Says Holidays Are Time to Live Relationships in a New Way
Pontiff: Eucharist Can Become Love Lived Daily. Urges Attention to Mystery to Transform World
Pontiff: Evolution Does Not Exclude a Creator. Says Acknowledging God Will Help Youth Find Meaning
Pontiff: Fidelity Is Source of Joy
Pontiff: Find Life's Meaning Through Prayer. Says Risen Christ Illuminates Daily Routine
Pontiff: Get Ready for Fruits of Year for Priests. Points to Witness of Polish Martyr and St. John Vianney
Pontiff: God Is Visible; We Must Learn to See Him. Reflects on Germanus, a Saint Who Defended Icons
Pontiff: God Never Ceases to Call Vocations. Urges Church to Pray Continuously and With Trust
Pontiff: God-With-Us Is Secret of Joy in Pain. Reflects on Christian Rejoicing as Fruit of Incarnation
Pontiff: Gospel Is Not an Ideology. Says Christians Are Obliged to Remind Europe of Roots
Pontiff: Gospel Requires Sensitivity for Migrants. Recalls How Jesus Himself Was a Refugee
Pontiff: Italy's Green Day "Significant"
Pontiff: Knowledge of the Person Beyond Science. Tells Researchers Progress Should Be Progress of Love
Pontiff: Let Christ Have Input in Daily Schedule
Pontiff: Mideast Christians Are Citizens, Not Strangers. Urges Aid Agencies to Help Eastern Faithful Remain in Homeland
Pontiff: Mideast Proves Armed Conflict Gains Nothing
Pontiff: Missionary Bishops Have a Teacher in Paul. Says Apostle Shared in Same Sufferings
Pontiff: Peace Is About More Than Avoiding War Receives Presidents of Chile and Argentina
Pontiff: Peace Requires Prayer and Work. Sends Greeting to International Meeting in Cyprus
Pontiff: Populorum Progressio Foundation a Model. Praises Organization's Method of Work
Pontiff: Presence of Christ Needed. Encourages Devotion to Sacred Heart
Pontiff: Priests Are Called to Abide in God. Says Clergy Find Content of Authentic Mission in Prayer
Pontiff: Priests Need Solid Formation
Pontiff: Proclaiming the Gospel a Priority for Bishops. Urges Prelates of India to Promote Scripture
Pontiff: Respect God, Respect Nature. Offers Reflection on Protecting Environment
Pontiff: Retreatants Learned Again What Priesthood Is. Pope Thanks Cardinal Vanhoye for Spiritual Exercises
Pontiff: Saints Know They Are Sinners. Reflects on Need to Accept Love of God
Pontiff: Say "Yes" to God's Plan. Reflects on Attitude of Mary, Mother of Christ
Pontiff: Schools Should Complement Families. Notes Both Catholic and Public Institutions Have This Role
Pontiff: Synod to Renew Communion in the Mideast. Stresses Need for Catholic Witness in Holy Land
Pontiff: Synod to Tell World That God Is Not Dead. Says Church's 1st Task Is to Be Nourished by Scripture
Pontiff: To See the Star, One Needs Humility. Urges Faithful to Pray for "Wise and Innocent Heart"
Pontiff: Violence Is Never the Solution Decries Attacks Against Migrants, Christians
Pontiff: Visit With Brazilian Youth Was a Highlight
Pontiff: Workers Are Priority in Crisis
Pontiff: World Needs to Hear Africa's Voice. Urges Namibia to Contribute to Development
Pontifical Academy Follows John Paul II's Request International Conference Considers Christocentric Theme By Anita S. Bourdin
Pontifical Academy Hosts Aquinas Conference in US. Organizer Explains Goals and Context
Pontifical Academy Notes 7 Worrying Signs
Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Calls for Global Policies Against Social Exclusion
Pontifical Commission Accepts Traditionalist Group's Request for More Time. Dialogue Between Holy See and Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X Continues
Pontifical Commission for Protection of Minors Hears from Survivors
Pontifical Commission for Protection of Minors Meets. Says Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Will be Top Priority
Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State Passes New Law. Law Number XVIII Enacts Measures of Transparency, Supervision and Financial Information
Pontifical Council "Cor Unum" Sponsors Meeting on Syrian Relief Efforts. Call on International Community to Support Countries Receiving Refugees
Pontifical Council Announces International Day of Prayer Against Trafficking. Will Be Celebrated Feb. 8, Feast of St. Josephine Bakhita
Pontifical Council Calls for Equity in Trade. Hopes for Positive Results From G-8 Meeting
Pontifical Council Cor Unum Allocates $72 Million to Relief Organizations in Syria. Coordinating Efforts to Assist Those Suffering in Conflict
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue To Turn 50. Dicastery Celebrates Half a Century Promoting Message to 'Sheep' Outside the Fold
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue: Annual Meeting PCID-WCC
Pontifical Council for Migrants and Travelers Releases Message for World Tourism Day. Celebration Places Emphasis on Management of Water Resources
Pontifical Council for Migrants Sets Up Fund For Filipino Seafarers. Initial Contribution of $10,000 To Support Reconstruction Projects In Areas Affected by Typhoon
Pontifical Council for the Laity To Hold Seminar on the Dignity of Women. Event Coincides with 25th Anniversary of 'Mulieris Dignitatem'
Pontifical Council President: Old Age Is Not Decline of Life, But Its Synthesis. Statement Marks International Day of Older Persons
Pontifical Council Raises the Ante on Poverty. Applauds Debt Cancellation and Asks More Aid for Poor
Pontifical Councils Get New Members
Pontifical Household Announces Pope Francis' Schedule for August. General Audiences to Resume Sept. 4
Pontifical Household Preacher Speaks on Duty to Bring Peace. Says Jesus Not Only Asks Us to Be Peacemakers, But Tells Us How
Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies. Interview With Father M.A. Ayuso, New Rector
Pontifical Mission for Palestine Marks 60 Years
Pontifical Mission Societies Convene in Rome for Annual Assembly. Archbishop Protase Rugambwa Reminds Directors of Primary Work of Evangelization
Pontifical Mission Societies Report Losses in Haiti Camillians Confirm Hospital Is Running, Though Anesthesia Has Run Out
Pontifical Mission Society Supports 80,000 Seminarians
Pontifical Preacher Speaks on Christ Crucified
Pontifical Representatives and Apostolic Nuncios to Meet with Pope Francis. Year of Faith Event to Conclude with Concert in Vatican City
Pontifical Theological Academy Considers Vatican II Christology. Looks at Theology in Faith-Reason Dynamic By Antonio Gaspari
Pontifical University Hosts Congress on Vatican II. Professor Speaks About 'Gaudium et Spes' and Its Relevance Today By Ann Schneible
Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo to Open to Public This Month. Area Covers 55 Hectares in 'Castelli Romani'
Poor Are Seen as Victims of Climate Change. Bishops' Aid Asks Senate to Consider Plight of Weak
Poor Infant Inspires Aid for the Poor. Organizer Speaks of Sant'Egidio Family's Traditional Christmas Meal By Ann Schneible
Poor Nations in Pope's Prayers
Pope Thanks Media For Service To Holy See, Catholic Church
Pope "Astounded" at How Much He's Written. Exhibit Collects 600 Volumes in Dozens of Translations
Pope "Deeply Moved" by Death of Migrants Fleeing Libya
Pope "United in Prayer" With Victims of Nursing Home Fire in Quebec. 19 Confirmed Dead in Blaze in L'Isle Verte
Pope 'Very Moved' by Meeting With Abandoned Children. Makes Unscheduled Visit to Anak-Tnk Foundation Center in Manila
Pope (George Mary) Francis: How His Names Reveal His Vision. Reflecting the Father's Gaze
Pope Accepts Irish Prelate's Resignation. Bishop Murray of Limerick Steps Down Amid Scandal
Pope Accepts Resignation of Irish Bishop And Names Coadjutor for Hanoi
Pope Accepts Scranton Bishop's Resignation. Also Approves Retirement of Auxiliary
Pope Accepts Warsaw Prelate's Resignation. Archbishop Wielgus Had Collaborated With Communist Secret Police
Pope Accepts Zimbabwean Prelate's Resignation. Archbishop Says Attack Against Him Affects Church
Pope Acclaims Faith in Post-communist Lands. Urges Bishops to Keep Flame Alive
Pope Acclaims Jesuit Sophia University of Japan
Pope Acknowledges Being Moved by Synod. Shares Lunch and Laughs With Assembly
Pope Addresses 5 Disputed Questions in New Book. Cardinal Ouellet Presents Pontiff's "Jesus of Nazareth"
Pope Addresses Conference on ‘Mining for the Common Good’
Pope Addresses Families of the Precious Blood Meeting (Full Text)
Pope Addresses Latin American Jewish Congress. Encourages Continued Dialogue, Cooperation Between the Two Faiths By Junno Arocho
Pope Addresses Non-Believers in Open Letter to Italian Newspapers. Gives Personal Experience of Faith and Encounter with Christ
Pope Adjusts Curial Responsibilities. Seminary Oversight to Clergy Congregation; Catechesis to Evangelization Council
Pope Advises Formation Before Dialogue. Says Knowledge of One's Faith Takes Priority
Pope Advocates Values in Sports
Pope Affirms "Honor" of Addressing UK Parliament. Says Diversity Is Opportunity for Dialogue
Pope Affirms Closeness to Wounded Iraqi Christians. Sends Collaborator to Visit Survivors in Hospital
Pope Affirms Golden Rule of Islam, Christianity. Calls for Universal Protection of Human Rights
Pope Affirms Love is the Key to Knowledge of God. Urges Spiritual Battle Against Greed to Solve Economic Crisis
Pope Affirms Matteo Ricci's Love for Chinese. Sends Telegram for 400th Anniversary Celebration
Pope Affirms Need to Care for Our Common Home
Pope Affirms Richness of Living Diversity in Union. Receives in Audience Bishops of Syro-Malankara Church
Pope Affirms the Church Won't Abandon the Poor Recalls Christ's Identification With the Impoverished
Pope Aims Angelus Address at Young
Pope Aims to Pursue Dialogue With Other Civilizations
Pope and Armenian Seek to Surmount Schism
Pope and Burundi Leader Talk Human Rights. Benedict XVI Receives President Pierre Nkurunziza
Pope and Bush Likely to Discuss Iraq
Pope and Bush to Discuss Faith and Reason. US Envoy Comments on White House Statement
Pope and German Leaders Talk Ecumenism
Pope and Gordon Brown Meet About Development Aid. Sarah Brown Visits Sant'Egidio Community
Pope and Köhler Discuss Mideast and Africa
Pope and Polish PM Express Concerns Over Tensions in Eastern Europe. Look Forward to Papal Visit to Poland in 2016 for World Youth Day
Pope and Roman Curia Begin Spiritual Exercises
Pope and Russian Orthodox Official Meet
Pope and Students Pray Together Via Satellite. Benedict XVI Asks Youth to Be Builders of Unity
Pope Announces New Cardinals For February 22nd Consistory. Tells Newly Appointed Cardinals That Elevation is Not a Promotion, But a Service
Pope Announces Pre-Synodal Meeting of the XV Ordinary General Assembly
Pope Announces September Visit to Albania. Also Appeals for Peace and Reconciliation in Iraq
Pope Announces Special Mission to Assist Syrian Refugees. Cardinal Robert Sarah Sent to Lebanon to Assist in Humanitarian Efforts in the Region By Junno Arocho
Pope Announces the Creation of Six New Cardinals. Consistory to Be Held in November
Pope Announces Theme for 50th World Day of Peace
Pope Announces Visit to Marian Shrine in September. Pontiff's Birthplace Named After Madonna of Bonaria in Sardegna
Pope Answers Argentine Priest's Letter. Handwritten Note Requests Prayers
Pope Answers Seminarians (Part 1) "We Must Accept Our Frailty But Keep On Going"
Pope Answers Seminarians (Part 2) "A Day Without the Eucharist Is Incomplete"
Pope Answers the Question: ‘Can a Young Person be Holy?’
Pope Appeals for 'Negotiated Solution' to Middle East Conflicts. Prays for Persecuted Christians, Minorities in Syria and Iraq
Pope Appeals for Aid for African Nation
Pope Appeals for Aid to Indonesia and Benin. Both Countries Affected by Natural Disasters
Pope Appeals for Church's Legal Status in Turkey
Pope Appeals for End of Violence in Syria. No News on Release of Abducted Metropolitan Bishops
Pope Appeals for Fraternity, Justice, Peace. Receives in Audience Envoy From Benin
Pope Appeals for Peace as Geneva II Conference Begins. Calls for an End to Syrian Conflict that has "Caused So Much Suffering"
Pope Appeals for Peace Following Attacks in Nigeria. Says Violence Won't Solve Problems
Pope Appeals for Peace in Syria
Pope Appeals for Peace in the Holy Land. Stresses Prayer Needed to Overcome Evil and Resignation to Violence
Pope Appeals for Peace in Ukraine and Central African Republic. Highlights Unifying Power of Communication and a Recent Beatification
Pope Appeals For Peace in Ukraine. Calls For Support of Initiatives that Support Dialogue and Harmony
Pope Appeals for Peace in Ukraine. Reflects on Unity Among Christians During Angelus Address
Pope Appeals for Peace in Venezuela. Calls for National Reconciliation and Sincere Dialogue Between Government and Opposition
Pope Appeals For Victims of Religious Persecution. Says Death of St. Stephen Dissolves Fairy Tale Image of Christmas
Pope Applauds Efforts to Defend, Protect & Save Life, Even to the Point of Giving One’s Own…
Pope Appoints Bishop for Melkite Eparchy of Newton. Lebanese Priest to Lead Eparchy of Sydney
Pope Appoints Cardinals and Laity to New Council of the Economy. Vatican Says Appointments are "Key Step" to Improving Oversight of Finance, Administration
Pope Appoints Group of Cardinals to Advise on Church Governance. Will Also Study Plan for Revising Apostolic Constitution on Roman Curia
Pope Appoints New Bishop of Brentwood, England. Father Alan Williams Praised for His Hospitality, Thoughtfulness and Care
Pope Appoints New Members to IOR Commission
Pope Appoints New Patriarch of Venice. Calls on 58-Year-Old Genoa Native
Pope Appoints Scientists to Academy. Indian Astrophysicist and French Psychologist Join Group
Pope Approves Bishop for Greek-Catholic Romanian Church And New Archpriest for St. Mary Major
Pope Approves Cardinal Newman Miracle. Recognizes Martyrdom of Dachau Victim, Spanish Priests
Pope Approves Causes of Saints
Pope Approves Date and Theme of International Eucharist Congress. Event to Take Place in Cebu, Philippines in January 2016
Pope Approves Decrees for Saints’ Causes, Including 2 Laypeople
Pope Approves Decrees for Saints’ Causes, Including for Polish Layman
Pope Approves Promulgation of Decrees of Congregation for Causes of Saints
Pope Arrives in Sri Lanka, Gives Message of Respect for All. Says All Must Have a Voice in Process of Reconciliation
Pope Arrives to Freiburg to Pray, Proclaim the Gospel. Begins Busiest Day of Visit With Greeting in Town Plaza
Pope Asks Advice on Lefebvre, Islam, Retired Prelates. Meets Cardinals on Eve of Consistory
Pope Asks Austrian Bishops for Fidelity. Meets With Prelates to Discuss Doctrinal Issues
Pope Asks Catholics to Give a Soul to the Internet Warns Against Divisive Aspect of Digital World
Pope Asks Christian Politicians to Witness to the Faith
Pope Asks Concentration Camp Martyrs to Pray for Peace
Pope Asks Cuban Government to Make Good Friday a Holiday. Meets With Both Castro Brothers During Time on Island
Pope Asks Exorcists to Manifest Church's Love for Those Persecuted by Devil. International Association of Exorcists Meets in Rome
Pope Asks for More Commitment to Africa
Pope Asks for Prayer as He Starts Retreat Presents Lent as 40 Days of Spiritual Contest
POPE ASKS FOR PRAYERS DURING SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF THE CURIA. From Today Until March 3, No Public Activities for Benedict XVI
Pope Asks for Prayers for Jubilee for Priests
Pope Asks for Prayers for Synod on the Family. Reminds the Faithful that October is Month of the Holy Rosary
Pope Asks for Prayers for UK Trip. Takes 17th International Apostolic Journey
Pope Asks for Release of Iraqi Priest. Abducted at Gunpoint in Baghdad
Pope Asks for Release of Red Cross Workers
Pope Asks for Solution to Palestinian Issue. Speaks With Lebanese Leader About Mideast Christians
Pope Asks Foundation to Support Islamic Studies Interview With Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Chairman By Costantino Coros
Pope Asks G-8 Nations to Ease Scourge of Poverty
Pope Asks God's Consolation for Newtown Victims. Urges 'Acts of Peace' in This Advent
Pope Asks Himself and Priests: 'Are You Resolved To Be More United With the Lord Jesus?' In Chrism Mass Homily, Speaks Out Against Priests Seeking Women's Ordination
Pope Asks Holy Land Priests to Consider Their Response to Christ's Suffering. Says Whole Church Is Grateful for Their Work, Sustains Them With Prayer
Pope Asks Jews, Christians to Unite in Prayer
Pope Asks Journalists to Build Bridges of Peace. Greeted Each of the 76 Journalists on Papal Flight en Route to Cuba: "I thank you for all that you do in your work to build bridges: small bridges, but bridges nonetheless, that together all form the great
Pope Asks Mary to Help the Ill With Their Cross
Pope Asks Prayer for Armenian Patriarch Visit. Expresses Certainty That "Spirit of Friendship" Will Deepen
Pope Asks Prayer, Sacrifice for Missions
Pope Asks Prayers for John Paul II's Beatification
Pope Asks Prayers for Kenya
Pope Asks Prayers for Seafarers and Kin
Pope Asks Prayers of Former Students, Saying There's So Much Work to Do, It's Hard to Keep Up. Says Any Trip to Argentina Would Include Stops in Chile and Uruguay
Pope Asks Prayers to Halt the Hand of Terrorists. Following Deadly Attacks in Egyptian Resort Town
Pope Asks Rich to Hear Cry of Poor. Recalls Appeal Made by Paul VI
Pope Asks Spanish Priests to Take St. John of Avila as Model. Spaniard Will Soon Be Named Doctor of the Church By Junno Arocho
Pope Asks Teachers to Understand Their Students. Dedicates Justice and Peace Message to Youth
Pope Asks Two Minutes a Day Reading the Gospel
Pope Asks What Jesus' Prayer Means for Us. Invites the Faithful to "Open Windows to God's Heaven"
Pope Asks Youth: What are your Fears?
Pope Assails Violence Done in the Name of God. Laments Attacks on Places of Worship in Iraq and Nigeria
Pope Assures Earthquake Victims: God Is With Us. Encourages the Trust of Children Who Feel Loved, Safe
Pope Assures His Closeness to Victims of Italian Train Crash
Pope Assures Joplin Tornado Victims of Prayers. Twister Killed 122; Deadliest in US Since 1950
Pope Assures Moscow Bombing Victims of Prayers
Pope Assures Prayer for Victims of German Stampede
Pope Assures Prayers for Parents Whose Children Have Died. Urges Youth, Newlyweds and the Sick to Pray for Unity
Pope Assures Prayers for Trapped Chilean Miners
Pope Assures Prayers For Ukraine. Addresses Cardinals on Second Day of Consistory
Pope Assures Rome's Priests: I Will Remain Close to You in Prayer. Cardinal Vicar: "Your teaching was always received by your priests as a treasure"
Pope Assures Solidarity With Colombian Flood Victims. Nation Marks Day of Prayer for Victims of Violence
Pope Assures the Sick They're Building God's Kingdom
Pope at Angelus Exhorts Faithful to Let Jesus Cleanse Their Hearts. On International Women's Day, Says a World Where Women Are Marginalized Is Barren
Pope at Angelus Recognizes Group from ‘Rare Disease Day’
Pope at Angelus Speaks on Challenge of Loving One’s Enemies
Pope at Angelus: 'Do Not Be Afraid; Just Have Faith' Francis Says Believers Are to 'Touch' Christ Confident of His Saving Grace
Pope at Angelus: ‘God’s Dream’ for Man Is the Great Commandment
Pope at Angelus: Do We Have Our Priorities Straight?
Pope at Angelus: Does Your ‘Soil’ Bear Fruit?
Pope at Angelus: Don’t Just Speak, Act
Pope at Angelus: Jesus Can’t Distance Self From Sinners Any More Than a Doctor From the Sick
Pope at Angelus: Jesus’ Manifestation Symbolized by Light
Pope at Angelus: Let God Open Your Heart. Recalling 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Nagasaki Attacks, Says 'With War, One Always Loses!"
Pope at Angelus: Merciful, Tender Love Awaits Us
Pope at Angelus: Problems? Sins? Entrust to Jesus … Be Renewed
Pope at Angelus: the Path of Jesus Always Brings Us to Happiness. Urges Faithful to Have Attitude of Detachment From Worldly Things, Interior Freedom
Pope at Angelus: This Advent, Let’s Prepare the Way of the Lord
Pope at Angelus: We Can Become New Creatures
Pope at Angelus: Welcome the Lord’s Invitation to Follow Him
Pope at Angelus: ‘What If We Turned to Bible As We Do Our Cell Phone?’
Pope at Audience Warns Against Evil One Who Sows Discord Between People, Nations. But Says We Can Have Victory If We Remain in God's Love
Pope at Audience: Are You Suffering? Look to the Cross
Pope at Audience: As Sinners, We Are Called Daily to Conversion. Holy Father Warns Against Placing Ourselves at the Center
Pope at Audience: Family Members Who Help Sick Relatives Are Heroes. Reminds Faithful How Healing Was Priority for Jesus, Even on the Sabbath
Pope at Audience: Fear of God Reminds Us We Still Are Little Children. Says We Are Enveloped by Our Father's Warmth and Protection, Like a Child With His Daddy
Pope at Audience: Fidelity to Promises Is a Masterpiece of Humanity. While Reflecting on Matrimony, Says Fidelity Cannot Be Bought and Sold
Pope at Audience: For an Instant Pick-Me-Up, Call on Fortitude. Says It Empowers to Imitate the "Hidden Saints Among Us"
Pope at Audience: Give Food, Drink to Needy … But Donations Don’t Replace You
Pope at Audience: God Wants Us to Join Him in Paradise
Pope at Audience: Holy Land Pilgrimage Was a Gift to the Church. Reflects That Churches Pursue Path Toward Communion, Despite Open Wounds
Pope at Audience: Is Your Lamp Alight With the Oil of Faith? Says Christian Hope Is Expectation of Lord's Coming and Fulfilment of Saving Plan for Human Family
Pope at Audience: Never Lose Hope … Never
Pope at Audience: No Honor for Elderly Means No Future for Young People. Says It Is a Mortal Sin When Children Don't Visit Their Elderly Parents
Pope at Audience: Not Just How Much I Pray, But How I Pray
Pope at Audience: Piety, Not Pity. Gift of the Holy Spirit Arouses Gratitude, Praise
Pope at Audience: Prayers and Renewed Openness Needed to Overcome Divisions. Urges Faithful to Focus on What Unites Rather Than Divides, Seeking to Know and Love Jesus Better
Pope at Audience: Trust in God, He Knows Better Than We Do
Pope at Audience: Use Your God-Given Gifts. Urges Faithful to Use Charisms to Build Church, Promote Unity
Pope at Audience: We Are Not Orphans! Says the Church Is a Mother Who Always Nourishes Her Children, Defends Us From Evil
Pope at Audience: What Lies Ahead Is Not 'Annihilation,' But Fulfillment. Encourages Faithful to Think of Wonderful Realities That Await Us
Pope at Audience: Your First Name Is "I Am a Christian," Last Name "I Belong to the Church". Says Identity of All Christians Is One of Membership
Pope at Audience: ‘Come to the Party! The Wine Can’t Be Missed’
Pope at Audience: ‘If You Open Your Heart to Faith, the Doors of Heaven Will Open to You’
Pope at Audience: ‘Tears Can Generate Hope’
Pope at Audience: ‘With You Christ, I Can Always Hope’
Pope at Casa Santa Marta: Jesus Chose “Most Sinful of the Apostles”
Pope at Caserta: How to Inherit the Kingdom of God. Says Jesus' Closeness and Presence "Transforms Our Lives"
Pope at Chrism Mass: Homily Is Touchstone for Judging a Pastor’s Closeness
Pope at COMECE: Young Seek Hope
Pope at Corpus Christi: 'The Bread of Life Has Come Down to Us!' Says Jesus Shed His Blood So We Would Be Freed, Cleansed
Pope at Corpus Christi: The Only Food That Satisfies Is the Lord's. Don't Be Fooled Into Thinking "False, Material" Food Can Nourish, Pope Says
Pope at Easter Vigil Recommends 'Return to Galilee'. Develops Meaning of Angels' Command to the Women at the Tomb
Pope at Easter Vigil: ‘Break out of Routines’
Pope at Esplanade of the Mosques: May No-One Abuse The Name Of God For Violent Ends. Calls on Christians, Jews and Muslims to Go Out of Themselves, Be Docile to God's Call
Pope at General Audience Calls for Loosening of Purse Strings
Pope at General Audience: 'If Children Are Seen as a Burden, Something Is Wrong' Reflects on the Role of Children in the Family During General Audience
Pope at General Audience: 'War Is the Mother of All Poverty' Reflects on Sufferings Plaguing Families Around World Caused by Poverty
Pope at General Audience: ‘Let’s Remember All the Beautiful Things God Has Done for Us’
Pope at General Audience: Bishops, Priests and Deacons Are Called to Serve With Humility. Prays for Persecuted Christians Around the World
Pope at General Audience: Easter Triduum Gives Certainty We’ll Never Be Abandoned
Pope at General Audience: God Is Greater Than Humans’ ‘Evil,’ ‘Dirty’ Games
Pope at General Audience: God Waits to Embrace You
Pope at General Audience: I Brought a Message of Hope to Africa. Speaking Off-the-Cuff, Encourages Young People to Consider Being Missionaries
Pope at General Audience: Jesus Reminds Us How We Can Find True Happiness. Francis Also Prays for Victims of Earthquake in China, Peace in the Middle East
Pope at General Audience: Marriage Is Not the Ceremony, Dress, Flowers. Francis Says Spousal Covenant Enriches Church, But Its Deterioration, Disfigures
Pope at General Audience: No One Is Excluded From God’s Mercy
Pope at General Audience: Pray Always, Don’t Lose Heart
Pope at General Audience: The Key to Counsel Is Prayer. 'Squeeze It In,' Whether You Are on the Bus or the Street
Pope at General Audience: We Are All Sinners, So Don’t Be a Hypocrite
Pope at General Audience: We Are to Live Fully Our Original Calling to That Pure & Faithful Spousal Love Revealed in Jesus Christ’
Pope at General Audience: What Should We Do With Those People Who Bother Us?
Pope at General Audience: You Have an ‘Idol’? Take It and Throw It Out the Window
Pope at General Audience: ‘His Hope Pushes Us On, Doesn’t Disappoint’
Pope at General Audience: ‘I Saw the Beauty of the Church in Egypt’
Pope at General Audience: ‘Jesus Renders Every Believer a Servant of Mercy’
Pope at General Audience: ‘Let Lent Free Us From Our Slavery’
Pope at General Audience: ‘To Ignore the Poor Is to Despise God’
Pope at General Audience: ‘We Are Not Orphans’ ‘We Have Mary’
Pope at General Audience: “God Always Accompanies Us, Even When We Forget Him”
Pope at Jubilee Audience: Does My Life Show God’s Closeness?
Pope at Jubilee Audience: Mercy and Mission Are Closely Linked
Pope at Jubilee Audience: Mercy Without Works Is Dead
Pope at Jubilee Closure: ‘If You Give God a Chance…He Is Ready to Start Your Life Anew’
Pope at Last Jubilee Audience: ‘How Are Our Hearts?’
Pope at Mass: Advent Is a Time of Pacification
Pope at Morning Mass: Blood of Church Martyrs "Irrigates" the Church. Says There are More Martyrs Today Than in Early Centuries
Pope at Morning Mass: Delight in Treasures of Above. Says Christians Will Not Find Joy in Worldly Treasures
Pope at Morning Mass: Don’t Panic, God Is Greater Than Our Sins
Pope at Morning Mass: For Denouncing Worldliness, Good Consecrated Are Persecuted
Pope at Morning Mass: Imitate John The Baptist. Says Jesus' Cousin Is a Model for All Christians
Pope at Morning Mass: Who Do You Follow? Asks Whether You Turn to Jesus Who "Warms Hearts," Or To ''Those Consumed by Money, Power, Moralism"
Pope at Morning Mass: You Are Not God, Don't Judge. Says Judging Your Fellow Man Makes You a Hypocrite, Like the Devil
Pope at Penitential Service: ‘Without God, we Cannot Overcome Evil’
Pope at Pentecost Mass: Holy Spirit Makes Us God's Instruments. Christians Cannot Be "Mute" But Must Speak and Love Others, Pope Says
Pope at Regina Caeli: Holy Spirit Leads to Concord, Harmony, Peace. Warns Against Gossip and Envy
Pope at Santa Marta: “A Priest Must Look with the Eyes of Man and with the Eyes of God”
Pope at Santa Marta: “Either You Are with Jesus or You Are Against Jesus”
Pope at Santa Marta: “Spiritual Mediocrity” Lets “Educated Demons” Enter
Pope at Santa Marta: Contemplate the Virgin Mary at the Cross
Pope at Santa Marta: Jesus Renders Us Children of God. Says Without Christ, We Have No Identity
Pope at Santa Marta: Jesus’ Salvation Is Not Cosmetic, But Transformative
Pope at Santa Marta: Our Own Forces Are Weak, We Need God. Reminds Faithful That God Has the Power 'To Do What We Do Not Dare to Think or Ask'
Pope at Santa Marta: To Receive Jesus, Just Turn to the Gospel. Says Jesus Is There, So Buy a Pocket Gospel and Read it With an Open Heart
Pope at Santa Marta: We Are Not Animals, But God’s Children
Pope at Synagogue Proposes 3 Areas for Teamwork. Calls Jews, Christians to Unite in Defending God, Life, Family
Pope at UN in Africa: We Have a Choice: Either Improve or Destroy the Environment
Pope at Urbi et Orbi Address: "Jesus is the Salvation for Every Person" Prays for Those Suffering Due to Violence, Persecution and Sickness
Pope Authorizes Decrees for Saints’ Causes
Pope Backs Abstentions in Vote on Embryo Research. In an Address to Italian Bishops' Conference
Pope Backs Attacked Venezuelan Cardinal. Government Sympathizers Hit and Kicked Car
Pope Backs Foundation Promoting Legacy of Cardinal Martini. Marks 1st Anniversary of Milan Prelate's Death
Pope Backs Nuns' Work to Stop Human Trafficking. Conference Gathers Religious, Experts to Compare Notes
Pope Backs Palliative Care for the Terminally Ill
Pope Backs Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Particularly in Rome Diocese
Pope Backs Renewal in the Spirit Family Center
Pope Backs Search for Spiritual Moms for Priests. Lends His Support to Clergy Congregation
Pope Backs US Bishops' Concern About Religious Freedom. Calls for 'Articulate and Well-Formed' Laity Ready to Engage Culture
Pope Baptizes 27 Babies in Sistine Chapel (Full Text of Homily)
Pope Baptizes Muslim Journalist at Easter Vigil. Convert Says it Was a Beautiful Day By Jesús Colina
Pope Before Angelus Stresses ‘Double Healing’
Pope Before the Angelus: Jesus on the Road, with the Crowd
Pope Begins Audience Series on the Church. Says God Doesn't Tire of Us, Despite Our Resistance
Pope Begins Meetings on Ireland Abuse Scandals. Cardinal Bertone Stresses Need for Conversion
Pope Begins New Series of Catechesis on the Sacraments. Reflects on Baptism in First General Audience of 2014
Pope Benedict Address Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Urges Cooperation Between 'Worlds of Science and Faith' By Ann Schneible
Pope Benedict Addresses International Congress on "Ecclesia in America". Calls on Participants to Focus on Problems Due to Secularism
Pope Benedict Announces Next Congress to Take Place in the Philippines. Recorded Message Played at Closing Mass in Dublin By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Appoints New Archbishop of Portland. Bishop Alexander King Sample of Marquette to Succeed Archbishop John Vlazny
Pope Benedict Calls on Faithful to Trust in God. Sunday Readings Present Two Models of Faith Through Charity By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Calls On Prison Directors to Promote A 'More Genuine Justice'. Participants of Conference on Prison Administration Granted Audience with Pontiff By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Calls on Roman Rota to Safeguard Bonds of Matrimony. Addresses Tribunal on Opening of the Judicial Year Junno De Jesús Arocho Esteves
Pope Benedict Erects New Diocese in the Republic of Congo. Names Local Congolese Priest as Bishop
Pope Benedict Greets Pilgrims During New Year's Angelus Address. Calls on Faithful to Contemplate on the 'Prince of Peace' Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Meets With Members of Gendarmerie and Vatican Fire Department. Calls on Them to See Christ in All Pilgrims and Visitors of Vatican City
Pope Benedict Names Auxiliary Bishop For Atlanta. Also Names Bishop of Prince George, Canada
Pope Benedict Receives Ecumenical Delegation From Finland. Prays for Communion Among Christians on Eve of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Sends Message to Plenary Assembly of European Bishops. Emphasizes Importance of "Perennial Task of Evangelization" By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict Speaks on the Origins of Christ. Over 7,000 Pilgrims Attend First General Audience of the New Year Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Accepts Resignation of Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland. Prelate Decides Not To Attend Conclave So Focus May Be on Pontiff's Successor
Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Synod of Bishops. Highlights Importance of Passion for Announcing Christ to the World
Pope Benedict XVI Announces Resignation. See of Rome to Be Vacant on Feb. 28
Pope Benedict XVI Appoints New Bishop of Limerick. Dublin Priest to Fill Vacant Post Ann Schneible
Pope Benedict XVI Appoints New Cardinals to Roman Curia Posts. Five of the New Prelates of Last Year's Consistory Will Serve in Vatican Dicasteries
Pope Benedict XVI Baptizes 20 Infants on Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Emphasizes the Importance of Nourishing Faith Through the Sacraments Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Calls on Faithful to Discover 'The Knowledge of God'. Pontiff Continues Catecheses Series on Faith During General Audience By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Calls on Faithful to Look at the Example of St. John the Baptist. Addresses Thousands During Sunday Angelus
Pope Benedict XVI Commences Year of Faith in Saint Peter's Square. Year of Faith "linked harmoniously with the Churchs whole path over the last fifty years" says Pontiff By Ann Schneible
Pope Benedict XVI Congratulates His Holiness Tawadros II. Expresses Hope of Increased Dialogue Between Both Churches By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Congratulates Newly Elected Coptic Pope. Bishop Tawadros of Beheria Succeeds the late Pope Shenouda III
Pope Benedict XVI Expresses 'Sadness' At Death of Ghanaian President. Apostolic Nuncio of Ghana Delivers Message From Holy Father to Newly Sworn Leader By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI From Early Life Up To The Firsts Days Of His Papacy
Pope Benedict XVI Gives Exclusive Interview for Documentary. "Bells of Europe" Highlights the History between Christianity and Europe
Pope Benedict XVI Grants Plenary Indulgence to Faithful. Apostolic Penitentiary Issues Decree on Occasion of the Year of Faith By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Issues 'Motu Proprio' on Conclave Addresses Clarifications on Rules of Election for Next Roman Pontiff
Pope Benedict XVI Issues Decree for Saint Causes. The Servant of God Pope Paul VI Among Those Recognized For Heroic Virtue By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Launches Twitter Account. Pontiff Will Send Out First Tweet on December 12th By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Makes Donation to Earthquake Victims. Contribution Comes as Second Earthquake Strikes Northern Italy
Pope Benedict XVI Makes Pastoral Visit to Loreto. Entrusts Upcoming Synod of Bishops and Year of Faith to the Blessed Mother By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Meets With French Bishops During Ad Limina Pilgrimage. Exhorts French Prelates to Exercise the Prophetic Dimension of their Ministry
Pope Benedict XVI Meets With Italian President Prior to Concert. Discuss Important Events in Italy and Abroad
Pope Benedict XVI Meets with Prime Minister of Croatia. Dispute Regarding Monastery Property among Issues Discussed By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Names Bishops for Indianapolis. Archbishop Joseph Tobin of Vatican Curia to Head Archdiocese
Pope Benedict XVI Names New Bishop for Cloyne. Canon William Crean Named to Irish Diocese
Pope Benedict XVI Names Synod Fathers. Upcoming General Assembly To Focus on The New Evangelization By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Names Synod Fathers. Upcoming General Assembly To Focus on The New Evangelization By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI Not the First Pontiff to Resign Office. Church Historian Provides Context for Pope's Resignation
Pope Benedict XVI Releases Message for World Day of the Sick. Event To Take Place in February at Marian Shrine of Altotting Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI returned to the basilica and joined the procession of all the cardinal concelebrants.
Pope Benedict XVI Saddened Over Massacre in Houla. Urges Cooperation from International Community to End Violence in Syria
Pope Benedict XVI Sends Condolences to Patriarchate of Ethiopia. Pontiff Expresses Gratefulness for Abune Paulos' Interfaith Dialogue Initiatives
Pope Benedict XVI Sends Message to Gathering on Pastoral Care and Evangelization. Meeting in Colombia Focuses on Dignity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Pope Benedict XVI Sends Telegram to Pro-Life Pilgrims. Pilgrimage to Czestochowa Shrine Commemorates Prayer Initiative for the Unborn
Pope Benedict XVI Speaks on Personal Experience of Vatican II. Pontiff Meets with Clergy of Rome in Paul VI Hall
Pope Benedict XVI to Celebrate Vespers at Sistine Chapel. Celebration Commemorates 500th Anniversary of Ceiling Masterpiece
Pope Benedict XVI to Include Arabic Language to General Audience. Pontiff Wishes to Encourage Christians of the Middle East
Pope Benedict XVI to Visit House of the Verbites. Congregation Center Was Site of Historic Second Vatican Council Meeting
Pope Benedict XVI To Visit Loreto. Pontiff Will Visit Shrine Containing House of the Virgin Mary
Pope Benedict XVI: "It is Beautiful to Be Elderly" Pontiff Visits Home for the Elderly in Rome By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: 'Christianity and Monotheism is of Vibrant Relevance' Pontiff Addresses International Theological Commission By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: 'Contemplate on the Lordship of Christ'. Pontiff Addresses Faithful After Mass Celebrating Solemnity of Christ the King By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: 'Faith is Believing in God's Unfailing Love' Pontiff Continues Catechesis on Faith during General Audience By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: 'The Church Belongs to Christ'. Pontiff Speaks on Impending Retirement During General Audience
Pope Benedict XVI: Be Witnesses of Our Living Faith. Catechesis Series on Faith Focuses on Paths that Lead Man to God By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: Bear Witness to God's Love. Invites Young People to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro Next Year By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict XVI: Faith and Charity Each Require the Other. Pontiff Meets With Pro Petri Sede Association of Belgium
Pope Benedict XVI: St. Stephen is a "Model for the New Evangelization" Pontiff Calls on Faithful to Follow Example of First Martyr of the Faith Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict's Address After Concert Performance in His Honor. "This is the Strength of the Christian, Which Comes from the Death and Resurrection of Christ"
Pope Benedict's Address on Resignation From the See of Rome. "I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry"
Pope Benedict's Address to the General Assembly of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Charles Borromeo. "I thank the Lord for this Gift of your Fraternity"
Pope Benedict's Lenten Message Presented. Cardinal Robert Sarah Says Message Focuses on 'Compelling Relationship Between Faith and Charity"
Pope Benedict's Letter to Cardinal Ravasi. "The Successor of Peter and his Co-Workers are Called to Bear a Clear Witness of Faith to the Church and to the World"
Pope Benedict's Words After Receiving Honorary Doctorate in Castel Gandolfo "With his [Pope John Paul II's] brilliant example, he also showed us how the joy of great sacred music and the task of common participation in the sacred liturgy, the solemn joy a
Pope Benedict: "The 'Way of Beauty' Leads 'Mind and Heart to the Lord'" Documentary Explores Links Between Art and Faith
Pope Benedict: 'God Manifests Himself as Father in Creation'. Pontiff Continues Catechesis Series on the Creed
Pope Benedict: 'The Lord is Calling Me To 'Scale the Mountain''. Hundreds of Thousands Gather in St. Peter's Square for Pontiff's Final Angelus Address
Pope Benedict: A Priest Never Really Retires
Pope Benedict: Christmas Is a Sign and Reminder of Divine Light. Pontiff Thanks Delegation From Italian Region of Molise for Donation of Christmas Tree
Pope Benedict: Human Life Must Always Be Defended. The Holy Father Addresses Representatives of the Eastern Churches By Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict: I Am Not Abandoning the Cross But Remain in a New Way With the Crucified Lord. Thousands Bid Emotional Farewell To Pontiff in Final General Audience
Pope Benedict: Pope Francis Speaking of Mercy Moves Us Closer to God
Pope Benedict: The New Evangelization "Applies to the Whole of the Church's Life." Synod of Bishops Concludes in Rome By Ann Schneible
Pope Benedict: The Virgin Mary is a "Foundation of Peace". Pontiff Celebrates Solemnity of the Mother of God on New Year's Day Junno Arocho
Pope Benedict: Truth and Love Are 2 Names of the Same Reality. Pontiff Addresses Pilgrims Gathered in St. Peter's for Sunday Angelus Address
Pope Bestows Pallium on 46 Archbishops
Pope Bids Farewell to PLO Representative
Pope Bids Farewell to Spain. "You Have a Special Place in My Heart"
Pope Bids Mothers to Persevere in Prayer. Presents St. Monica as Hope for Families
Pope Blesses Cornerstone for Legion Retreat Center. Located Near Birthplace of St. Mary Magdalene
Pope Blesses Eucharistic Congress Bell. Symbol of a Call to the Eucharist
Pope Blesses Mary Image That Survived Nagasaki Bomb Statue Is on a Pilgrimage of Peace
Pope Blesses Nativity Scene for Paul VI Hall
Pope Blesses Observatory's New Home. Headquarters Symbolize Mission, Director Says
Pope Blesses Painting of Lebanon's Father Giacomo. Capuchin to Be Beatified Next Month By Marta Lago
Pope Blesses Statue of Pharmacists' Patron
Pope Blesses Torch of St. Benedict. Annual Pilgrimage Heads to London
Pope Blesses University Conference on Saint Teresa. Taking Place in Avila from August 1-3, Conference Reflects on Teresian Perspectives in the New Evangelization
Pope Bound for a Secularized Sydney. Will Address Need for New Evangelization By Jesús Colina
Pope Briefed on Latin American Mission. Hears of Progress a Year After Aparecida Conference
Pope Calling World's Priests to Rome
Pope Calls 'Church Militant' an Apt Description for Faithful on Earth. Says Evil Wishes to Dominate; We Must Battle It
Pope Calls All Cardinals to Rome
Pope Calls All Religions to Follow Path of Mercy
Pope Calls Argentine Priest to Thank Him for Serving Poor. Francis Said to Be 'Following Closely' the Goings-on in the Barrios
Pope Calls Book on Christ's Birth an 'Antechamber' to Vols. I and II. "Jesus of Nazareth: the Infancy Narratives" on Sale Today By Kathleen Naab
Pope Calls Catholic Politicos to Defend Democracy
Pope Calls Child Labor a Disgusting Phenomenon. Calls on International Community to Create More Effective Measures to Combat Exploitation
Pope Calls Christians to Protect Planet. Says Rich Nations Shouldn't Abuse Resources of Poor Countries
Pope Calls Cubans to a Society "More Worthy of Humanity" Celebrates Mass on 1st Day of Visit By Ann Schneible
Pope Calls Dialogue a Sacred Duty. Notes Advances in Jewish-Catholic Relations
Pope Calls Eucharist History's Greatest Revolution. Says It Breaks Down National, Economic and Social Barriers
Pope Calls Faithful to Live for God’s Glory
Pope Calls Families to New Evangelization
Pope Calls for a Culture Worthy of Humanity. Encourages Pontifical Academies to Promote Example of Martyrs
Pope Calls for Action on Climate Change
Pope Calls for Action on Climate Change, Free From Political and Economic Pressures
Pope Calls for Awakening "Christian Soul" in Education. Teresian Association Marks 100 Years
Pope Calls for “Fervent Prayer” in Christ’s Sacred Heart
Pope Calls for Better Understanding of Person. Says Philosophy Based on Good Anthropology Is Needed
Pope Calls for Careful Management of Finance and Resources in Religious Institutes. Makes Appeal in Address to International Symposium in Rome
Pope Calls for Commission to Study Possibiliy of Women Deacons
Pope Calls for Conversion to Love of God During Visit to Shrine
Pope Calls for Delicate, Necessary Balance of Being Faithful to God’s Word, and Accompaniment
Pope Calls for Dialogue on Immigration Tension. Says It Is Possible to Overcome Suspicion, Prejudice
Pope Calls For End of Violence in Syria. Appeals to International Community to Be More Responsive
Pope Calls for End to Holy Land Exodus. Urges Communion in Diversity Among Churches
Pope Calls for End to Massacre of Migrants in Mediterranean. Also Prays for Miners Killed in Explosion in Turkey
Pope Calls for Freedom and Dialogue. Leaves Havana With Promise of Prayer for a Better Future
Pope Calls for Global Attention to Plight of Refugees. Mentions Wednesday's UN World Refugee Day
Pope Calls for Greater Efforts to Prevent Migrant Deaths at Sea
Pope Calls for Healing With Jews. Recalls Church's Plea for Forgiveness
Pope Calls for Meeting with Diplomatic Corps in June. Cardinal Bertone Announces Gathering during Address at Synod By Junno Arocho
Pope Calls For Peace in Gaza Strip. Urges Both Sides of the Conflict to Make 'Bod Decisions' Towards Peace By Junno Arocho
Pope Calls for Peace in Syria. Appeals to International Community for Humanitarian Aid in the Region
Pope Calls for Peace in the Congo. Urges International Community to Provide for Needs of the Population
Pope Calls For Peace in Ukraine. Appeals Comes After Anti-Government Protests Leave 25 Dead
Pope Calls for Penance, Prayer This Sunday. For Immediate Cease-fire in Middle East
Pope Calls for Person-Centered Health Care Catholic Medical Professionals Gather in Lourdes
Pope Calls for Prayers for Apostolic Visit to Turkey. Expresses Hope That Meeting With Ecumenical Patriarch 'Will Bear Fruits of Peace"
Pope Calls for Prayers for Terrorists' Victims in Pakistan, Yemen, Australia. Asks God to 'Convert the Hearts of the Violent' Who Do Not Stop Even Before Children
Pope Calls for Protection of Thousands of Child Refugees Crossing Mexican Border. Says Policy-Makers Must Warn of Dangers of Emigration, Promote Development in Countries of Origin
Pope Calls for Protection of Unborn, Elderly. Says Children and Grandparents Are the Hope of a People
Pope Calls for Revaluing Human Side of Work. Sends Message to Young Professionals in Forum
Pope Calls for Solidarity With the Future. Warns That World's Great Rivers Are in Danger
Pope Calls for Study, Diffusion of Social Doctrine. Encourages Public Work Led by God's Love
Pope Calls for UN Migration Action
Pope Calls Friar's Life a "Chant of Humility" Sends Message for Leopoldo de Alpandeire Beatification
Pope Calls Holy Land Symbol of God's Love. Reflects on his 8-Day Pilgrimage to Region
Pope Calls Laity to Responsibility in the Church. Says a Change of Mentality Is Needed
Pope Calls Missionaries of Charity House 'A Beautiful Reality Within the Vatican'. Pontiff Commemorates 25th Anniversary of House Placed in Blessed Mother Teresa's Care
Pope Calls Music the Heart's Abandonment to God. Asks for Prayer at Beginning of 5th Year of Pontificate
Pope Calls on Athletes to Be Good Role Models. Discourages Turning Sport Into Merely a Big Business
Pope Calls on Catechists to Awaken the Memory of God in Others. 100,000 Pilgrims Attend Concluding Mass of the World Day of Catechists in Rome
Pope Calls on Catholic Universities to Give "Uncompromising Witness" to Church's Moral Teaching Meets with Board of Trustees of the University of Notre Dame
Pope Calls on Faithful to "Annoy" God in Prayer. Reflects on Praying with Insistence During Morning Mass
Pope Calls on Faithful To Be 'Living Stones' of the Church Reflects on the Church as the Temple of the Holy Spirit During General Audience
Pope Calls on Faithful to Bring Gospel to the Ends of the Earth. Underlines the Apostolic and Universal Nature of the Church
Pope Calls on Faithful to Dedicate Sunday to the Lord. Releases Doves as a "Symbol of the Spirit of God" Junno De Jesús Arocho Esteves
Pope Calls on Faithful to Follow the Example of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrates Feast of the Assumption in Castel Gandolfo
Pope Calls on Faithful to Get Involved in 2014. Advocates Using Time to Praise God, Help Others in Community, in Last Liturgy of the Civil Year
Pope Calls on Faithful to Prepare Their Hearts for Christmas. Reflects on the Joy of Being Found by the Lord, During Mass Homily
Pope Calls on Filipino Leaders to Reject Corruption, Support Families in Transmitting Values. Reminds That Every Person Has Inviolable Dignity
Pope Calls on Hungarian Romany Population to be "Apostles Among Your People" Greets pilgrims at Wednesday audience
Pope Calls on Lithuanian Bishops to Help Families, Vocations. Receives Prelates in Rome on their Ad Limina Apostolorum Visit
Pope Calls on Mafia to 'Convert and Cease to Do Evil'. Participates in Annual Prayer Vigil for Victims of Mafia Violence
Pope Calls on Newly Ordained Bishops to "Be Courageous" Celebrates Solemnity of Epiphany in St. Peter's Basilica Ann Schneible
Pope Calls on Parents to Protect Children From Curiosities at Morning Mass
Pope Calls on Prayer Lessons Taught by St. Dominic. Emphasizes Need for Quiet Moment With God Each Day
Pope Calls on Students to Fight for Human Dignity. Warns Against Being Imprisoned By Weak and Uniform Thought
Pope Calls on Terrorists to Choose Life, Dialogue. Expresses Distress at Bombing of UN Offices in Nigeria
Pope Calls on Youth to Heed the Lord's Call. Thousands Gather in St. Peters on Vocations Sunday
Pope Calls Organ an Evangelization Tool. Says Music Can Bring Experience of God Who Is Joy
Pope Calls Pastors to Imitation of Mary. Upholds Her Internalization of God's Word
Pope Calls Patriarch Sako, Expresses His Closeness With Iraqi Christians. Chaldean Bishop of Mosul Also Denies Rumours of Destroyed Churches
Pope Calls Peacemakers to Readiness for Martyrdom. Homily at Assisi Vigil Notes Christ's Method for Bringing Peace
Pope Calls Politics a Big Part of Lay Vocation. Says Laity Need to Instill Christ in World
Pope Calls Religious Leaders to Promote Justice in Holy Land. Israeli Interreligious Group Meets With Benedict XVI
Pope Calls to Protect Children from War & Exploitation in Message for 52nd World Day of Peace
Pope Calls World Hunger and Malnutrition a Scandal. Sends Message for World Food Day to UN Food and Agriculture Organization
Pope Calls Youth to Constancy, Courage
Pope Can Help in Arms Reduction, Says Blix
Pope Cancels Appointments Due to Cold. Saturday Meeting With Italian Association to Go Ahead as Planned
Pope Cancels University Visit After Protests. Some at Sapienza Claim He's Opposed to Science, But Others Differ
Pope Cannot Exchange Vatican Treasure for Food. Cardinal Explains Complications of Facebook Proposal By Jesús Colina
Pope Canonizes Indiana's 1st Saint
Pope Cautions Against Dilution of Priestly Ministry. Encourages Solid Doctrinal Education Among Clergy
Pope Celebrates 50th Anniversary of First Mass Celebrated in Italian. Calls on Faithful to "Live an Authentic Liturgical Life"
Pope Celebrates Mass for Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Calls on Newly Invested Archbishops to Entrust Themselves to "Jesus and His Mercy"
Pope Celebrates Mass for Polish Faithful in Rome. Francis Recalls the Example of St. Pope John Paul II
Pope Celebrates Mass for Vatican Gardeners. Speaks About Charity During Brief Homily
Pope Celebrates Pentecost Mass in St. Peter's. Says Church Surprises and Stirs Things Up
Pope Celebrates Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. Invests 34 Metropolitan Archbishops with the Pallium
Pope Chooses New No. 2 for Italian Bishops' Conference. Appointment is Provisional Ahead of New Elections
Pope Chooses Theme for Next Communications Day, Calling for 'Fruitful Encounter' With Mercy. Message Will be Published in January for May 8th Celebration
Pope Chooses Theme for World Day for Social Communications
Pope Cites 3 Weapons to Combat Evil. Promotes Lenten Charity, Prayer and Fasting
Pope Cites Beatification of Opus Dei Laywoman
Pope Cites Composer: All Music Is to Honor God in Its Way. Says Mendelssohn Didn't See Sacred Music as 'Higher' Form
Pope Cites Example of Edvige Carboni
Pope Cites Fr. Solanus Casey Beatification
Pope Cites International Day of Sport for Peace and Development
Pope Clarified Priorities, Says Expert. Encouraged Prelates to Proclaim Christ
Pope Clarifies Luther's Idea of Justification. Says It's True, if Faith Is Not Opposed to Love
Pope Clarifies That Only He Can Criticize a Cardinal. Receives Cardinal Schönborn in Audience
Pope Clarifies True Nature of Justice and Peace. Remembers Christians Paying for Fidelity With Their Lives
Pope Coaches Priests on Evangelizing Parishioners. Encourages Parishes to Provide Places to Experience Faith
Pope Comforts Victims of Mexico Daycare Fire. Tragedy Leaves 40 Dead, 33 Hospitalized
Pope Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Paul VI's Election. Meets with Pilgrims from the Diocese of Brescia
Pope Commemorates Holocaust Hero
Pope Commemorates Taizé Founder's Death
Pope Commemorates Victims of World War II Massacre of Volhynia. Asks for Grace of Profound Reconciliation Between Poland and Ukraine
Pope Commemorates World Food Day. Pontiff Highlights Fundamental Right of People to 'Sufficient and Healthy Nutrition'
Pope Commemorates World Mission Day. Remembers Missionaries Who Have Died For the Faith
Pope Commends Terrorists to Cloister's Prayers
Pope Compares the Family to Holy Trinity. Describes Both as Communities of Love
Pope Concerned Over Violence Near Mt. Vesuvius. Rioters Protest Landfill Proposal
Pope Concludes 1st Day in Ecuador Praying That No One Be 'Discarded' Bids Good Night to Quito After Visit to President, Cathedral
Pope Concludes Mexico Trip: There’s Still Time for Conversion
Pope Concludes Month of May With Rosary at St. Peter's Square. Invites Faithful to Follow Example of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Pope Condemns Corruption as Evil That 'Must Be Cured' Says No to Death Penalty, Deplorable Prison Conditions, Abuses of Elderly, Children
Pope Condemns Easter Attack Against Christian Families in Pakistan
Pope Condemns Moscow Airport Bombing. Sends Condolences to Russian President Medvedev
Pope Condemns Murder of Egyptian Diplomat. Envoy in Iraq Victim of al-Qaida
Pope Condemns New Year’s Attack in Istanbul Nightclub
Pope Confers 'Ratzinger Prize' to Theology Scholars. Pontiff Emphasizes Importance of Academia and the New Evangelization By Pietro Gennarini
Pope Confident in Future of Church in Germany. Urges Catholics to Pursue "Path of Faith"
Pope Confirms Cardinal Sandri as Prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches. Also Appoints New Members to the Congregation
Pope Confirms Need of Man's Search for Meaning. Points to Baby Jesus' Revelation of God's Face
Pope Congratulates Eastern Churches for Easter
Pope Congratulates Hungarians on National Feast. On Today's Feast of St. Stephan, Francis Prays for Future of Peace
Pope Congratulates New Legionary Priests
Pope Congratulates Newly Elected Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenians. Expresses Joy and Congratulations to Patriarch Gregoire Pierre XX Ghabroyan
Pope Congratulates Queen Elizabeth for Diamond Jubilee. Praises 'Noble Vision' of Role of Christian Monarch
Pope Congratulates UK Prime Minister on 4th Child
Pope Considering Release of 'Motu Propio' Prior to Resignation. Document Would Clarify Several Points on Rite of Conclave
Pope Considers 2 Facets of Vocations Work. Both Sower and Seed Have a Role
Pope Considers Lesson of John Paul II's Passion. Points to Equal Importance of 2 Parts of Pontificate
Pope Considers Mission as Peter's Successor. Says Role Is to Protect Church's Universality
Pope Considers St. Francis' Role in Christmas. Notes How Feast Developed in Middle Ages
Pope Consoles Relatives of Metro Accident Victims
Pope Continues Teaching on Lord’s Prayer: ‘Your Will be Done’
Pope Continues Teaching on Lord’s Prayer: ‘Your Will be Done’
Pope Contrasts Easter Joy With Suffering Humanity. Addresses Peoples of the Middle East, Northern Africa, Japan
Pope Conveys Solidarity With Migrants During Pastoral Visit. Listens to Experiences of Migrants in Italian Island of Lampedusa
Pope Convokes Consistory for Canonization of Little Shepherds of Fatima
Pope Counts on Children's Prayer and Missionary Commitment
Pope Creates 'Science and Faith' Pontifical Foundation
Pope Creates Eparchy in London for Ukrainian Catholics. Ohio-born Priest Named 1st Bishop of New Diocese
Pope Creates New Diocese in Myanmar
Pope Crowns Our Lady of the Gate
Pope Culture Goes From Facebook to Twitter
Pope Declines Invitation to Visit Uganda This Year. Holy Father Says He Cannot Attend Jubilee Celebrations Because of Prior Commitments
Pope Decrees That Holy Thursday Foot Washing Ceremony Can Include Women
Pope Decries 'Globalization of Indifference' Towards Syria. Praises Catholic Charities in Country for Expressing God's Love to the Suffering
Pope Decries Global Problem of Nuclear Weapons. Expresses Hope for Disarmament for Sake of Future Generations
Pope Decries ‘Shutting Eyes’ to Sick, Disabled
Pope Dedicates 2015 to "Year of Consecrated Life" Makes Announcement During 3-Hour Meeting with Superior Generals
Pope Dedicates Prayer in April to Youth
Pope Dedicates Prayer in June to Priests
Pope Defends Latin American Peoples. Voices Support for Pro-Life Campaign in Brazil
Pope Defends Life From Conception to Natural Death During Angelus
Pope Defends Those Most Affected by Money Crisis. Notes Already Grave Situations Made Worse By Anita S. Bourdin
Pope Defends Woman's Right to Work, Be a Mom
Pope Defends Worker's Rights: Pension, Maternity Leave and Opportunity for Rest
Pope Delivers Message to New Syrian-Orthodox Patriarch and All the East. Passed on His Good Wishes and Prayerful Solidarity
Pope Denounces Usury as Inhuman. Says Illegal Lending is a "Dramatic Scourge", Affront to Human Dignity
Pope Departed for Week of Spiritual Exercises
Pope Departs on Sunday for Week-long Spiritual Exercises. Carmelite Priest to Deliver Reflections to Pontiff and Roman Curia
Pope Didn't Know Shoah Views of Lefebvrite Bishop. Vatican Clarifies Position on Lifted Bans and Holocaust
Pope Dies on Vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday
Pope Discusses Aims for Interreligious, Ecumenical Dialogue in Turkey. Prays for 'Peaceful Coexistence' Between Different Religions, Cultures in Majority Muslim Nation
Pope Discusses Synod, European Elections and Vatican Reform. Reveals January Trip to Sri Lanka and Philippines in Wide Ranging Q&A With Reporters
Pope Discusses Youth Day With Spanish Delegate. Also Meets Leaders of New Saints' Homelands
Pope Donates $100,000 to Syria. And Cor Unum Takes Up Projects in Cuba
Pope Due in Cologne on Aug. 18
Pope Eager for John Paul II's Beatification
Pope Eagerly Awaiting Czech Trip
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Gets Political in New Book
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Sends Greeting to Symposium in Tanzania. Conference Aims to Raise Awareness of Joseph Ratzinger's Theology
Pope Emeritus Wrote Critique of Papal Interview at Francis' Request. Benedict XVI Commented on Controversial La Civilta Cattolica Interview, Secretary Reveals
Pope Emphasizes Justice and Love to Businessmen
Pope Emphasizes True Mission for Universities. Says Imparting Knowledge Isn't Enough
Pope Emphasizes Universal Right to Health Care
Pope Encourages Africans in Civic Participation
Pope Encourages Catholic-Orthodox Cultural Collaboration Group. Says Initiative is Especially Valuable to Young People Starting Out in Holy Ministry
Pope Encourages Christians in Myanmar. Sends Envoy to Cathedral Celebrations
Pope Encourages Christians to Come to God as a Child to a Father
Pope Encourages Confirmation Candidates to "Swim Against the Tide". 100,000 Gather in St. Peters Square for 'Day of Confirmands' Mass
Pope Encourages Defense of Europe's Heritage. Joins Leaders in Addressing Ecumenical Meeting
Pope Encourages European Bishops in Reflections on Secularity. Notes Harmony of Faith-Reason, Truth-Freedom
Pope Encourages Faithful to Assist Those in Cloistered Life 'Pro Orantibus Day' a Good Occasion to Thank Those Devoted to "Constructive Silence"
Pope Encourages Fight Against Corruption. In Address to Bishops of Dominican Republic
Pope Encourages G-20 Summit to Resolve Crisis. Stresses Goal of Authentic Human Development
Pope Encourages Greater Eucharistic Love. Readies Church for Feast of Corpus Christi
Pope Encourages Hospitalized Focolare Founder. Chiara Lubich Admitted for Breathing Difficulties
Pope Encourages Individual-Society Balance. Reflects on Spiritual Dimension of Finance Sector
Pope Encourages Interior Watchfulness. Recalls Example of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta Marto
Pope Encourages Interpol Members to Combat 'Scourge of Violence'. Participants of Plenary General Assembly Attend Papal Audience By Pietro Gennarini
Pope Encourages Islamic-Christian Group Studying Common Devotion to Mary. 8th Prayer Meeting Held in Lebanon on Feast of Annunciation
Pope Encourages Lutheran-Catholic Efforts at Unity. Ecumenical Delegation From Finland Visits Vatican
Pope Encourages Missionary Fraternity
Pope Encourages Missionary Spirit in Cuba
Pope Encourages Newlyweds, Elderly, Sick, Youth to Imitate Mary
Pope Encourages Order to Reach Outside of 'Comfort Zone'. Cites Example of Founder of the Order of the Holy Trinity for the Redemption of the Captives
Pope Encourages Orthodox Conference. Annual Event Takes Up Theme of Spiritual Struggle
Pope Encourages Participation in "Festival of Forgiveness" 28-29 March "24 Hours for the Lord" to Emphasis Importance of Sacrament of Reconciliation
Pope Encourages Peace-Seekers From Mideast
Pope Encourages Personal Relationship With Christ. Points to Example of St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Pope Encourages Pious Traditions. Urges Bolivian Bishops to Make Them Into Convictions
Pope Encourages Polish Bishops to Care for the Poor. Meets with Polish Episcopal Conference on "Ad Limina" Visit
Pope Encourages Polish Unity in Faith
Pope Encourages Re-reading "Story of a Soul" Speaks of Richness Found in Spirituality of St. Thérčse
Pope Encourages Reflection on Mystery of Suffering. Archbishop Zimowski Warns Against Ideologies in Health Sector
Pope Encourages Santa Marta Group in Fight against Human Trafficking
Pope Encourages Sri Lankan Bishops in Peace Building Efforts. Acknowledges 'Great Challenge' of Increasing Mixed Marriages
Pope Encourages the Building of a "True Civilization" Remembers Division, Violence of World War II By Roberta Sciamplicotti
Pope Encourages the Young To Remember the Sick and Poor During Christmas. Meets with Youth of Italian Catholic Action
Pope Encourages UN in "Urgent Tasks" Sends Message to Prayer Meeting Before 63rd Session
Pope Encourages Use of Images to Help Spread the Gospel. Says Communications Conference in Rome Offers Fresh Inspiration and Purpose
Pope Encourages Youth to Meditate on Christ’s Passion
Pope Enjoys Last Day of Alpine Vacation. Returns to Castel Gandolfo on Thursday
Pope Entrusts Haiti to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Pope Entrusts Portuguese Wildfire Victims to Mary
Pope Establishes Agency to Oversee Vatican Funds. Holy See Aims to Coincide With International Measures
Pope Establishes Apostolic Exarchate for Syro-Catholics in Canada
Pope Establishes Dicastery ‘for Laity, Family and Life’
Pope Establishes New Diocese in Nigeria. Names Father Michael Gobal Gokum as 1st Bishop of Pankshin
Pope Establishes New Pontifical Academy for Latin. Pontiff Cites Need For "Knowledge of the Latin Language and Culture" By Junno Arocho
Pope Exhorts "Work of the Church"
Pope Exhorts New Church Entities to Obedience
Pope Exhorts to ‘Tenderness’ Because ‘Love Is the Meaning of Life’
Pope Expands Priests’ Faculties to Forgive Abortion for Jubilee Year, Addresses SSPX Confessions "It is indeed my wish that the Jubilee be a living experience of the closeness of the Father, whose tenderness is almost tangible"
Pope Expected in Spain on July 8-9
Pope Explains 3 Steps to Ensure a Joyful Christmas. Visits Roman Parish on Gaudete Sunday
Pope Explains Basis for Vatican Dialogue And Notes the Choices That Should Be Discouraged
Pope Explains How Spiritual Life Is Like Breathing, With 2 Stages. Tells Catholic Fraternity on Charismatic Ecumenism: 'Seek Unity in Diversity'
Pope Explains How to Help Jesus. Urges Priests to Put Themselves in Christ's Hands
Pope Explains How to ‘Tangibly’ Progress Toward Peace and Justice
Pope Explains Importance of Common Good. Receives Group That Promotes Church's Social Doctrine
Pope Explains Meaning of Sacred Buildings
Pope Explains Norms on Missal of 1962. Tells Bishops His Motivation Is Unity
Pope Explains Parable of Fig Tree
Pope Explains Purgatory With Saint's Experience. Notes How Holiness Brings Knowledge of Faith's Mysteries
Pope Explains the Incarnation Using Tolstoy
Pope Explains the Road to Reconciliation, Full Communion Among All Believers in Christ. Tells Orientale Lumen Foundation: If You're Not Open to Inner Renewal, There's No True Ecumenical Dialogue
Pope Explains Twofold Supplication Within ‘Deliver Us From Evil’
Pope Explains What Christian Unity Is Not
Pope Explains What Conversion Means as Lent Begins Uses Example of Dorothy Day; Says in Modern Society, Conversion Must Be Repeatedly Affirmed
Pope Explains Why Humans Should Rejoice in Fragility Says We Are Dust That Is Loved by God
Pope Expresses Closeness to Helicopter Crash Victims
Pope Expresses Condolences at Death of Former Spanish PM. Adolfo SuĂÂĄrez Gonzalez Was 1st Democratically Elected Prime Minister After Franco Dictatorship
Pope Expresses Condolences to Victims of Train Derailment in Quebec. Runaway Oil Train Explosion Kills 15, Leaves Countless Others Missing
Pope Expresses Deep Regret Over Chinese Ordination. oly See Decries "Grave Violation" of Religious Freedom
Pope Expresses Deep Sadness Over Australian Fires. Catholic Community Rallies to Aid Victims
Pope Expresses Grief Over Siberian Accident
Pope Expresses Hope for Renewal of Friars Minor
Pope Expresses Joy at Beatification of "Gaucho Priest" of Argentina. Fr. Jose Gabriel Brochero Was Well-Known Servant of the Poor and Sick
Pope Expresses Profound Sadness Over Victims of Italian Bus Accident. 38 Dead Returning from Pilgrimage Dedicated to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
Pope Expresses Sadness for Natural Disaster Victims in Mexico. Thousands Left Homeless After Twin Storms Strike
Pope Expresses Sadness Over Venezuelan Prison Riot Victims. Death Toll Reaches 61 During Raid by National Guard Junno De Jesús Arocho Esteves
Pope Expresses Solidarity With Guatemala. Tropical Storms Leaves 152 Dead, 100 Missing
Pope Expresses Solidarity With Persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Encourages Them to Follow Example of 17th Century Church in Japan
Pope Expresses Solidarity with US Hurricane Victims. Offers Prayers to Those 'Engaged in the Work of Rebuilding" By Pietro Gennarini
Pope Expresses Solidarity with World Leprosy Day and Those Suffering
Pope Expresses Support for "More for Less" Campaign. Invites Argentinian Faithful to Support Those in Need
Pope Expresses Support for People with Disabilities. Assures Italian Parliamentarian of His Participation and Encouragement
Pope Expresses Sympathy for Oklahoma Tornado Victims. Two Mile Wide Twister Strikes Oklahoma City
Pope Expresses Wish for Peace and Joy to All
Pope Extends Condolences to Cardinal Giovanni Batista Re. Father of Former Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops Passes Away at Age of 104
Pope Extols Families That Go Against the Current. Angelus Address Focuses on Jesus' Teaching on Marriage
Pope Extols the Example of Consecrated Persons. Says Church Needs Their Testimony of Life
Pope Favors Greater Role for Women, But Not Priesthood
Pope Fears World on Path to Nuclear War
Pope Feels Supported In Papacy
Pope Fields Pastoral Query on Couples. Holds Q-and-A Session With Italian Clergy
Pope Finishes Vol. 3 of 'Jesus of Nazareth'. Final Portion of Work Focuses on Christ's Infancy, Childhood
Pope Focuses on Mystery of Judas' Betrayal. Apostle Rejected God's Love, Says Benedict XVI
Pope Follows Moses' Footsteps, Shares His Mission. Father Atuire Reflects on 1st Stop of Papal Holy Land Pilgrimage By Mercedes de la Torre
Pope Francis Acknowledges Pain of Many Priests in Current Environment
Pope Francis Acknowledges Suffering in Rwanda. Says Church Has Place in Reconstruction of Reconciled Society
Pope Francis Address at Farewell Ceremony
Pope Francis Address to Seminarians and Novices (Part 1)
Pope Francis Address to Seminarians and Novices (Part 2)
Pope Francis Address to Seminarians and Novices (Part 3)
Pope Francis Addresses Caritas on Service of Charity, Integral Development, Communion
Pope Francis Addresses Faithful Gathered in Argentina. Pontiff Makes Call to Love One Another, Asks for Prayers
Pope Francis Affirms Importance of Lasting Marriage
Pope Francis Affirms Women's 'Indispensable' Role in Family, Workplace. Francis Sends Telegram to International Workshop on 'Women and Work' in Rome
Pope Francis and 'The Interview' "we need to open our hearts all of us and let God lead us where he needs us to go through the words of the Holy Father"
Pope Francis and Benedict XVI Meet in Castel Gandolfo Meeting Between Pontiff and Pontiff Emeritus A First in the History of the Catholic Church
Pope Francis and Catholic Health Care in the USA
Pope Francis and Foreign Affairs: What to Expect. Perhaps the Same Priorities, But a Different Style
Pope Francis and Our Lady. A Reflection for Mary’s Birthday
Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Leader Will Meet to Utter ‘Mutual Cry for Peace’
Pope Francis and the Women in His Life
Pope Francis Announces Jubilee Year of Mercy. Extraordinary Holy Year to Begin on December 8th, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Pope Francis Announces Theme of Message for 48th World Day of Peace on January 1. Its Title to Be: "Slaves No More, But Brothers and Sisters"
Pope Francis Appeals for End to Child Labor. Calls on International Community to Protect the Tens of Thousands Exploited
Pope Francis Appeals for Human Rights, Against Corruption
Pope Francis Appoints 2 New African Bishops. For Dioceses of Kaese, Uganda, and Abeokuta, Nigeria
Pope Francis Appoints New Bishop of Plymouth. Seminary Rector Deeply Humbled by Appointment
Pope Francis Appoints Presidents-Delegates for Upcoming Synod on the Family. Appeals For Persecuted Christians in Africa, Syria, and the Ukraine
Pope Francis Approves Creation of Commission for Protection of Minors. Cardinal Sean O'Malley Says Holy See Committed to Pastoral Care for Abuse Victims
Pope Francis Approves Sainthood Cause For Predecessors. Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII to Be Canonized Before the End of This Year
Pope Francis Arrives to Istanbul. Pontiff Visits the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia
Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness for Sins of Vatican. During General Audience, Considers Parents' Responsibility to Keep Their Promises to Children
Pope Francis Asks Prayers for Missionaries
Pope Francis Asks Prayers for Pilgrimage
Pope Francis Asks: ‘Do We Christians Pray Enough?’
Pope Francis at Angelus: Church Must be Safe Place for Minors
Pope Francis at Angelus: Compassion Led the Lad to Offer All He Had
Pope Francis at Angelus: Not Only Do We Meet Christ in Eucharist, But in Everyday Life. Says Eating Bread of Life Calls Us to Transform Our Lives as a Gift
Pope Francis at Morning Mass: God Asks Us to Trust Him, Give Him Our Sin. Says We Must Be Ready to Listen to His Voice, Accept Correction
Pope Francis at Santa Marta: Worldly Christians Are Enemies of the Cross. Warns Against Falling Into a Mediocre Mentality
Pope Francis at the Angelus: ‘To See, To Have Compassion, To Teach’
Pope Francis at Way of Cross: ‘Lord…We Have Accompanied Your Son on the Way of the Cross’
Pope Francis Backs Neocatechumenal Way Liturgy. Reaffirms Validity of Statutes Approved in 2008
Pope Francis Baptizes 34 in Sistine Chapel
Pope Francis Begins Advent Season at Local Parish in Rome. Administers Sacrament of Confirmation During Mass
Pope Francis Begins Week-Long Retreat. Holy Father and Curial Officials Took Coach to Retreat Center Outside Rome
Pope Francis Blesses Tabernacle of New Holy Land Spirituality Center. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Will Preside at Dedication of New Facility
Pope Francis Calls Blessed John XXIII A Model of Sanctity. Pontiff Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Good Popes Death
Pope Francis Calls Faithful to Hear Cry of the Poor
Pope Francis Calls for Abolition of Death Penalty
Pope Francis Calls for Avoiding a 'Dyed' Sanctity. Pontiff Warns of Dangers of 'Jonah Syndrome' During Morning Mass Homily
Pope Francis Calls for Care of Creation
Pope Francis Calls for Courage to Have 'Fearless Pastoral Ministry' Addresses International Pastoral Congress on the World's Big Cities
Pope Francis Calls for End of Violence in Nicaragua
Pope Francis Calls for Prayer for Vocations. Reflects on Idolatries that Impede Young People from Answering Call To Follow Christ
Pope Francis Calls For Unity Among Christians. 50,000 Pilgrims Gather in St. Peters Square for Wednesday General Audience
Pope Francis Calls on Chaplains To Bring Christ to Those Without Hope. Holds Audience for Participants of National Congress of Italian Prison Chaplains
Pope Francis Calls on Faithful to Regain "Sense of the Sacred" Says Eucharist is Opportunity to Enter Into the Mystery of God
Pope Francis Calls on Faithful To Seek The "True Treasure" of the Love of God. Greets Muslims at Conclusion of the Month of Ramadan
Pope Francis Canonizes Paul VI, Oscar Romero and 5 Other Saints
Pope Francis Canonizes Two Founders of Religious Orders
Pope Francis Catechesis for Oct. 18, 2017
Pope Francis Celebrates 81st Birthday With Children and Pizza
Pope Francis Celebrates Mass With Cardinals. 1st Homily Focuses on Journeying, Building, Confessing
Pope Francis Celebrates Mass with General Chapter of the Augustinian Order. Reflects on the St. Augustine's Restless Zeal for the Love of God
Pope Francis Celebrates Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square. Calls on Faithful to Follow Example of Christ's Humility
Pope Francis Celebrates Palm Sunday Mass. Calls on Faithful to Reflect: "Who Am I? Who Am I Before My Lord?"
Pope Francis Celebrates Rite of Admission to Catechumenate. 500 Catechumens From 47 Countries Participate at St. Peters Square
Pope Francis Celebrates Solemnity of Assumption in Castel Gandolfo. Calls on Faithful to Pray to Mary Who "Sustains Us In Battle"
Pope Francis Celebrates Sunday Mass at Roman Parish. Parishioners Moved by Pontiff's Visit on Solemnity of the Holy Trinity
Pope Francis Changes Rules on Use of "Monsignor" Title. Move Seen As Part of Effort to Combat Careerism in Clergy
Pope Francis Chooses Theme for World Day of Peace. Annual Celebration will Focus on Fraternity as a Pathway to Peace
Pope Francis Cites Examples of Saints Peter and Paul at Mass on their Feast Day
Pope Francis Commemorates 1025th Anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus. Expresses Hope that Anniversary will Provide a New Impetus for the Evangelization of Ukraine
Pope Francis Commemorates 30th Anniversary of Vatican Television Center. Expresses Gratitude For Bringing Church Closer to the World
Pope Francis Commemorates Day of the Worker. Calls On Politicians to Remember Human Dignity and Common Good
Pope Francis Concelebrates Mass with Coptic Patriarch of Egypt. Encourages Egyptian Faithful to Be Strong in the Face of Persecution
Pope Francis Concludes Apostolic Visit. Thousands Line Streets of Manila to Bid Farewell
Pope Francis Concludes Catecheses on ‘Our Father’
Pope Francis Concludes Year of Faith in St. Peter's Square. 1st Public Display of St. Peter's Relics During Closing Mass
Pope Francis Confirms Head of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations. Msgr. Guido Marini Remains 'Papal MC'
Pope Francis Confirms Pilgrimage to Holy Land. Will Visit Amman, Bethlehem and Jerusalem on May 24th-26th
Pope Francis Contemplates St. Joseph as Model of Humility. Calls on Faithful to Remember Homeless During Christmas Season
Pope Francis Contrasts the Rich and Poor
Pope Francis Creates Healthcare Commission
Pope Francis Decides to Stay in Domus Sanctae Martae. Pontiff Will Use Papal Apartments For Official Audiences, Vatican Spokesman Says
Pope Francis Decides to Update Church Catechism: ‘The Death Penalty is Inadmissable’
Pope Francis Declares 35 New Saints
Pope Francis Declares Model Jesuit a Saint. Holy Father Waives Rules to Canonize Father Pierre Favre, First Recruit of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Pope Francis Declares Six New Saints. Says Salvation Begins in the Imitation of Christ's Works of Mercy
Pope Francis Encourages ‘Meal of Encounter’ and ‘Share the Journey’
Pope Francis Encourages Christians in Middle East to Never Lose Hope. Pontiff Meets with Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches
Pope Francis Encourages Syriac Catholic Bishops in Meeting Humanitarian Needs. Calls on Them to Support Their Priests Facing New Pastoral Challenges
Pope Francis Encourages Youth for Today and Tomorrow
Pope Francis Establishes Commission to Gather Information on IOR. Findings Will Allow For Better Harmonization with the Universal Mission of the Apostolic See
Pope Francis Exhorts Christians to Not Be Hypocrites, Corrupt or Lukewarm. Explains Four Models of Believers During Morning Mass Homily
Pope Francis Exhorts to Pray the Rosary for Peace
Pope Francis Explains ‘What is the Truth’
Pope Francis Explains How Jesus Taught Prayer
Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity with Typhoon Victims in the Philippines. Cor Unum Pledges Initial Donation of $150,000
Pope Francis Expresses Support for Roman Clergy. Meets with Pastors and Priests of the Diocese of Rome
Pope Francis Expresses 'Warm Congratulations' at News of Restored US-Cuba Ties. Vatican's Secretariat of State Notes Pope's Role in Easing Tensions
Pope Francis Faces Unique Situation in Holy Land, Says Cardinal O'Brien. Grand Master of Equestrian Order Tells ZENIT No One Better than Francis to Obtain Good Results
Pope Francis Fields Five Questions From Youth
Pope Francis Gives 300 Umbrellas to the Homeless of Rome. Papal Almoner, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, Managed the Initiative
Pope Francis Gives Easter Eggs to Little Ones in Hospitality Centers
Pope Francis Gives Interview Ahead of Trip to Sweden
Pope Francis Gives Warm Address to 'Brother Cardinals' Says Friendship and Closeness 'Will Do Us All Good'
Pope Francis Grateful for Spiritual Exercises
Pope Francis Greets Korean Priests Celebrating 25th Anniversary. Calls on Jubilarians to Renew and Deepen Their Priestly Commitments
Pope Francis Greets Mothers Around the World
Pope Francis Greets Oldest Nun in the World. Sister Candida Bellotti Celebrated Her 107th Birthday Attending Mass Celebrated by the Holy Father
Pope Francis Greets Religious Gathered for Angelus
Pope Francis Heralds Upcoming Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
Pope Francis Homily at Day of Confirmands Mass
Pope Francis Homily at Mass in San Giovanni Rotondo (Full Text)
Pope Francis in Latin America: A “Journey of the Soul” In-Depth Interview with Il Sismografo Director Luis Badilla on the Impact of Holy Father’s Apostolic Visit
Pope Francis in Uganda: Honoring Martyrs, Firing Up the Faith
Pope Francis in Urbi et Orbi Message: Come and See! Says Good News Is 'No Mere Matter of Words'
Pope Francis Informed of Kidnapping of Syrian Bishops. Metropolitans Mar Gregorios Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi Abducted During Humanitarian Mission
Pope Francis Institutes World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation. Vatican Confirmed Day Will Be September 1st Every Year
Pope Francis Invited to Saint Pius X Celebrations. Festivities to Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Pontiff's Death
Pope Francis Invites All Faithful to Pray Rosary in October
Pope Francis Invites All Faithful to Pray Rosary in October to Preserve Church Against Attacks by the Devil
Pope Francis Invites Christians to Live Well the Present
Pope Francis Invites Faithful to Make Definitive Choices of Faith. Reflects on Choosing God in Precarious Circumstances During Homily
Pope Francis Invites Faithful to Participate in “Minute for Peace”
Pope Francis Invites Residence Personnel To Morning Mass on His Birthday. Four Homeless People Also in Attendance at Mass
Pope Francis Invokes Edith Stein’s Prayer to Protect Europe
Pope Francis is Praying on First Anniversary of His Election. Holy Father Returns to the Vatican Tomorrow After Retreat Outside Rome
Pope Francis Leads Faithful in Prayer For Consecrated Life. Says Religious Foster Growth of 'Just and Fraternal Society'
Pope Francis Leads Prayer For Nuns Kidnapped in Syria. Fate of Greek-Orthodox Sisters Still Unknown, Says Apostolic Nuncio to Damascus
Pope Francis Makes Changes to Pallium Investiture Ceremony. Msgr. Guido Marini Says Modifications Allow for Greater Participation of Local Church
Pope Francis Makes Christmas Visit to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Pope Francis Makes Christmas Visit to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Pontiffs Speak Privately for 30 Minutes
Pope Francis Makes New Bishop Appointments in US. Co-Adjutor Named For Newark, Bishop Named for Houma-Thibodaux
Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit to Vatican Industrial Area. Power Plant Workers Express Joy at Pontiffs Greeting
Pope Francis Makes Telephone Call to Italian President. Expresses Gratitude and Admiration to Newly Re-elected Head of State
Pope Francis Meets Costa Rican President. Defence of Life and Protecting the Environment Focus of Meeting
Pope Francis Meets with Bulgarian Orthodox Church Leaders
Pope Francis Meets With Cardinal Velasio De Paolis. Papal Delegate for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Informed Pontiff on New Constitutions
Pope Francis Meets with European Parliament President. President Martin Schulz Invites Pontiff to Address Plenary
Pope Francis Meets with Italian Prime Minister. Both Discuss Measures To Create and Protect Jobs in the Nation
Pope Francis Meets with Montenegro's President Vujanovic. Discuss Commitment to Bilateral Relations and Montenegro's European Integration
Pope Francis Meets with Participants of "Children's Train" 250 Children Travel to Vatican City In Pontifical Council for Culture Initiative
Pope Francis Meets With Pastoral Convention of Rome. Makes Call to Bring the Gospel to Those Without Hope
Pope Francis Meets with President Karolos Papoulias of Greece. Discuss Role of Religion in Society, Economic Crisis
Pope Francis Meets with President of Angola. Discuss Fight Against Poverty, Social Inequality in African country
Pope Francis Meets with President of Croatia. Discuss Country's Challenges During Current Economic Crisis
Pope Francis Meets with President of the 67th Session of the UNs General Assembly. Pontiff and Vuk Jeremic Discuss International Conflict Resolution, Plight of Refugees, and Economic Crisis
Pope Francis Meets with Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Discuss Areas of Collaboration with the Holy See
Pope Francis Meets With Representatives of Different Faiths. Reaffirms Predecessors' Commitment to Ecumenical Dialogue
Pope Francis Meets With Students From Japan. Emphasizes Importance of Dialogue Founded on Meekness
Pope Francis Meets with Syrian Greek-Orthodox Patriarch. Patriarch Youhanna X Yazigi Grateful For Pontiffs Support
Pope Francis Meets With Volunteers Before Departing Rio. Invites Them To "Have the Courage To Be Happy"
Pope Francis Meets with World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Migrants. Says Church Provides Source of Hope to the Lonely and Marginalized
Pope Francis Message for World Mission Day 2018
Pope Francis Misses Out on Nobel Peace Prize This Year. Award Goes to Children's Rights Campaigners, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi
Pope Francis Moves Eight Closer to Sainthood
Pope Francis Named "Man of the Year" by Vanity Fair. Place Pontiff at the Top of "World Leaders Who Make History"
Pope Francis Named TIME's "Person of the Year 2013" Holy Father Chosen for His Humility and Compassion
Pope Francis Names Irish Priest as Bishop of Kerry. Fr. Raymond Browne To Succeed Bishop William Murphy
Pope Francis Names Successor in Buenos Aires. Bishop Mario Aurelio Poli To Lead Metropolitan Archdiocese in Argentina
Pope Francis Observes ‘Good Shepherd’ Sunday: World Day of Prayer for Vocations
Pope Francis Observes First Vespers and Te Deum in Thanksgiving for the Past Year
Pope Francis Offers Hope for Families to Spend Christmas Together
Pope Francis Offers Particular Thought for Young People, Elderly, Sick, Newlyweds
Pope Francis on Corpus Christi: Do Not Take Eucharist Passively, Habitually; Must Be Always Like Our 1st Holy Communion (Full Homily)
Pope Francis on Education of Children: 'It is Time for Parents to Return from Their Exile' Denounces Role of "Experts" Who Occupy Role of Fathers and Mothers during General Audience
Pope Francis on Nelson Mandela: An Example For Generations of South Africans. Pays Tribute to Beloved Former President
Pope Francis on Promise and Response
Pope Francis on St. Paul: Hard-Headed but not Hard-Hearted
Pope Francis on the Journey of Faith
Pope Francis on the Sixth Commandment: ‘Do Not Commit Adultery’
Pope Francis One Year On. Reflections on South America's First Pope on First Anniversary of His Election
Pope Francis Plans to Visit Fatima in 2017. Trip to Coincide with 100th Anniversary of Marian Apparitions
Pope Francis Points to Lifestyle of Christ’s Community
Pope Francis Praises 'Slum Priests' in New Interview. Says Their Work is Apostolic, Not Ideological
Pope Francis Praises Benedict XVI As "A Great Example" of Following One's Conscience. Reflects on Listening to God's Will During Angelus Address
Pope Francis Prays at the Western Wall. Also Visited Israel's National Cemetery and Prayed at Tomb for Victims of Terrorism
Pope Francis Prays for Earthquake Victims. 6.3 Magnitude Quake Strikes Southern Iran
Pope Francis Prays for Earthquake Victims. Expresses Closeness to Iranian and Pakistani People
Pope Francis Prays for Success of Ordinariate's Exploration Day. September Event in Britain Will Be Dedicated to Learning More About Union With Church
Pope Francis Prays for Victims, Families of Barcelona Attack
Pope Francis Prays With Cloistered Community in Rome. Church Celebrates Day for the Contemplative Life in Lead-up to Year of Faith Closing
Pope Francis Prescribes Divine Mercy "Medicine" Distributes Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary to Pilgrims at Sunday Angelus
Pope Francis Presented With Lambs. Feast of St. Agnes Linked to June's Solemnity of Peter and Paul
Pope Francis Presented with St. Teresa of Avila's Pilgrim Staff. Relic Taken Around the World on Pilgrimage to Commemorate 5th Centenary of Beloved Spanish Saint's Birth
Pope Francis Presides Over Episcopal Ordination. Bishop Fernando Vergez Alzaga Appointed Secretary General of the Governorate of Vatican City State
Pope Francis Press Conference on Flight from Turkey (Part I) "I went there, to Turkey, I came as a pilgrim, not as a tourist."
Pope Francis Proclaims Power of God’s Word
Pope Francis Proclaims Value of Work in Every Vocation
Pope Francis Proposes Saint Dominic as Model for Young People
Pope Francis Questions True Intentions of War. Prays for Peace in Middle East During Sunday Angelus Address
Pope Francis Rallies Canadian Pro-Lifers. Sends Message to Today's National March
Pope Francis Recalls Feast of St. Monica. A Look at How Beloved Mother of St. Augustine Has Been Remembered by Pope, Pope Emeritus
Pope Francis Recalls His 1st Communion, Says to Remember Catechists. Also Speaks of Childs Voice in Church as 'Best Homily'
Pope Francis Recalls Passing of Blessed Paul VI
Pope Francis Receives Delegation From Catholic-Muslim Forum. 3-Day Meeting Has Theme 'Working Together to Serve Others'
Pope Francis Receives Head of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Meeting Follows Yesterday's Referendum in Crimea
Pope Francis Receives King Letsie III of Lesotho. Discuss Continuing Collaboration Between State and Holy See
Pope Francis Receives Lutheran World Federation Representatives. Stresses Importance of Continuing Dialogue and Unity Between Churches
Pope Francis Receives Neocatechumenal Way Initiators. Thanks Itinerary of Christian Initiation For Service to the Church
Pope Francis Receives Papal Gentlemen. Calls on Them to Bear Witness Through Their Service in the Papal Household
Pope Francis Receives Prelates, Ambassadors, Former Anglican Bishop
Pope Francis Receives President Jonathan of Nigeria. Jointly Condemn All Forms of Violence and Express Hope for Return to Peace
Pope Francis Receives President of Malta. Two Leaders Discuss Migration, Christian Heritage and Bilateral Cooperation
Pope Francis Recognizes Heroic Virtue of Servant of God Giorgio La Pira
Pope Francis Reflects on Announcing Christ Without Fear. Warns of Dangers of Triumphalism During Morning Mass
Pope Francis Reflects on Jesus’ First Miracle at the Wedding in Cana
Pope Francis Reflects on the Catholicity of the Universal Church. Continues Catechesis on the Creed During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis Reflects on the Church as a Mother During General Audience. Over 50,000 Faithful Gather in St. Peters Square
Pope Francis Reflects on the Importance of Grandparents Greets Faithful Gathered for Angelus in Rio de Janeiro
Pope Francis Reflects on the Joy of Fatherhood. Also Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgis Priestly Ordination
Pope Francis Reflects on the Mystery of Death. Contemplates the Holy Death of King David During Morning Mass
Pope Francis Reflects on the Nature of Hope. Speaks on St. Paul's Letter to the Romans During Morning Mass
Pope Francis Reflects on the Temptation to Flee from God. Calls on Faithful to Allow God to Author the Plan of Their Lives
Pope Francis Remembers Cardinal Stanislaw Nagy as a Pioneer of Ecumenism" Polish Cardinal and Friend of Blessed John Paul II Passes Away at 91
Pope Francis Reminds Faithful of Jesus' Words: "Whoever Lives and Believes in Me Will Never Die" Pontiff Says Christ Calls Us Out of Our Darkness
Pope Francis Reminds How a Christian Community Ought to Live
Pope Francis Reminds News Priests of Their Participation in the Mission of Christ
Pope Francis Removes Bishop Holley of Memphis, Tennessee Following Apostolic Visitation
Pope Francis Renews Appeal for Peace. Calls For Resolution to Syrian Conflict Through Dialogue and Negotiation
Pope Francis Says Church Must Better Appreciate Feminine Genius. In q-and-a with consecrated, also speaks of spiritual direction as a charism for the laity
Pope Francis Says Ideological Perceptions of Him Are 'Offensive' Pontiff Gives Interview with Italian Newspaper to Mark One Year Anniversary of Papacy
Pope Francis Says John Paul II’s Intuition Seen Even More Clearly Today
Pope Francis Says Upcoming Encyclical on Faith Is Nearly Complete. Meets with Ordinary Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops
Pope Francis Sends Birthday Greetings to Benedict XVI Pontiff Makes Friendly Phone Call to Pope Emeritus
Pope Francis Sends Christmas Greetings to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Fr. Federico Lombardi Confirms Phone Call to Predecessor
Pope Francis Sends Christmas Message to Prisoners. The Lord "is the efficacious physician of your wounds, the faithful friend of each day, and the necessary nourishment to sustain you in that journey of salvation and liberation that not even prison bars
Pope Francis Sends Condolences Message on Spanish Cardinal's Death. Cardinal Ricardo Maria Carles Gordo Dies at the Age of 87
Pope Francis Sends Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron. Pontiff Responds to Letter Sent by British PM Regarding G8 Summit Priorities
Pope Francis Sends Message to Participants of Day of Reflection on Mining Industry. Meeting Reflects on Environmental and Social Issues
Pope Francis Sends Message to South Sudan. Tells South Sudanese: As long As There's War, There's no Development
Pope Francis Shows the Path of the Commandments to the Heart
Pope Francis Speaks of the ‘Astonishment’ and ‘Anxiety’ of the Holy Family
Pope Francis Spends Sunday at Castel Gandolfo. Thanks Employees of Papal Summer Residence for Their Service to the Holy See
Pope Francis Stresses Importance of ‘Ministry of Mercy’
Pope Francis Tells Young People They Can’t Dream Too Much
Pope Francis Thanks Roman Priest for Live Nativity Scene Visit. Fr. Dario Cruscuoli Speaks to ZENIT on Memorable Visit by Pontiff
Pope Francis to Argentine Newspaper: 'My Life Is in God's Hands'. Speaks on Election, Papacy and Poverty in Interview With La Voz del Pueblo
Pope Francis to Attend Upcoming Year of Faith Events. Over 70,000 Expected to Attend Day of Confirmands This Month
Pope Francis to Celebrate His 1st Christmas in Rome. Will Deliver Traditional Urbi et Orbi Blessing Tomorrow
Pope Francis to Celebrate Holy Thursday Mass at Juvenile Detention Center. Mass Will Be Celebrated In A Context of Simplicity, Says Vatican Spokesman
Pope Francis to Celebrate Sunday Mass at Parish in Rome Pontiff Will Give 1st Communion to Children of Sts. Elizabeth and Zechariah Church
Pope Francis to Change Practice of His Monthly Intentions
Pope Francis to Ecumenical Group: Don't Wait for Theologians. Encourages Them to 'Walk, Pray and Work Together Now'
Pope Francis To Homeless: 'Welcome to Your House' Pontiff Surprises 150 Homeless Persons During Visit to Vatican Museums
Pope Francis to Lead Corpus Christi Procession in Ostia
Pope Francis to Lead Corpus Christi Procession in Rome
Pope Francis to Marry 20 Couples in September. Marks First Time a Pope Has Officiated Wedding Since Pope John Paul II in 2000
Pope Francis to Meet Refugees in Jordan. Amman-Based Pastor Explains Excitement as Plans Shape Up for Meeting at Spot Where Jesus Was Baptized
Pope Francis to Meet with Bishop Tebartz van-Elst Tomorrow. Former Bishop of Limburg Resigned After Investigation of Lavish Construction
Pope Francis to Meet with Interreligious Leaders in the Philippines. Religious Groups Hope Visit Will Foster Peace Between Religious Groups
Pope Francis to Meet With Jordan's King Abdullah. Syrian Conflict Among Topics Expected to Be Discussed
Pope Francis to Open a Holy Door at Homeless Shelter in Rome
Pope Francis to Parents: 'Be Transmitters of Faith'. Baptizes 32 Children on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Pope Francis to Plant 1st Virtual Olive Tree at the Vatican. Event Coincides With Anniversary of Start of Pontificate
Pope Francis to Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy: "Careerism is a Leprosy". Calls on Priests to Avoid Involvement in Spiritual Worldliness
Pope Francis to RAI: Maintain Ethical Quality of Communication. Receives Directors and Personnel of Italian Radio and Television Broadcasting
Pope Francis to Resume Wednesday General Audiences August 7
Pope Francis To Review Encyclical on Ecology This Week. Pontiff's Schedule Expected to Be Light, Says Vatican Spokesman
Pope Francis to Ukrainian Bishops: The Holy See Is By Your Side. Says 'Seeing the Wounds, Misunderstandings Between Brother Bishops Hurts Him'
Pope Francis to Visit Assisi on October 4th. Diocese of St. Francis Expresses Joy at News of Papal Visit
Pope Francis to Visit Hospital That Treated St. John Paul II. Date of Visit to Gemelli Hospital in Rome Yet to be Announced
Pope Francis To Visit Island of Lampedusa Next Week. Will Pray For African Migrants Who Lost Their Life Attempting to Enter Italy
Pope Francis To Visit Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love in May. Will Be Third Pontiff to Visit Roman Pilgrimage Site
Pope Francis to Visit South Korea in August. Vatican Confirms Visit Which Will Coincide with Asian Youth Day
Pope Francis to Wash Feet of 12 Prisoners on Holy Thursday
Pope Francis to World Leaders: Discarding Individuals Will Not Achieve Peace or Justice. Sends Letter to Australian Prime Minister Ahead of G20 Summit in Brisbane
Pope Francis Tweets Support for March for Life. Says He Joins the Roe v Wade Protest With Prayer
Pope Francis Urges Church to Promote Peace, Environment, Human Life
Pope Francis Urges Peace in Syria
Pope Francis Urges Preparation for Advent
Pope Francis Urges Sick to Entrust Trials, Tribulations to Mary. In Message for 24th World Day of the Sick, Asks How Often We See Family Praying to Blessed Mother Along Bedside of a Loved One
Pope Francis Uses Twitter to Remind World That Jesus Does Not Leave Us Alone
Pope Francis Venerates Body of St. Padre Pio
Pope Francis Visited Italian Cities of Cesena and Bologna
Pope Francis Visits Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital in Rome 'Francis House Initiative' for Poor Mothers and Children Presented
Pope Francis Visits Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome. Newly Elected Pontiff Gives Bouquet of Flowers to Blessed Mother
Pope Francis Visits Benedict XVI to Offer Early Easter Greetings
Pope Francis Visits Refugee Center in Rome. Jesuit-Run Astalli Center Receives Thousands Seeking Asylum in the Heart of the Eternal City
Pope Francis Visits Santa Maria Dell'Orazione Parish in Rome. Invites Parishioners to Listen to Jesus Through the Gospels
Pope Francis Visits Secretariat of State. Gives Heartfelt Thanks To 300 Member Staff
Pope Francis Visits Seraphic Institute for Disabled Children in Assisi. Pontiff Says "Young People Share the Wounds of Jesus"
Pope Francis Visits Tomb of Paul VI. Commemorates 35th Anniversary of Predecessor's Death
Pope Francis Warns of Many Names of Hunger
Pope Francis Welcomes 70,000 Altar Servers to St. Peter’s Square
Pope Francis Welcomes the Young
Pope Francis Will Wash Feet of the Elderly and Disabled. Vatican Announces Location for Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper
Pope Francis Writes Consecrated Persons as Brother Also Consecrated to God. Celebration Year Begins With Gratitude
Pope Francis Writes Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb. Expresses Esteem and Respect for Islam and Muslims
Pope Francis Writes to Parish Priest Friend in Argentina. States He Lives in Domus Sanctae Marthae To Avoid Being Isolated
Pope Francis' "Urbi et Orbi" Blessing
Pope Francis' 1st Words "And now let us begin this journey"
Pope Francis' 3 Essentials for Catholic Colleges. Places where everyone understands and lives a mission to God, to each other, and to the world
Pope Francis' Address at Celebration of Vespers at the Cathedral of St. Paul "Today, we have touched the martyrs"
Pope Francis' Address at Invocation for Peace "Lord, defuse the violence of our tongues and our hands. Renew our hearts and minds, so that the word which always brings us together will be "brother", and our way of life will always be that of: Shalom, Peac
Pope Francis' Address at Prayer Vigil for Mafia Victims. Convert, Stop Doing Evil
Pope Francis' Address During Audience with the Roman Curia
Pope Francis' Address During Visit to "Casa Dono di Maria"
Pope Francis' Address in the Neighborhood of Varginha in the Manguinhos Favela
Pope Francis' Address to Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches "Your works of relief and assistance in nations most affected by these crises respond to basic needs, particularly of those who are powerless and most vulnerable, as well as the many young pe
Pope Francis' Address to Altar Servers "If we do not resist him, Jesus will touch our lips with the flame of his merciful love, as he did to the prophet Isaiah"
Pope Francis' Address to Apostolates Evangelizing the Sick "A sick person, a disabled person can become support and light for other people who suffer, in this way transforming the environment in which he lives."
Pope Francis' Address to Apostolic Penitentiary "Confession is not a court of condemnation, but the experience of forgiveness and mercy!"
Pope Francis' Address to Argentines Gathered in Plaza De Mayo
Pope Francis' Address to Bavarian Pilgrims
Pope Francis' Address to Bishops of South Korea "Ours is a life of service, freely given, for each soul entrusted to our care, without exception"
Pope Francis' Address to Bishops of the Dominican Republic "The beginnings of evangelization in the American Continent always bring to mind the Dominican soil that received in the first place the rich deposit of faith"
Pope Francis' Address to Bishops Who Support Focolare Movement "Todays society is in great need of the witness of a lifestyle that reveals the novelty given to us by the Lord Jesus"
Pope Francis' Address to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith "Doctrine has the sole purpose of serving the life of the People of God and it seeks to assure our faith of a sure foundation."
Pope Francis' Address to Coptic Pope Tawadros II
Pope Francis' Address to Delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Pope Francis' Address to Diplomatic Corps
Pope Francis' Address to Directors and Personnel of RAI
Pope Francis' Address to Ecclesial Convention of Rome (Part 2)
Pope Francis' Address to Employees of Papal Residence at Castel Gandolfo
Pope Francis' Address to Formators of Consecrated Men and Women "It is a privilege to participate in the work of the Father who forms the heart of the Son in those whom the Spirit has called"
Pope Francis' Address to Italian Federation of Spiritual Exercises (FIES)
Pope Francis' Address to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano "I would like to knock on the doors of each inhabitant of the country, where the roots of my earthly family lie, and offer the word of the Gospel, healing and always new, to all."
Pope Francis' Address to Jordanian Civil and Political Leaders "Religious freedom is in fact a fundamental human right and I cannot fail to express my hope that it will be upheld throughout the Middle East and the entire world."
Pope Francis' Address to Journalists
Pope Francis' Address to Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
Pope Francis' Address to Members of the Neocatechumenal Way
Pope Francis' Address to Members of the Pontifical. Biblical Commission
Pope Francis' Address to New Cardinals "The Church needs your courage, to proclaim the Gospel at all times, both in season and out of season, and to bear witness to the truth."
Pope Francis' Address to Papal Ushers
Pope Francis' Address to Patriarch Karekin II "The ecumenism of suffering and of the martyrdom of blood are a powerful summons to walk the long path of reconciliation between the Churches, by courageously and decisively abandoning ourselves to the working
Pope Francis' Address to Pilgrims from Sri Lanka "It is not easy [...] to heal the wounds and cooperate with yesterdays enemy to build tomorrow together, but it is the only path that gives hope for the future..."
Pope Francis' Address to Pontifical Representatives and Apostolic Nuncios
Pope Francis' Address to Poor and Detainees
Pope Francis' Address to Seven New Ambassadors to the Holy See "The phenomenon of forced migrations is closely linked to the conflicts and wars and, therefore, to the problem of the proliferation of arms"
Pope Francis' Address to Tanzanian Bishops
Pope Francis' Address to the American Jewish Institute
Pope Francis' Address to the Astalli Center in Rome
Pope Francis' Address to the Delegation from the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Pope Francis' Address to the Diplomatic Corps "The personal dimension of rejection is inevitably accompanied by a social dimension, a culture of rejection which severs the deepest and most authentic human bonds, leading to the breakdown of society and spa
Pope Francis' Address to the Extraordinary Consistory of the College of Cardinals "We are called to acknowledge how beautiful, true and good it is to start a family, to be a family today"
Pope Francis' Address to the Grand Mufti and the Islamic Great Council "May we respect and love one another as brothers and sisters! May we learn to understand the sufferings of others! May no one abuse the name of God through violence! May we work togeth
Pope Francis' Address to the Lutheran World Federation and Members of the Lutheran-Catholic Commission for Unity
Pope Francis' Address to the Participants International. Meeting For Peace by the Sant'Egidio Community
Pope Francis' Address to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity
Pope Francis' Address to the Pontifical Academy for Life "Abandonment is the gravest sickness of the elderly, and also the greatest injustice they can suffer"
Pope Francis' Address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. In a global economic system dominated by profit, new forms of slavery have developed that in a certain way are worse and more inhumane than those of the past
Pope Francis' Address to the Sts. Peter and Paul Association
Pope Francis' Address to Trustees of the University of Notre Dame (U.S.A.) "It is my hope that the University of Notre Dame will continue to offer unambiguous testimony to this aspect of its foundational Catholic identity"
Pope Francis' Address to Trustees of the University of Notre Dame (U.S.A.) "It is my hope that the University of Notre Dame will continue to offer unambiguous testimony to this aspect of its foundational Catholic identity"
Pope Francis' Address to UN Chief Executives Officers "An essential principle of management is the refusal to be satisfied with current results and to press forward"
Pope Francis' Address to Volunteers Who Served During the Year of Faith
Pope Francis' Address to Young Astronomers "The Vatican Observatory School in Astrophysics [is] a place where young people the world over can engage in dialogue and collaboration, helping one another in the search for truth, which in this case is concreti
Pope Francis' Address Upon Arriving in Ecuador "I have come as a witness of God’s mercy and of faith in Jesus Christ"
Pope Francis' Angelus Address "With this attitude of faith, we can understand the meaning of "Bread of Life" that Jesus gives us"
Pope Francis' Beautiful Mind. Deeper Into the Interview
Pope Francis' Chirograph Establishing Council of Cardinals
Pope Francis' Chirograph Establishing Pontifical Commission For IOR
Pope Francis' Chrism Mass Homily
Pope Francis' Christmas Address to the Roman Curia "I thank you for the work which you do each day: for the care, diligence and creativity which you display."
Pope Francis' Comments and Address at Charismatic Renewal Convention "You are dispensers of the grace of God, not controllers! Don't be a customs office to the Holy Spirit!"
Pope Francis' Condolence Message to Flood Victims in Sardinia
Pope Francis' Condolence Message to Victims of Ferry Disaster in the Phillippines
Pope Francis' Condolence Telegram for Boston Marathon Bombing
Pope Francis' Condolence Telegram For the Death of Cardinal Lorenzo Antonetti
Pope Francis' Condolence Telegram on the Death of Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci
Pope Francis' Condolence Telegram on the Death of Nelson Mandela
Pope Francis' Discourse at Conference on Human Trafficking "Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ"
Pope Francis' Discourse at Vigil of Prayer for the Synod on the Family "If we assume His way of thinking, of living and of relating to others, we will not tire of translating the Synodal works into guidelines and courses for the pastoral on the person and
Pope Francis' Favorite Soccer Team Give Him a Birthday Gift. San Lorenzo Present Holy Father with Replica Championship Trophy and Team Shirt
Pope Francis' First Encyclical Released Today. Holy See Presents "Lumen Fidei" During Press Conference
Pope Francis' First Encyclical To Be Released on Friday "Lumen Fidei" (The Light of Faith) Will Reflect On Several Themes in the Year of Faith
Pope Francis' General Audience Catechesis, May 14, 2014 "We must have fortitude in our everyday life as Christians, we need this fortitude to carry on in our lives, our families our faith. "
Pope Francis' Greeting to Mining Industry Representatives For Day of Reflection
Pope Francis' Holy Thursday Homily at Casal del Marmo Juvenile Detention Center
Pope Francis' Homily and Address to 50,000 German-Speaking Altar Servers in Rome "Dear youth, do not use your freedom badly! Don't spoil your great dignity as children of God, which He gave you! If you follow Jesus and his Gospel, your freedom will blosso
Pope Francis' Homily at Canonization Mass of Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II. "May these two new saints and shepherds of Gods people intercede for the Church"
Pope Francis' Homily at Canonizations of Four Blesseds "To abide in God and in his love, and thus to proclaim by our words and our lives the resurrection of Jesus, to live in unity with one another and with charity towards all. This is what the four women
Pope Francis' Homily at Celebration of Vespers at the Basilica of St. Paul "In the call to be evangelizers, all the Churches and Ecclesial Communities discover a privileged setting for closer cooperation"
Pope Francis' Homily at Chrism Mass "The Lord 'gets involved' with us, becomes personally responsible for removing every stain, all that grimy, worldly smog which clings to us from the journey we make in his name."
Pope Francis' Homily at Christmas Midnight Mass
Pope Francis' Homily at Consistory "The Church needs us also to be peacemakers, building peace by our works, our hopes and our prayers."
Pope Francis' Homily at Easter Vigil "Horizon of the Risen Lord, horizon of the Church; intense desire of encounter Let us be on our way!"
Pope Francis' Homily at Easter Vigil "We cannot live Easter without entering into the mystery. It is not something intellectual, something we only know or read about It is more, much more!"
Pope Francis' Homily at Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Fabene "You have been chosen from the flock: may vanity, pride and arrogance never come. And you have been constituted for men: may your attitude always be one of service."
Pope Francis' Homily at Inauguration of Petrine Ministry Mass
Pope Francis' Homily at Koševo Stadium "Today, dear brothers and sisters, the cry of God’s people goes up once again from this city, the cry of all men and women of good will: war never again!"
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass for Marian Day
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Campobasso "It's necessary to put the dignity of the human person at the center of every perspective and every action. Other interests, even if legitimate, are secondary."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Caserta "Giving primacy to God means having the courage to say no to evil, violence, oppression, living [instead] a life of service to others and in favor of the law and the common good."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Mother Teresa Square in Tirana "Today, the doors of Albania have been reopened and a season of new missionary vitality is growing for all of the members of the people of God"
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Quito's Bicentennial Park "Becoming a missionary Church requires constantly fostering communion, since mission does not have to do with outreach alone."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in Santa Cruz, Bolivia "The Eucharist is a sacrament of communion, which draws us out of our individualism in order to live together as disciples."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in the Church of the Gesu "It is necessary to seek God to find Him, and to find him in order to seek Him again and forever."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass in the Upper Room "The Upper Room reminds us of sharing, fraternity, harmony and peace among ourselves. How much love and goodness has flowed from the Upper Room!"
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass of the Lord's Supper "He did this out of love: you also must love one another and be servants in love"
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass of the Lord's Supper "Jesus, has so much love that He made Himself a slave in order to serve us, to heal us, to clean us."
Pope Francis' Homily at Mass with Cardinals "This temple of ours is defiled if we neglect our duties towards our neighbour."
Pope Francis' Homily at Ordination Mass
Pope Francis' Homily at Palm Sunday
Pope Francis' Homily at Pentecost Mass
Pope Francis' Homily at Rite of Admission to the Catechumenate
Pope Francis' Homily at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Rome
Pope Francis' Homily at Santa Maria Maggiore on New Year's Day for Opening of Holy Door
Pope Francis' Homily at St. Paul Outside the Walls
Pope Francis' Homily at Sunday Mass for Day of Confraternities
Pope Francis' Homily at the Closing Mass for the Year of Faith
Pope Francis' Homily at the Conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity "Let us remember that unity is always better than conflict!"
Pope Francis' Homily at the Mass of the 184th General Chapter of the Augustinians
Pope Francis' Homily at the World War I Memorial in Redipuglia "Humanity needs to weep, and this is the time to weep"
Pope Francis' Homily at Today's Mass With Grandparents and the Elderly "Experts in faith, experts in God, experts in the hope that comes from him"
Pope Francis' Homily at Wedding Mass in St. Peter's Basilica "The love of Christ can restore to spouses the joy of journeying together"
Pope Francis' Homily for Corpus Christi "Jesus shed his blood as a ransom and as a lavacrum – a cleansing agent, that we might be purified of all sins: in order that we fall not into cowardice, despair of sinfulness, that we not become weak, let us look
Pope Francis' Homily for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul "The witness of the Apostle Peter reminds us that our true refuge is trust in God"
Pope Francis' Homily for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Pope Francis' Homily for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi
Pope Francis' Homily in Asuncion's Nu Guazu Field "God never closes off horizons; He is never unconcerned about the lives and sufferings of his children."
Pope Francis' Homily on the Feast of Saint Ignatius
Pope Francis' Homily on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord "When Mary and Joseph take their child to the Temple of Jerusalem, it is Jesus' first encounter with His People"
Pope Francis' Homily on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God "The Mother of the Redeemer goes before us and continually strengthens us in faith, in our vocation and in our mission. By her example of humility and openness to God's will she helps us to tran
Pope Francis' Homily on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul
Pope Francis' Korean Surprises. As Expected, Pontiff Breaks With Itinerary During His Apostolic Visit
Pope Francis' Lenten Message 2014 "The Gospel is the real antidote to spiritual destitution"
Pope Francis' Lenten Message 2015 "A merciful heart does not mean a weak heart"
Pope Francis' Letter on Beatification of Alvaro del Portillo "This is the path of holiness that every Christian must follow: to let himself be loved by the Lord, to open his heart to His love"
Pope Francis' Letter on the Fifth Centenary of Saint Teresa of Avila's Birth. [St. Teresa] asks us to be perseverant, faithful even in the midst of aridity, personal difficulties or the pressing needs that call us.
Pope Francis' Letter On the Occasion of the 8th Centenary of Trinitarian Founder, St. John of Mata
Pope Francis' Letter on the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors "Families need to know that the Church is making every effort to protect their children."
Pope Francis' Letter to Argentinian Episcopal Conference
Pope Francis' Letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron
Pope Francis' Letter to Cardinal-Designates
Pope Francis' Letter to the Bishops of Nigeria "And so I wish here to express my heartfelt thanks to you, because in the midst of so many trials and sufferings the Church in Nigeria does not cease to witness to hospitality, mercy and forgiveness."
Pope Francis' Letter to the Diocese of Inmaculada Concepción, Argentina
Pope Francis' Letter to the Founder of "La Repubblica" Italian Newspaper
Pope Francis' Meditation at 3rd World Retreat of Priests (Part I) "The first motivation to evangelize is love of Jesus, that love that we receive, that experience of being saved by Him, which moves us to love Him ever more."
Pope Francis' Meditation at 3rd World Retreat of Priests (Part II) "The love that is Jesus has conquered the devil and death, it is stronger than any murderous terrorism; we are called by love to be like Jesus Christ, to love without limits, to love in al
Pope Francis' Meditation at Basilica of St. Mary Major
Pope Francis' Meeting with Participants of the "Children's Train"
Pope Francis' Message for 51st World Day of Prayer for Vocations "The harvest will be plentiful, proportionate to the grace we have meekly welcomed into our lives."
Pope Francis' Message for 52nd World Day of Prayer for Vocations "To offer one's life in mission is possible only if we are able to leave ourselves behind."
Pope Francis' Message for 53rd World Day of Prayer for Vocations 'Each vocation in the Church has its origin in the compassionate gaze of Jesus.'
Pope Francis' Message for the 24th World Day of the Sick. Entrusting Oneself to the Merciful Jesus like Mary: “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5)
Pope Francis' Message for the 48th World Day of Social Communications "Let our communication be a balm which relieves pain and a fine wine which gladdens hearts"
Pope Francis' Message for the Feast of Saint Cajetan
Pope Francis' Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees
Pope Francis' Message for World Food Day "the waste of food is but one of the fruits of the 'throw away culture' which often leads to sacrificing men and women to the idols of profit and consumption"
Pope Francis' Message to 103rd Session of International Labour Conference "Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against the whole of humanity. It is time to join forces and work together to free its victims and to eradicate this crime that affects all
Pope Francis' Message to Archbishop Justin Welby
Pope Francis' Message to Cardinal Scola on 17th. Centenary of the Edict of Milan
Pope Francis' Message to His Holiness Tawadros II "Today more than ever we are united by the ecumenism of blood, which further encourages us on the path towards peace and reconciliation"
Pope Francis' Message to President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina
Pope Francis' Message to President of the Governorate of Vatican City State
Pope Francis' Message to the 18th Public Session of the Pontifical Academies
Pope Francis' Message to the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life "A society is truly open to life when it recognizes that life is precious even in the elderly population, in the disabled, and even in those who are gravely ill or in the pro
Pope Francis' Message to the German National Eucharistic Congress
Pope Francis' Message to the Prior General of the Carmelite Order
Pope Francis' Message to the Vatican Television Center
Pope Francis' Message to Vatican Seminar on "Coaches: Educators of People" "The coach can be a valid formator of young people, beside the parents, the teachers, the priests and the catechists"
Pope Francis' Message to World Economic Forum "I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it."
Pope Francis' Morning Homily: God Gives More and More. Reminds That God Is Three Persons, Not Some Vague Idea in the Clouds
Pope Francis' Official Biography
Pope Francis' Palm Sunday Homily
Pope Francis' Post-Korean Surprise. Upon Returning to Rome, Stops by Santa Maria Maggiore
Pope Francis' Prayer During Veneration of Immaculate Conception Statue
Pope Francis' Prayer for the Families of the World
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for February. Prays for Prisoners, Separated Married Couples
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for June. Remembering Refugees, Vocations to Priesthood and Consecrated Life
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for March. Prays for Scientists, Recognition of Women's Contribution to the Church
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for October. Prays for End of Human Trafficking, Remembers Immigrants and Refugees
Pope Francis' Reform
Pope Francis' Regina Coeli Address on Pentecost Sunday "We too are given the gift of the 'language' of the Gospel and the 'fire' of the Holy Spirit, for us to proclaim the Risen Jesus in our midst and to warm the hearts of people, bringing them closer to
Pope Francis' Sunday Homily at the Parish of St. Ann's in Vatican City
Pope Francis' Telegram of Condolence on Death of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly
Pope Francis' Telegram of Condolence on the Passing of Cardinal Ersilio Tonini
Pope Francis' Telegram to Victims Of Terrorist Attack in Tunisia "He asks the Lord to receive in His peace the deceased and to comfort those who are seriously injured."
Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi Message "Love has triumphed over hatred, life has conquered death, light has dispelled the darkness!"
Pope Francis' Video Message to New Evangelization in Asia Conference Participants
Pope Francis's Schedule During Visit to the Holy Land
Pope Francis: "Avoid The Scandal of Being Airport Bishops'" Pontiff Addresses Newly Appointed Bishops During Audience
Pope Francis: "Be Christians and Give Witness to the Faith". Pontiff Reflects on Christ's Call to "Enter By the Narrow Door"
Pope Francis: "Be Unsettled Because the Love of Jesus is Worth It. Pontiff Sends Letter For 50th Anniversary of Diocese of Inmaculada Concepcion in Argentina
Pope Francis: "Do Not Be Content with A Mediocre Christian Life". Pontiff Celebrates Year of Faith Mass with Confraternities in St. Peters Square
Pope Francis: "Jesus is the Light Who Brightens the Darkness". Celebrates First Christmas of Papacy in St. Peter's Basilica
Pope Francis: "Let Us Look Upon Each Other with a Brotherly Gaze" Pontiff Visits Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria in Sardinia
Pope Francis: "No One Is Saved on Their Own" Continues Catechesis on the Sacrament of Baptism
Pope Francis: "Our Lives Do Not End in Front of the Stone of the Sepulcher!" Reflects on the Coming Easter Triduum During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: "Reform is Not an End in Itself" First Day of Consistory of the College of Cardinals Begins at the Vatican
Pope Francis: "Take the Grace of Baptism and Become a Light for All" Calls on Faithful To Confess in Order to Renew Graces Received in Baptism
Pope Francis: "Test the Spirits to See If They Really Come from God" Reflects on Discerning God's Will During Morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta
Pope Francis: "The Cross Is Not an Ornament". Emphasizes During Morning Mass That Christianity Does Not Exist Without a Cross
Pope Francis: "The Joy of God is the Joy of Forgiveness" Reflects on the Mercy of God To All During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: "The Key To Prayer Is to Feel Loved by the Father" Pontiff Reflects on the Love of God the Father During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: "The Only One Who Justifies Us Is Jesus Christ" In Morning Homily Warns Against Hypocrisy
Pope Francis: "We Cannot Think of Church Without Joy" Reflects on the Peace that Christ Brings During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: "We Cannot Think of Church Without Joy" Reflects on the Peace that Christ Brings During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: "We Must Not Resign Ourselves to Thinking of a Middle East Without Christians" Appeals for Respect to Profess Ones Faith During Meeting With Congregation for Oriental Churches
Pope Francis: 'A Prayer That Is Not Courageous Is Not A Real Prayer' Reflects on Praying With Insistence in Homily At Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Ask for the Grace to Read the Signs of the Times' Warns Against Worldly Spirit that Robs Us of Free Will
Pope Francis: 'Be Imitators of Christ' Calls on Faithful to Share Christ's Compassion with the Poor and Sick During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: 'Be Open to the Newness of the Holy Spirit'. Pentecost Mass Draws Hundreds of Thousands to St. Peters Square
Pope Francis: 'Becoming A Disciple of Ideology Closes the Door to Faith' Warns of the Dangers of Ideological Thought in Christianity During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Christ Invites Us to Go Out and Bring Joy of the Gospel' Reflects on the Apostolic Church During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: 'Christ Is the Center, Not the Successor of Peter'. Newly Elected Pontiff Meets With Journalists in Paul VI Hall
Pope Francis: 'Christ is the One Bridegroom'. Reflects on Christ's Union With the Church During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Christ's Intercession and Salvation More Important Than Healing'. Pontiff Resumes Morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta
Pope Francis: 'Corrupt Christians Do Much Harm to the Church' Reflects on Christ's Forgiveness of Repentant Sinners During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Do Not Forget the Holy Spirit'. Baptizes Infants in the Sistine Chapel on Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Pope Francis: 'Each Child is a Gift to be Welcomed' 6 Million Gather for Pontiff's Final Mass in the Philippines
Pope Francis: 'Faith and Violence Are Incompatible'. Prays for Victims of Violence in Egypt, Ferry Disaster in Philippines
Pope Francis: 'Freedom of Expression Is a Right and a Duty, But It Has Its Limits' Extremism, Climate Change and New Canonizations Among Issues Discussed Aboard Papal Flight
Pope Francis: 'Go Against the Current of this Civilization' Pontiff Meets with 500 Youth from the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio
Pope Francis: 'I Wept On Hearing News of Crucifixion of Christians' In Morning Homily, Pontiff Reflects on Threats to Religious Freedom, Persecution
Pope Francis: 'Inconsistency by Pastors and Faithful Undermines Church's Credibility'. Pontiff Celebrates Mass at Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome
Pope Francis: 'Jesus' Love Never Deceives Us' Washes Feet of 12 Inmates During Holy Thursday Mass at Rebibbia Prison in Rome
Pope Francis: 'Lent is a Time of Spiritual Combat' Distributes Booklets to Faithful to Prepare For Lenten Season During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: 'Let Us Not Lose Hope in Holiness' Calls on Faithful to Let Themselves Be Loved By God During General Audience
Pope Francis: 'Life Does Not End With Death' Reflects on the Resurrection of the Body During General Audience
Pope Francis: 'Love of God and Neighbor Heals You of Idolatry and Hypocrisy' Reflects on the Idolatry of Self During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Mary Did Not Forget Her Suffering Children' Ends Second Day of Apostolic Trip with Visit to Marian Shrine in Madhu
Pope Francis: 'No One is Excluded from the Mercy of God' During Penitential Liturgy Homily, Francis Says We Must Look Beyond Surfaces
Pope Francis: 'Prayer Can Make Miracles' Pontiff Emphasizes Importance of Prayer and Forgiveness During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Prayer Can Make Miracles' Pontiff Emphasizes Importance of Prayer and Forgiveness During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Salvation Cannot Be Bought Or Sold, It Is a Gift' Celebrates Solemnity of the Annunciation During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: 'Scandals are the Shame of the Church' Says Scandals Occur When There is No Living Relationship With God
Pope Francis: 'The Church is the Community of God's People'. Italian Newspaper Publishes Interview with Pontiff
Pope Francis: 'The Coming of the Kingdom of God Brings Peace'. Warns That Spirit of Curiosity Distances Us From Wisdom
Pope Francis: 'The Liberalization of Drugs Does Not Reduce Dependency' Pontiff Visits Rehabilitation Center in Rio de Janeiro
Pope Francis: 'The Sick Are the Flesh of Christ' Pontiff Leads Faithful in Prayer for the Sick and for Victims of Human Trafficking During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: 'There Can Be No Religious Justification for Violence' Pontiff Addresses Participants of International Meeting for Peace
Pope Francis: 'There is No Sin That God Can't Forgive' Meets With Confessors and Seminarians Participating at Internal Forum Course
Pope Francis: 'To Know Jesus, One Must Follow Him' Reflects on Peter as an Example of a True Disciple
Pope Francis: 'Today the Death Penalty Is Inadmissible' Suggests Debates About Methods Are Useless as 'There's No Human Way of Killing Another Person'
Pope Francis: 'War Destroys!' Appeals for Peace in the World and in Families During Homily
Pope Francis: 'We Cannot Fool Jesus'. During Rome Parish Visit, Says Jesus Can See Through Our Pretending to Be Holy
Pope Francis: A Christian is One Who Bears Humiliation With 'Patience and Joy'. Reflects on the Nature of Christ in the Midst of Suffering During Daily Mass
Pope Francis: A Christian Without the Church is 'An Absurd Dichotomy' Reflects on the Sense of Ecclesial Belonging During Homily
Pope Francis: A Church That Lacks Prophecy Becomes Filled with Clericalism. Reflects on the Role of Prophets During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: A Faithful Son of the Church. Vatican Radio's English Language Director Reflects on First Anniversary
Pope Francis: A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart. At Audience, Reflects on the Masterpiece of the Body of Christ
Pope Francis: A Profile. New Pope Is 76 Years Old
Pope Francis: A Profile. New Pope Is 76 Years Old
Pope Francis: A True Christian Must be Like a Lamb. Reflects on the Identity of a Disciple During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: A Worldly Church Is A Weak Church. Pontiff Emphasizes Importance of Constant Prayer In Overcoming Evil
Pope Francis: Address to G20 Interfaith Forum
Pope Francis: All Baptized Called to Witness
Pope Francis: Allow Yourselves To Encounter The Lord. Reflects on the Life and Humility of St. Peter During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Amid Deceptions of World, We Must Continue to Ask 'Where is the Star?' On Feast of Epiphany, Pope Calls on Faithful to Analyze Personal Journey of Conversion
Pope Francis: ‘A Woman is Harmony and Beauty of the World’
Pope Francis: ‘God Calls, God Surprises, God Loves’
Pope Francis: ‘God Calls, God Surprises, God Loves’
Pope Francis: ‘Persevere in Prayer with Constancy and Regularity
Pope Francis: ‘The Church is not an External Reality’
Pope Francis: ‘The Holy Spirit Changes Hearts’
Pope Francis: ‘The Risen Christ Flowers’
Pope Francis: Be Bearers of Christ to the World. Pontiff Meets with Pontifical Representatives and Apostolic Nuncios
Pope Francis: Be Heedful and Vigilant
Pope Francis: Be On Guard Against the Deceit of Evil. Warns Faithful of Underestimating the Battle Against the Devil
Pope Francis: Be Silent to Know God's Tenderness. Holy Father Says God Speaks to Us as a Parent Speaks to His Children
Pope Francis: Bear Life's Struggles with Patience. Reflects on the Virtues of Patience During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Beatitudes, Warnings, Seeing with Jesus’ Eyes
Pope Francis: Benedict XVI ‘Personifies Sanctity’
Pope Francis: Blessed Romero's Beatification a Cause for 'Great Joy' Says Martyred Prelate 'Reminds Us That the Church is the Family of God'
Pope Francis: Blood of Martyrs Is Seed of Unity in Church. During Meeting With Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church, Says This Seed Builds Up Kingdom of God
Pope Francis: Cardinals Enter Church of Rome, Not a Royal Court. Shares a Vision of Holiness with 19 New Cardinals, Warns Against Gossip and Intrigue
Pope Francis: Casuistic Thought Is A Trap Against God and Us. Reflects on the Beauty of Love, Marriage and the Family During Homily
Pope Francis: Catholic Education Must Engage the Culture. Says "Courageous and Innovative Fidelity" to the Gospel is Needed
Pope Francis: Christ Calls You to Be the People of God. Pontiff Reflects on Mission of the Church in Todays World
Pope Francis: Christ Himself Comforts Us in Anointing of the Sick. Continues Catechesis on the Sacraments During General Audience
Pope Francis: Christ Is Knocking at Our Door; We're Too Busy to Notice. Says the Savior Comes This Christmas Asking Each of Us for a 'Yes' Like Mary's
Pope Francis: Christ Paid the Price for Our Justification. Pontiff Reflects on the Jesus Interceding For Us During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Christian Freedom Means to Be Docile to the Word of God. Reflects on the 'Surprises' That Come From God During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Christian Humility Means to Recognize Oneself a Sinner. Calls on Faithful to Place Themselves on Margins to be Saved
Pope Francis: Christian Love is Concrete. Reflects on the Nature of True Love During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Christian Witness in Middle East Severely Tested
Pope Francis: Christians Are Called to Build the Unity of the Church. At Morning Mass, Encourages the Faithful to Be Living Stones
Pope Francis: Christians Who Hate Are a Contradiction. Trinity Cannot Fathom Anything But Love, Pope Says
Pope Francis: Christ’s Charity Builds Bridges, Not Walls. Meets with Future Vatican Diplomats of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy
Pope Francis: Church Invites Us to Face God's Judgement With Joyful Hope. Summary of the Holy Father's Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: Churches Should Be True Places of Adoration and Praise. Stresses That Adoration and Not Liturgical Rites Are Most Important
Pope Francis: Concern for the Poor Is Rooted in the Gospel, Not Communism. Discusses Ethics Within Social and Economic Systems in New Interview
Pope Francis: Confession Is Not a Court of Condemnation. Addresses Apostolic Penitentiary on the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Pope Francis: Confirmation Completes Our Bond With the Church. Urges Parents to Ensure Children Receive Sacrament
Pope Francis: Contemplate Jesus' Suffering in the People of Syria. Pontiff Meets With Relief Organizations Aiding Humanitarian Efforts in War-Torn Country
Pope Francis: Despite Our Sins, Christ Always Looks At Us First. Celebrates Mass in Holguín on Second Day of Apostolic Visit
Pope Francis: Dialogue is the Only Path for Peace. Pontiff Appeals to Iraqi Government to Avoid War
Pope Francis: Divisions Among Christians Are a Scandal. Reflects on Week of Prayer for Christian Unity During General Audience
Pope Francis: Don't Be Afraid to Go Against the Current. Reflects During Angelus Address on the Call to Martyrdom
Pope Francis: Don't Be Ashamed of Giving to the Suffering and Afflicted. Says That Life of Faith is Closely Linked to Life of Charity, in Morning Homily
Pope Francis: Don’t Read Your Horoscope, Look to Jesus
Pope Francis: Economic Crisis has Ethical Dimension
Pope Francis: Ecumenical Movement Is Taking Great Steps Toward Reconciliation, Peace. Addressing CEC and CCEE, says closer we are to Christ, the more united we will be
Pope Francis: Elderly Are Treasure of Society. Calls on Faithful To Safeguard the 'Noble Heritage' of Grandparents
Pope Francis: Elderly Are Treasure of Society. Calls on Faithful To Safeguard the 'Noble Heritage' of Grandparents
Pope Francis: Encounter with God Marked by Faith and Charity
Pope Francis: Ensure Charisma and Paternity of St. John Paul II. Encourages Foundation Named After Predecessor To Continue Pastoral Care of Youth
Pope Francis: Entrust Yourselves to the Hands of God. Pontiff Reflects on the Paternal Love of the Father During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Eucharist Encompasses God's Love for Man. Continues Catechesis on the Sacraments During General Audience
Pope Francis: Eucharist Not Just a Commemoration but Christ's Total Sharing of Himself. Continues Catechesis on Sacrament During General Audience
Pope Francis: Even God Weeps For His Children. Reflects on the Paternity of Fathers During Homily Today
Pope Francis: Every Christian Is Called to Live a Life Coherent With Their Faith. Remembers Modern Day Martyrs on Feast of St. Stephen During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: Every Mass is an Experience of the New Covenant
Pope Francis: Everything is Possible Through Faith. During Morning Mass, Pontiff Reflects on the Power of Faith To Overcome the World
Pope Francis: Experience Love by Allowing Forgiveness
Pope Francis: Faith Brings Us Closer Together. Visits Poor Neighborhood of Bańado Norte on Final Day of Apostolic Visit
Pope Francis: Faith Puts Us on Path Toward God's Promise. At Morning Mass, Calls on Faithful to Resist 'Temptation to Stand Still'
Pope Francis: Fix Gaze on Mary
Pope Francis: Follow the Example of Blessed Paul VI. Recalls Newly Beatified Pontiffs Love for Evangelization and Marian Devotion
Pope Francis: Globalized Uniformity is the Fruit of Worldliness. Pontiff Warns of "Spirit of Adolescent Progressivism" During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: God Always Chooses the Little Ones. Reflects on the Nature of Humility and the Love of God During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: God Always Wants to Build Bridges. Reflects on Recent Apostolic Visit to Cuba and the United States
Pope Francis: God Forgives With a Caress. Reflects on Divine Mercy During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: God is Not a Threat to Humankind. Meets with International Theological Commission At Close of Plenary Assembly
Pope Francis: God Never Abandons Us. Reflects on the Greatness and Humility of God During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: God Never Tires of Forgiving Us. Reflects on the Mercy of the Lord During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: God Walks At Our Pace. Reflects on Patience of Gods Action in Our Lives
Pope Francis: God's Providence Is Not Abstract. Reflects on the Nature of Divine Providence During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: Greed, Intolerance and Lust for Power Are the Motives for War. Commemorates World War I Centenary at Memorial in Redipuglia
Pope Francis: Have Complete Trust in God in Times of Trial. Reflects on Example of King David During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Holy Spirit Gives Us an Identity and Inheritance. Reflects on the Gifts That Lead Us on Path to Heaven
Pope Francis: Homily on World Day of the Poor
Pope Francis: How to Live in the Beauty of Fidelity, of Generosity, and of Authenticity
Pope Francis: Human Trafficking Is A Crime Against Humanity. Pontiff Addresses Diplomatic Representatives During Audience
Pope Francis: Humility and Prayer Are Necessary to Obey God's Word. Morning Homily Calls On Faithful to Open Their Hearts to the Word of God
Pope Francis: Humility and Tenderness Are Virtues of the Strong. Sends Message to 19th Public Session of the Pontifical Academies
Pope Francis: Humility is Necessary In Order to Be Fruitful. Reflects on God's Miracle of Life in the Midst of Sterility
Pope Francis: Identity as Disciples of the Risen Lord
Pope Francis: Inconsistent Christians Cause Scandal. Reflects on What It Means to Bear Witness to Christ
Pope Francis: It is Sad to See 'Watered Down Christians' Reflects on the Need to Be in a Constant State of Renewal During Sunday Angelus
Pope Francis: Jealousy and Envy Opens the Door to Evil. Warns of the Divisions Caused by Bitterness and Gossip During Homily
Pope Francis: Jesus Cannot Be Known in 'First Class' Reflects on Knowing Christ During Homily at Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Jesus Doesn’t Answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
Pope Francis: Jesus Prepares for us and Asks us to be Prepared
Pope Francis: Jesus Stands Up to Misunderstandings
Pope Francis: John 3:16
Pope Francis: John Paul II to Become World Youth Days' 'Great Patron Saint' Looks Ahead to 2016 Event in Poland
Pope Francis: Keep Human Person at the Center
Pope Francis: Lent is a 'Turning Point' That Encourages Us to Convert. Reflects on the Lenten Season During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: Lent is a Reawakening, An Invitation to Conversion. Says 40 Days Challenge Routine, Call Us to Open Our Hearts During Ash Wednesday Homily
Pope Francis: Let Jesus Become Our King!
Pope Francis: Like Mary, the Church Must Bring Christ to the World. Pontiff Reflects on the Model of the Blessed Mother During General Audience
Pope Francis: Like New Saints, We Are Called to Be Witnesses of the Resurrection. Canonizes Four New Saints from Palestine, Italy and France
Pope Francis: Loss of the Sense of Sin Leads to 'Christian Mediocrity'. Reflects on Those Who Suffer the Consequences of Other's Sins
Pope Francis: Loving God and Neighbor is at the Heart of Christian Life. Reflects on the Greatest Commandment During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: Mass is Prayer ‘Par Excellence’
Pope Francis: Meaning of ‘Full of Grace’
Pope Francis: Medical Science Cannot Replace Family's Affection. Tells Pontifical Academy for Life That Abandonment Is Elderly's Gravest Sickness
Pope Francis: Mercy Brings Us Peace. Reflects on the Nature of Forgiveness and Mercy During Homily
Pope Francis: Mercy is Greater than Prejudice. Reflects on Jesus' Encounter with the Samaritan Woman During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: Mercy, Not Judgment. Holy Father Ushers in Jubilee of Mercy at the Vatican, Along With Pope Emeritus
Pope Francis: Migration is About Persons, not Numbers
Pope Francis: Money Has to Serve, Not to Rule. Warns of the Dictatorship of a Faceless Economy
Pope Francis: Nativity Shows God's Mercy to Humanity. At His Weekly General Audience, Holy Father Says Birth of Jesus Brings Us Good News that We Are Loved "Immensely and Individually" by God.
Pope Francis: Open Your Hearts to God. Pontiff Celebrates Morning Mass with Italian Parliamentarians
Pope Francis: Our Faith in the Resurrection Gives Hope
Pope Francis: Our Faith Is Always Revolutionary. Over 1.2 Million Faithful Attend Open-Air Mass at Quito's Bicentennial Park
Pope Francis: Persecuted Christians Are Our Brothers, Our Martyrs. Meets with 30,000 Members of the Charismatic Renewal Movement in St. Peter’s Square
Pope Francis: Persecution is the Path of a Christian. The World Does Not Tolerate the Divinity of Christ, Pope Says in Morning Homily
Pope Francis: Poverty Is the Great Teaching Given to Us by Christ. Sends Video Message to Homeless Residents of Caritas Shelter in Rome
Pope Francis: Praise Is Not Just for Charismatics. In Homily, Warns Against Rejecting Those Who Praise Spontaneously, Without Following 'Formal Attitudes'
Pope Francis: Pray for Our Bishops and Priests Who Serve the Lord. Reflects on the Grace of Anointing During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Prayer and Action Must Be Always United. Pontiff Reflects on the Importance Contemplation and Service to Our Neighbor
Pope Francis: Prayer Changes Our Hearts. Reflects on Praying Freely Without Fear During Homily
Pope Francis: Prayers for People of Yemen
Pope Francis: Prepare Your Hearts For the Heavenly Homeland. Pontiff Reflects on Christs Words to Disciples During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Priests, Bishops Who Do Not Pray Become a Mediocrity that is Not Good for the Church. Reflects on Sacrament of Holy Orders During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: Proclaim the Gospel with Humility. Contemplates the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
Pope Francis: Proclaiming the Gospel Comes With Persecution. Reflects on the Price of Evangelization During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Put People at Center of Business Model
Pope Francis: Read Part of the Gospel Everyday. Urges Faithful in His Angelus Address to Listen to Jesus
Pope Francis: Reflect on Impact of Lifestyle on Health
Pope Francis: Reject Worldly Mentality, Be Purified Inwardly by Christ. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Also Present at Francis' First Ordinary Public Consistory
Pope Francis: Removal of Differences Between Man and Woman Is the Problem, Not the Solution. Says Gender Theory Causes Society to Take A Step in the Wrong Direction During General Audience
Pope Francis: Riches and Properties Are Good When They Help Others. Pontiff Writes Preface of Book by Cardinal-designate Gerhard Müller
Pope Francis: Sad Christians Are Afraid of the Freedom of the Holy Spirit. Reflects on Those Who Reject Preaching
Pope Francis: Service is Not Ideological - We Serve People, Not Ideas. Thousands Fill Havana’s Revolution Square for First Papal Mass in Cuba
Pope Francis: Silence Reveals the Mystery of God's Plan. Reflects on the Example of the Blessed Mother During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Sincere Confession Allows One to Discover Depths of God's Forgiveness. Pontiff Reflects on the Sacrament of Reconciliation During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Sinners Are Closest to the Heart of Jesus. Pontiff Reflects on God's Overabundance of Grace and Mercy During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Sloth and Formality Paralyze Apostolic Zeal Reflects on Spiritual Illnesses That Negatively Impact the Church
Pope Francis: Small Faith Can Achieve Things That "Are Humanly Impossible" Over 100,000 Gather in St. Peters Square for Angelus Address
Pope Francis: Sometimes We Need Tears. Reflects on Grief at Wednesday Morning Mass
Pope Francis: St. Joseph Helped Jesus Grow in Wisdom, Age and Grace. At Weekly Audience, Reflects on the Role of the Foster Father of Jesus
Pope Francis: Stop Objectification and Exploitation of Others. Says it is Not Possible to Remain Indifferent to Human Trafficking
Pope Francis: Temptation Prevents Us From Foresight. Reflects on the Nature of Temptation During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: Terrorism is Bad in Origins, Bad in Results. Says It is "Born of Hate" and "Fundamentally Criminal" During Visit to Israeli Memorial
Pope Francis: The Church Is a House of Joy, Not a Refuge for Sad People. Addresses Faithful on Gaudete Sunday During Angelus
Pope Francis: The Church is Holy Despite Our Sins. Reflects on the Call to Holiness During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: The Church is Our Mother. Continues Catechesis on the Maternal Love of the Church During General Audience
Pope Francis: The Church Must Strip Herself of the Spirit of Worldliness. Pontiff Meets With Poor in Assisi
Pope Francis: The Communion of Saints Is a "Solidarity Between Heaven and Earth" Pontiff Continues Catechesis on Creed During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: The Death of Christ is Proof of God's Love. Reflects on the Mercy of God During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: The Eucharist Keeps Us In Tune with the Heart of Christ. Reflects on the Mystery of the Body and Blood of Jesus During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: The Eucharist Reconciles us and Unites us
Pope Francis: The Future of the Church Calls for More Active Participation of the Laity. Celebrates Mass with Clergy, Religious Men and Women of Philadelphia
Pope Francis: The Future of the Church Is Asia. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle Speaks on Conversation With Pope Following Appointments to Caritas, Catholic Biblical Federation
Pope Francis: The Lord 'Mixes' Himself Into Our History. Reflects on God's Presence in Preparing Our Path in Life
Pope Francis: The Lord Comforts Us with Tenderness. Reflects on the Hope that Comes From God During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: The Lord Seeks a Sincere and Genuine Faith. Pontiff Also Prays for Current Situation in the Ukraine
Pope Francis: The Mass is a Memorial
Pope Francis: The Passion of Jesus is the Greatest School for Healthcare Workers. Addresses Participants of Pontifical Council's Plenary Session
Pope Francis: The Path of The Lord Leads to the Cross. Warns Against Temptation to Worldliness in Daily Mass Homily
Pope Francis: The Path to Sanctification Must Be Taken Seriously. Reflects on the Mystery of Redemption During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: The Planet Has Enough Food for All. Celebrates Opening Mass of Caritas Internationalis' General Assembly
Pope Francis: The Seed of God’s Word Has Been Entrusted to Us. Reflects on Jesus’ parable during Sunday Angelus Address
Pope Francis: The Work is not a Commodity
Pope Francis: There is No Christian Without a Cross. Reflects on the Path of Humility During Homily
Pope Francis: There Resounds a call to Praise: ‘Alleluia, Alleluia!’
Pope Francis: There's No Room in the Church for a Worldly Mentality. Describes the Role of Bishop As a Service and Not a Place of Honor During General Audience
Pope Francis: Those Who Trust in Themselves Lose Their Identity. Calls on Faithful to Place Hope in God During Morning Homily
Pope Francis: Through Faith, Mourning Loss of Loved Ones Can Strengthen Family Bonds. At General Audience, Reflects on Sufferings Endured by Families Following Death
Pope Francis: Time Belongs to God. Calls on Faithful To Ask For Virtues of Prayer and Discernment
Pope Francis: Times of Persecution Mean the Lord Is Near Pontiff Warns of Worldly Temptation to Keep Religion Private
Pope Francis: To Follow Jesus is a Daily Choice
Pope Francis: To Meet God, We Must Touch the Wounds of Christ. Celebrates Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle During Morning Mass
Pope Francis: To Seek Jesus, to Encounter Jesus, to Follow Jesus: This is the Way
Pope Francis: To the World Meeting of Families!
Pope Francis: Today, Church Goes to Roots of Her Faith
Pope Francis: Toughen Up, People! Pope Repeats His Call To Reach Out To Others in the World of Digital Communication
Pope Francis: Triumphalism in the Church Halts the Church. Pontiff Warns of Risk of Succumbing 'To A Christianity Without a Cross'
Pope Francis: Trust in Christ's Loyalty. Pontiff Reflects on the Impact of Idolatry During Morning Mass Homily
Pope Francis: Two Aspects of the Promises of Baptism
Pope Francis: Unemployment Wounds Human Dignity. Calls For Economic Solution Centered on Justice and Solidarity, not Money
Pope Francis: Uniform Worldliness Brings Us to Reject the Word of God. Calls on Faithful to Reject Temptation of Misunderstood Sense of Normality
Pope Francis: Usury Humiliates and Kills
Pope Francis: Vanity Can Turn Believers to Idolatry. Reflects on Humility As a Path to Conversion
Pope Francis: Vanity, Power and Wealth Must be Avoided to Follow Christ. Pontiff Calls on Faithful to Reflect On How We Live Our Faith
Pope Francis: We are Called to Walk in the Spirit
Pope Francis: We Cannot Ignore World Hunger. Says Enough Food to Feed Everyone in Video Message
Pope Francis: We Have Fallen Into Globalized Indifference In Lampedusa, Pontiff Stresses Need to Care for Those Suffering
Pope Francis: We Must Be Courageous in Our Weakness. Pontiff Reflects on the Possible Attitudes in the Face of Difficult Situations
Pope Francis: We Must Become Living Branches in the Church. Says Christians Grow in Friendship with Christ Through Sacraments During Regina Coeli Address
Pope Francis: We Must Open Ourselves to Christ's Light. Asks Crowd in St. Peter's to Go Home and Read the Gospel
Pope Francis: We Must Rid Church of the Scourge of Child Abuse. Tells Episcopal Conferences, Religious Superiors that They Must Cooperate with New Commission
Pope Francis: We Must Seek to Build Communion. Pontiff Contemplates on the Unity of the Church During General Audience
Pope Francis: What Women Do for Families Makes 'Unparalleled' Contribution to Society. Also Says 'Tragedy' of Unemployment Must Be Solved
Pope Francis: Whirlwind of Goodness. John Paul II Was the Pope of Hope, Benedict XVI the Pope of Faith and Francis the Pope of Charity
Pope Francis: Who Will Be Discarded Next? Pope Addresses Experts Gathered To Examine His Proposal for a More Inclusive Economy
Pope Francis: Work Is an Expression of Human Dignity. Reflects on the Sacredness of Work During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: World is Trying to Hide Persecution of Christians. Appeals For Peace Following Terrorist Attack Against Two Churches in Pakistan
Pope Francis: Year End Is Time to Examine Conscience. Warns Against Choosing Slavery Over Liberty and Responsibility
Pope Francis: You Are Called to Bring Christian Values Where You Work. Encourages Laity to Play "An Active Part in the Mission of the Church"
Pope Francis: You Cannot Make War in the Name of God! Pontiff Appeals for Peace in Iraq, Gaza During Sunday Angelus
Pope Francis: "The Hungry Ask for Dignity, Not Charity" Warns of Lack of Solidarity During Address to the F.A.O.'s 2nd International Conference on Nutrition
Pope Francis: 'Faith Moves Mountains' Tells Lay Faithful That Presence of God Brings Joy
Pope Francis: 'Let Yourselves Be Consoled By the Lord' Calls on Faithful to Be Joyful Witnesses of God's Mercy During Angelus Address
Pope Francis: ‘Death Penalty Is Unacceptable’
Pope Francis: ‘Friendship Is Something Very Sacred’ Discusses Friendship, Fundamentalism, and Creation in Interview With Argentinian Radio Station
Pope Francis: ‘We Are Asked to Live the Revolution of Tenderness As Mary’ Celebrates Mass at Famed Shrine to the Blessed Mother in Santiago de Cuba
Pope Francis’ Address to Roman Curia
Pope Francis’ Audience to Members of Italian Federation of Associations of Deaf
Pope Francis’ Celebrations This Summer
Pope Francis’ Christmas Eve Homily
Pope Francis’ Dialogue With Engaged Couples on Valentine’s Day 2014
Pope Francis’ General Audience Catechesis: Full Text
Pope Francis’ Homily & Words at Regina Coeli Prison (FULL TEXT)
Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass
Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass
Pope Francis’ Homily at Easter Vigil (Full Text)
Pope Francis’ Homily at Opening Mass of Ordinary General Assembly of Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment
Pope Francis’ Homily at Roman Parish of the Blessed Sacrament
Pope Francis’ Homily for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Pope Francis’ Homily in Molfetta
Pope Francis’ Letter to Pontifical Academy for Life for 25th Anniversary (Full Text)
Pope Francis’ Message for World Communications Day
Pope Francis’ Message for World Food Day 2018
Pope Francis’ Message for World Youth Day
Pope Francis’ Remarks at Easter Monday Regina Coeli
Pope Francis’ Schedule for World Youth Day 2019 in Panama
Pope Francis’ Video-Message to the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty
Pope Francis' Address at Signing of Declaration Against Modern Slavery "We declare, in the name of each and all of our Creeds, that modern slavery, in terms of traffic of persons, forced labor, prostitution, exploitation of organs, is a crime against hu
Pope Francis' Address at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations "The fates of nations are intertwined, more than ever before; they are like the members of one family who depend upon each other."
Pope Francis' Address to Association of Italian Catholic Doctors "The dominant thinking sometimes suggests a "false compassion", that which believes that it is: helpful to women to promote abortion; an act of dignity to obtain euthanasia; a scientific
Pope Francis' Address to Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life "Do not forget to thank the Owner of the vineyard who has called you to this exalted task"
Pope Francis' Address to International Voluntary Christian Service Organizations. "You are called to pick up these signs of the times and to become an instrument at the service of the action of the poor."
Pope Francis' Address to Syrian Refugees "Dear young people, do not be discouraged. With the help of God, continue to hope in a better future, despite the difficulties and obstacles which you are currently facing."
Pope Francis' Address to the Synod Fathers "Many commentators, or people who talk, have imagined that they see a disputatious Church where one part is against the other, doubting even the Holy Spirit, the true promoter and guarantor of the unity and har
Pope Francis' Address to Vatican Employees "Let us imagine how our world would change if every one of us began immediately, and here, to take care seriously and to take care generously of his relation with God and with his neighbor"
Pope Francis' Homily at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul "The diversity of members and charisms is harmonized in the Spirit of Christ, whom the Father sent and whom he continues to send, in order to achieve unity among believers."
Pope Francis' Homily on Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God "In addition to contemplating God's face, we can also praise him and glorify him, like the shepherds who came away from Bethlehem with a song of thanksgiving after seeing the Child and his you
Pope Francis' Message for the Year of Consecrated Life "So I invite every Christian community to experience this Year above all as a moment of thanksgiving to the Lord and grateful remembrance for all the gifts we continue to receive"
Pope Francis' Midnight Mass Homily "Do I allow myself to be taken up by God, to be embraced by him, or do I prevent him from drawing close?"
Pope Francis' Prayer During Veneration of Immaculate Conception Statue
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for December. Prays for Peace and Hope During Christmas Season, Parents May Be True Evangelizers
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for January. Petitions for Peace and for Religious Men and Women
Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions for November. Petitions for the Lonely and for Well-Formed Mentors of Seminarians, Religious
Pope Francis' Press Conference on Flight from Turkey (Part II) "On the issue of Primacy we must go to somewhat to the first millennium for inspiration"
Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi Message "Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophecies."
Pope Francis’ Address at Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos
Pope Francis’ Address During Welcoming Ceremony at White House “American Catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive, to safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities, and to rejecting every form of unjust
Pope Francis’ Address to Sick Children and Their Parents “Do not be afraid to ask, even to challenge the Lord. 'Why?' Maybe an explanation won’t come, but his Fatherly gaze will give us the strength to go forward.”
Pope Francis’ Address to the Science and Life Association “The degree of progress of a civilization is measured by its ability to protect life, especially in its most fragile stages, rather than by the spread of technological means.”
Pope Francis’ Blistering Attack: Overcome Corruption with a New Humanism
Pope Francis’ Christmas Eve Homily
Pope Francis’ Holy Thursday Homily at Centre for Asylum Seekers in Castelnuovo di Porto
Pope Francis’ Holy Thursday Homily at Paliano Prison
Pope Francis’ Homily at Canonization of Blessed Teresa
Pope Francis’ Homily at Canonization of Two Blesseds
Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass
Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass
Pope Francis’ Homily at Consistory
Pope Francis’ Homily for Corpus Christi
Pope Francis’ Homily for Palm Sunday: “We have no other Lord but him”
Pope Francis’ Homily for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Pope Francis’ In-flight Press Conference Touches a Host of Issues
Pope Francis’ Invitation to “Take Full Personal Care”
Pope Francis’ Lenten Message Will Be Published Next Tuesday
Pope Francis’ Letter to World Economic Forum
Pope Francis’ Message for 51st World Day of Communications
Pope Francis’ Message for 51st World Day of Communications
Pope Francis’ Message for 90th World Mission Day
Pope Francis’ Message for World Day of Communications
Pope Francis’ Message for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
Pope Francis’ Message for World Food Day
Pope Francis’ Message to the 36th Annual Meeting of Friendship Among Peoples "Only the initiative of God the Creator can fill the measure of the heart; and He has come to encounter us; to allow himself be found by us as a friend is found"
Pope Francis’ Prayer During Veneration of Immaculate Conception Statue in Piazza di Spagna
Pope Francis’ Reflection in Assisi for the Anniversary of the Pardon
Pope Francis’ Via Crucis Prayer: ‘O Cross of Christ’
Pope Francis´Address to Ecclesial Convention of Rome (Part 1)
Pope Fulfills Request From Orthodox. Secretary of State Brings St. Andrew Relics to Kazakhstan
Pope Gathers Curia Leaders to Discuss Implementation of Evangelii Gaudium. Meeting Held This Morning
Pope Gave Francis Back to Us, Says Cardinal. Benedict XVI Recalled Saint's Christocentric Identity
Pope Gave Us Confidence, Says Moscow Prelate. Archbishop Kondrusiewicz's Assessment of John Paul II
Pope Gets 80th Birthday E-Greetings
Pope Gets at Root of Unemployment. Ancona Speeches on Bread and Wine Seen as True Solutions
Pope Gets Glimpse of Prayer Supporting UK Trip
Pope Gets in Line at Vatican Canteen. Acts as Though He Is No Different Than Any Other Worker
Pope Given a Ferrari Steering Wheel
Pope Given Catholic Encyclopedia in Japanese
Pope Gives 1st Impressions of Simplicity, Sense of Humor Expected a Good Night's Sleep
Pope Gives 3 Keys for Fostering Vocations. Speaks of Consecration, Priesthood as Response to the 'Appealing Beauty' of Divine Love By Kathleen Naab
Pope Gives 3-Fold Secret to Evangelization. Says Prayer Is Foundation for Missionary Work
Pope Gives 400 Sleeping Bags to Rome's Homeless. Volunteers Distribute Gift as Present on Francis' Birthday
Pope Gives 9 Tips to Vatican Employees. Francis Urges Them to Devote Time to Their Children
Pope Gives Advice to Keep Catholics From Falling Away: Be Better Believers, More Pious, Welcoming in Our Parishes
Pope Gives Advice to Roman Seminarians
Pope Gives Analysis of Foundations of Peace. Speech Called Characteristic of Ratzinger's Method of Getting to Depths of Issues By Kathleen Naab
Pope Gives Children 5 Tips to 'Walk Well' in Catholic Action. Tells Them to Love Church, Talk With Jesus
Pope Gives Curia Panettone Made by Prisoners
Pope Gives Guidebook on How to Live in Holiness. Tells Syro-Malabar Indian Catholics to Imitate, Follow Footsteps of Your Recently Canonized Saints
Pope Gives His Cardinal's Ring to Mary at Altoetting
Pope Gives Human Rights Prize to Frenchman. Award Named for John Paul II
Pope Gives In-Depth Interview to Jesuit Journal. Discusses Role of the Church in Todays World
Pope Gives Insight Into Next Encyclical
Pope Gives Key to Being Highly Effective Priests. Says It's Essential to Define Priorities, Give Time to Prayer
Pope Gives Keys to Leo XIII's Lasting Contributions. Visits Birthplace of 19th-Century Pontiff
Pope Gives Kids a Task: Teach Parents About Love. Urges Them to Learn From Child Jesus
Pope Gives Lessons on How to Be ‘Salt of Earth,’ ‘Light of the World’
Pope Gives New Priests Tips at Ordination Mass. Speaking About Sacraments, Reminds Them to Not Condemn, Refuse
Pope Gives Off-the-cuff Homily During Easter Sunday Mass (Full Text)
Pope Gives Pastoral Tips Faced to Economic Crisis. Encourages Priests to Teach Justice and Charity
Pope Gives Reason to Take Heart, Despite Crisis. Affirms There Is No Darkness Stronger Than His Light
Pope Gives the Secret for Being Joyful "We don’t want apathy to guide our lives… or do we? We don’t want the force of habit to rule our life… or do we? So we ought to ask ourselves: What can we do to keep our heart from growing numb, becoming anesthetized
Pope Goes to Confession in Saint Peter’s, Hears Confessions of 7 Penitents
Pope Grabbed Youths' Attention at Rally. Says That Everyone Has a Vocation By David Hartline
Pope Grants Indulgence for Cuban Patron Pilgrimage. Celebrations Begin for Our Lady of Cobre 4th Centenary
Pope Grants Indulgence for Family Meeting
Pope Grants Spanish Diocese Its 1st Jubilee. Will Mark Recovery of Patrons' Relics
Pope Grateful for Peter's Pence Collection
Pope Greets "Little Rome of the Andes"
Pope Greets 1,300 Czech Pilgrims. Urges Faithful to Spread God's Word
Pope Greets 59 Newly Ordained Legionary Priests 11 Countries Represented
Pope Greets Assassin's Sister
Pope Greets Baghdad Cathedral Attack Victims. Expresses His Closeness to Persecuted Christians
Pope Greets Crowd Upon Arrival to Barcelona. Blesses Youth Gathered Outside Archbishop's Residence By Patricia Navas
Pope Greets Former Prisoners of Colombia Guerrillas. 8 ex-Captives Thank Benedict XVI for Constant Prayer
Pope Greets International Gypsy Meeting
Pope Greets Legionaries; Visitation to End in March. Benedict XVI Tells 59 New Priests to Learn From St. John Vianney
Pope Greets Meeting on Global Emergencies. Scientists Discussing Terrorism, Natural Resources
Pope Greets Nigerian Freed From Prostitution Slavery
Pope Greets Oldest Living Noble Prize Winner
Pope Greets Participants of Conference on New Evangelization of Asia. Over 5,000 Representatives Attend Year of Faith Gathering in Manila
Pope Greets Staff of L'Osservatore Romano Daily to Increase International Distribution
Pope Greets the Sick and Handicapped
Pope Greets Thousands Gathered at St. Peter's Square. Torchlight Procession Commemorates 50 Year Anniversary of Vatican II By Junno Arocho
Pope Greets World's Muslims at End of Ramadan
Pope Greets Young People, Elderly, Sick and Newlyweds
Pope Greets Youth, Newlyweds and the Sick
Pope Grieves for Victims of Philippine Typhoon
Pope Hails "Silent Peacemakers"
Pope Hails Cardinal Re at 50-Year Milestone. Recounts Half-Century of Priesthood
Pope Hails Focolare Movement's Charism. Greets Its Bishop-friends
Pope Hails Founder of Community of St. John. Dominican Father Philippe Marks 70 Years as a Priest
Pope Hails German Aid Agency's 50th Birthday. Misereor Began as "Adventure of the Holy Spirit"
Pope Hails May as Marian Month
Pope Hails Power Sharing in Northern Ireland
Pope Hails St. Turibius' Missionary Spirit In Message to Academic Congress in Peru
Pope Hails the Life of Cloistered Religious Says Their Communities Are "Green Lungs" for Society
Pope Hails von Hildebrand Project. Conference Remembers Catholic Philosopher
Pope Has "Intense" Meeting With German Chancellor. 2 Weeks Ahead of Papal Trip to Germany
Pope Has 2nd Official Meeting With Curia
Pope Has Been Pressing for Mideast Peace. Expressed 3 Appeals in Lebanon-Israel Strife
Pope Has Better Idea for Money Spent on Violence. Notes Waste of Resources That Could Be Used for Poor
Pope Has His Argentinian Passport and ID Renewed. Goes Through Same Bureaucratic Channels as Other Citizens
Pope Has Mass of Lord’s Supper at Regina Coeli Prison
Pope Has No Easy "Recipe" for Church Crisis. Impromptu Address to Priests of Aosta
Pope Having "Profound Experience" at Retreat Spiritual Exercises Focusing on Divine Call
Pope Having Showers Built in Vatican for Rome's Homeless. 10 Parishes Asked to Participate in Initiative
Pope Hears Confessions of Youth. Penitential Service Anticipates a World Day
Pope Hears Support for Beatification of Mafia Victim
Pope Highlights 3 Aspects of Ignatian Style
Pope Highlights Chrism Mass in This Year's Triduum. Reiterates Call to Priests: Be Heralds of Hope
Pope Highlights Christ's Royalty on the Cross. Says God's Grace Is More Abundant Than Requested
Pope Highlights Continuity of Tradition From Trent to Vatican II. Envoy Appointed for Council of Trent's 450th Anniversary
Pope Highlights Doubt of Thomas
Pope Highlights Lesson of South Africans
Pope Highlights Link in 2 of His Priorities. Says New Evangelization Hinges on Christian Unity
Pope Highlights Mary as Solemnity Nears
Pope Highlights Religion's Need for Reason. Encourages Journalists in Search for "Daily Truth"
Pope Highlights Sacramental Life
Pope Highlights True Meaning of Christmas. Liturgy Assures Us That "God Is Coming"
Pope Highlights Vocation of Christians in Holy Land. Says They Are Builders of Justice and Peace
Pope Holds 1st Jubilee Saturday Audience
Pope Holds 80-Minute Press Conference on Return Flight From Rio. Answers Questions Ranging From Curial Reform to His Request for Prayers
Pope Honored by Grandmother's Birthplace By Anne Kurian and Anita Bourdin
Pope Honored by Orthodox University. Receives Medal of the Apostle Jason of Thessalonica
Pope Honors Cardinal Saraiva Martins
Pope Honors Monsignor Fortino's Ecumenical Work. Catholic-Orthodox Commission Recalls Priestly Commitment
Pope Honors Retiring Maronite Patriarch. Affirms Importance of 90-Year-Old Prelate's Service to Christ
Pope Hopes "Complete Works" Get Past Polemics. Recalls Stir Caused by 2000 Book on Liturgy
Pope Hopes Bulgaria Can Aid Europe Spiritually
Pope Hopes Europe Gets Back to Roots. Bids Farewell to Austria
Pope Hopes for Secure Peace in Kosovo. Receives President Topi of Albania
Pope Hopes Migrants Find Acceptance and Support
Pope Hopes Olympics Aid Understanding Among Peoples
Pope Hopes Trip Stirs a "Springtime of Faith"
Pope Hopes U.N. Reform Can Aid Poorest Nations. In a Message Sent for the Opening of General Assembly
Pope Hoping for Fresh Insights on Religious Freedom. Notes How God Expects a Free Response to His Call
Pope Identifies His Ministry as That of a Pilgrim. Stresses Importance of Sacraments in Shrines
Pope Imparts Apostolic Blessing to 5th Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests. 85 Shrines, 46 Countries Participating in Event
Pope Imparts Easter Blessing in Silence. Unable to Speak During Appearance at Window
Pope in Barcelona Will Speak to 150M. Spaniards Preparing to Welcome Pontiff as Guest
Pope in Bethlehem Calls on World to Stop Children's Suffering. Asks If We Are Like Mary, Ready to Welcome Children, or Herod, Determined to Eliminate Them
Pope in Colombia: “New dawn that proclaims joy to the whole world.”
Pope in Ecuador Urges Translating Love for Family Into Love for Society. Reflects: If only we could view our political opponents or neighbors in the same way we view our children or our spouse, mother or father!
Pope in Ecuador: Christ Is Close to Us. Begins South America Trip 'With Excitement and Hope'
Pope in Exclusive Interview: 'My Life is in God's Hands' "La Carcova News" Publishes In-Depth Interview with Pontiff
Pope in Geneva Urges New Evangelical Outreach at WCC Conference
Pope in Morning Homily Gives 3-Step Plan for Overcoming Conflict. Warns That Insulting a Brother Is Akin to Murder, Since Both Are Rooted in Hate
Pope in Morning Homily Warns Against Feeling Spiritually Comfortable. Says Christians of Mere Appearances Are Dead Inside
Pope in Morocco: All Believers Must Counter Fanaticism and Extremism
Pope in Portugal Senses Predecessor's Presence. Benedict XVI Reviews Last Week's Trip
Pope in Santa Cruz: "Jesus Never Detracts From the Dignity of Anyone" Celebrates Inaugural Mass of the V Bolivian National Eucharistic Congress in Santa Cruz
Pope in September Praying Youth Might Find Jobs, Education. Also Praying That Catechists Practice What They Preach
Pope in Temuco: You Cannot Assert Yourself by Destroying Others
Pope in UK Expected to Show Beauty of Catholicism. Spokesman Reflects on Highlights of September Trip
Pope Institutes Commission to Study Diaconate of Women
Pope Institutes Feast of St. Pope Paul VI on Roman Calendar
Pope Instructs Nuncio To Spend Christmas With Typhoon Victims. Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto Celebrates Mass in Devastated Area of the Philippines
Pope Instructs Senior Curial Officials to Regularly Hear Confessions. Cardinals and Archbishops to Offer Sacrament of Penance in Church Near Vatican
Pope Intends to Visit France in 2015, Vatican Says. Vatican Spokesman Confirms Possibility as Programme Released of Pope's Visit to Strasbourg
Pope Invited to Address Europarliament
Pope Invited to Galicia for "Jacobeo" Holy Year. Apostle James the Greater Is Patron of Spain
Pope Invited to Visit Lebanon. Proposed as Venue to Present Postsynodal Apostolic Exhortation
Pope Invites a Rediscovery of Baptism's Beauty. Says Spirit Is Like a Waterfall Able to Purify All Hearts
Pope Invites All to Accompany Him to Portugal. Reflects on May as Month Dedicated to Mary
Pope Invites All to Welcome Encyclical With an ‘Open Spirit’ During Audience, Francis Reminds Crowds Widely Anticipated Document Will Be Officially Published Tomorrow
Pope Invites Armenians to Put Massacre in Context of Jesus' Passion. Encourages Them to Use Genocide Anniversary to Draw Strength for Joyful Proclamation of Gospel
Pope Invites Brazilians to Open Arms in Dialogue, Recognize Each One's Gifts. Says World Needs 'Generous Wisdom' of Poor
Pope Invites Cardinals to Day of Prayer. US Bishops' President to Introduce Theme
Pope Invites Children to Practice ‘Small Daily Gestures of Love and Service’
Pope Invites Church to "Be Astonished by Christ". Address Faithful on Feast of Epiphany
Pope Invites Couples to Base Marriage on Baptismal Faith
Pope Invites Faithful to 'Recall Their Baptism'. Pontiff Also Marks Celebration of World Day of Migrants and Refugees Junno Arocho
Pope Invites Faithful to Discover Beauty of Family Prayer
Pope Invites Faithful to Experience God’s Mercy in ’24 Hours for the Lord’ Initiative
Pope Invites Faithful to Imagine a Changed World. Reflects on Relationships Modeled on the Trinity
Pope Invites Families to Pray the Rosary For the Intentions of the Pope, Missions and Peace
Pope Invites Homeless People to Be Great Teachers in Society
Pope Invites Italian Archbishop to Prepare Via Crucis Meditations. Archbishop Giancarlo Maria Bregantini to Reflect on Face of Christ, Face of Man
Pope Invites Italian Movement to Continue Witness of Faith. Benedict XVI celebrates 40th Anniversary of 'Renewal in the Spirit' By Junno Arocho
Pope Invites Married Couples to Remember Nazareth. Recalls Thursday's Feast of Immaculate Conception
Pope Invites Parents to Pray: God Knows Your Child Better Than You Do. 16 Infants Baptized by Benedict XVI in Sistine Chapel
Pope Invites Poor to the Circus
Pope Invites St. Pius X Leader to Heal Rift. Group's Response to Vatican Offer Judged Insufficient for Overcoming Doctrinal Problems
Pope Invites Syro-Malabar Church to Seek Peace in India. Welcomes News of Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life
Pope Invites to Pray for ‘Martyred Land’ of Syria, Persecuted Christians
Pope Invites to Pray for Families in Difficulty; Says Family Is Where Hope Is Forged
Pope Invites Venezuelans to Trust in God. Bishop Recounts Meeting, Papal Encouragement
Pope Invites Young People to Confession
Pope Invites Young People to Give Their “Spirit, Hands and Body” to Christ
Pope Invites Young People to Know Christ Via Scripture
Pope Is "Decisive" for Communion and Liberation. President Notes Commitment to Faith-Culture Dialogue
Pope Is "Happy" about John Paul II Beatification. Cardinal: Pontiff Was Loved by Non-Believers Too
Pope Is Man of Heart, Says Cardinal Bertone. Vatican Secretary of State Speaks to Press
Pope Issues Invite for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation. Recently Instituted Day Will Be Celebrated In St. Peter's Basilica on Tuesday
Pope John Paul II Theology of the Body
Pope John Paul II's Other "Miracles" Interview With Author Randall Meissen By Kathleen Naab
Pope John XXIII Community. Works With Young People
Pope John XXIII Lived Out in His Life What Vatican II Tried to Condense Into Words. Remembering the Good Pope
Pope Joins in Corpus Christi Procession. "We Entrust These Streets to His Goodness," He Says
Pope Keeps 1st Promise: Makes Visit to Our Lady. Prays at Basilica of St. Mary Major
Pope Kicks Off Year of St. Paul. Will Have Ecumenical Dimension
Pope Laicizes Australian Father John Denham. Priest Was Convicted of Sexually Abusing 39 Boys
Pope Laments Air France Tragedy
Pope Laments Attack on Iraqi Students. Double Bombing Leaves 1 Dead, 120 Injured
Pope Laments Barcelona Train Accident. 13 Youth Killed, 14 Injured
Pope Laments Christians' Plight in Holy Land
Pope Laments Criminals Destroying Environment. Offers Spiritual Closeness to Victims of Tragedies
Pope Laments Death of Argentine Néstor Kirchner
Pope Laments Death of Italian Rescue Workers
Pope Laments Death of Order of Malta Grand Master. Says Bertie Was Known for His Love of the Church
Pope Laments Death of Syro-Orthodox Priest. Says Iraq Needs Peace and Tolerance
Pope Laments Mideast Violence
Pope Laments That People No Longer Can Recite the Works of Mercy
Pope Laments Violence in Lebanon and Gaza
Pope Lauds "Masterful" Interpretation of Symphony
Pope Lauds Benedictines for Helping World Find God. Urges Them to Found More Monasteries
Pope Lauds Call to Defend Mideast Christians. Notes European Battle for Religious Freedom
Pope Lauds Charity Work of Order of Malta. Grand Master Visits Pontiff on Feast of Patron
Pope Lauds Christian-Muslim Collaboration
Pope Lauds Defense of Coral Reef. Reminds Seychelles Ambassador of Primacy of Human Dignity
Pope Lauds Estonia's Defense of Freedom
Pope Lauds Example of St. Francis of Assisi as Peacemaker
Pope Lauds Hildegard's Docility to Spirit, Church. Points to Example of 12th-Century Nun, Mystic
Pope Lauds L'Osservatore Romano as Guiding Beacon. 150 Years: "A Considerable Length of Time for a Daily Newspaper"
Pope Lauds Politicians Who Support Religious Liberty
Pope Lauds Pontifical Academy for Life
Pope Lauds South Africa's Support of Continent. Urges Country to Keep Moving Forward
Pope Lauds St. Joseph as Model of Simplicity
Pope Lauds UAE for Openness to Migrants. Receives Country's 1st Ambassador to Holy See
Pope Lauds Welcome of Immigrants Given by Church in US. Notes 'Immense Promise,' 'Vibrant Energies' of a New Generation of Catholics By Ann Schneible
Pope Lauds Work of Lay Evangelizers. Encourages Their Formation in Church
Pope Lauds Youth Preparing to Build ‘World of Peace’ . Addresses Young People for Jubilee
Pope Launches Appeal for Refugees. Sends Greetings to Beatification of French Martyr
Pope Launches Caritas ‘Share the Journey’ Campaign
Pope Launches Sports Foundation. Named in Honor of John Paul II
Pope Leads Faithful in Prayer for Suffering Migrants and Refugees. Contemplates Christ's Mission to Free World from Slavery to Sin
Pope Leads Prayer for Natural Disaster Victims. Appeals for Solution to Violence in Guinea
Pope Leads Rome Priests in Scripture Reflection. Considers Vocation, Lack of Catechesis, Truth and Charity
Pope Leaves "Hopes and Anxieties" With Mary
Pope Leaves Message of Peace at Ataturk's Mausoleum
Pope Left a Message for Divine Mercy Sunday
Pope Likely to Declare Date of Mother Teresa’s Canonization Tuesday
Pope Links Racy Media to Abuse of Women. Addresses Thailand's New Envoy to the Holy See
Pope Listens to Refugees' Dramatic Testimonies. Iraqi Christian and Syrian Muslim Tell Francis of Their Lives as Refugees in Jordan
Pope Lists 2 Rules for Movements to Grow
Pope Lists 3 Features That Should Characterize the Church
Pope Lists 7 Key Challenges in Latin America
Pope Lists Criteria for Causes of Canonization Calls on Bishops' Involvement in Diocesan Inquiries
Pope Looks Forward to Czech Republic Trip
Pope Loved Russia in a Special Way, Says Prelate. Did We Notice? Asks Archbishop Kondrusiewicz of Moscow
Pope Lunches With Refugees He Brought Back From Lesbos
Pope Lunches With Rome Priests. Listens to Their Experiences, Encourages Them in Their Mission on Holy Thursday
Pope Made a Key Distinction in Brazil, Says Aide
Pope Makes 3 Episcopal Appointments, Chooses New Nuncio for Guinea. Bishop Salvatore Ronald Matano of Burlington, USA, appointed bishop of Rochester
Pope Makes Appeal For Catholics in China. Calls on Faithful to Prayer Chinese Catholics on Friday
Pope Makes Appeal for Children’s Rights
Pope Makes Appeal on Behalf of Refugees. Recalls That Mary and Joseph Had to Flee With Jesus
Pope Makes Appeal to Respect Life from the Moment of Conception. Acknowledges One of Us Campaign Taking Place in Rome
Pope Makes Curial Appointments. American Prelate Named Vice President of Ecclesia Dei
Pope Makes Donation to Brazil Flood Victims
Pope Makes Fourth Parish Visit in Rome. Tells Faithful of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church that the Lord Never Disappoints
Pope Makes Impassioned Appeal for Those Suffering From Ebola. At Weekly Audience, Urges International Community to Act to Eradicate Virus
Pope Makes Impromptu Visit to Basilica of St. Mary Major. Spent Time in Silent Prayer on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Pope Makes Satellite Call to Iraqi Refugees. Compares Plight of Christians to the Holy Family Fleeing to Egypt
Pope Makes Surprise Call to Benedictine Nuns. Follows Other Impromptu Good Wishes Over Christmas Season
Pope Makes Surprise Visit to Program for Women Saved From Prostitution
Pope Makes Transfiguration Pilgrimage. Takes a Day for Unannounced Visit to Marian Shrine
Pope Makes Unexpected Stop Before Departing From Turkey. Francis Visits Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople in Istanbul Hospital
Pope Makes Unexpected Visit to Pediatric Hospital in CAR
Pope Marks 100 Years of Catholic Charities USA. Cardinal Cordes to Address Anniversary Celebration
Pope Marks 1st World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation. Francis Celebrates Liturgy of the Word in St. Peter's Basilica
Pope Marks 400 Years of Telescopes
Pope Marks 85th Birthday With Reflection on 2 Saints. Recalls His Birth and Baptism on Holy Saturday By Luca Marcolivio
Pope Marks Anniversary of John Paul II's Death
Pope Meets 16 ‘Rohingya’ Refugees
Pope Meets 29 Young Survivors of Beslan Massacre
Pope Meets Attachés of the Antechamber
Pope Meets Author of "A Rabbi Talks With Jesus" Tells Rabbi Neusner That Vol. 2 of "Jesus" Is Complete By Jesús Colina
Pope Meets Cairo’s Grand Imam of Al-Azhar
Pope Meets Hungarian President
Pope Meets King and Queen of Jordan. Peace, Stability in Middle East Central Theme of Discussions
Pope Meets Laura Bush, Tells of Concern Over Violence. U.S. First Lady Arrives in Italy Ahead of Olympics
Pope Meets Leader of Order of Malta
Pope Meets Polish Children Suffering With Cancer. Says They Do Much Good For Church Through Their "Inexplicable Suffering"
Pope Meets Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Discuss Church Contributions in Welfare and Education Sectors
Pope Meets Recently Confirmed (Text of Prepared Q & A)
Pope Meets With 1,100 University Students. Says Knowledge Inspired by Faith Motors Development
Pope Meets With Albanian Orthodox Leader. Affirms Points of Unity Between Churches
Pope Meets With Albanian President
Pope Meets With Albanian Prime Minister
Pope Meets with American Jewish Institute. Calls For Continued Flourishing of Judeo-Christian Relations
Pope Meets with Bishops of East Timor. Encourages Prelates to Proclaim the Gospel Fearlessly
Pope Meets With Bishops Who Support Focolare Movement. Calls on Them to Make Church The Home and the School of Communion
Pope Meets with Burmese Nobel Laureate. Feeling of Great Harmony and Accord Between Holy Father and Aung San Suu Kyi
Pope Meets With Children Suffering From Rett Syndrome Meeting Described as Truly Emotional
Pope Meets With Chrysosotomos II. Orthodox Leader Says It Was a "Step Forward" to Unity
Pope Meets With Coordinating Committee of CELAM. Emphasizes on the Hallmarks of the Aparecida Document
Pope Meets with Delegation From the Italian National Olympic Committee. Emphasizes Sports As a Means of Education in 'Spiritual Competition'
Pope Meets With Directors of Pontifical Missionary Works. Encourages Them in Keeping Evangelization Alive
Pope Meets With Evangelical Pastors From Around the World. Pastor who led group is Giovanni Traettino, whose community was visited by the Pope last year
Pope Meets With Fellow Argentines at Domus Sanctae Marthae. Surprise Gathering of Religious and Lay People Share Spirit of Warm Friendship
Pope Meets With French President Francois Hollande. Poverty, Environment and Conflicts in the Middle East Among Issues Discussed
Pope Meets With Head of U.N. Food Program. Benedict XVI's Spirit Uplifts Us All, Director Says
Pope Meets with Heads of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia. Will Listen to Recommendations Before Meeting of Eight Cardinals Next Month
Pope Meets With His Future Secretary of State
Pope Meets with Interfaith Group From Argentina. Jewish, Muslim and Catholic Leaders Convey Best Wishes For Upcoming Holy Land Trip
Pope Meets with International Theological Commission. Says Theologians Should 'Humblly Listen' to What Holy Spirit Says to the Church
Pope Meets with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Situation of Italy, European Integration and Immigration Discussed
Pope Meets With Italian Prime Minister. Economic, Social Difficulties, Importance of Education Discussed
Pope Meets With Lithuanian Leader
Pope Meets With Members of International Commission on English in the Liturgy. Calls Commission's Work An Aid in Fostering Unity in the Church
Pope Meets With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. UN Non-Observer Status and Escalating Tensions in Region Discussed
Pope Meets with Participants of UN Food and Agriculture Organization Conference. Emphasizes Need For Everyone to Benefit From the Fruits of the Earth
Pope Meets with Patriarchs and Major Archbishops of the Oriental Churches. Stresses Importance of Unity And Solidarity Among Patriarchal Synods
Pope Meets with Pilgrims from Sri Lanka. Commemorates 75th Anniversary of Island Nation's Consecration to the Virgin Mary
Pope Meets With Pontifical Biblical Commission. Encourages Members to Continue Important Work
Pope Meets With Pontifical Swiss Guards. 35 New Recruits Sworn in on Anniversary of the Sack of Rome
Pope Meets with President Alassane Ouattara of Cote d'Ivoire. Human Rights, Healthcare and Education Among Topics Discussed
Pope Meets with President Andry Nirina Rajoelina of Madagascar. Stability, Democracy, and Education Among Topics Discussed
Pope Meets with President Demetris Christofias of Cyprus. Situation in Europe and the Middle East Among the Topics Discussed
Pope Meets With President Evo Morales of Bolivia. Discuss Socio-Economic and Religious Issues Facing the Country
Pope Meets With President Joachim Gauck of Germany. Challenges of Globalization and Secularization of Society Discussed
Pope Meets with President Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca of Cape Verde. Discuss Role of the Church in Education and Health
Pope Meets With President Michel Joseph Martelly of Haiti. Reconstruction Efforts Among Topics Discussed
Pope Meets With President of El Salvador
Pope Meets With President of Guatemala. Prime Minister of Italy Also Visits Pontiff
Pope Meets With President Rafael Correa of Ecuador. Centrality of Social Justice Among Topics Discussed
Pope Meets with President Shimon Peres of Israel. Discuss Concerns Regarding Current Political and Social Situation in the Middle East
Pope Meets With President Thomas Bony Yayi of Benin. Discuss Positive Contributions of Catholic Church in the Region
Pope Meets With President Traian Băsescu of Romania Educational Cooperation between Catholic Church and Romanian State Addressed
Pope Meets with Prime Minister of Lithuania. Discuss Need to Ensure Peace in the Middle East
Pope Meets with Prime Minister of Slovenia. Discuss Religious Freedom, Current Economic Crisis in Europe
Pope Meets With Sant'Egidio Leaders
Pope Meets With Simon Wiesenthal Center Delegation. Highlights Importance of Educating Youth on Progress of Jewish-Catholic Dialogue
Pope Meets With Syrian Nuncio. Archbishop Mario Zenari Encouraged by Papal Support
Pope Meets With Syrian Refugees Before Departing for Rome. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Bids Farewell to Pontiff at Airport
Pope Meets With U.N. Nuclear Agency Leader
Pope Meets with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Pope Meets With Young Entrepreneurs. Tells Them People Are Businesses' Most Important Resource
Pope Merges Leadership of Pontifical Councils
Pope Might Recognize Cuban Priest's Heroic Virtue During Trip. Father Felix Varela Considered a Patriot of Cuba By H. Sergio Mora
Pope Mourns "Apostle of Charity". Founder of John XXIII Community Dies at 82
Pope Mourns 168 Plane Crash Victims
Pope Mourns 240 Drowned in Zanzibar
Pope Mourns Brazilian Cardinal. Eugęnio de Araújo Sales Dead at 91
Pope Mourns Cardinal Who Was Bishop of Berlin in '89
Pope Mourns Death of 1st Mauritian Cardinal. Gives Thanks for Pastoral Dedication
Pope Mourns Death of Cardinal Jaime Sin. Philippine Prelate Was Defender of Democracy
Pope Mourns Death of Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil. Prelate Served as President of Indian Bishops
Pope Mourns Death of Cardinal Willebrands
Pope Mourns Death of Prelate Who Served Zambia. Polish Missionary Was First Archbishop of Lusaka
Pope Mourns Family Council President. Says Cardinal López Trujillo Was a Defender of Life
Pope Mourns Former Italian President Cossiga. Held Office From '85 to '92
Pope Mourns Leader in Jewish-Catholic Dialogue. Bishop Alberto Ablondi Dead at 85
Pope Mourns Mexican Cardinal. Remembers His Dedication to Gospel
Pope Mourns Missionary Slain in Brazil
Pope Mourns Murder of Taiz?'s Brother Roger. Founder "Has Attained Eternal Joy," Says Benedict XVI
Pope Mourns Portuguese Flood Victims
Pope Mourns Serbian Orthodox Patriarch. Sends Message of Condolence to Funeral
Pope Mourns Taiwanese Cardinal. Retired Bishop of Kaohsiung Dead at 88
Pope Mourns Victims of Brazil Floods
Pope Mourns Victims of Mozambique Blast
Pope Moves Eight Closer to Sainthood
Pope Names 6 for Mideast Synod
Pope Names Archbishop of Bombay
Pope Names Bishops for Dubuque, Fargo. Bishop Michael Jackals of Wichita and Bishop-elect John Thomas Folda to Lead US Dioceses
Pope Names Consultors to Congregation for Saints' Causes. Appoints Officials From Top Vatican Dicasteries, Universities, and Archives
Pope Names English Monsignor to New Council for the Economy. Msgr. Brian Ferme Will Assist Cardinal Reinhard Marx as Prelate Secretary
Pope Names His First Canadian Bishops
Pope Names Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo As Relator General of Upcoming Synod. Archbishop Bruno Forte Named Special Secretary to Synod on Pastoral Challenges of the Family
Pope Names Interim Telecommunications Director
Pope Names New Archbishop for Archdiocese of Suva in Fiji. Fr. Peter Loy Chong Chosen to Replace Retired Archbishop Petero Mataca By Junno Arocho
Pope Names New President of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Margaret Archer to Succeed Mary Ann Glendon
Pope Names New Secretary to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Pope Names New Westminster Prelate. Birmingham Archbishop to Succeed Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor
Pope Names Personal Secretary as Prefect of the Pontifical Household. Monsignor Georg Gänswein Elevated to the Dignity of Archbishop
Pope Names Personal Secretary to Oversee Financial Reforms. Msgr. Alfred Xuereb to Supervise Two Pontifical Commissions
Pope Names Special Envoy For Jubilee Year Celebrations in Lyon. Event Will Mark 150th Anniversary of Venerable Servant of God Pauline Jaricot
Pope Nominates Argentine Prelate as Member of Appeals Commission. New Body Will Examine Cases of Priests Appealing Against Punishment for Abuse of Minors
Pope Not Avoiding Ahmadinejad. Vatican Clarifies Media Speculation
Pope Notes Anniversary of Justification. DocumentExpresses Hope for Progress Toward Unity
Pope Notes Asian Catholics' High Calling. Sends Message to Laity Conference Under Way
Pope Notes Contributions of Cardinal Spidlik. Czech Cardinal Dies at Age 90
Pope Notes Cooperation With Jews in Charity Work. Stresses Shared Value for Human Dignity
Pope Notes Early Church Faced Persecution With Prayer. Wednesday Audience Returns to Theme of Communication With God By Ann Schneible
Pope Notes Fidelity of Syrian Catholics. Cardinal Consecrates Cathedral in Aleppo
Pope Notes Gratitude for Late Cardinal Dulles. Lauds Testimony to Faith-Reason Harmony
Pope Notes Hopes for Shroud of Turin
Pope Notes How Psalms Are God's Words. Says Toddlers Have Something to Teach About Prayer
Pope Notes Hypothesis on Date of Passover. Says Christ Likely Followed Essene Calendar
Pope Notes Injustices Amid Early Evangelization
Pope Notes Joy of Polish Martyr's Beatification. Recalls Example of Victory of Good Over Evil
Pope Notes Key Teamwork Between Parishes, Associations. Addresses Group That Helps Pilgrims in St. Peter's
Pope Notes Limits of Looking Through a Telescope. Cautions Against Being Blinded by Scientific Success
Pope Notes Observance of ‘Sea Sunday’
Pope Notes Paradox of Communication Age. Cites Incresased Isolation and Marginalization
Pope Notes Pauline Teaching on Tradition And Looks at Beginnings of Apostolic Succession
Pope Notes Plight of North African Emigrants. Calls on Countries to Protect Human Dignity
Pope Notes Plight of the Divorced-and-Remarried
Pope Notes Recipe for Missionary Spirit. Greets Consecrated Persons in Genoa
Pope Notes Secret to Effective Planet-Saving. Says Key Is Recognizing Role of Creator
Pope Notes Secret to Happiness. Says Following God's Call Never Brings Disappointment
Pope Notes That Our Lady’s Birthday Is Thursday
Pope Offers Advice to Security Workers. See Pilgrims as Your Brothers, He Says
Pope Offers Christmas Gift to the Poor. Telephone Cards and Metro Rail Cards To Be Distributed to Needy of Rome
Pope Offers Cure for Depression and Fatigue
Pope Offers Encouragement to Iraqi Prelates. Bishops Present Him With Mementos of Slain Ministers
Pope Offers Martin of Tours as Model
Pope Offers Mass for Deceased Prelates. Prays for Souls of 8 Cardinals
Pope Offers Mass for Faithful Departed on All Souls’ Day
Pope Offers Prayer for Victims in Honduran Prison Fire. At Least 350 Died
Pope Offers Prayers for Indonesian Quake Victims. Encourages Aid Workers to Persevere
Pope Offers Prayers to Victims of Natural Disasters in Asia. Death Toll Rises in Philippines, China and Iran Amidst Catastrophes
Pope Offers Priests 3 Tips. Says They First Must Be Fascinated With Christ
Pope Offers Priests a Model for Their Vocation. Notes Timely Teaching of St. Joseph Cafasso for All Faithful
Pope Offers Suggestions to Live this Lent Fully, During His Morning Homily
Pope Offers Thought for Newlyweds, Sick, Young
Pope Offers Tool for Prayer: the Psalms. Recommends Liturgy of the Hours
Pope Offers Warm Wishes to Churches Celebrating Christmas January 7
Pope Offers World the Example of Blessed John Paul II. Greets Pilgrims Before Leading Regina Caeli
Pope OKs Accused German Bishop's Resignation Appoints Los Angeles Coadjutor to Synod Council
Pope on 3 New Terrorist Attacks: Respond to Violence With Faith, Unity
Pope on All Saints Day: ‘The Saints Love & Understand Us; They Want Us to Be Happy Like Them, Knowing What the True Good Is’
Pope on Cathedral Shooting: May Hope Not Fail Us in This Time of Trial
Pope on Christian Unity: We Must Pause and Listen to One Another. Celebrates Vespers with Representatives of Christian Churches in Rome
Pope on Earth Day: 'Do Not Exploit, Manipulate the Planet' Says Relationship of Mankind, Nature Must Be Without Greed
Pope on Epiphany: ‘Longing for God Shatters Routines, Impels Us to Change’
Pope on Eucharist: Communion, Service, Mercy
Pope on Europe: ‘There’s Clearly the Need for New Work of Evangelization’
Pope on Every Human Life: Safeguard Little Flame in Midst of Dark Night
Pope on Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul: God Invites Us All to Be Part of His Beloved Family
Pope on Iraq: Enough With the Bloodshed. Urges Citizens to Rebuild Nation After 5 Years of War. Urges Citizens to Rebuild Nation After 5 Years of War
Pope on Italy, Politics and the Trials Facing Catholics
Pope on May 13 to Visit Italian Region With History of Monasticism. 1-Day Trip to Arezzo, La Verna and Sansepolcro
Pope on Murdered Egyptian Copts: 'Their Blood Gives Witness to Christ'. Video of 21 Egyptian Christians Beheaded Released by Islamic State
Pope on Niger: 'War Cannot Be Made in the Name of God' Prays For Victims of Violent Protests, Calls For Reconciliation and Peace
Pope on Papal Flight: We Are Nearing Making Decisions on Medjugorje. Returning From Sarajevo, Responds to Journalists' Questions
Pope on Pentecost: ‘Being God’s Children Is in Our DNA’
Pope on Raids of Belgian Church Offices
Pope on Salvation: ‘Life Is Not Video Game or Soap Opera’
Pope on Saving Earth: Let Us Think of Lord’s Instructions to St Francis of Assisi to ‘Go and Repair My House’
Pope on UAE: We Affirmed Peace, Human Dignity, and Denouncing All Violence, Especially in Name of Religion
Pope on Vocations Day: Christ Still Calls; Cites a Friendship That Gives Meaning to Life
Pope on Vocations: Listening, Discerning, Living
Pope on Word of God: Illumines Life, Gives Strength, Our Shield Against the Evil One
Pope on World Water Day: ‘Institutions Must Raise Awareness to Protect Precious Treasure’
Pope Opens Latin American Bishops' Meeting. Continent's Christian Identity Tops Priorities
Pope Opens New Chapter for Church in UK. On Day 3, UK Trip Turns Personal, Pastoral By Edward Pentin1
Pope Ordains Auxiliary Bishop for Rome
Pope Outlines for Bishops His Vision of What It Means to Be a Pastor. Tells Italian Prelates: Be Tireless Caregivers and Courageous Teachers
Pope Outlines Right Perspective for Interpreting Canon Law. Emphasizes Need to Seek Out the Mind of the Church
Pope Paul VI Declared Blessed. Pope Francis Concludes Synod of Bishops With Beatification of Predecessor
Pope Paul VI to be Beatified October 19th. Pope Francis Signs Decree, Approves Miracle
Pope Paves Way for Canonization of Pope Paul VI & Oscar Romero
Pope Pays Tribute to Women's Evangelizing Work
Pope Pens Exhortation on the Eucharist. "Sacrament of Charity" Based on Work of '05 Sy
Pope Phones Grieving Gypsy Community
Pope Picks Theme for Day of Peace
Pope Places Society in Mary's Hands
Pope Planning an Intense 2010. Calendar Filling up With 4 International Trips and Mideast Synod By Jesús Colina
Pope Plans Meeting With Children on Eucharist
Pope Plans to Visit Quake Sites ‘as Soon as Possible’; Death Toll Close to 300
Pope Pleads for Mideast Cease-fire. An Ever More Grave Situation, He Says
Pope Pleads for the 800 Million Who Go Hungry. World Economy, as Well as Lifestyles, Must Change, He Says
Pope Pleased by Restart of Catholic-Orthodox Talks. "We Must Seek Out God's Will," He Tells Joint Panel
Pope Points Faithful Toward Virgin of Fatima
Pope Points Out the Virgin Mary’s ‘Patience’ to French-speaking Pilgrims
Pope Points Out to Priests Two Conditions for Proper Discernment
Pope Points to Archaeological Find in Urging Reflection of Light of Christ
Pope Points to Example of 3 Newly Beatified. Including Polish Priest Stanislaus Papczynski
Pope Points to Francis Xavier's Missionary Example. Sends Message to Spanish Pilgrims
Pope Points to God's Word to Guide Vocations. Highlights Call to Holiness in Each State of Life
Pope Points to Liturgy as Education on the Gospel. Says the True Reformer Is Obedient to Faith
Pope Points to Music as Harmony of East and West. Russian Orthodox Patriarch Sponsors Vatican Concert
Pope Points to Need for Focus on Farming. Calls Individuals to Responsibility for World Hunger
Pope Points to Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, her Courageous Choices
Pope Points to Saint-Model of Tranquility. Says Peter the Venerable an Example for "Frenetic" Times
Pope Points to Way Out for Mideast Violence. Notes Calling Shared by Christians, Jews and Muslims
Pope Points to Widening Gap in Health Care
Pope Postpones Visit to Marian Shrine. May 18th Pilgrimage Delayed to Ease Preparations for Holy Land Trip
Pope Praises a Kinder, Gentler Politics. Says Nicaraguan Bishops Foster a Climate of Service
Pope Praises ‘Religions for Peace’
Pope Praises Basilica's Caretakers. Calls St. Peter's a "Spiritual Organism"
Pope Praises Commitment of Italy's Pro-Life Movement. Expresses Joy over Beatifications in Portugal and Brazil
Pope Praises Costa Rica on Life Issues
Pope Praises Example of Saint Catherine of Siena for Feast Day. Says to Remember Patron of Italy Who Gave Example to "Not Bend to Human Compromises"
Pope Praises Founder of Apostles of Sacred Heart. On 150th Anniversary of Clelia Merloni
Pope Praises Lubich's Fidelity to Magisterium. Sends Message to Funeral of Focolare Founder
Pope Praises Melkite-Muslim Relations. Receives Visit From Patriarch and Pilgrims
Pope Praises Mothers for Protecting Family, Including Those Watching From Heaven, With Their Prayer
Pope Praises Orthodox Commitment to Unity. Says Dialogue Is at "Crucial Point"
Pope Praises Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Prays for Contemplatives; Asks Their Prayers for Conflicts' End
Pope Praises Religious Freedom in Jordan Starts Mideast Trip Reiterating He's Come as a Pilgrim
Pope Praises Rosary as Fatima Anniversary Nears
Pope Praises Rosary as Turning of Heart to Jesus. Says Marian Prayer Is in a New Springtime
Pope Praises Rugby, Meets President of FIFA
Pope Praises Scouts on 100th Anniversary. Says They Offer Integral Formation to Youth
Pope Praises Spanish Cardinal on Golden Jubilee
Pope Praises St. Bridget's Role in Holy Land
Pope Praises St. Rita of Cascia, Saint of Hopeless Causes (Full Text of General Audience)
Pope Praises Teresians on 100th Anniversary. Says Association Brings Courage in "Exacting Christian Life"
Pope Praises the Example of Those Consecrated. "An Eloquent Sign of the Presence of the Kingdom"
Pope Praises Those Ready to Make Sacrifices of Love
Pope Praises US-Cuba Step Forward. Lauds Diplomats' Efforts to 'Bring Hearts of Peoples Closer,' 'Sow Fraternity Among Nations'
Pope Praises What a Priest Can Offer to Today’s Suffering World
Pope Praises ‘the Genius’ and Equal Dignity of Women
Pope Praying Chinese Catholics Will Always See God’s Presence
Pope Praying for AIDS Victims
Pope Praying for Christian Unity in January
Pope Praying for Colombia Captive
Pope Praying for Farmers This Month
Pope Praying for Japan's Quake Victims
Pope Praying for Many New Vocations. Says They Are "Precious" Gifts to Church
Pope Praying for Parents in Mission as Educators And for Church in Africa to Promote Peace
Pope Praying for Politicians. September Intentions Also Include Poorest Churches
Pope Praying for Politics in July. Also Remembering Poor in Latin America Ahead of Trip to Continent
Pope Praying for Supporting Persecuted Christians in March
Pope Praying for Uruguayans to Respect Life. Urges Bishops to Courage and Persuasiveness in Preaching
Pope Praying for Vocations in April. Also Remembering People of Africa
Pope Praying in August for All Volunteers. Also Asking God That We Might Learn to Be Neighbors for Those ‘on the Margins’
Pope Praying in February for Encounters of Christian Faith With Peoples of Asia
Pope Praying That Christians in Secular Cultures Will Proclaim Jesus. May Intentions Also Include Rejection of the Culture of Indifference
Pope Praying That Sacraments, Scripture Turn Christians Into Evangelizers
Pope Prays at Korean Cemetery for Aborted Children. Makes Solemn Visit to Reflect on Infants' Lost Lives
Pope Prays Daily for Father Bossi. Italian Missionary Priest Still Missing
Pope Prays for 2 You