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Daily News Archives
N. Ireland Bishop Condemns Attack on Church. Bishop Treanor Says Violence Calculated to Escalate Tensions
N: Holy See Presents Three Events Promoting Rights, Dignity of Women
Nagaland: A Tribal Church. Interview With a Bishop From Most Catholic Spot in India
Nagasaki Martyrs to Draw Record Crowd. Beatification Set for Next November By Marta Lago
Napkins, Bread-Baking and the Last Supper. Paying Attention to What I Bring to Mass
Naples Cardinal Visits Alexy II. Patriarch Notes Hope for Developing Relations
Naples Event Seen as Aid in Warding Off Civilization Clash. Says Coexistence Is Only Solution for Globalized World
Naples Expecting Boost From Papal Visit. Day Trip Coincides With Interreligious Meeting
Naples Opens the Door to the Neocatechumenal Way. 300 Respond to the Call to Evangelize China By Salvatore Cernuzio
Nashville Administrator Is Named Bishop
Nashville Dominicans Opening Center in Scotland
National Bible Week Is One Way to Bring Bible Into Family as Pope Suggests. November Event Marks 50 Years Since Dei Verbum
National Migration Week and the Goal of Immigration Reform 2014
National Prayer Vigil Held at National Shrine. Pro-Life Coordinator Speaks About Youth Involvement in Defending Life Ann Schneible
Nations Will Come to Your Light. Biblical Reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany
Native American, Minister to Hawaii Lepers to Be Declared Saints. Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha and Blessed Marianne Cope
Native Laotian Ordained in Pakse
Nativity Scene at St. Peter's Unveiled
Natural Family Planning
Natural Law Not Going Out of Style, Says Commission. Theologians Affirm It's Still the Base of Ethics
Nature Has Alliance With Man, Says Holy See. Contends That "Environmental Crisis" Is a Moral Challenge
Nature, Man and God. Vatican Seminar Debates Climate Issues By Father John Flynn
Nature, Music and Reading Fill Papal Vacation. Locals Happy to Welcome Back the Pope
Navarro Valls Focuses on Ethics in Journalism
Navarro Valls Recalls John Paul II's Time With God Affirms Pope Always Said 'Yes' to Suggestions From on High By Nerea Rodríguez del Cuerpo
Navarro Valls Returns to His "Roots"
Nazareth Home a Last Hope for 'Crucified Children' Priest Working in Peru Tells of His Ministry With Abandoned, Trafficked Kids
Nazareth: Patrimony of Humanity? Muslim Stresses Mary as Model for Islam, Christianity
NBC Sacks Super Bowl Ad Celebrating Life's Potential. Says It's Not Interested in "Political Advocacy"
NBC's "Today" Show Gives Peak at Pope's Life. Benedict XVI Tells Americans: Continue in the Faith
Neapolitan Nativity Scene and Bavarian Christmas Tree to Decorate St. Peter's Square
Nearly 1/2M Have 'Adopted a Cardinal'. Web Site Facilitating Prayer for Electors
Nearly 1/2M Indians Compete in Bible Quiz. 10th Annual Competition Promoting Systematic Scripture Study
Nearly 6 Million People Came to See Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2014. Only a Few Hundred Thousand Less Than Year of Francis' Election
Nearly 65% of US Bishops Publicly Blast Health Care Rule. Blogger Compiling Running List of Statements By Kathleen Naab
Nearly Half a Million Visit Holy See Water Expo. Zaragoza Event Ends After 93 Days of Activity
Nebraska Bishops Object to "Preventative Services" Mandate. Say Measure Fails to Respect Conscience, Religious Liberty
Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis to Reopen. 2-Year Excavation Works Coming to Completion
Necropolis Seen as Proof 1st Christians Were Right. Cardinal Reflects on Lessons to Be Learned at Peter's Tomb By Marta Lago
Need for Annual Confession
Need for Ongoing Priestly Formation Underlined
Negative Birthrate Warps Society, Says Cardinal. Pays Homage to Life in Midst of Italy's Demographic Winter
Negotiations Advance Between Holy See and Israel
Neo-Catechumenal Way Evangelizing Rome in Easter Season. Kiko Argüello on Preaching Christ in '100 Squares'
Neocatechumate Clarifies Meeting With Orthodox
Neocatechumenal Families: the New Missionaries. Parents With Children Head to Pagan Territory
Neocatechumenal Way Accompanies Pope to Holy Land
Neocatechumenal Way Establishes 7 More Seminaries. Redemptoris Mater Diocesan Seminaries Number 100, Present on Every Continent
Neocatechumenal Way Founder Awarded Doctorate John Paul II Institute Honors Argüello
Neocatechumenal Way Initiator Named Consultor for Pontifical Council for the Laity. Pope Francis Confirms Kiko Argüello for 5-Year Term
Neocatechumenal Way Initiator Receives Honorary Doctorate from John Paul II Catholic University in Poland Kiko Arguello Honored for 'Contribution to the Renewal of the Church'
Neocatechumenal Way Initiators Meet with Pope Francis. Pontiff Applauds Great Mission Carried Out During the Easter Season
Neocatechumenal Way Orchestra to Perform Historic Concert in Auschwitz. Concert to Honor Millions of Victims of the Holocaust
Neocatechumenal Way Saying "Yes" to Europe. Movement Sponsors Meeting of Prelates in Holy Land
Neocatechumenal Way to Celebrate Family, Gift of Life. At Event in Spain, Children Will Thank Parents for Chance to Be Born By Salvatore Cernuzio
Neocatechumenal Way Will Not Be Suspended in Japan. Secretariat of State Sends Letter to Movement
Neocatechumenate Gets Final Approval. Statutes Receive Church Recognition
Neocatechumenate on the Holy See's Guidelines. Interview With Giuseppe Gennarini
Neocatechumenate to Coach Russian Orthodox Priests. Founders Enter Agreement With Moscow Patriarchate
Neocatechumenate to Mark 40 Years in Rome. Will Present Pope With Fruits of Work for Evangelization
Neonatologist Proves That Fetus Feel Pain. Possibly Before Late Gestation
Nepal Church Bomb Kills 2, Injures 8. Interreligious Peace Rally Set for May 31
Nepali Christians Among Those Fearing Breakdown. Nation Threatened by Crisis Amid Failure to Draft Constitution
Network Seeks to Wed Charity and Truth. International Group Responds to Pope's Call
Networking in an Online World. Advantages, Problems, and the Need for Silence By Father John Flynn, LC
Networking Website Connects Parishes. Interview With Matthew Warner, Founder of FlockNote By Traci Osuna
Neurotheology Conference to Be Held at Pontifical Athenaeum. Presentation will Delve Into Science Behind Near-Death and Mystical Experiences
New "Dictatorship" Threatens Future, Bishop Says. "Culture of Technology Must Place Duty Over Rights"
New Additions to Commission for Protecting Minors Announced. Fr. Lombardi: All Geographic Continents Represented; Almost Half Women, Half Laypeople
New Additions to Commission for Protecting Minors Announced. Fr. Lombardi: All Geographic Continents Represented; Almost Half Women, Half Laypeople
New Age Seen Penetrating Catholic Circles
New Apostles Sorely Needed, Says Pontiff. In Message for Philippines' Youth Day
New Apostolic Delegate for Jerusalem Named
New Apostolic Exarchate for Syro-Malankara Church. 1st Bishop Will Also Be Visitor to Community in Canada, Europe
New Appointment in Vatican Secretariat of State Monsignor Ettore Balestrero Named to Colombia
New Archbishop and Auxiliary for Africa
New Archbishop for Cebu, Philippines
New Archbishop for Gatineau, Quebec
New Archbishop for Grouard-McLennan
New Archbishop for Louisville
New Archbishop for Lublin, Poland
New Archbishop for Santiago, Cuba
New Archbishop Named for Algiers
New Archbishop Named for Kampala, Uganda
New Archbishop Named for Keewatin-Le Pas
New Archbishop of Liverpool Installed. Prelate Calls on Faithful to Follow Saint Joseph the Workers Example
New Archbishops for Detroit and Vancouver And Orange, California Gets New Auxiliary
New Archivist-Librarian Named for Vatican
New Archpriest of St. Peter's Named
New at Helm of the Life Academy: Where to Start? Interview With the President, Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco By Carmen Elena Villa
New Attack on Apostolic Nunciature in Venezuela. Head Synagogue Also Vandalized
New Attacks on Christians in Nigeria. Boko Haram Claims Responsibility
New Attitudes Proposed to Halt Prostitution
New Auxiliary Bishop for Rockville Centre
New Avenue Leads to Communion. Commentator Praises Benedict XVI's Fatherly Care
New Bishop Brings Rome Experience to South Dakota. And Pope Confirms Syro-Malabar Prelate for India
New Bishop for Antigonish, Canada
New Bishop for Charlottetown
New Bishop for Gaylord, Michigan. Pope Taps Member of Legislative Text Council
New Bishop Named for Crookston
New Bishop Named for Eparchy of Edmonton
New Bishop Named for Eparchy of Stamford for Ukrainians
New Bishop Named for Pembroke, Ontario
New Bishop Named for Salt Lake City
New Bishop Named for San Bernardino
New Bishop Named for Superior, Wisconsin
New Bishop of Cloyne Urges Faithful to Lift Up Their Hearts This Lent. Gives Report on 'Beginning Anew' in Diocese
New Bishops for Africa, Americas. Paris Cardinal Named to Clergy Congregation
New Bishops for Duluth, Pueblo. Providence Gets Auxiliary
New Book by Pope Francis: ‘The Name of God Is Mercy’
New Book Debunks Atheists' Claims. Interview With Author Father Thomas Williams By Karna Swanson
New Book Looks at Swiss Guard. Interview With Robert Royal on the Papal Bodyguards
New Book Points Out Pitfalls of Cohabitation. Study Shows 'The Ring Makes All The Difference' By Father John Flynn, LC
New Book Presents Fatima to Another Generation. Father Apostoli Discusses the Significance of Mary's Apparitions By Traci Osuna
New Book Shares More of Mary in New Testament
New Book Skewers Moral Relativism. Interview With Author Father Thomas Williams
New Canberra Archbishop Named
New Cardinal Says Prayer Day Showed a Hopeful Church. Florence Archbishop Reflects on Bishops' Mission By Luca Marcolivio
New Cardinals Expected to Be Named Soon
New Cardinals Get a Ring and a Request
New Cardinals Get Curial Assignments
New Cardinals to Reflect Universality, Says Aide. Father Lombardi Analyzes Pope's Choices
New Center Caters to European Pilgrimages. Information Facility Opens at St. Peter's Square
New Chair: Non-conventional Spiritualities
New Chaldean Patriarch Sako Takes Possession of the See of Baghdad. Urges Fellow Iraqis Not to Flee the Country
New Chinese Bishop Approved by Church and State. Ordained by Prelates in Communion With Rome
New Chinese Bishop Hopeful for Church
New Chinese Bishop Said to Have Papal OK He Studied in U.S., Reports AsiaNews
New Coalition Aims to Help Detainees
New Commander for Swiss Guard
New Coptic Patriarch Elected
New Criminal Laws Introduced in Vatican City State Pope Francis Issues Motu Proprio on Updates to Laws in Line with International Conventions
New Davenport Bishop Named
New Dean Says Study of Theology Is for All
New Diocese Created in India And Appointments Made for Philippines, South Korea, Costa Rica
New Diocese Created in Mexico. Will Serve Some 820,000 Catholics
New Diocese Established in India
New Diocese Established in India
New Diocese for Malawi
New Diocese for Zambia And Bishops for Bangladesh and Poland
New Diocese in India Is 100% Dalit
New Director for Sistine Chapel Choir. Salesian Father Palombella Will Lead Music for Papal Liturgies
New Documentary ‘Pope Francis: In His Own Words’ Debuts in Vatican
New Ecclesial Entities United in Christ
New Ecclesiastical Aide Named for Caritas
New Energy for Mideast With Beatification of Native. Jerusalem-Born Nun Founded Local Congregation
New Evangelization Council Convenes Prelates
New Evangelization Council Gearing up for Synod. Dicastery to Present Initiatives to the Pope
New Evangelization Council Plans "Metropolis Mission" Called an Initial Response to the Pope's Request
New Evangelization Council Plans "Metropolis Mission" Called an Initial Response to the Pope's Request
New Evangelization Dicastery Seeks to Define Terms. What Is It and Who's It For, Archbishop Fisichella Asks
New Evangelization in Asia Conference to Be Held in the Philippines. Cardinal Tagle Calls Event "Culminating Event of the Year of Faith" in Manila
New Evangelization in Asia Conference to Be Held in the Philippines. Cardinal Tagle Calls Event "Culminating Event of the Year of Faith" in Manila
New Evangelization Must Unite Entire American Continent
New Evangelization Needs Canon Law, Says Cardinal Burke. Vatican Official Addresses Kenya Law Society
New Evangelization to Have a Model Saint. Lady Juliet Was Forerunner in Accepting Charism of Catechesis By Carmen Elena Villa
New Evangelization: Priorities for the Next Pope. Following Predecessors' Footsteps
New Evangelization? Yes, at Home
New Evidence Says Pius XII Helped Jews. Foundation to Publish 2,300 Pages of Documents
New Exhibition Displays "The Path of Peter". Year of Faith Initiative Set to Open Tomorrow
New Film: ‘Pope Francis – A Man of His Word’
New Form of Rite to Be Used in Pallium Celebration. Holy See Announces Changes to Ensure Focus on the Eucharistic Celebration
New Forms of Slavery. More Attention Turns to Sexual Trafficking Victims By Father John Flynn, LC
New Generations of Catholics Formed in Youth Day. Interview With Father Eric Jacquinet By Anita S. Bourdin
New Head for Consecrated Life Congregation. Members, Consulters Named for Health Care Council
New Head for Consecrated Life Congregation. Members, Consulters Named for Health Care Council
New Head for Los Angeles Archdiocese. Appointments Approved for Syriac Catholic Church
New Holy Land Spirituality Center Inaugurated. Leading Church Figures Present at Launch of Magdala Center's Construction
New human cloning results obtained in Korea
New Indian Diocese Established; Bishop Named
New Jersey Youth Confirmed by Pope Say It Was Like Winning 'Catholic Lottery'. Young Confirmands Express Hopes to Share Life-Changing Experience
New Jesuit Superior Renews Obedience to Pope. Pontiff Calls Practice a "Good Custom"
New Jesuit Superior Seen as "Optimal Choice". Postulator General Says Election Gives Hope for Future By Antonio Gaspari
New Jesuit Superior to Focus on Service. Says Mission of Society Is Imitating Lamb of God By Marta Lago
New John Paul II Film Coming to DVD. Premiered in United States, Soon in Poland, Rome
New Kazakhstan Cathedral Pays Tribute to Victims of Communism. Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Karaganda on Beauty, Art and Silent Evangelization By Paul De Maeyer
New L'Osservatore Editor Outlines Priorities. Benedict XVI Praises Vian's Preparation for Post
New Lahore Archbishop Asks Prayers That He Will Have Courage. Says Pakistanis Must Learn to Respect Each Other, 'Whether We are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Hindus'
New Leader for Aid to the Church in Need
New Leader Named to Oversee Vatican Finances And Rockville Centre Prelate Moved to Manchester
New Leader of Brazil's Bishops Takes Post. Reiterates Obedience to Pope
New Member Named to Bishops' Congregation. Archbishop Abril y Castelló Was John Paul II
New Members Appointed to Financial Information Authority. Nominations to Help Fortify Against Money Laundering, Financial Terrorism
New Members Named for Doctrinal Congregation
New Members Named to Theological Commission
New Missal Translation at the Printers in UK. Bishops of England and Wales Confirm Advent Start Date
New Mobile App Released for World Meeting of Families. IBM Develops Application to Help Pilgrims Navigate Philadelphia
New Novenas. Author Explains How to Delve Deeper Into the Church's Life
New Nuncio and Bishop for Ireland
New Nuncio Appointed for Canada
New Nuncio for Switzerland And Appointments Within the Curia
New Nuncio for Switzerland. And Appointments Within the Curia
New Nuncio for Ukraine. Sees in Asia, Africa Filled
New Nuncio in Russia Ready for Dialogue With Orthodox. Outgoing Archbishop Honored by Medvedev
New Nuncios for Chile, Belarus
New Nuncios in Japan, Cuba. And Other Appointments, Including in South Africa
New Online School of Counseling Rooted in Christian Anthropology
New Order Begins With Vocation Explosion. Iesu Communio Established in Spain
New Orleans Cathedral to Be on National TV
New Orleans Native to Lead Archdiocese
New Orleans Prelate Moved to Mississippi
New Orleans Prelate: No Surprises in Sex Abuse Study. Urges Bishops to Be "Overly Cautious" in Future Cases
New Patriarch for Iraq Hailed as 'Man of Courage'. Archbishop Sako Now Known as Raphael I
New Pontifical Council to Combat Spiritual Decay in the West. "Holy Father Calls for the Faithful to Support This New Work" By William Edmund Fahey
New Pontifical-Household Theologian Appointed. Dominican Priest Wojciech Giertych Replaces Cardinal Cottier
New Pope's 1st Outing Among People Outside Vatican
New Portuguese Blessed Put Kids First. Mother Rita Beloved of Jesus (1848-1913)
New Prague Bishop Endured Communist Prison
New Prelate for Colombian Capital Sets Priorities. Archbishop of Bogota to Focus on Life, Family, Peace
New President Elected for Indian Bishops. Prelates Choose 81-Year-Old Syro-Malabar Cardinal
New President for Culture Council
New President for Latin American Bishops. Brazilian Prelate to Lead Council Until 2011
New President for Migrants Council
New President Named for Aquinas Academy
New President Named to John Paul II Institute
New Priestly Vocations a Result of Collaborative Effort. US Bishops Launch Vocational Promotion Web Site
New Priests to Include Grandfathers
New Primate for Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Archbishop Schevchuk, 40, Succeeds Cardinal Husar
New Pro-Life Law in Oklahoma
New Report Finds Room For Growth in Church's Online Presence Nearly Half of Catholics Unaware of Church Media on the Web
New Research Supports Authenticity of Holy Shroud of Turin. Scientists Believe Image Caused by Radiation from Earthquake in 33 AD
New Resource for Pro-Lifers
New Resting Place Prepared for John Paul II. Tomb to Be Moved to St. Peter's Basilica After Beatification
New Resting Place Prepared for John Paul II. Tomb to Be Moved to St. Peter's Basilica After Beatification
New Roman Missal Nears Pre-Order Date in US
New Roman Missal on Schedule, Says Bishop. Reports Wide Acceptance of Text by the Faithful
New Rome Notes Columnist
New Saint Popes: Legacy for the Church in America. Archbishop Lori Weighs in on Canonization of Saints John XXIII, John Paul II
New Scranton Bishop Notes Diocesan Struggles. Former Child Protection Delegate Named to Ogdensburg
New Secretary for Congregation for Bishops. Italian Serving as Nuncio in Brazil Named to Post
New Secretary Named for Family Council Benedict XVI Names Bishop of Cheyenne
New Stage Begins After Pope's Visit to Spain. Thank Yous From Bishops of Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela
New Strategies Sought to Aid Holy Land Christians. Holy Sepulcher Order Holds Investiture in Taiwan
New Sunday Deal: Sacraments and Shopping
New Taize Superior Meets With Benedict XVI
New Terrorist Threats Against Christians in Jerusalem. Leaflet's Text Threatens Expulsion of Christians From City by End of Ramadan
New Tool Diagnoses Aspergers Syndrome in Adults. International Expert Presents Findings in Italy
New Translation of Divine Office for Africa
New Translation Well Received in Parishes, Bishop Tells Pope
New U.N. Council on Rights Seen as Positive Step
New U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Presents Credentials to Pope Francis. Kenneth F. Hackett Excited and Honored For New Post
New UK Ambassador to Holy See
New US Ambassador Arrives in Rome. Expresses Hope to Deepen Ties With Vatican
New Vatican Astronomer Appointed
New Vatican Document Looks at Religion and Violence. Rejects Notion that Christian Monotheism Causes Violence
New Vatican Document on Lay Brothers Planned. Cardinal Rodé Announces Coming Publications
New Vatican Web Site Expected
New Venezuelan Episcopate Leader Tells of Priorities
New Volume Presented of Ratzinger's Complete Works. Pontifical Council for Culture Prepares Plenary Assembly
New Warsaw Archbishop Named
New Ways to Proclaim the Good News. Interview With Father Thomas Rosica By Karna Swanson
New Web Site for Roman Pilgrims
New York and Detroit Face Parish Closings. Fewer Priests and Shifting Populations Cited
New York Archbishop Gives Cardinals a 7-Point Evangelization Plan. Cardinal-designate Dolan Addresses Pre-Consistory Prayer Day
New York Bishops on Same-Sex "Marriage" "We Stand Unified in Our Strong Opposition"
New York Bishops Reach Out to Those Suffering Mental Illness. Pastoral Letter, 'For I Am Lonely and Afflicted,' Issued With Recommendations
New York Bishops Urge Caution in Vote on Casinos. Remind Citizens That Gambling Is 'Morally Neutral' But Has Risks
New York Bishops: Marriage Can't Change
New York Busy With "National Pastime" Archbishop Dolan Laments Anti-Catholicism on His Blog
New York Priest to Head Charleston Diocese
New York Readies for Papal U.N. Visit
New Zealand Bishops Frown on Cricket Tour in Zimbabwe
New Zealand Bishops on iPad: Stick to the Book
New Zealand Bishops on the Environment
New Zealand Trying to Deport Iranian Convert
Newly Appointed St. Louis Prelate Embraces Mission. Syracuse Diocese Welcomes New York Native
Newly Beatified Nun Put Christ First
Newly Beatified: a Soul Fastened to Humility, Simplicity. Historian Tells of 19th Century Nun Celebrated Today in Italy By Carmen Elena Villa
Newly Created Haitian Cardinal Committed to Evangelization. Cardinal Chibly Langlois Speaks on Pastoral Vision for Church in Haiti
Newlyweds: “Learn to Pray Together”
Newman and Benedict XVI: A Common Approach. Interview with Archbishop Nichols of Westminster By Andrea Kirk Assaf
Newman Legacy Project to Preserve Manuscripts. Society Leads Pilgrimage to Beatification Ceremony
Newman Society Lauds Renewal of Higher Education. Marks 10 Years of Ex Corde Ecclesiae in the US
Newman Society: Catholic Colleges Are Lost. Says Schools Need Direction, Guidelines
Newman's "Idea" for Catholic Higher Education (Part 1). Fostering Love for Learning, Promoting the Liberal Arts By Father Juan R. Vélez
Newman's "Idea" for Catholic Higher Education (Part 2). A Place for Faith and Reason, Moral and Intellectual Leadership By Father Juan R. Vélez
Newman: Doctor of Post-Conciliar Church? Scholar Affirms Cardinal's Understanding of Catholic History
News Blackout Follows Beating of Nuns in China
News Service to Resume Aug. 16
News Service to Resume Aug. 18
News.va to Open French, Portuguese Editions
Newsletter Follows Cause of John Paul II
Newspaper Article Included In Liturgy of the Hours. Text of Blessed Lolo Added for Nov. 4
Newspaper Laments Africa's "Catastrophe"
Newspaper Warns of Embryonic-Research Plan
Newspaper: Sapienza Protesters Needed to Fact-Check. L'Osservatore Says Letter Was "Copy-Pasted" From Wikipedia
Newspapers Still in Style for Catholics
NGOs Urge New North Korean Leader to Begin New Era. Call for End to Human Rights Abuses
Nicaragua Bishop Receives Death Threat. After Murder of a Priest, Assault of Others
Nicaragua: A Church in the Swamp (Part 2) Interview With Auxiliary Bishop David Zywiec of Bluefields
Nicaragua: A Church in the Swamps (Part 1) Interview With Auxiliary Bishop David Zywiec of Bluefields
Nicaraguan Bishop Warns of Possible Dictatorship
Nicaraguan Bishops Launch Rosary Crusade. Church Calls National Year of the Word and Prayer
Nicaraguan Bishops Question Elections After Ortega Win. Call Citizens to Hope and Peace
Nicaraguan Cardinal Makes Plea for the Poor
Nicaraguan to Lead Panel With Papal OK
Nicodemus' Search for the "Soul of Theology". Biblical Reflection for 4th Sunday of Lent By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Niger's Bishops Reaffirm Friendship With Muslims. Following Protest Aftermath, Prelates Say That Church Will Rebuild
Niger's Food Crisis Spirals Downward
Niger: Poor and Forgotten. Interview With Missionary Father Josep Frigola
Niger: ‘They Set Fire to Our Churches, But Our Hearts Are Still Ablaze With Love for Them’. Bishop of Maradi Says 'Living Communities Have Emerged' After Riots Following Paris Attack
Nigeria Bishops Note Hopes as Nation Marks Jubilee. Call a Day of Prayer and Fasting This Friday
Nigeria Center Helps Derail Prostitution
Nigeria's Oil: Boon or Doom?
Nigeria's Top Prelate on Boko Haram: 'They Want to Hurt the Heart of Nigeria'. Archbishop of Jos Hopes Girls' Kidnapping Will Move International Community to Stop Terrorist Group
Nigeria: Boko Haram's Bloodshed Continues. As Violence Escalates, Displaced Living in Squalid Conditions
Nigeria: Catholics Remain Steadfast in Face of Violence
Nigeria: Church to Help Usher in New Era
Nigeria: Claretian Missionary Priest Killed in Road Ambush. Some Speculate Fr. Dennis Osuagwu Was Murdered for Being 'No Nonsense,' Speaking the Truth
Nigerian Archbishop Calls Bomb Victims to Witness to the Gospel. Asks Faithful to 'Give Peace a Chance'; Says There Is No Muslim-Christian War in Nigeria
Nigerian Archbishop Calls for Investigation into Boko Haram. Archbishop Kaigama Suspects Terrorist Group is Receiving Outside Support for Violent Attacks
Nigerian Archbishop Criticizes Government's Failure Over Terrorist Attacks. Criticism Follows Attack on Catholic Cathedral By Suicide Bomber
Nigerian Archbishop Denounces Attacks Made in God's Name. Visits DC Symposium on Religious Freedom Around the Globe By Junno Arocho
Nigerian Archbishop Denounces Boko Haram's Use of Children as Human Bombs. Appeals for National Unity Against Terror Following Massacre in Baga, 2,000 Feared Dead
Nigerian Archbishop Expresses Concerns Over Escalating Attacks By Boko Haram. Says Terrorist Organization Comprised of Fanatics Targeting Both Muslims and Christians
Nigerian Bishop Lays Ground Rules for Muslim-Christian Dialogue. Says Terrorism Must Be Countered With Understanding, Education, Knowledge
Nigerian Bishop: 'If Nigeria Falls to Islamic Extremists, All of Africa Will Be at Risk' Message to the West: We Have More Pressing Problems Than Same-Sex 'Marriage' and Abortion Access
Nigerian Bishop: Spread of Islamic Extremism Would Cause Unimaginable Humanitarian Disaster. Bishop Hyacinth Egbebo Warns of Increasing Violence Against Christians in Nigeria
Nigerian Bishops Call for Better Government Response to Radicals. Say Administration Has Had Enough Time to Make a Strategy for Dealing With Islamist Fundamentalists
Nigerian Bishops Condemn Violence on Christians. Open Letter Calls on Government to Diffuse Tension in the Region
Nigerian Bishops Decry Corruption on All Levels. Call for Conversion as National Solution
Nigerian Bishops Issue Appeal to End Violence. Affirm Need for Openness, Dialogue Among Religions
Nigerian Bishops Promote Democracy. Urge Citizens to Resist Election Fraud
Nigerian Bishops See Riots as "Failure of Government". Violence Followed Publication of Mohammed Drawings
Nigerian Bishops Urge Christians to Keep Peace. Plead With Government to Stop the Violence
Nigerian Bishops Witness Zeal in Evangelization and Outreach. Express Concern Over Current Political Reality in Country
Nigerian Cardinal Wary of Claims Over Kidnapping of Christian Women. Says He is Unaware Boko Haram Has Forcibly Converted Them to Islam
Nigerian Nuns: Children Are Jewels. Religious Live Spiritual and Practical Motherhood
Nigerian Prelate Calls for Dialogue in Fight Against Violence. Leaders Need to Address Complex Issues at Heart of Terrorism
Nigerian Prelate Decries Boko Haram Attacks. Terrorist Group Kills People 'Like Animals'
Nigerian Prelate Fears Boko Haram Will Take Over North Before Elections. Bishop Dashe Doeme Calls For Foreign Intervention in Maiduguri
Nigerian Prelate Stresses Power of Prayer. Church Prepares Eucharistic, Pastoral Congresses
Nigerian Prelate: This Conflict Is Not a Christian-Muslim War. Archbishop Kaigama Speaks on Violence in African Nation
Nigerian Priest Appointed Head of Protocol
Nigerian Priest: Another Victim of Violence. Protests Exploiting Religion, Says L'Osservatore Romano
Nigerians Risk Lives to Go to Sunday Mass as Their City Is Being Bombed. People Say They Would Rather Die in Church Than Anywhere Else
Nineveh: Preserving Pluralism and Diversity
No 'Pork Mandate,' Bishop Lori Tells Congress. Pleas to Senate for Protection
No Authority Without Truth, Says Pontiff. Affirms That Faith and Reason Must Agree
No Crimes Reported During Interregnum
No Digital Sacraments. Social Communications Council President Reflects on Promise, Challenge of New Environment
No Family Can Allow Hatred to Take Root. Cardinal Pell's Address to Interreligious Panel
No Incidents of Violence during Coptic Christmas Celebrations. Spokesman Notes Atmosphere of Stability Compared to Previous Years
No Matter What, He Always "Acts Like a Priest" University President Speaks on Divine Providence By Father David M. O'Connell, CM
No Missing Link. Taking Responsibility for a Great Gift
No More Fatima Secrets, Says Cardinal. Book Quotes Sister Lucia
No More War! Says Pope Francis During Audience. Reflects on the Murder of Jesuit Priest in Syria
No One Exempt From Missionary Vocation, Says Pope. Says Every Church Activity Should Have Mission Perspective
No One Likes Taxes, Says Benedict XVI
No Opposition Between Man and Planet, Says Holy See. Affirms Human Beings Are Stewards of Environment
No Peace for Christians This Easter
No Peace Where There's Hunger, Says Benedict XVI. Assails Big Spending on Armaments
No Reason for Fear, Says Benedict XVI. Reflects on Christ as Conqueror
No Reason to Fear the "S" Word (Single). Conference Founder Tells of Ministry to Unmarried By Anna Maria Basquez
No Relief in Sight in Somalia. In the 3rd Millennium, How Can People Still Be Dying of Hunger? By Paul De Maeyer
No Religion Teaches Revenge, Says Prelate
No Renewal Without Peter, Says Benedict XVI. Reflects on St. Francis' Love for the Church
No Source of Hope Other Than Divine Mercy"
No Time to Wait in Accepting Death, Says Bishop. Affirms That Even Youth Should Make Peace With Life By Marta Lago
No Vatican "Culture of Secrecy," Says Spokesman. Explains 2 Directions in Church Communication
No. 2 Post Filled at Academy for Life
Nobel Candidate Honors John XXIII. Wallenberg Foundation Founder Notes Pope's Help for Jews
Nobel Laureates Named to Science Academy
Nobel Nominee Killed in Haiti. Zilda Arns, an Expert in Reducing Infant Mortality
Nobel Nominee to Be Beatified Sunday. Sister Dulce Called the Most Admired Woman in Brazil's History By Carmen Elena Villa
Nobel Prize Winner Participates at Vatican Conference. Development Biologist Says He Hopes to Bring Stem Cell Research to Public
Nocturnal Adoration Societies Promotes Eucharistic Activities
Non-European to Lead Vincent de Paul Society. Cardinal Cordes Will Address Assembly
Non-liturgical Music in Cathedrals
Non-negotiables Should be Voting Criteria, Says Prelate. Italian Cardinal Warns Against Bad Political Choices By Antonio Gaspari
Nordic Bishops: Norway Attacks "Senseless" Decry Bombing and Shooting That Killed 76
Norms Aim to Keep Pressure off Cardinals
Norms Aim to Keep Pressure off Cardinals
North Africa Events Surprised Church, Says Bishop. Urges In-Depth Solutions
North African Bishops Analyze Events in Tunisia. Visit Monastery Featured in "Of Gods and Men"
North African Bishops: War Solves Nothing. Lament Effect on Christian-Muslim Relations
North American Bishops Participate in Brazil. Interview With Bishop of Las Cruces, New Mexico
North American College and Gregorian Vie for Clericus Cup. Seminarians Speak About Soccer, Competing, Vocation By Ann Schneible
North American Orthodox-Catholic Statement on Christian Suffering in Mideast "When one part of the body suffers, all suffer"
North Dakota Extends "40 Days for Life" Effort.Participants Decide to Keep Going With Campaign
North Korea Lets Catholics Aid Tuberculosis Patients
North Korea's Food Crisis Worsening
North Korean Hunger Expected to Worsen. Agricultural Production Declines
Northern Ireland Church Leaders Urge Prayer
Northern Laos Plans 1st Ordination in 40 Years
Norwegian Bishop Resigned Over Abuse Charges
Nostra Aetate Initiated New Era, Says Foundation. Marks 41st Anniversary of Interreligious Document
Not All Believed in World Youth Day. Interview With Author of "The John Paul II Generation"
Not All Humanisms Are Equal, Says Pope. Encourages Slovenia to Maintain Christian Foundation
Not Just a Material World. Poverty Falls, Many Problems Remain By Father John Flynn
Not Just for Movements; Filling the Latin Gap. Conference Urges Faithful to Evangelize on Their Own By Edward Pentin
Not on the Syllabus: Helping Students Face Unplanned Pregnancy. Author Tells Story, Gives Advice for Young Mothers Worried About Future
Not Ready to Give Up on Down Syndrome. People With Trisomy 21 Are Charming Even a Society Eager to Abort Them By Elizabeth Lev
Not Since Francis of Assisi Has Someone Had Such an Echo Outside the Church
Not Sure How to Seek God? Hand Him Your Resistance, Says Pope
Note by the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum" On Relief Efforts in Syria
Note on Vatican's 2006 Financial Statement
Note on Vietnamese Leader's Visit to Vatican "Marks a New and Important Step"
Nothing Escapes Seewald's Curiosity. New Book-Interview With Benedict XVI Released Today
Nothing Novel Seen in New Pius XII Documents. L'Osservatore Romano Gives Context of Two Texts From 40s
Nothing Special About Papal Quarters in Fatima
Nothing Wiser Than Love, Says Pope. Explains Why Paul Put Cross at Center of Preaching
Notification on Works of Father Jon Sobrino. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Noting the Solemnity of Sacred Heart. "Attracts Souls Thirsting for God's Mercy"
Notion of Limbo Isn't Closed, Expert Says. Adds It's a Theological Opinion That Can Be Defended
Notre Dame Alumni Report Feeling Disenfranchised. Concerned Students Are Not Learning Catechesis By Genevieve Pollock
Notre Dame Denied $8.2 Million In Donor Protest. Alumni Coalition Calls For New University President
Notre Dame Honor for Obama Seen as Mistake. Poll Reveals Majority Disagrees With University
Notre Dame Ministry Head to Lead Holy Cross Fathers
Notre Dame Student Groups Lead Graduation Protest. Campus Divided Over Catholic Character Question
Notre Dame Students Organize Prayer Rally Protest. Holy Cross Superior Makes Pro-Life Appeal to Obama By Genevieve Pollock
Notre Dame to Name New Laetare Recipient. "Disappointed" That Glendon Declined Award
Notre Dame's Eucharistic Instinct. Father Kevin Russeau's Homily at Prayerful Protest
Notre Dame's Watershed Moment. University Continues to Struggle With Catholic Identity By Genevieve Pollock
Notre Dame, Obama and the Catholic Brand. How Honoring the President Could Weaken the Catholic Voice By Helen M. Alvaré
Nov. 7 Papal Homily to Swiss Bishops "God Does Not Fail"
Novena for Peace in Central African Republic: Day 1 "The stream of people seeking shelter continued to grow in the afternoon, doubling in size, with their number tripling by nightfall"
Novena for Peace in Central African Republic: Day 2 "These men without scruples! They have no respect, not even for the sacred"
Novena for Peace in Central African Republic: Day 3 "... she's got seven small kids and nothing left"
Novena for Peace in Central African Republic: Days 4, 5, 6. "Seeing how they have no respect for the living or the dead, it makes one wonder if human life has any value in their eyes"
Novena to the Divine Mercy. 9-Day Devotion Begins Today
Now, a High-Tech Rosary
Nowadays, We Need Things That Are Constructive, Pope Says
NTERVIEW: Anne-Marie Pelletier, Who Pope Entrusted to Write Meditations for Via Crucis at Colosseum, Speaks on ‘The Victory of Love’
NTERVIEW: Inside Stories About John Paul II, Also Told by His Successor Pope Benedict XVI
Nuclear arms give a false sense of security: archbishop Gallagher Statement at the UN
Number of Cardinal Electors Drops to 118
Number of Catholics and Priests Rises
Number of Catholics Increases Worldwide. 2010 "Annuario" Shows Growth in Asia and Africa
Number of Catholics on the Rise. Vatican Releases Statistical Yearbook
Number of Diocesan Priests Going Up. Newest Edition of Statistical Yearbook Released By Patricia Navas
Number of Elector Cardinals Falls to 113
Number of Priestly Ordinations in US to Increase This Year. Seminarians Frequently Having to Solve Problem of Student Debt
Number of Priests on Rise in Latin America. Region Faces Challenges Regarding Vocations
Number of Priests on the Rise. '08 Pontifical Yearbook Presented to Pope
Number of Priests Worldwide Continues Steady Increase. While Women Religious Fewer in Number
Numbers of Iraqi Christian Emigrants on the Rise. Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Calling Christians to Remain
Numbers of Religious Decreasing
Nun Dies Saving AIDS Patients From Fire
Nun Links Cure to John Paul II's Intercession
Nun Recognized for Education Work in India. Government to Confer Civilian Award on Her
Nun Seen as a Compass Leading to the Needy. Cardinal Amato Represents Pope at Beatification of Spanish Founder
Nun to Write Good Friday's Way of the Cross. Augustinian Religious Will Provide Reflections for Colosseum Event
Nun to Write Good Friday's Way of the Cross. Augustinian Religious Will Provide Reflections for Colosseum Event
Nun's Cure Being Studied in John Paul II's Cause. Postulator Says Diocesan Phase of Process Still Ongoing
Nunciature in Damascus Comes Under Attack. No injuries reported
Nuncio Appointed for Italy
Nuncio Assigned for Canada. Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi Leaves Post in Lithuania
Nuncio Brings Promise to Philippines. Offers Hope for Peace in Conflict-Plagued Mindanao
Nuncio Decries "Endless" String of Deaths in Iraq. Urges More International Pressure
Nuncio Fears Destabilization of Balkans. Says It Could Become Another Middle East
Nuncio Highlights Challenge for Youth Day. Says Event Must Be Integrated into Life of Church
Nuncio in Egypt: Nation's Future in Hands of the People. Says Governments Should Act for "Common Good"
Nuncio in England Speaks to Bishops of Francis' Profile for Prelates "Though we are not living in easy times for the Church, we dont get discouraged"
Nuncio in Georgia: Aid Still Blocked From Ossetia. Says Entire Villages Inaccessible
Nuncio in Iraq: The Situation Is Insecure. Interview With Archbishop Fernando Filoni
Nuncio in Libya Seeks Aid for Fleeing Eritreans. Affirms Church Is at the Service of Those on Both Sides of Conflict
Nuncio in Paraguay Visits Suspended Prelate
Nuncio in Syria Warns That People Are Starving. Aid Is at the Gates, But Impeded by Lack of Security
Nuncio Leaving Japan for Hungary. Bishop for Aberdeen, Scotland; Envoy for Caribbean Jubilee
Nuncio Named for Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea Cardinal Lajolo Appointed to Apostolic Signatura
Nuncio Named for Cuba. Appointed Amid Changes in Country
Nuncio Named for Democratic Republic of the Congo
Nuncio Named for Iran
Nuncio Named for Jordan, Iraq
Nuncio Named for Malta and Libya
Nuncio Named for Mongolia
Nuncio Named for Slovenia. Vatican Clarifies Relations With Kosovo
Nuncio Named for Sri Lanka
Nuncio Named for Tanzania And Members Appointed to Culture Council, Administration
Nuncio Named for Thailand and Cambodia
Nuncio Named to Spain
Nuncio Named to Yemen, United Arab Emirates
Nuncio Notes 3 Dimensions of Pope's Cyprus Trip. Underlines Importance of Christian Presence By Michaela Koller
Nuncio Notes Church's Role in War on Drugs
Nuncio Ordains 34 Legionaries to Diaconate. 25 Years After Approval of Congregation's Constitutions
Nuncio Pleads for Peace in Sri Lanka
Nuncio Presents Program for Pope's Israel Trip. Key Events Include 3 Public Masses
Nuncio Reports Pope's Concern for Mexico. Stresses Importance of Catholic Education
Nuncio Retracts Protest Over Pius XII Caption. Yad Vashem Agrees to Reconsider Text
Nuncio to Iraq and Jordan Is Named
Nuncio to Ireland Appointed to Czech Republic
Nuncio to South Sudan Proposes a Path to Peace. Archbishop Daniel Balvo Says Civil Society Must Contribute to Conflict Resolution
Nuncio to US Hospitalized, in Critical Condition
Nuncio's Address to US Bishops Gathered for Fall Assembly. Archbishop Viganò: 'The Holy Father wants bishops in tune with their people'
Nuncio: Pontiff Wants to Visit Portugal Soon. Church and Nation Negotiating Concordat Laws
Nuncio: Pope is Praying for Peace in South Sudan. Archbishop Balvo Takes Up His Role as First Papal Representative to the New Country
Nuncio: Pope to Bring Hope Down Under. Looks Forward to World Youth Day By Catherine Smibert
Nuncio: US Catholics Have New Concept of Pope. Reports Faithful Returning to Mass After April Visit
Nuncios in Lebanon, Israel Voice Hopes
Nuncios in Rome to Talk Gender Theory, Islam, the Church Today
Nuncios Named for Australia and Zimbabwe
Nuns Captured in Syria Appear in New Video. Reportedly in Good Health in Film Obtained by Al-Jazeera
Nuns Captured in Syria Appear in New Video. Reportedly in Good Health in Film Obtained by Al-Jazeera
Nuns Devoted to God as Father to Have Saint-Founder. Blessed Cándida María de Jesús Will Be Canonized Sunday By Carmen Elena Villa
Nuns Follow Up No. 1 Hit With New Release "Angels and Saints at Ephesus" Debuts Today
Nuns Help Prostitutes Heal, Give Them Hope. Draw Strength From Charism of Eucharistic Adoration By Mirko Testa
Nuns in Netherlands Rejoiced With New Pope. Poor Clares Prayed for Election of Cardinal Ratzinger
Nuns Invited to Help Poor by Drinking Tea
Nuns Make Billboard Chart History. Contemplatives at No. 1 for 13 Weeks
Nuns Mark 12th Anniversary of Mother Teresa's Death
Nuns Seek to Put Soul in Communications
Nuns Work for Children in Kabul. A Response to a Papal Plea
Nuns, the Church and Society. British Ambassador to Holy See Reflects on Sisters' Stereotypes, Reality
Nuns, Vatican Delegates Report 'Open and Cordial' Meeting. Leadership Conference of Women Religious to Continue Conversation With Bishops
Nurse Remembers John Paul II's Last Day. Says He Took on the Cross of Everyone Who Suffers By Mariaelena Finessi
Nurse Suspended for Offering to Pray for Patient
Nursing Home Founder to Be Canonized And Priest and Woman Religious From India