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- North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation Releases New Agreed Statement
- INTERVIEW: New Book Addresses the Search for God’s Presence
- Dedication Rites for a Church And More on the Book of the Gospels
- Ecumenism: Catholics and Russian Orthodox Collaborate to help Christians in Middle East. Delegation from Moscow Patriarchate Visits Aid to the Church in Need
- LITURGY Q&A: Candles at Adoration When One Isn’t Enough
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Daily News Archives
O Antiphons: Songs for the Road. What's in a Name?
O Tempora, O S'mores. Our anxiety is palpable ... and yet the Church celebrates the Year of Faith
O Wisdom: Reflections as We Journey to Bethlehem. Christ himself has become our Wisdom
Oakland Gets New Bishop
Oasis Movement. Based on a Jesuit's Proposal
Obama Administration Planning to Relocate Embassy to Holy See. Proposal to Move it to Embassy to Italy Compound Opposed by Former Ambassadors
Obama Calls the Pope
Obama Disappoints With Mexico City Reversal. US Bishops and Vatican Voice Dismay
Obama Invite Draws Notre Dame Alumni Outcry. Project Sycamore Launches Internet Petition By Karna Swanson
Obama Is Subject of Pro-life Ad. CatholicVote to Air it During Inauguration
Obama Lights Candle at Archbishop Romero's Tomb. Visit Seen As "Global Event"; President Pressed on Immigration
Obama Nominates Hackett for Holy See Ambassador Post Former Catholic Relief Services President Expected to Get Congress Confirmation
Obama Promise Welcomed: No Tax-Funded Abortion. Aides Note Church Has Been Working for Reform for Decades
Obama Promises Conscience Protection. Meets With Representatives of Catholic Press
Obama Sacks Bioethicists From Bush Years. Wants More Policy, Less Philosophy
Obama Sets Afternoon Meeting With Pope
Obama Visits Iraq, Prelate Pleads for US to Stay. Prays That Blood of Martyrs Promotes Peace
Obama's Statement on Canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II "Michelle and I join Catholics around the world in celebrating the canonization"
Obedience as the Conversion of Love. Lectio Divina: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A
Obedience Not so Bad in Light of Christ. Pope Explains True Meaning of Freedom
Obedience to a Priest
Obedience to Christ Makes Life Fruitful
Obedient Listening to God and to Jesus. Biblical Reflection for 2nd Sunday of Lent A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Oblates Focus General Chapter on Conversion.Say Ideals Might Be Clear; Change of Heart Is Needed
Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Pick New Superior
Observatory on Religious Liberty Commences in Rome. Archbishop William Lori Brings Freedom of Religion Discussion to International Forum By Ann Schneible
Observatory's New Home Ready. Vatican Astronomers Moving This Month
Observer Named for Tourism Group
Observer Tells of Pope's U.N. Hopes
Observer to Council of Europe Named
Obstacles Plague Religious Freedom, Experts Say
Oceania Plans Bigger Turnout for Youth Day '08. Many Countries Will Participate for the 1st Time
Oct 21: Canonization of 1st Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha. Nun Who Cared for Hawaii Lepers Will Also Be Canonized That Day
October 16: Anniversary of St John Paul II
October Baby: Shaping Culture One Healed Life at a Time. Co-Producer Speaks of Pro-Life Film Opening Friday By Kathleen Naab
October Beatification for Pope Paul VI? Miraculous Healing of Baby With Incurable Illness Attributed to Late Pontiff
October Synod of Bishops Is Confirmed
Of Angels and Angles; Navarro-Valls Remembers Exhibit Tells Story of Rome's Venerable English College By Edward Pentin
Of Pencils and Love
Of Scribes and Neighbors
Of Weeds and Seeds. Gospel Commentary for 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Office of Readings the Evening Before And More on Explaining the Parts of the Mass
Official Anthem and Special Prayer For Pope's Holy Land Visit Revealed. Anthem Can be Heard on YouTube
Official Explains Vatican Visitation of US Nuns. Notes Hope for Vocations, Better Future
Official Images of Sts. John Paul & John XXIII Released. Includes Prayers to Soon-to-be-Canonized Popes
Official Logo Released for Pope's Visit to South Korea. August Journey Will Have Motto: "Arise! Shine, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has dawned upon you"
Official Logo Unveiled for World Youth Day 2013
Official Notes Holy See Concern for Health Systems. Points to Effects of Recession for Developing Nations
Official of Irish Bishops' Conference on What Makes a School Catholic. Finds 5 Essential Elements; 5 Applications
Official Opening of the Cause of Beatification of Father Jacques Hamel
Official Program for Pope's Portugal Trip. 4-Day Journey Marks Beatification Anniversary
Official Reflects on Church's Mission in Health Care. Pontifical Council Marks 25 Years
Official Resigns at Aid to the Church in Need
Official Schedule Announced for Pope's Milan Trip. June 1-3 Visit for World Meeting of Families
Official Summary of Lumen Fidei
Official Tells of Goal of Church Charities
Official Warns Against Idolizing Nature
Official Web Site Launched for Pope's Visit to Holy Land. Media Commission Created for May Pilgrimage
Official's Focus in Diplomacy Is the Gospel
Official: 2 Currents Stirring Up Tensions in Church. Are You Pro-Integration or Pro-Controversy?
Official: Bible and Darwin Could Both Be Right. Vatican Plans Conference to Study Evolution Theory
Official: Catholics Need New Perspective on Migrants. Reflects on Circulation of People, Consequence of Globalization
Official: Jesus Has No Favorite Nation. Migrants-Council President Encourages "New Eyes"
Official: No Easy Way to Stop Human Trafficking. Archbishop Considers Roots of Problem
Officials Named for Africa Synod
Officials Named for Evangelization Council
Officials Named for Roman Rota And Masters of Pontifical Ceremonies
Officials of Church's Charity Reflect on Volunteer Work. Cor Unum President Presents Summaries of 2011 Meeting By Salvatore Cernuzio
Oklahoma Archbishop: We Will Walk Together. Says Jesus' Invitation to Heavy-Burdened Is Comfort
Oklahoma City Prelate Speaks Against 'Brutality of the Death Penalty' Says Understanding of Life as a Gift Requires Strict Limits on Use of Capital Punishment
Old Icons, New Churches; Benedict XVI's Strength. Rome Unveils Plans to Build 51 Parishes By Edward Pentin
Oldest Christian Monastery Renovated. Monks Open Doors to Pilgrims
Olinga Ta'eed: On Link Between Profit Motive and Reduction of Poverty. Man Who Developed World's Most Rapidly Adopted Social Metric Shares on Social Innovation
Olympians Welcomed With the Word. Dioceses Promoting Historical, Cultural and Religious Heritage
Olympic Athletes Rely on Faith in Reaching Their Goals. Winners Tell of God's Role in Their Lives
Olympic Chaplain: a Friendly Presence Among Competitive Athletes. Italian Priest Sees Worldwide Sporting Event as Fertile Ground for Evangelization
Olympic Event: "Heart to Heart" Meeting With God
Olympic Panel Attuned to the Spiritual
Olympics Visitors Invited to See Turin's Churches
Omitting or Adding the Gloria
Omnia Card to Enhance Rome Tour Experience. Package Promises Quick Access to Museums
On "Deus Caritas Est" and International Charity
On "Imposing Morals"
On "Pontifical Masses," and the Exultet. Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation
On 1 of the Most Beautiful Passages of the Bible "Charity Is the Christian Difference"
On 3 Lessons From St. Basil "Only If We Are Open to God Can We Build a Just World"
On 3 Uniquely Catholic "Gifts" Interview With Expert in Ecumenism
On a Catholic-Protestant Philosophical Alliance. Alvin Plantinga Discusses Knowing God and Knowing Anything
On A New Series of Audiences for The Year of Faith. "With Faith, Everything Changes in Us and for Us"
On a Prophet in His Own Land. "Christ's miracles are not exhibitions of power but signs of God's love"
On Advent. "The Virgin Mary Perfectly Incarnates the Spirit of Advent"
On All Saints' Day "Everything Passes, Only God Does Not Change"
On All Saints' Day "God Invites Everyone to Form Part of His Holy People"
On Ambrose Autpert, "1st Mariologist of the West" "Christ Must Daily Be Born, Die, and Rise in Us"
On Apostolic Succession "Greatest Guarantee of Perseverance in the Lord's Word"
On Aquila and Priscilla "Every House Can Be Transformed Into a Small Church"
On Arab Christianity. Interview With Lebanese Presidential Hopeful
On Ash Wednesday. "A Propitious Moment to Be Converted to Love"
On Ash Wednesday. "The forty days of Lent recall Israels sojourn in the desert and the temptations of Jesus at the beginning of his public ministry."
On Awaiting the Coming of the Lord "Let us Prepare to See, with the Eyes of Faith, Gods Salvation in the Humble Grotto of Bethlehem"
On Bambinelli Sunday, Pope Gives Children Advice for Praying in Front of Baby Jesus
On Baptism and the World Family Meeting "You Are My Sons and Daughters, My Beloved"
On Baptism. "We Are All Children of God in Christ Jesus"
On Bartimaeus' Encounter With Christ "Faith Is a Path of Illumination"
On Bearing Witness to the Christian Faith. "The God of Jesus Christ has Revealed our Grandeur as Persons Redeemed by Love"
On Bearing Witness.
On Being an Apostle "May You Always Be Friends and Apostles of Jesus Christ!"
On Being Guided by the Holy Spirit. "...When we let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit, he brings us to harmony, to unity and to respect for different gifts and talents"
On Being Missionaries of Christ "In God's Field There Is Work for Everyone"
On Being Unafraid "He Who Fears God Feels Interiorly the Security of a Child"
On Belonging to Christ "Pray for us to be good servants: good servants, not good bosses!"
On Benedict XVI and Ecumenism. Interview With Professor Manuel González
On Benedict XVI and St. Augustine. Interview With Father Rovert Prevost
On Benedict XVI's 100 Days
On Benedict XVI's Africa Trip. "Build a Future of Reconciliation and Stable Peace for All"
On Benedict XVI's Call to Courage in Education. Paola Dal Toso Speaks of Compiling the Pope's Teaching
On Benedict XVI's Dialogue With Islam. Interview With Islamic Scholar Father Justo Lacunza
On Bethlehem, City-Symbol of Peace "A Peace That Is Laboriously Sought and Awaited"
On Birth of John the Baptist "The First 'Witness' of Jesus"
On Bishops, Local Churches and Movements. Interview With Speaker From Laity Council Conference By Jesús Colina
On Catholic Teachers of Medicine "To Reveal Christ the Healer"
On Catholics and Pentecostals. A Historical Overview
On Challenges and Hopes for the Family. Interview With Author Rodrigo Guerra López
On Christ as Head "The Whole Cosmos Is Submitted to Him"
On Christ As Mediator Between God and Man. 'Jesus [] is Truly God Among Us, 'The Mediator and the Fullness of All Revelation'"
On Christ the King.
On Christ's Ascension
On Christ's Baptism "Jesus Began Taking Upon Himself the Guilt of All Humanity"
On Christ's Curing "'The Hand' of God Stretched Out to Humanity"
On Christ's Resurrection
On Christ's Second Coming
On Christ's Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem. Mary's "Heart, Like That of the Son, Was Ready for Sacrifice"
On Christ's Victory in My Life. Francis' Address for Easter Monday
On Christ, the Foundation of Hope "He Is 'Flesh' Like Us, and Is 'Rock' Like God"
On Christ, the New Adam "God Himself Has Entered History As New Source of Goodness"
On Christian Joy and the Nativity Scene "The Crèche Is a School of Life"
On Christian Unity "It Is Not We Who Organize the Unity of the Church"
On Christian Unity "Keep Alive the Flames of Faith, Charity and Hope"
On Christian Unity "The Call to Holiness Is for All"
On Christian Unity "We All Have the Duty to Pray and Work for the Overcoming of Every Division"
On Christian Unity 'The Divisions Among us Christians Are a Scandal'
On Christian Unity in England and Wales. Interview With Monsignor Andrew Faley
On Christian Unity Week. "We Must Not Be Discouraged"
On Christian Unity. "Let's Accept the Invitation to 'Pray Without Ceasing'"
On Clement of Alexandria "One of the Great Promoters of Dialogue Between Faith and Reason"
On Coming to the Light "We must repent, we must stop acting in these ways so we can set out decisively on the road of sanctity"
On Communication in the Church. Interview With Dean of Salesian Communications Faculty
On Contemplating Christ Crucified "Eloquent Message of Love"
On Contemplating Christ Crucified "Eloquent Message of Love"
On Contemplating the Word of God
On Conversion "I Can Get Out of the Quicksand of Pride and Sin"
On Corpus Christi "We are to love even those who do not love us! "
On Cyril and Methodius "Each People Should. Express the Salvific Truth With Their Own Language"
On Day of Prayer for Peace in Middle East. "I Raise to God a Sorrowful Prayer"
On Defending and Promoting Life. "A Primary Value That Must Be Acknowledged"
On Development That Respects the Environment "We Come From God and We Are All Going Back to Him"
On Divine Mercy "A New Reality, Fruit of the Love of God"
On Divine Mercy "An Integral Dimension of a Christian's Faith and Prayer"
On Divine Mercy "There is no limit to divine mercy offered to all!"
On Divine Mercy and the Catholic Family "It Is the Merciful Love of God that Solidly Unites the Church"
On Divine Providence. A heart that is preoccupied with the desire to possess is a heart that is full of this desire to possess, but it lacks God
On Dying in Christ "One Who Practices Mercy Does Not Fear Death"
On Easter Faith "We must not be afraid to be Christians and to live as Christians!"
On Ecclesial Movements and New Communities
On Ecumenism "Unity Comes About Especially by Praying"
On Ecumenism in 2006 "Moments of Great Significance in This Slow Ascent to Unity"
On Educating Youth and Forming the Heart (Part 2). Interview With Cardinal Paul Poupard
On Entering Into Lent "Live This Time of Grace With Interior Joy and Generous Commitment"
On Europe's Christian Roots. "Return to Yourself"
On European Integration
On Eusebius of Caesarea
On Evangelization and Christmas "Nothing Is More Beautiful Than Freely Giving What We Have Freely Received"
On Faith and Strength
On Faith in the Resurrection. "The death and resurrection of Jesus are the heart of our hope"
On Fear of AIDS Sufferers. Interview With Head of Federation of Medical Associations
On Feast of Epiphany. "The Magi's Worship: Fulfillment of Scriptures"
On Feast of Holy Family "Children Are a Gift and a Project of God"
On Feast of St. Stephen, Dec. 26
On Feast of St. Stephen, Dec. 26 "He Died Forgiving and Praying"
On Feast of Transfiguration, Aug. 6 "It Is Christ Who Constitutes the Full Manifestation of God's Light"
On Feminism, Eugenics and "Reproductive Rights". Interview With Journalist Eugenia Roccella
On Fighting Terrorism in Airports. Interview With Aviation Chaplain President
On Following Christ "One of the Most Beautiful Experiences"
On Following Christ "The Lord walks the roads of our daily life"
On Forgiveness
On France's Rejection of the European Constitution
On God As Creator of Heaven and Earth. "In the work of creation, God is seen as the almighty Father who by his eternal Word brings into existence a universe of goodness, harmony and beauty"
On God the Almighty Father. "Despite the Crisis of Fatherhood in Many Societies, the Scriptures Show us Clearly what it Means to Call God 'Father'"
On God's Gift of His Time "A Gift That Man Can Appreciate or Squander"
On God's Love "Let us Love the Lord in this way, and Our Neighbor as Ourselves"
On God's Plan of Goodness and Mercy
On God's Presence and Coming "He Is Here and Comes to Visit Us"
On God, Violence and the Bible
On God’s Mercy “Everyone Can Receive the Gift of Peace and Life”
On Good Science and Good Ethics. Interview With Deputy Editor of MercatorNet
On Gypsy Pastors and Consecrated Persons "Preparation for the Pastoral Duties Among Their People"
On Helping Jesus in His Mission "Priests Become Instruments of Salvation"
On Hilary of Poitiers "God Only Knows How to Be Love"
On Holy Week
On Holy Week
On Holy Week "Jesus, who chose to pass through this life, calls us to follow him on his same way of humiliation"
On Hope "The World Needs God -- the True God"
On How We Live the Eucharist "Through the Eucharist, Christ wants to enter into our existence and permeate it with His grace,"
On Immigration in the Melting Pot. Interview With the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See
On Importance of Sunday Mass. "Not an Imposition, But a Joy"
On International Day, Papal Tweet Calls for Respect of Women’s Dignity
On Investing Our Talents "The Mistaken Attitude Is That of Fear"
On Jesus' Return to the Father "St. Peter's Square Is Like a 'Cenacle' Open to Heaven"
On Jewish-Catholic Relations: Press "Got It Wrong" Jewish Leader Considers Future If Schism Isn't Healed
On John Bosco's 200th Birthday, His 'Society of Joy' Remembered. Like Pope Francis, Salesian Founder Taught There Can Be No Such Thing as a Sad Christian
On John Paul II's "Way of the Cross" "His Agony and Death Were Like a Prolongation of Easter Triduum"
On John Paul II's Cause for Beatification. Interview With the Postulator, Monsignor Oder Slawomir
On John Scotus Erigena "His Theology Proceeds . by Asserting Primarily What God Is Not"
On John's Synthesis of Christian Faith "The Fulfillment of the Whole of the Old Covenant"
On Judas Iscariot and Matthias "Never Despair of God's Mercy"
On Knowledge "The knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit is not limited to human knowledge: it is a special gift"
On Latin America "You Have a Part to Play in Building Your Nations' Destiny"
On Lazarus and World Hunger. "He Who Is Forgotten by All Is Not Forgotten by God"
On Life in Eternity "Before us there is the God of the living, the God of the covenant, the God who bears my name, our name, as he said: 'I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,' also the God with my name, with your name, with your name... with our name
On Listening to the Lord's Call
On Liturgical Norms for the Neocatechumenal Way. Interview With Cardinal Arinze
On Living Lent Well. As "One Who Has Found in Jesus the Meaning of Life"
On Living the Liturgy. Interview With Rector of Pontifical Liturgical Institute
On Losing One's Life for Christ
On Loving Jesus as Mary Did "She Allowed God to Fill Her With Love"
On Man's Hunger for Jesus, The True Bread From Heaven. "This bread requires the hunger of the inner man."
On Martha and Mary. "We Are Reminded of the Need to Rest From Our Daily Labors"
On Martyrs of Auschwitz "Prayer Was the Secret"
On Mary and Joseph
On Mary the Patroness of Bavaria "She Is and Remains the Handmaid of the Lord"
On Mary's Example of Womanly Virtue "Bearers of Love, Teachers of Mercy and Artisans of Peace"
On Mary's Glorification "She Sits in Splendor at the Right Hand of Her Son"
On Mary's Month "Pray for This Apostolic Pilgrimage" to Brazil
On Mary, Full of Grace "God Was Captivated by Mary's Humility"
On Mary, Model of Faith, Charity and Union with Christ
On Mary, Mother of God "This Woman Is Very Close to Us and Helps Us"
On Mary, Mother of Priests "The Perfect Model for Their Existence"
On Mary: Our Model and Mother
On Media Day "Safeguard the Common Good, Respect the Truth"
On Migrant Families "Weakened and at Times Disfigured by Life's Trials"
On Migration and Ecumenism "The Church Must Feel Concerned Regarding Immigrants"
On Ministry for Those Who Live or Work on the Street
On Nineveh Plains, Prelate Sees Muslims Encroaching Upon Christian Territory
On Notre Dame, Law Degrees, and Catholic Politics. Law Student Coalition Calls for Renewed Pro-Life Commitment By Genevieve PollockSOUTH BEND
On Nuclear Technology "Let Us Pray That Men Live in Peace"
On Origen of Alexandria "He Was a True Teacher"
On Our Lady of Bonaria
On Our Lady of Mount Carmel. "I Invite Special Prayers for Peace in the Holy Land"
On Our Resurrection From the Dead "If we succeed in having this reality more present, we will be less exhausted by the daily routine, less prisoners of the ephemeral and more willing to walk with a merciful heart on the path of salvation"
On Outspread Wings. Benedict in Bagnoreggio By Robert Moynihan
On Overcoming the 'Culture of the Provisional' Pope Urges Young People to Follow Jesus to Pursue Life Paths With Commitment and Dedication
On Padre Pio's Devotion to Mary "With a Mother's Hand She Will Guide You to the Heavenly Homeland"
On Pain and Hidden Gethsemanes. Father Cantalamessa Delivers Lenten Sermon at Vatican
On Pain, Research and Children. Interview With Neonatologist Carlo Bellieni
On Palm Sunday
On Passing Through the Narrow Gate "We Must Commit Ourselves to Being Little"
On Paul VI's Marian Devotion "He Placed his Priesthood Under the Protection of the Mother of Jesus"
On Paul's Christology "The Radical Humility of Christ Is the Expression of Divine Love"
On Paul's Collaborators "Holiness Doesn't Consist in Not Making Mistakes or Never Sinning"
On Paul's Death and Heritage "The Figure of St. Paul Is Magnified Beyond His Earthly Life"
On Paul's Letters to Early Bishops "Scripture Is Read Correctly by Putting Oneself in Dialogue"
On Paul's World and Time Period "I Begin Today a New Cycle of Catecheses, Dedicated to the Great Apostle"
On Peace, a Call From Assisi. "May Weapons be Silenced and May Hate Yield to Love"
On Peace, Missions and Justice "A Strong Effort Is Required By All"
On Pentecost "A Church that does not hesitate to go out to meet people to proclaim the message that she has been given, even if that message disturbs or upsets consciences, even if this message leads, perhaps, to problems and at times also to martyrdom"
On Pentecost "The Whole Church Is Only One Great Movement"
On Peter the Venerable, Abbot of Cluny "I Am Not One of Those Who Is Not Happy With His Lot"
On Peter, the Apostle "Impetuous Generosity Does Not Safeguard Him"
On Prayer and Christ's Transfiguration "Find in This Time of Lent Moments of Prolonged Silence"
On Prayer and the Magisterium
On Praying with Insistence
On Praying With the Body, According to St. Dominic
On Preparing the Scene for the Word "The Word of God Is the Subject That Moves History"
On Priestly Identity "One Who Prays Is Not Afraid; One Who Prays Is Never Alone"
On Priestly Ordinations and Pentecost. Without Holy Spirit, Church Is "Merely Human"
On Priestly Sanctification. "Nothing More Beautiful Than to Be Conquered by Christ"
On Pro-life Day in Italy "Must Not Be Denied to Anyone"
On Promises Made to Children “Love is the promise that man and woman make to each child: from the moment he or she is conceived in thought. Children come into the world and expect to have confirmation of this promise: they expect it in a total, confident,
On Promoting Liturgy in Africa
On Psalm 113(112). "God Bends Over Needy and Suffering to Console"
On Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite "He Has New Relevance as a Mediator in Dialogue With Theologies of Asia"
On Quieting Zealots and Achieving Peace. Interview With Gary Krupp
On Rabanus Maurus "A Truly Extraordinary Personality of the Latin West"
On Reaching Christian Unity (Part 1). Homily From Bishop Brian Farrell
On Reaching Christian Unity (Part 2). Homily From Bishop Brian Farrell
On Relativism, Morality and Communication. Interview With Director of a Pontifical Academy
On Religious Freedom in the World
On Religious Freedom. "God Awaits a Response of Love"
On Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism
On Responsibilities of Catholics in Public Life "Must Act Seriously and Responsibly on Many Important Moral Issues"
On Rupert of Deutz "We Can Also, Each One in His Own Way, Find the Lord Jesus"
On Sacraments, Charisms and Charity "The sacraments drive us to be missionaries"
On Saints, Artists and Faith. Interview With Contemplative Nun and Art Critic
On Schoenstatt's Growth and Charism Interview With Postulator of Founder's Cause for Beatification
On Seeking Christian Unity "We Should Respond With Generosity"
On Seeking the Living Among the Dead "This questions makes us overcome the temptation to look back, to what was yesterday, and pushes us forward towards the future"
On Sickness and God's Healing Love "We Are Made for Life"
On Sickness and Suffering of Family Members "And I think of how important it is to educate children as little ones to solidarity in the time of sickness. An education that lacks sensitivity for human sickness hardens the heart"
On Signs of a Living Faith "Christian Ethics . Is the Consequence of our Friendship With Christ"
On Silence and the Word. A Commentary on Pope Benedict's Message to Communicators By Ann Schneible
On Social Communication "An Important Vehicle to Spread the Gospel"
On Solemnity of Assumption "Paradise Is the Authentic Goal of Our Earthly Pilgrimage"
On Solemnity of Immaculate Conception. "In Mary Shines the Eternal Goodness of the Creator"
On Solemnity of Pentecost "We Relive the Birth of the Church"
On St. Ambrose of Milan "Catechesis Is Inseparable From the Testimony of Life"
On St. Anselm: Theologian, Teacher, Pastor . A Life Marked By "Love of Truth and the Constant Thirst for God"
On St. Athanasius "God Is Accessible"
On St. Augustine "All the Roads of Christian Latin Literature Lead to Hippo"
On St. Augustine's Search for Truth "Faith and Reason Are the Two Forces That Lead Us to Knowledge "
On St. Basil "He Shows Us How to Be Real Christians"
On St. Benedict of Norcia "The Great Monk Is Still a True Teacher"
On St. Benedict of Norcia. "Prefer Nothing to the Love of Christ"
On St. Benedict's Example and the Church in China "Cultivate an Authentic Prayer Life to Assure the Social Progress of Peace"
On St. Bernard of Clairvaux "Faith Is Above All a Personal, Intimate Encounter With Jesus"
On St. Bernard of Clairvaux "Numerous Occupations Lead to 'Hardness of Heart'"
On St. Bonaventure's Concept of History "The Richness of the Word of Christ Is Inexhaustible"
On St. Clement of Rome "The Church Has a Sacramental, Not Political Structure"
On St. Columban "A Tireless Builder of Monasteries"
On St. Cyprian "His Book on the 'Our Father' Has Helped Me to Pray Better"
On St. Cyril of Alexandria "An Untiring and Firm Witness of Jesus Christ"
On St. Cyril of Jerusalem "His Catechesis Spans God's Entire Plan of Salvation"
On St. Dominic "He Always Spoke With God and About God"
On St. Gregory Nazianzen "His Soul Was Engrossed in Beauty and Divine Glory"
On St. Ignatius of Antioch "Truly a Doctor of Unity"
On St. Irenaeus of Lyons "The First Great Theologian of the Church"
On St. Isidore of Seville "Believers Up to Our Times Benefit From His Definitions"
On St. Jerome "To Ignore Scripture Is to Ignore Christ"
On St. John Eudes "He Wanted to Remind People . of the Heart"
On St. John Leonardi "To Oppose the Weeds He Chose to be Good Wheat"
On St. John the Baptist "The Great Prophet Asks Us to Prepare the Way of the Lord"
On St. Joseph "His Mission Was Developed in Humility"
On St. Joseph. "St. Joseph is the model of the educator and of the daddy, of the father"
On St. Justin Martyr. He Considered Christianity the "True Philosophy"
On St. Matthew "A Model of Acceptance of God's Mercy"
On St. Maximus the Confessor "He Always Had As His Compass the Concrete Reality of the World"
On St. Mungo Day, a Call to Defend Values
On St. Odo "He Was Austere, But Above All He Was Good"
On St. Paul and Justification "To Be Just Means Simply to Be With Christ and in Christ"
On St. Paul and the Cross. "The Risen One Is Always the One Who Has Been Crucified"
On St. Paul and the Resurrection "2 Facts Are Important: The Tomb Is Empty and Jesus Really Appeared"
On St. Paul and the Sacraments "No One Makes Himself a Christian. We Become Christians"
On St. Paul and the Second Coming "Come, Lord! Come Where You Are Not Known"
On St. Paul, Model of Love for Christ "A Priest Who Was Completely Identified With His Ministry"
On St. Peter Damian "Jesus Must Truly Be at the Center of Our Life"
On St. Stephen "He Teaches Us to Love the Cross"
On St. Stephen the Martyer "Loving the Poor Is One of the Privileged Ways to Live the Gospel"
On Statutes of Limitation and Sex-Abuse Claims. Archbishop Chaput Warns of a Movement That Threatens Church
On Sts. Monica and Augustine "Their Testimonies Can Be of Great Help for Many Families"
On Sts. Peter and Paul. "Columns and Foundation of the City of God"
On Sunday's Celebration in the Pope's Cathedral. Bishop-Official at St. John Lateran on Ancient Rite of Enthronement
On Symeon the New Theologian "The Source of Love in Him Was the Presence of Christ"
On Temptation
On Temptation. Lent a Time to "Struggle Against the Spirit of Evil"
On Tertullian "Accomplished a Great Step in the Development of the Trinitarian Dogma"
On the "Singer of Charity" "Only One Task Is Entrusted to Every Human Being"
On the 3rd Encyclical "A Better Future for Everyone Is Possible"
On the 40 Days of Lent. "God Is Love and His Love Is the Secret of Our Happiness"
On the 47th World Day of Prayer for Vocations "The First Form of Witness That Awakens Vocations Is Prayer"
On the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. "An Event of Light That Shines Forth Even Until Today"
On the 7th Day the Lord Rested, But the Synod ... Had a Short "Weekend" By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
On the Africa Synod "Be Salt and Light in the Beloved African Land"
On the Angel's Monday "We Are Messengers of His Resurrection"
On the Angelus "Allows Us to Relive the Decisive Moment When God Knocked at Mary's Heart"
On the Annunciation "Mary's 'Yes' Is the Reflection of Christ's Own 'Yes'"
On the Anointing of the Sick "The greatest comfort derives from the fact that is the Lord Jesus Himself who is present in the Sacrament"
On the Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddaeus "Our Identity Is Not to Be Toyed With"
On the Apostolic Church
On the Apostolic Visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines "It gave us consolation and hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift of God."
On the Apostolic Visitation to US Religious Institutes "The Great Work of These Sisters Goes Forward During Challenging Times"
On the Ascension of Christ "The Father always forgives because he looks at the wounds of Jesus, looks at our sin and forgives it."
On the Assumption "Mary Follows Our Steps With Gentle Trepidation"
On the Assumption "The Lord Humbles the Proud and Raises the Humble"
On the Baptism of the Lord
On the Baptism of the Lord. "Holiness Constitutes the Vocation of All the Baptized"
On the Beatitudes and Divine Justice "This Is the Task That the Lord's Disciples Are Called to Undertake"
On the Beauty of God's Plan of Salvation. "Gods Self-Revelation in Christ Corresponds to Our Deepest Human Hopes and Aspirations"
On the Birth of Christ "Like the Shepherds, We Hasten Our Steps Toward Bethlehem"
On the Blessed Trinity
On the Body of Christ "War does not begin in the field of battle. Wars begin in the heart of these misunderstandings, divisions, jealousies with this struggle with others."
On the Call of Matthew "True Religion Consists in the Love of God and Neighbor"
On the Call to Evangelize "Christian Marriage Is Also a Missionary Vocation"
On the Canonization of 5 Saints "The Virgin Mary Is the Star That Guides Every Journey of Sanctity"
On the Canonizations of Sts. John XXIII and John Paul II "We turn in prayer to the Virgin Mary, whom St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II loved like her true sons"
On the Catholicity of the Church
On the Challenges Facing Africa "It Is No Longer Time for Words and Speeches"
On the Changing Model of Parishes. Interview With Father Yves le Saux of the Emmanuel Community By Gisèle Plantec
On the Choice to Be a Disciple "Jesus does not want to delude anyone"
On the Church as a Mother
On the Church as Merciful Mother
On the Church as the Body of Christ
On the Church as the Family of God
On The Church as the Temple of the Holy Spirit
On the Church in the Czech Republic "May Mary Keep the Flame of Faith Alive in All of You"
On the Church's Institutions of Higher Learning. Interview With Rector of Regina Apostolorum
On the Church's Journey Towards Heaven "The Second Vatican Council reminded us that the Church is not an end in herself, but that she is continually journeying through history to the kingdom of heaven, of which the Church on earth is the seed and beginn
On the Close of the Papal Visit to Africa "Become Ever More Fully a Leaven of Evangelical Hope"
On the Closing of the Year of Faith
On the Coming of the Son of Man. "He is the Central Event That, in the Midst of the Troubles of the World, Remains the Firm and Stable Point"
On the Communion of Saints
On the Compendium of the Catechism. "Renewal of Catechesis and Evangelization"
On the Conclusion of the Synod of Bishops. "The Synod is Always a Moment of Vibrant Ecclesial Communion"
On the Curé d'Ars "Since His Earthly Youth He Sought to Conform Himself to God
On the Dangers of 'Parish' Sins. Pope Francis' General Audience Catechesis, August 27th
On the Death of Terri Schiavo
On the Definitive Exodus. "From the Kingdom of Evil to the Kingdom of God"
On the Desire for God. Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Find Their Rest in God
On the Desire to See Jesus. That little man, rejected by everyone and distant from Jesus, is as if lost in anonymity; but Jesus calls him, and that name 'Zacchaeus,' in the language of that time, has a beautiful meaning, full of allusions: 'Zacchaeus,' in
On the Earthly Pilgrimage "An Invitation to Spend Our Life Wisely and With Foresight"
On the Easter Triduum "Love Is Stronger Than Hate, It Has Triumphed"
On the Easter Triduum "Today, Too, Christ Overcomes Sin and Death With His Love"
On the Easter Triduum "We Will Relive the Passion, Death and Resurrection"
On the Ecclesial Nature of Faith. No one can have God as Father who does not have the Church as Mother.
On the Economic Crisis and Cultural Values "Providence Always Helps Those Who Do Good"
On the Encounter with Christ
On the End Times and God's Kingdom "Behold the Power of the Word of Christ"
On the Environment
On the Epiphany "Jesus Came to the World With Great Humility and in Secret"
On the Epiphany "Marys Faith becomes the First Fruit and the Model of the Faith of the Church"
On the Epiphany "The Power of the Holy Spirit That Moves Hearts and Minds"
On the Epiphany "The Wise Men Are the First Fruits of the Gentiles"
On the Ethics of Reporting Terrorism. Interview With Giovanni Tridente
On the Eucharist
On the Eucharist "It Is Not the Eucharistic Food That is Changed Into Us, But Rather We Who Are Mysteriously Transformed By It"
On the Eucharist "It Nourishes That Profound Joy in Believers"
On the Eucharist. The Eucharistic celebration is much more than a simple banquet
On the Expression of Faith Through Works "The Word of God Puts Two Crucial Questions to Us"
On the Faith of Mary, the Virgin Mother of Christ. "Marys Faith [] Combines Complete Trust in the Lords Promises with a Certain 'Unknowing'"
On the Faith-Reason Synthesis "A Precious Patrimony for Western Civilization"
On the Fear of God "This is the fear of God: abandonment into the goodness of our Father who loves us so"
On the Feast of All Saints "All of us are called to walk on the path of sanctity, and this path has a name, a face: the face of Jesus Christ"
On the Feast of Corpus Domini
On the Feast of Mary, Mother of God "We Can Always Hope Anew That the Future Will Be Better"
On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul "Saint Peter and Saint Paul, so different from each other on a human level, were personally chosen by the Lord Jesus and they responded to the call offering their whole lives"
On the Feast of St. Stephen
On the Feast of St. Stephen "Today let us pray in a special way for all those who are discriminated against because of their witness to Christ."
On the Feast of St. Stephen. "St. Stephen is a Model for All Those Who Want to Serve the New Evangelization"
On the Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne
On the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul
On the Feast of the Ascension "The Lord, Taking the Road to Heaven, Gives Us a Foretaste of Divine Life"
On the Feast of the Epiphany
On the Feast of the Epiphany "A Confirmation of the Perfect Harmony Between Human Seeking and Divine Truth"
On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. "None of us can buy salvation. Salvation is a free gift from the Lord!"
On the Final Judgment "At the moment of the Judgment, we will not be left alone."
On the Final Judgment "Not a Question of Honors and Appearances"
On the First Sunday of Advent
On the Forgiveness of Sins "The Holy Spirit Brings us God's Forgiveness 'Passing Through' Jesus' Wounds"
On the Forgiveness of Sins "The Holy Spirit Brings us Gods Forgiveness 'Passing Through' Jesus Wounds"
On the Forgiveness of Sins "This Solemn Declaration Highlights the Importance of Baptism and Affirms our Identity as Children of God"
On the Freedom of Christ. "A Conscious Choice Motivated by Love"
On the Freedom That Comes From God
On the Fruits of Baptism
On The Fruits of Conversion. "It Is There, in Our Conduct, That We Must Show That We Are Following His Will"
On the Fulfillment of the Law "And we, through faith in Christ, can open ourselves up to the action of the Spirit, who makes us able to live divine love."
On the Future of the Jesuits. Interview With Superior General Father Kolvenbach
On the G-8 Summit "The Proclamation of Christ Is the First and Principal Factor of Development"
On the Gift of the Spirit
On the Good News "God Reigns in the World Through His Son Made Man"
On the Good Samaritan
On the Good Samaritan. "The Logic of Christ ... Is the Logic of Charity"
On the Good Shepherd "On this Sunday let us pray for the Shepherds of the Church"
On the Gospel of LIfe
On the Heart of Christian Life "Love Renders Us Witnesses to Christ"
On the Holiness of the Church
On the Holy Family "It Is Worth It to Work for the Family and Marriage"
On the Holy Family "Living Image of the Love of God"
On the Holy Father’s Message for World Youth Day
On the Holy Land "Symbol of God's Love for His People and for the Whole of Humanity"
On the Holy Triduum "Hope Is Nourished in the Great Silence of Holy Saturday"
On the Holy Trinity "The devil always tries to make us hate because he is always sowing the discord of hate; he does not know love, God is love!"
On the Home and the Public Square. "Let Us Spiritually Enter Into the Holy House"
On the Human Person "The Pillar of the Whole Great Edifice of Peace"
On the Identity of Jesus. "The Incarnation is the Beginning of the New Creation"
On the Immaculate Conception
On the Immaculate Conception "The Reflection of the Beauty That Saves the World"
On the Incarnation "God gives us the greatest gift possible, the gift of himself "
On the Irish Referendum on Parent's Rights. Children, the Family and the State By Grégor Puppinck, Gabriel Doherty & Bénédicte Sage-Fuller
On the Journey of Faith
On the Journey of Faith "There is always a Word of God that gives us direction after we have become confused"
On the Journey to Brazil "The Church Must Mobilize All of the Moral and Spiritual Energies"
On the Joy of Announcing the Gospel
On the Joy of Easter "Christ's Resurrection Gives Us the Certainty of Our Own Resurrection"
On the Knowledge of God. "God Inspires and Accompanies our Efforts to Know Him and to Find Our Happiness in Him"
On the Lamb of God
On the Lateran Basilica. "The Temple of Stones Is a Symbol of the Living Church"
On the Legacy of Philosopher Paul Ricoeur. Interview With Carlos D?az on a Leading 20th-Century Thinker
On the Lenten Journey "A Spiritual Retreat That Lasts 40 Days"
On the Lenten Season. Man "Is Precious Dust in God's Eyes"
On the Life of St. Bede He "Contributed Effectively to the Making of a Christian Europe"
On the Light of Christ
On the Lord's Return "The 'Nearness' of God Is a Question of Love"
On the Lord's Consolation "Isaiah's message, that resonates in this second Sunday of Advent, is a balm on our wounds and an impetus to prepare the way of the Lord diligently."
On the Love for God and Neighbor "Love is the measure of faith, and faith is the soul of love"
On the Marian Day
On the Marian Devotion of St. John Vianney. "The Holy Curé d'Ars Was Attracted Above all by Mary's Beauty"
On the Meaning and Value of Our Lives. Christ "Appeals . to Our Free Decision to Accept His Love"
On the Meaning of Death. With Christ, "It Has Been Deprived of Its 'Venom'"
On the Mercy of Christ
On the Mercy of God
On the Message of Christmas "God Has Manifested His Good Will Toward Everyone"
On the Messiah "Suffering Is an Integral Part of His Mission"
On the Mission of Priests "Sowing the Joy of the Gospel in the World"
On the Mission of the Church
On the Most Holy Trinity
On the Most Holy Trinity "Lover, Beloved and Love"
On the Motherhood of the Church: Pope Francis' General Audience, Sept. 3 "The Church has the courage of a mother who knows that she must protect her own children from the dangers resulting from the presence of Satan in the world, to bring them to the enco
On the Narrow Door That Is Christ
On the Nature of Faith "Faith is a gift of God, but it is also a profoundly free and human act"
On the Need to Become Aware of ‘the Social Dimension of the Faith,’ by Cardinal Parolin
On the New Adam's Obedience "The World Improves Beginning With Ourselves"
On the New Year. "Our Lady Believed the Message Revealed to Her by the Angels Word"
On the Obligations and Rights of Priests. Address by Father Michael Hull During Theologians Videoconference
On the Opening of the Synod of Bishops for Africa "It Is the Lord, His Holy Spirit, Who Guides the Church"
On the Parable of the Sower. Pope Francis' Angelus Address for Sunday, July 13th
On the Parable of the Talents "Jesus does not ask us to preserve His Grace in a safe"
On the Parables of Mercy "The Road That Jesus Shows"
On the Pastoral Care of Gypsies "The Church Should Make Gypsies' Anxieties and Hopes Its Own"
On the Pastoral Care of Gypsies "The Church Should Make Gypsies' Anxieties and Hopes Its Own"
On the Pastoral Care of Migrants in Asia. "The Poor Are the Real Treasure of the Church"
On the Pauline Year "Invites All Christians to Be Missionaries of the Gospel"
On the Peace Christ Brought "Not the Simple Absence of Conflict"
On the People of God
On the People of God "We are not used to repeating the Beatitudes. Let us try to recall them and to imprint them, in our hearts."
On the Pillars of the Lay Mission (Part 1) Interview With Founder of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae By Carmen Elena VillaLIMA
On the Pillars of the Lay Mission (Part 2) Interview With Founder of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae By Carmen Elena Villa
On the Plight of Catholics in Pakistan
On the Plight of Christians in Nigeria. Professor Massimo Introvigne of the Observatory of Religious Liberty Speaks of Persecution By H. Sergio Mora
On the Plight of Migrant Workers. A Homily From Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor
On the Pontificate of Blessed Paul VI "To this Pontiff, the Christian people will always be grateful for the Apostolic Exhortation Marialis cultus"
On the Pope's Mission "To Make Present Among Men the Peace of God"
On the Pope's Prayer Requests. Vocations and the Holy Land Trip
On the Pope's Trip to Cameroon and Angola. "I Intend to Embrace the Whole African Continent"
On the Pope's Upcoming Trip to Poland. Interview With Bishop Ncyz
On the Power of Faith
On the Presentation of the Lord
On the Primacy of the Chair of Peter "Called to Perform a Special Service"
On the Real Spirit of Christmas. "The Crib Can Help Us"
On the Resurrection "The Central Event of Christianity"
On the Resurrection and the Eucharist "He Nourishes Us Spiritually and Infuses Us with Strength"
On the Revolution of Love. It "Changes the World Without Making Noise"
On the Role of Angels "Let Us Call Upon Them Often"
On the Rosary "It Leads Directly to Jesus, Contemplated in His Mysteries"
On the Rosary and Missions "Take the Love of God to All"
On the Sacrament of Baptism
On the Sacrament of Baptism "We Have the Gift and Task of Living As Sons of God"
On the Sacrament of Confirmation "When we receive the Holy Spirit in our heart and allow Him to act, Christ Himself makes Himself present in us and molds our life"
On the Sacrament of Holy Orders "We must help Bishops and priests to pray"
On the Sacrament of Penance "Be courageous and go to Confession!"
On the Sacred Heart as Antidote to Pride. Interview with Jesuit Cardinal Albert Vanhoye
On the Saints of August "Real Models of Spirituality and Priestly Devotion"
On the Saints, Companions on the Journey "Each One Should Have a Saint That Is Familiar to Him"
On the Samaritan Woman "God Thirsts for Our Faith and Our Love"
On the Scandal of the Christian Faith "Jesus' Teaching Seems Hard"
On the Season of Lent "Lent comes to us as a providential time to change course, to regain the capacity to react in face of the reality of evil that always challenges us"
On the Shedding of Blood "When Will Men Learn That Life Is Sacred?"
On the Solemnity of the Assumption
On the Spiritual Ladder of John Climacus. "A Great Symbol of the Life of the Baptized"
On the Splendor of God's Truth. "Through Faith We Come to True Knowledge of God and Ourselves"
On the Sunday of Joy
On the Teachings of Aphraates "Prayer Is Strong When It Is Full of God's Strength"
On the Threshold of Lent
On the Transfiguration "No One Lives 'on Tabor' While on Earth"
On the Transfiguration "The Joys Sown by God in Our Life Are Not the Destination"
On the Transfiguration "To Pray Is Not to Evade Reality"
On the Transfiguration "We are called to bring to these brothers who are enduring hardships the fruits of our experience with God, sharing the grace we have received"
On the Transfiguration. The Lord is Calling me to Scale the Mountain,
On the Trinity "We Are Called Daily to Be Open to the Action of Grace"
On the Trip to the Czech Republic "A People and a Church With Profound Historical and Religious Roots"
On the Trip to the UN and the US "I Have Had the Joy of Announcing 'Christ Our Hope'"
On the Truth of God's Love "Love and Truth are 2 Names of the Same Reality, 2 Names of God"
On The Unfolding of God's Self-Revelation. "God Continues to Draw Near to Us"
On the Unity of the Church
On the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Interview With Bioethicist Father Gonzalo Miranda
On the Use of Psychology in the Seminary "Bringing to the Priesthood Only Those Who Have Been Called"
On the Value of Vacation. "Days in Which More Time Can Be Dedicated to Prayer"
On the Verbs of the Shepherd "His gaze is not the gaze of a sociologist or of a photojournalist, because He always sees with the 'eyes of the heart.'"
On the Vine and Branches "The Secret of Spiritual Fruitfulness Is Union With God"
On the Virgin's "Fiat" The Risen Christ Is the "Source of Hope and Comfort for Daily Life"
On the Visitation. "Let us Strive Again to Make Room in our Hearts to Welcome the Christ Dhild with Love and Humility"
On the Word and Words. "The Bible Should Not be Robbed of Its Divine Element"
On the Work of the Holy Spirit
On the Works of Mercy: Full Text of Pope Francis' General Audience, Sept. 10 "Mercy overcomes every wall, every barrier and brings you to always seek the face of man."
On the World Youth Day Cross "A Journey of Conversion in Jesus' Steps"
On the Writings of St. Augustine "He Truly Lives in His Works, He Is Present With Us"
On the Year for Priests "The Priest Is a Slave of Christ"
On Theology According to Thomas and Bonaventure "Different Accents in an Essentially Shared Vision"
On This “Bambinelli Sunday,” Pope Gives Children a Special Prayer Intention
On Today's Anniversary of Mary's Appearance at Knock, Ireland "The Eucharist is central to the message of the apparition"
On Transgressions and Forgiveness. "The Sins We Commit Distance Us From God"
On True Healing "What a Treasure Is Hidden in the Little Phrase 'Thank You'"
On True Wealth
On True Wisdom "To 'Do' Works of Peace We Need to 'Be' Men of Peace"
On True Worship "The Era of the Temple and Its Worship Had Ended"
On Trust in God "Let Us Not be Afraid of the Future, Even When it Appears Bleak"
On Trusting God. "No Act of Goodness is without Value before God"
On Vaccines Made From Cells of Aborted Fetuses
On Vanishing Youth. Interview With Pontifical Academy President Mary Ann Glendon
On Vegetative Human Beings. The Dignity of Those in an Unconscious State. Adam J. Hildebrand, Ph.D.
On Victims of Religious Freedom "Persevere in the Patience and Charity of Christ"
On Viterbo, the "City of Popes" "Confirm Your Brothers"
On Vocations "God Continues to Call Adolescents, Youths and Adults"
On War
On Wars Thought Holy. Interview With Marco Meschini
On Wealth "Although a Good in Itself, Not an Absolute Good"
On Wealth and Poverty "Equal Distribution of Goods Is a Priority"
On Wealth. "The Church's History is Full of Examples of Rich People Who Used their Possessions in an Evangelical Way"
On What "Social Weeks" Should Include
On Wisdom "We have the Holy Spirit within us, in our heart; we can listen to Him or not listen to Him"
On Witnesses of Love. "The Whole History of the Church Is a History of Holiness"
On World Communications Day. Media Can "Spread Peace or Foment Violence"
On World Day of Migrants "Work in Every Part of the World for Peaceful Coexistence"
On World Day of Peace "The Virgin Truly Became Mother of God"
On World Day of the Sick "Offer Integral Care ... Human Support"
On World Down Syndrome Day: Advocacy Associations Uniting
On World Hunger: Pope Decries Indifference. Affirms Problem Is Not an Issue of Population Growth
On World Meeting of Families. "Family, Live and Transmit the Faith!"
On World Mission Sunday. "Let Us Turn to Her Who is the Queen of all the Saints"
On World Youth Day "It Was Like a Multicolored Mosaic"
On World Youth Day 2005 "Be Not Afraid!"
On Zacchaeus the Tax Collector "Love ... Is the Force That Renews the World"
On-Line Physician-Patient Care
Once Exiled, He's Named Bishop in Zimbabwe
Once-for-All Rule Urged to Stop Tax-Funded Abortion. US Bishops Note Loopholes, Despite Voter and Congress Agreement
One Act a Time, Charity Transforms the World. Carl Anderson Addresses Rimini Meeting
One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities. Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples Releases World Tourism Day Message
One Man's Visit to Hell. Interview With Author Paul Thigpen
One of the Church's Best Kept Secrets. International Catholic Migration Commission Reaching Out to Jesus in Strangers By Edward Pentin
One of the Greatest Missionary Stories. Interview With Former Superior-General of African Missions
One of Us Campaign in Poland Collects Over 113,000 Signatures. National Coordinator Speaks on Success of Pro-Life Initiative
One of Us Campaign Reaches 1.88M Signatures. Counting Will Close on Monday
One of Us Campaign Surpasses 1.2 Million Signature Goal Work Still Not Over, Says Campaign Coordinator
One of Us Campaign Surpasses 2M Signatures. Initiative Seeks Juridical Protection for Human Life in the European Union
One of Us Poland. EU Initiative to Protect the Unborn Gaining Ground
One Priest Killed, Another Critically Injured in Shooting. Diocese of Phoenix: 'Stunned and Deeply Saddened' by Tragedy
One Who Prays Is Never Alone, Affirms Pontiff. Reflects on Our Father During Angelus Address
One Year After the Fall of Mosul, Iraqi Christians Remain in Painful Limbo. Anniversary marks another wound in heart 'already pierced through and through'
Ongoing Formation for US Priests Tackles Modern Issues. North American College Continues With Revamped Sabbatical Program
Ongoing Tiananmen. Activist, Abortion Survivor on When China's 1-Child Policy Will End By Edward Pentin
Online Magazine Following Birth of 1st Ordinariate. 3 Anglican Bishops to Be Ordained Saturday
Online Registration Begins for Jubilee Year of Mercy. System Will Facilitate the Influx of Pilgrims and Increase Security
Only a Poor, Humble Church Can Radiate God's Goodness. Reflections on Evangelization Shared With Ratzinger Students
Only Christians Believe Christ Is Risen. Gospel Commentary for Easter Sunday By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Only God Is Man's True Hope, Says Pontiff Notes That Universe Is Ruled by a Person By Carrie Gress
Only One Church in China, Says Cardinal Zen. Responds to Government Statement in Wake of Illicit Ordinations
Only Saints, Please: Pope Sets High Goal for Bishops. Tells Newly Ordained That Ministry Depends on Testimony
Ontario Panel Accused of Attacking Religious Rights. Evangelical Christian Group Punished for Policy on Homosexuals
ope's Telegram to New Russian Patriarch Kirill "May the Almighty Bless Your Efforts to Maintain Communion"
Open Season on Christianity
Opening Address of US Bishops' Fall Meeting. "No Political Order Conforms Fully to the Kingdom of God"
Opening of the Cause of Beatification of Father Primo Mazzolari
Opening the Eyes of Faith. Gospel Commentary for 4th Sunday of Lent By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Openness to God's Love Can Heal Humanity, Says Pope. Comments on the Paralytic in Mark's Gospel
Opportunity Knocks for Saving Marriages. Couples Delaying Divorce During Economic Crisis By Carl Anderson
Opposing Anti-Blasphemy Laws Is Dangerous, Says Aide. Father Lombardi Reflects on Assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti
Options for the Washing of Feet
Opus Dei Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Status. Church Leaders Reflect on 1st Personal Prelature
Opus Dei Center to Host Resting Pope
Opus Dei Decries Mohammed Cartoon Published in Catholic Magazine
Opus Dei Member Who Died at 17 Recognized for Heroic Virtue
Opus Dei on John Allen's New Book
Opus Dei Opens Its Doors to Everyone. Interview With the Vicar General of the Personal Prelature By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Opus Dei Prelate Addresses Synod. Bishop Challenges Clergy to be "Masters of Holiness" By Ann Schneible
Opus Dei Prelate Ordains 35 New Priests. Encourages Them to Center Life Around Eucharist
Opus Dei Prelate Reflects on Upcoming Beatification of His Predecessor. Don Alvaro, 1st Successor of St. Josemaría, to Be Beatified Sept. 27 in Madrid
Opus Dei Prelate Says All Catholics Can Aid Conclave
Opus Dei Responds to Beatification Approval for Founder's Successor. "Bishop Alvaro del Portillo was Saint Josemarías best support, and a most faithful collaborator of John Paul II"
Opus Dei Response to Director Ron Howard "Catholics Are Victims of an Offense"
Opus Dei Welcomes 30 New Priests. Newly Ordained Come From 12 Countries
Opus Dei Welcomes 36 New Priests. Prelate Urges Them to Spend Themselves at Service of Souls
Oratorians Welcome News of Founder's Beatification
Order Donates $10.7 Million to Holy Land. Cardinal Encourages Faithful to Send Christmas Card to Pope
Order Helps Descendants of Bethlehem Shepherds. Cardinal Recommends Spiritual Visit to Nativity Scene
Order of Malta Assails Conspiracy Theories. Grandmaster Says Caregivers Victimized
Order of Malta Briefs Pope on Its Aid Work
Order of Malta Saw a Busy Year for Relief Work
Order of Malta Seeks Statute to Protect Jerusalem
Order of Nuns Using Art to Open Door to Faith. Superior of Missionaries of Divine Revelation Speaks of Evangelizing in Rome's Basilicas By Salvatore Cernuzio
Ordinariate Begins Wave of Priestly Ordinations
Ordinariate Encourages Prayer About Pope's Role. Plans Holy Hour for Feast of St. Peter's Chair
Ordinariate for Ex-Anglicans Established in US. Dedicated to Chair of St. Peter
Ordinariate in Australia Expected by Pentecost. Will Include Former Anglicans of Japan
Ordinariate Leader: We Are In a Particular Way Spiritual Children of Benedict XVI. Former Anglicans Express Gratitude
Ordinariate to Be Established Down Under by Easter. Bishops Working With Vatican to Establish Structure
Organized Crime Can't Escape God, Warns Cardinal. Delivers Talk at Shrine in Calabria
Organizers Hope Madrid Demonstration Is Just the Start. 1.5 Million Take Part in Pro-family Event
Organizing a Papal Trip. Interview With Malta Official, Charles Bonello By Serena Sartini
Origen Rediscovered. L'Osservatore Romano Reports Unpublished Homilies Found
Origen's Teachings on Prayer and Church "The Privileged Path to Knowing God Is Love"
Origin and Use of the Paschal Candle And More on the Passion
Orthodox Archbishop Grateful for Aid. Catholic Group Supported Seminary
Orthodox Bishop Decries Largest Massacre of Syrian Christians. Metropolitan of Homs and Hama also criticizes world's silent reaction
Orthodox Bishop's Oratorio to Premiere in U.S. Washington Boys Choir to Join Russian Musicians
Orthodox Delegation to Visit Pope June 29
Orthodox Delegation to Visit Rome. Will Attend Closing of Pauline Year
Orthodox Easter: Different Date, Same Meaning Says Priest-Professor Giorgio Chistyakov
Orthodox Eparchy Grateful to Catholic Charity
Orthodox Hear Benedict XVI's Plea for Unity. On Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul
Orthodox in Egypt: State Can't Force Re-marriage. Affirms Adherence to Gospel Teaching on Divorce
Orthodox Leader Calls for Alliance With Catholics
Orthodox Leader Predicts Christian Springtime. Urges Knowledge of Church Fathers
Orthodox Leader Stresses Unity in Truth.Encourages Dialogue on the Dividing Issues
Orthodox Leader: Music Might Lead People to Christ. Metropolitan Alfeyev Speaks at Catholic University
Orthodox Official: Pope and Patriarch Will Meet Because of Genocide of Christians in Mideast
Orthodox Patriarch Optimistic About Unity. Notes Progress Made by Joint Commission
Orthodox Patriarch Says Dialogue Is Progressing. Notes That Church Will Also Celebrate Pauline Year
Orthodox Patriarch to Attend Opening of Pauline Year
Orthodox Patriarch Urges Defense of Planet. Writes Message for Today's World Environment Day
Orthodox Patriarch Warmly Awaits Benedict XVI. Important for Our Country, Says Bartholomew I
Orthodox Patriarch's Welcome Address to Pope
Orthodox Patriarchs Appeal for End to Syrian Conflict. Send Message to Participants of Geneva II Peace Conference
Orthodox Patriarchs Meet in Moscow. Bartholomew I and Kirill Showing New Stage of Friendship
Orthodox Patriarchs to Meet in Moscow
Orthodox Priest in Russia Notes Healing Power of Convicts' Confessions "I'm God's witness, Not a Public Prosecutor"
Orthodox Priest Says Faith Is Not Dead in Russia
Orthodox Say Unity Must Be Priority. Respond to Document on Nature of Church
Orthodox Theologian Speaks on Modern Deserts. Interview With John Chryssavgis
Orthodox Worried Over "No Crucifixes" Ruling. Fear Decision for Italy Will Be Precedent for Greece
Orthodox, Catholics Reflect on Charity Toward Poor Sant'Egidio Community Holds Congress in Rome By Mariaelena Finessi
Orthodox, Catholics Share Parish Church. Hailed for Peacemaker Spirit
Orthodox, Catholics to Reflect on Common Ethics
Orthodox, Catholics Unite in Conserving Creation. Pope Sends Message to Symposium in Brazil
Orthodox-Catholic Commission Concludes 13th Plenary Session. At Meeting in Jordan, Unite Voices to Decry Persecution of Mideast Christians
Oscar Romero: The Courage to Speak Out At The Cost of Martyrdom. The Lasting Memory of Soon-To-Be Beatified Archbishop Was His Willingness to Offer His Life for the Good of His People
Oscar Winner Says Jesus Invented Selfless Love
Oscars for the Culture of Death
OSCE Asked to Aid World's Most Persecuted Religion. Cardinal Bertone Urges European Security Group to Help Christians
OSCE Summit Looks at Anti-Christian Discrimination. Religious Freedom Stressed for Global Security
Oscott Seminary Hosts Vocation Weekend in UK. Young People Encounter Religious, Venerate Saint's Relics
Otranto Martyrs: Witnesses of Sanctity for the Laity. Historical Perspectives on Canonization of Antonio Primaldo and Companions
Our Bodies Are Theological (Part 1) Christopher West on Striking Down a False Sacred-Secular Divide By Ann Schneible
Our Bodies Are Theological (Part 2) Christopher West on the Love That's in the Air By Ann Schneible
Our Destinies Are Linked, Reminds Pope. Emphasizes Need to Rediscover Relationships
Our Eyes Resemble Mary's: Designed to See God In Every Instance. Commentary on the Gospel of August 15, Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary
Our Lady and Dogmas: Pondering the Assumption. Church Leaders Launch Rosary Crusade. "The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." -- "Munificentissimu
Our Lady of Czestochowa: No One Is an Orphan
Our Lady of Fatima Statue To Be Present During General Audience. Tomorrow Marks the 98th Anniversary of the Virgin Mary's Apparition in Portugal
Our Lady of Fatima's Antidote to the Crisis. Caritas President Reflects on Attitudes the Virgin Teaches
Our Lady of Guadalupe - Star of the New Evangelization "There are, in particular, 3 elements of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the heart of her prophetic witness"
Our Lady of Guadalupe Attracting Record Numbers By Jaime Septién
Our Lady of Guadalupe Guides and Unites Latin America. Mexican Primate Explains Her Importance By Mercedes De La Torre
Our Lady of Guadalupe Receives Papal Visit
Our Lady of Guadalupe: 'Star of the New Evangelization'. International Congress on "Ecclesia In America" Concludes on Feast of Patroness of the Americas By Junno Arocho
Our Lady of Gypsies to Visit Lourdes Shrine. 8,000 Join Annual Pilgrimage
Our Lady of Loreto to Protect Rome's Airport. Pope Blesses Statue of Patron of Aviation
Our Lady of Mount Carmel: The Way of Contemplation
Our Lady of Ta' Pinu Receives a Rose. Pope Confers Papal Honor
Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii: On Route to Heaven, the Pope’s Prayer
Our Ladys Role in Popes Mexico, Cuba Trip. Benedict XVI Will Visit Mary in Both Countries By Paloma Rives, Special Correspondent
Our More Complete Selves. Crusading Against Unnecessary Unhappiness
Our Planet Summit: Pope Promotes Paris Event
Our Priests, Our Heroes. Theologian Comments on Compilation of Vocation Stories By Karna Swanson
Our Sunday Visitor to Distribute L'Osservatore Romano in English. Catholic Publisher Will Provide Customer Service and Marketing for Vatican Paper
Our World Needs Beauty, Pontiff Tells Artists. Says Charity Makes Life a Work of Art
Out of this World. God Is Bigger Than SCOTUS
Outcome of "Arab Spring" Uncertain, Says Patriarch. Hopes Efforts of Protestors Will Bring a Better Future
Outgoing Japan Ambassador Gets Papal Thanks
Outline Set for Brazil Conference Document
Outling the Church's Vision of Democracy. According to Secretary of Pontifical Council
Outpouring of Support, Gratitude Continues After Historic Announcement. World and Religious Leaders Recall Pontiff's Devoted Leadership, Service to Church
Outreach to Gypsies and Itinerants Urged. Bishops in England and Wales Call for Solidarity
Outsourcing Motherhood. Surrogate Births Raise Troubling Questions By Father John Flynn, LC
Oval Office Talk Touches on Iraq, Immigration. Pope and Bush Also Devote "Considerable Time" to Mideast
Over 1 Million March Against Gay Marriage in France. Majority Continue Demonstrations to Defend Marriage and the Family
Over 6.6 Million People Came to See Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2013. Almost Treble Previous Year's Figure; Vatican Museums Also Experiencing "Pope Francis Effect"
Over 60 Religious Leaders Detained in Prison Camps in Vietnam. Government Claims Christians Forming Separatist Movement
Over 90 World Delegations to Attend Canonization. Also 1,000 Bishops and Group of Interreligious Leaders
Overcoming Anti-Semitism With Music
Overdoing the Christmas Decorations And More on the Angelus
Oxfam Spokesman Calls for End of Embargo on Gaza. Martin Hartberg Says Cease-Fire Is Only First Step
Oxford Is Dreaming of a White ... Winter. City Council Moves to Delete References to Christmas