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Daily News Archives
I Am Here as a Pilgrim of Charity, Pope Tells Cubans. Visits Statue of Beloved Patroness Before Heading to Havana
I Am Sending You a Saint. A Reflection on St. André of Montreal By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
I Asked My Superiors Whether I Can Go to Syria. Argentinian Nun Headed to Aleppo
I Don't Think Benedict XVI's 'Program' Is to Combat Relativism
I Have Heard the Devil's Confession Winning Story of the Competition "Priestly Anecdotes"
I Heard John Paul II Say to Me, 'Get Up and Don't Be Afraid'. Floribet Mora Tells of Her Healing
I Like Being a Pastor in the Midst of the Sheep, Says Cardinal Brenes. New Cardinal of Managua, Nicaragua, Shares Personal Memories of Franics, Benedict
I Need to Stay at Your House. Biblical Reflection for 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time C Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
I Started School 77 Years Ago, Pope Tells Children. Encourages Friendship; Reminds Them Jesus Is Greatest Friend
I Was Dead and Forgiveness Has Resurrected Me. Book Chronicles Path of Reconciliation For Convicted Murderer, Pietro Maso
I was hungry and you gave me food. Lebanese Nun Tells of Her Daily Life Trying to Help Refugees
I'm Out, Scottish Cardinal Tells Amnesty. Says Decision Is Matter of Conscience
Icon of Mary Travels Down Under for 2009. Entrusted to Young People by John Paul II
Icon, Once Kept by John Paul II, Returns to Kazan. Image of the Mother of God Taken to Its Original Diocese
Iconic American Magazine Features Pope Francis on Front Cover 'Rolling Stone' Sees Pontiff as Fighting to Bring Church into New Era
Ideas for Better Sermons Emerge at Synod. Guidelines and Year of the Homily Proposed
Idente Missionaries Mark 50 Years. Institute Born in Spain Now in 25 Nations
Ideology Seen as Only Explanation for US Insurance Proposal. Cardinal Blasts "New Threat to Conscience"
If Anyone Will Not Work, Let Him Not Eat. Gospel Commentary for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
If Mass Is Boring. Interview With Prelate of Opus Dei By Jesús Colina
If They Taught Us Anything, It Was to Dare to Hope. Not Everyone in Rome Awaited the Canonizations
If You Had Faith (and Indeed You Do) Biblical Reflection for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Ignatius Press to Publish Vol. 2 of Pope's Book
Ignoring the Splendor of God. Seeking Truth in Science and Religion
III International Congress for Lay Augustinians Held in Rome. Reflect on Being the Body of Christ for the World Today By Junno Arocho
Ilia II’s Address at Pope Francis’ Visit to Patriarchal Cathedral
Ill Bishop Disappears in China
Illegal Arms Trade Leads to Suffering, Says Holy See. Expresses Support for UN Conference on Weapons Regulations
Illicit Ordination Didn't Derail Dialogue, Says Holy See. Talks With China Continue, Assures Cardinal Bertone
Illicit Ordination Postponed in China
Illinois Bishop Named to Omaha Archdiocese
Illinois Bishops Welcome Delay in Marriage Legislation. Call Catholics to Advocate for What Is Right
Illinois Native Named to Bismarck, North Dakota
Illiterate But Wise, a Healer of Body and Soul. Church to Beatify Italian Teresa Manganiello By Carmen Elena Villa
Illness Has a Silver Lining, Says Pontiff. Proposes Spiritually Bringing the Sick to Jesus By Kathleen Naab
Image of Our Lady of Aparecida to Be in Vatican Gardens
Image of Our Lady of Miracles Placed in St. Peter’s
Imagining a New Future in the Holy Land. A Reflection on the Pope's Pilgrimage of Peace By Father David Neuhaus, SJ
Imitating the Saints: Where Do I Start?
Immaculate Conception: The Pope at Sant’Andrea delle Fratte Basilica
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Mercy Association
Immigrant Victims in Libya Point to Precarious Security. Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli Notes Hopes for Better Future
Immigrants' Suffering Inspired My Priestly Vocation. Interview With San Antonio's Father Gonzalo Meza
Immigration Bill "a Good Start," Says Episcopate
Immigration Bill Hailed as "Critical First Step"
Immigration Calls for Countries to Work Jointly, Says Pontiff. Benedict XVI Greets Morocco's New Ambassador
Immigration Issue a Key Test, Says U.S. Prelate. Touches on Public Policy and Migration at Annual Red Mass
Immigration Schizophrenia. Interview With Archbishop Chaput of Denver
Immigration Seen an Opportunity for Church in US. Hispanic Tradition Paints a Positive Future By Jesús Colina
Immigration: Making Catholicity Tangible. Vatican Aide Notes How Migration Helps Ecclesiology
Impediments to Ordination
Importance of Devotion to the Sacred Heart. Interview With Director of the Apostleship of Prayer in Italy
Importance of Spiritual Communion Learned in Madrid. Father Lombardi Reflects on 2011 World Youth Day
Imposing "Tolerance" Christians Obliged to Approve Homosexuality By Father John Flynn, LC
Imprisonment a Mission of Faith for Priest. Spent 12 Years in Vietnamese Jail
Improved Seeds for Africa, Blessing or Curse? Biologists Underline Moral Duty to Allow Engineered Crops By Piero Morandini and Ingo Potrykus
In 1st Address in Holy Land, Pope Thanks Jordan for Welcoming Refugees. Says Solution to Syria Crisis Is Urgent and Reiterates Plea for Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
In 3 Decades, 1,000 Missionaries Slain
In Address to Catechists, Pope Points Out 1st Lesson of Faith
In Africa's 'Warm Heart' Bishop Tells of Church in Malawi Growing, Needing Priests
In Africa, Will New Seeds Bring a Better Life? Genetically Modified Food a Key Issue for Continent By Robert Moynihan
In Agony Until the End of the World. Gospel Commentary for Palm Sunday By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM CapROME
In Aleppo, Syria, the Church Is Literally Rebuilding Lives. Archbishop's "Build to Stay" program gives hope to elderly man as he cares for his wife with Alzheimer's
In Aleppo, the Dead Await Final Resting Place
In Bethlehem Then and Now, ‘Jesus Is the Door to Peace’
In Bethlehem, Rosaries Are an Economic Lifeline
In Brazil, Signs of Reconversions
In Burundi’s Crisis, the Church Stands With the People. As President Attempts 3rd Term, Social Unrest Intensifies
In Chile, Pope Asks Forgiveness for ‘Irreparable Damage’ Done to Children, Calls for Every Effort Be Made to Protect & Prevent Abuses
In China, "Catholics Are Winning". Interview With Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun
In Closing World Meeting of Families, Pope Gives Simple Tips for Showing Love. Says Holiness and Happiness Are in the Little Things
In Conflict, Look to Rome, Pope Recommends Considers Example of 12th Century Monk
In Defense of Marriage. Bishop Tartaglia's Homily at Red Mass
In Dialogue With Laudato Si': International Experts Explore If Free Markets Can Help 'Our Common Home'
In Egypt, Nuns’ Work of Mercy Rebuilds Troubled Lives. Girls Rejected by Families Find Help and New Start
In Egypt, Religious Freedom or Shariah? Catholics Struggle With Conflicts in Law
In Far-flung Brazilian Diocese, Boats Are a Must
In God’s Plan, It’s Not Earth vs Humanity
In His Last Days, John Paul II Helped the Pro-life Cause
In Honor of Grandparents and the Elderly "Human frailty, which becomes more visible in old age, demonstrates that we all need one another and that we are mutually enriched"
In Honor of St. John Paul II. The Church "is convinced that she is rendering a service which mankind cannot do without"
In Honor of St. Joseph: An Excerpt From John Paul II's 1989 Redemptoris Custos. On the Person and Mission of St. Joseph in the Life of Christ and the Church
In India, Government Assurances and Persecution of Christians Go Hand-in-Hand. Priest Recalls Violent Treatment By Police During Demonstration
In Jesus of Nazareth, Isaiah's Light Dawned on Humanity. Biblical Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
In Jesus, the Future Has Already Begun! Biblical Reflection for Solemnity of the Ascension C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
In Jesus, the Medium Is Indeed the Message. Biblical Reflection for Christmas Day Mass, Year A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
In Judging Us, God Loves Us, Says Francis. Concludes Via Crucis Saying That Salvation Is Embracing God's Love, Condemnation Is Refusing It
In Last Public Homily, Pope Speaks of Unity, Mercy. Draws Varied Lessons From Mass Readings
In Lebanon, a Major Catholic Village Walks Its Way of the Cross. At Border With Syria, Town of Kaa Has History of Terror, Discrimination
In Lebanon, Migrants Face Uncertainty. Caritas Helping Them Exit the Country
In Lenten Message, Pope Tells Young People God Gives Joy More Than World Ever Can
In Mary, Humanity and Divinity Are at Home. Biblical Reflection for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
In Morning Homily, Pope Praises Courageous Women of the Church
In Morning Homily, Pope Suggests One Beatitude in Particular Can Lead Us Close to Jesus
In Morocco, Pope Warns Religious to Not Be Discouraged by Being Few, But as ‘Lamps’ to Not Lose Their ‘Light’
In Nazareth, Handicapped Kids Are Right at Home. Interview With Father Marco Riva, of Don Guanella's Work
In New Book, Benedict XVI Explains His Preparation for Meeting With Christ
In New Papal Interview, Pope Gives Priests 3 Words of Advice
In New Papal Interview: SSPX, Migrants, Sex Abuse, Family Synods
In Nigeria, Deadly Violence Hits Faithful at Mass
In Nigeria, Disabled Man Forced to Watch as Militants Kill Guards. Staff, Students From Minor Seminary Manage to Flee
In No Way Does Amoris Laetitia Authorize ‘Unrestricted Access to the Sacraments’
In Northern Iraq, Churches' Resources Strained by Refugees. While Parishes Close in Baghdad, Faithful in Erbil Worship in Tents
In Pakistan, God Shines a Light Into Catholic Girl’s Fearful Existence
In Peru, a Missionary Church Bears Fruit. Faithful Have Dire Need of Formation, Spiritual Support
In Praise of Cloistered Religious "Silently Witness That God Is the Only Support That Never Falters"
In Praise of Narrowness. The Graces That Flow From Taking the Narrow Path
In Reversal, Laos Blocks Ordination
In Russia, Waiting for Springtime of Faith
In Search of the Real Mary Magdalene
In Shadow of War, Syrian Christians are Trying to Rebuild Their Lives. Youth Paving the Way To Bring Back Joy in the Midst of Suffering
In South Africa, the Reasons for Defending Marriage
In South Korea, Pope Makes Special Mention of Iraq. At Today's Mass, Adds General Intercession for Cardinal Filoni
In Spain, Mom and Dad Are "Progenitor A and B"
In St. Paul's Footsteps. Interview With Stephen Ray
In Syria, a Pastor Comes Home to Comfort His Flock. After US Visit to Plea for Help, Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart Returns to Find Destruction of Latest Attacks
In Syria, Christians Are Caught in ‘Demonic Conflict’ Killing of children described as tactic to take away hope
In Syria, Christmas Joy in the Face of Suffering "I know that the Lord can bring consolation, comfort and especially joy to those who trust in Him in their distress!"
In Syria, Food Is ‘Most Deadly Weapon of War’
In the Central African Republic, a Broken Society Awaits Healing. Recovering From a Barbarism That Is the 'Work of the Devil'
In the End, Judgment Belongs to God. Biblical Reflection for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
In the Footsteps of 4 Popes. Interview With Spanish Journalist Awarded Bravo! Prize By Carmen Elena Villa
In the Footsteps of St. Paul. Bishop Conley's Pilgrimage Teaches About Evangelizing Culture and Suffering for the Faith
In the Fray of Economy Debate. Social Doctrine Professor Welcomes Main Message in Vatican Document By Edward Pentin
In the Music Industry: Summer of Sisters. Another Group of Nuns Releases Chart-Topping Album
In the Passion, Three Prayers to the Father
In the Wake of Cultural Revolution. Interview With Author Marguerite Peeters By Jesús Colina
In the Year of Mercy, Catholics in Middle East ‘Will Pray for Daesh’ From Morocco to Iraq, Faithful Tell of Hopes for Jubilee
In Turkey, Catholic Presence Is Viewed With Unease
In Uruguay, Laity Are Becoming Fishers of Men
In US, Pope Showed His Old Self. Insights From Father Fessio, a Former Student By Carrie Gress
In Wake of Brussels Attacks, Pope Launches Appeal Against Terrorism
In Wake of Paris Terror Attacks, Catholic Missionary Reaches Out to 'Muslim Friends' Says Even If Our Understanding of God Is Different, We Are to Have Common Mission of Dialogue, Peace
In Year of Consecrated Life, Clogher Bishop Encourages Rediscovery of Charism
Inaugural Mass Full of New Symbolic Gestures
Incensing the Host, Altars, Etc. And More on Enthronement of Gospel
Incorrect Date on Pius XII Document Explains Silence. Pope Couldn't Be Indifferent to Raid as It Hadn't Happened Yet By Jesús Colina
Incorrupt Heart of St. John Vianney to Visit Great Britain. Relic of French Saint Seen as Aid in Praying for Renewal of Priesthood
Incorrupt Heart Stolen in Argentina
Independent Christian Youth
India and Pakistan: Lands of Martyrs
India And the New Evangelization. Interview with Cardinal Baselios Cleemis of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church By Włodzimierz Rędzioch
India Bishop Cancels Christmas Celebrations. Oncoming Elections Bring Security Concerns
India Bishops Praise "Heroism" of Orissa Christians. Assembly Focuses on Word of God
India Has "Little Catechism on the Eucharist"
India Missionaries Serving in 166 Countries. 'Mission Territory' Sending Faithful to Evangelize the Globe
India Prelates Say They're Proud of Their Flocks. Laud Strength of Faith in Midst of Persecution
India Seen as Proof of Need for Dialogue. Aide Says Interreligious Meetings Are Key
India to Follow U.S. With Catechism for Adults
India to Have 1st Female Saint As Christians of Her Country Face Persecution
India Urged to Protect Church Personnel
India's Anti-Christian December Offensive. Christmas Period Marred by Violence By Father John Flynn, LC
India's Bishops Decry Workers Left Behind
India's Bishops Make Appeal on Pope's Behalf. Call Recent Attacks "Irresponsible and Offensive"
India's Bishops Praise U.S. Proposal on Castes. Resolution Decries Plight of Untouchables
India's Bishops Remember John Paul II's '86 Visit. Launch Book on Pontiff's Social Teaching
India's Outcasts Doubly Alienated if Christian
India: Cardinal Gracias Urges Mediation with Pakistan
India: Cardinal Turkson to Lead Delegation for 27th World Day of the Sick
India: Christians and Muslims Urge Justice for Outcasts
India: Christians Pray Against Evil and Violence
India: the Laity Must Be Uplifted. Bishop From Bihar State Speaks on the Priority of Education
Indian Anti-conversion Law Made Tougher
Indian Archdiocese Sets Up a "Forum Against Violence"
Indian Bishop and Priests Pelted at Ceremony. Hindu Fundamentalists Are Suspected
Indian Bishop Appalled at Scope of Selective Abortions
Indian Bishops Decry Lack of Safety for Christians. Urge Government to Follow Constitution
Indian Bishops Decry Violence Against Nuns. Say Rape of an Old, Sick Nun Is a 'Crime of Which India Should Be Ashamed'
Indian Bishops Gather in Assembly. Cardinal: Though Few in Number, Faithful Can Build Better Future for Nation
Indian Bishops Give Election Guidelines. Urge Voters to Choose Candidates With Concern for Poor
Indian Bishops Recall Orissa Attacks 1 Year Ago. Cardinal Still Concerned About Religious Minorities
Indian Bishops Targeting Child Labor
Indian Cardinal Seeks Justice After Hindu Attacks. Churches, Convents and Seminaries Damaged Over Christmas
Indian Cardinal to Head Missionary Body
Indian Catholics Aim for Universal Education in '09
Indian Catholics Express Solidarity With 'Untouchables' Mark Dalit Liberation Sunday
Indian Catholics Up, Despite Anti-Conversion Law
Indian Christians Afraid Again After New Slaying
Indian Christians Attacked in Prayer Meetings Church Counts 170 Assaults in Recent Years
Indian Christians Ready to Keep Laying Down Lives. Day of Fasting and Prayer Brings Wide Response
Indian Christians Welcome Court Decision on '08 Violence
Indian Court Suppresses Part of Anti-conversion Law. High Court Protects Freedom of Conscience
Indian Marchers Protest Visa Policy
Indian Nuns Tap Cows for Elderly Care. Aid Agency Supports Church Projects Worldwide
Indian Prelate Advocates Religious Freedom. Says People Can't Be Forced into Catholicism
Indian Prelate Condemns Twin Blasts. Tells Local Parishes to Be on High Alert
Indian Prelate Eager to Serve as Cardinal. A Known Promoter of Interreligious Dialogue
Indian Priest Beaten; Christians Afraid This Christmas. Bishop Urges Faithful to Withstand "Acts of Terror"
Indian Priest Dies After Beating
Indian State Pressured to Fire Christians
Indian Victims Deprived of Justice in Orissa
Indiana Museum to Exhibit "Sacred Spain" By Patricia Navas
Indians Eager for Visit From US Rights Group. Prelates Hoping for Justice for Persecuted Christians
Indians Remember Their Martyrs
Indians Trained to Campaign in Defense of Food
Indifference Is Sin Against Poor, Preacher Says
Indonesia Executes 3 Catholics Over Muslim Deaths
Indonesia to Ease Rules for Church Construction
Indonesia: Christian Churches Under Attack. UN Official Condemns Rising Religious Fanaticism
Indonesia: During Mass, Priest Wounded by ISIS Suicide Bomber
Indonesia: Pope Pledges Contribution to Relief Efforts
Indonesian Bishop Among Those Affected by Quake. Caritas Responds to Earthquake and Tsunami
Indonesian Cardinal Appeals for Life of 3 Catholics. President Might Be Last Hope
Indonesian Case Headed to International Court
Indonesian Christians Concerned Over Attacks. 30 Churches Targeted in Past Year
Indonesian President Says Islamic State Extremists Humiliate, Embarrass Muslims. Declares West's Perception of Islam and Islam's View of the West Must Change
Indulgence Granted During Celestine V Year. Commemorates Pope Who Resigned
Indulgence Linked to Day of Prayer for China
Indulgence Offered for World Day of Sick
Indulgences Offered for Year of Consecrated Life. Celebrations Begin This Sunday, 1st Sunday of Advent
Indulgences on Sold Items. And More on Anointing of the Sick
Inexplicable Cure Opens Way for Sister Sweetness' Beatification. Postulator of the Cause of Argentine Nun Tells Her Story By H. Sergio Mora
Infant Baptism in Lent
Infants Baptized by Pope Receive Double Blessing. Parents of Newborn Reflect on the Vatican Tradition By Carmen Elena Villa
Influence of Relativism on Church and the Eucharist
Influx of Muslim Refugees Worries Lebanese Prelate, Stirs Bitter Memories. Sunnis From Syria Change Religious Demographic
Info Network Embraces Continental Mission
Info-Ethics for a Connected World. Benedict XVI on Media Responsibility
Information Network Bringing Technology to Poor. Latin American Students Benefit From Program
Íngrid Betancourt to Visit Pope
Initial Meetings Held for Ireland's Visitation. Participants Hopeful for Healing, Renewal of Church
Initiative Brings 'Hope & Joy' to the Faithful of South Africa. Network Sets Out to Spread the Teachings of Vatican II
Initiative Brings Awareness of Human Trafficking to Olympic Visitors. GIFT Box Project Hopes to Educate on Plight of the Exploited
Initiative to Build Peace in Great Lakes Region Praised by Catholic and Anglican Leaders. Cardinal Nichols Notes Importance of Learning How Memories and Hearts Have Been Healed
Injured Priest Tells of Hindu-Extremist Attack. Assailants Attempted to Burn Him Alive
Innocent Deaths Continue in Damascus
Inquiry Into Prostitution. Legalization Not the Answer By Father John Flynn, LC
Insecurity Forces Caritas Relocation in Sudan
INSERM Study : link between abortion and very premature births
Insights Into Pope Francis. Books Provide Insights Into Pontiff's Background
Inspiring Vocations; the Power ... Live. De la Salle Reaches Out to Internet Generation
Institute for Religious Works Launches Website. IOR President Wishes to Ensure Institute is Transparent, Efficient and Completely Compliant
Institute for World Evangelization
Institute Fosters Christian-Muslim Relations. Interview With PISAI Professor Father Michel Saghbiny By Andrea Kirk Assaf
Institute of Religious Works Director and Deputy Director Resign. IOR President Ernst von Freyburg To Serve as interim General Director
Institute Offers Summer Course on Islam
Institute Offers Webinars for Married Couples Online Series Taps John Paul II's Wisdom on Self-Giving By Genevieve Pollock
Institute Pleas for Kidnapped Priest's Release
Institute Supports Catholic Politicians in the Trenches. Promotes Human Dignity, Christian Voice in Public Square By Edward Pentin
Instruction on Authority and Obedience "A Journey in Search of God"
Instructions to Those Attending Papal Events in Jordan. Papal Visit Spokesman Gives Details on Mass and Baptism Site
Instrumentum Laboris for Synod on Young People, Full Text in English, Available
Instrumentum Laboris – African Synod The Church in Africa in service to reconciliation, justice and peace
Integral Formation: A Resource for Students in the 21st Century. Newly Appointed Rector Fr. Luca Gallizia Speaks on His Mission at European University of Rome
Integral Human Development: Education and Beauty Against Corruption
Integral Learning Key for Europe, Says Archbishop
Intense Gunfire Reported in Bangui. 10,000 People Reported to Have Fled Capital of Central African Republic
Intense Period of Prayer Precedes Conclave
Inter-Korean Summit: Pope Appeals for ‘Concrete Journey of Reconciliation’& ‘Transparent Dialogue’
Inter-Orthodox Unity Vital for Ecumenism, Says Cardinal
Inter-religious Dialogue: Secretary General of the World Islamic League in the Vatican
Intercessors of the Lamb Founder Resigns
Interconfessional Panel Is Reactivated. Christian Leaders Meet in Moscow
Intercultural Aspects of Social Communication. Interview With Father Luca Pandolfi By José Antonio Varela Vidal
Interdisciplinary Seminar Considers Sacred Art. Director Says Beauty Can Bring Truth and Goodness Back By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Interest in Saints Grows, Says Spokesman. Father Lombardi Reflects on Canonizations
Interfaith Collaboration Urged in AIDS Fight. Caritas Adviser Addresses Conference
Interfaith Harmony Week Underway in Southern Philippines. Bishop: Regardless of How Long It Takes, What Matters Is to Take First Steps
Interfaith Leaders Pray for Plane Tragedy Victims. Benedict XVI Sends Condolences
Intergenerational Solidarity Said to Deserves Full EU Support. Summit of Faith Leaders and EU Institutions Aims to Overcome Demographic Crisis
Interior Prayer: Founded on Loving Much. Interview With Author Father Jacques Philippe By Carrie Gress
International Alliance of Catholic Knights. Working for Social Causes
International Association of Charities. Founded by St. Vincent de Paul
International Association of Faith and Light
International Association of Missionaries of Political Charity. Promotes Christian Presence in Politics
International Catholic Conference of Guiding. Activities Involve 2 Million Guides
International Catholic Conference of Scouting. Roots Go Back to 1920 World Jamboree
International Children's Holy Hour Set for Friday. Cardinal Wuerl to Lead Global Event on St. Francis' Feast
International Conference on Mission, Church And Theology to Be Held In Rome. Event Will Be Hosted by Pontifical Gregorian University
International Conference on Reconciliation in Europe to Be Held in Warsaw. Event Will Study Problem of Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation Efforts
International Congress on 'Ecclesia in America' To Be Held at Vatican. Congress Will Focus on Cooperation of Churches in US, Canada, and Latin America
International Congress Studies Apostolic Exhortations for Africa. Pontifical Lateran University Hosts Seminar on Ecclesia in Africa and Africae Munus By Ann Schneible
International Council of Catholic Men
International Eucharistic Congress Brings the World to Dublin. Thousands Join to Celebrate, Honor the Eucharist By Junno Arocho
International Experts Examine Religious and Economic Freedoms. Acton Rome Conference Looks at How Promoting Economic Freedom Can Foster Religious Liberty
International Experts Study the Reforming Pope Pius X. Vatican Study Day Looks at Long Lasting Reforms Enacted by Pontiff Elected in 1903
International Group of Bishops Protest Israeli Plan for Security Wall. As Court Readies to Hear Case, Planned Route Includes 58 Christian Homesteads Near Bethlehem
International Group of Bishops to Visit Gaza This Month. Holy Land Coordination Visit Will Focus on Supporting Gaza's Christian Communities
International Group of Exorcists Gains Vatican Approval. Association Founded by Rome Exorcist Father Gabriel Amorth
International Religious Freedom in Review. Fifteenth Annual Report by U.S. Commission
International Religious Freedom. State Department Publishes Annual Survey By Father John Flynn, LC
International Symposium on Mary Commences in Rome. Experts Explore Cultural, Historical, Theological Significance of the Blessed Mother By Ann Schneible
International Theological Commission Renovates Web Page. Document Consultation Made Easier
International Women’s Day Celebrated at Vatican
Internet Can Be 'Sacred Space' for Faithful Worldwide. Irish Website Allows Users to Recharge Spiritual Batteries, Pray Together
Internet to Track Eucharistic Congress
Interreligious Council Holds Colloquium in Jordan. Underlines Importance of Educating Youth in Dialogue
Interreligious Dialogue a Central Theme of Albanian Prime Minister's Visit With Pope. And Progress of Albania Toward Full Integration in European Union
Interreligious Dialogue Aids Religious Liberty, Says Pope
Interreligious Dialogue in Algeria. The Experience of Missionary Father Silvano Zoccarato By Father Piero Gheddo
Interreligious Dialogue Is Working, Says Scholar. Affirms It Needs to Continue in Daily Relationships
Interreligious Dialogue Seen as Risk and Grace And It's Definitely a Necessity, Says Cardinal Tauran
Interreligious Dialogue, With a Woman's Touch. Nun's Biography Offers Look at Christian-Muslim Relations
Interreligious Dialogue: Neither Relativism nor Syncretism. Interview With Theologian Carmen Aparicio
Interreligious Groups Promoting Sri Lankan Peace. Nuncio Says They Bring Light to Darkness
Interreligious Korean Group to Promote Life and Family
Interreligious Leaders Decry Coptic Church Attack. Orthodox Bishop Welcomes Papal Message
Interreligious Leaders Support Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. Send Letter to US Secretary of State and Congressional Leaders
Interreligious Leaders Urge Bush Toward Peace
Interreligious Meeting Planned in Assisi
Interreligious Summit Asks Politicians to Defend National Unity Against Sectarian Drift in Lebanon
Interritual Concelebrations
Interview With Armenian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on Pope’s Visit
Interview With Author of Book on Marcel Van By Marine Soreau
Interview With Benedict XVI (Part 1) "The Quest for 'Something Bigger' Wells Up Again" in the West
Interview With Benedict XVI (Part 2) In Europe, "It's Important That We Don't Give Up"
Interview With Postulator: Most People Can Still Learn a Lot About Mother Teresa
INTERVIEW- Celibacy: a Blessing, Not a Burden
INTERVIEW: American Priest Gives ‘Beatitude Challenge’ to Catholics
INTERVIEW: Archbishop Roche: Anglican Vespers in St. Peter’s Is Another Step of ‘Walking Together’
INTERVIEW: ‘One Should Fear Ecumenism Only If It’s Not Grounded in His Own Belief’
Interview: ‘The Change We Must Make Is for Young People Be Subjects of the Life of the Church,’ Says Mexican Cardinal Carlos Aguiar
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Cupich: ‘Pope Francis Is Saying We Are With You’
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Nichols: We Will Not Be Deflected From Our Fight Against Human Trafficking
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Piacenza: ‘Confession and Communion at Easter Assume Exorcistic Value’
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Ravasi: ‘Finally a Feminine Voice in the Roman Curia”
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Sako: The West Must Not Remain Indifferent
INTERVIEW: Cardinal Schönborn on ‘Amoris Laetitia’: Pope Francis Knows What He Is Talking About
INTERVIEW: Celebration at Home of Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin to Rejoice at Canonization. The 21st Century Could Be the Century of the Martin Spouses
INTERVIEW: Could Christmas Be a Time for Nudging Conversions? Author of 'Practical Guide' Gives Advice for Evangelizing Our Family During the Holidays
INTERVIEW: Egypt: The Joy of Preparations to Welcome Pope Francis
INTERVIEW: How Catholic Priests Helped Build ‒ and Can Help Rebuild ‒ Western Civilization
INTERVIEW: Humans Become God? Yes, It’s Catholic Theology
INTERVIEW: In Pakistan, Church Is Pursuing Path of Love—Even in Face of Violence. Dominican Leader of Lahore’s Peace Center Considers Future of Dialogue for Minorities
INTERVIEW: In Syria, We Need the Help of the Worldâ??s Christians
INTERVIEW: Israelis and Palestinians: ‘The Holy See Can Play a Unique Role for Reconciliation’
INTERVIEW: Make Friends With Other Religions: Pope Francis Gives Witness
INTERVIEW: Mother Teresa, Daughter of the Council, Was Able to Combine Church’s Tradition With Active Life
INTERVIEW: New Book Addresses the Search for God’s Presence
INTERVIEW: Oscar Romero: from Meek Man Who Some Thought Wouldn’t Want to Make Waves, Became ‘Lion’ & Champion of Human Rights
INTERVIEW: Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life
INTERVIEW: Sex Education that Educates Truly
INTERVIEW: While World Focuses on Possible Korea Visit, Here’s ZENIT’s Inside Look at Roots of Church in Japan That Awaits Pope Francis in 2019
INTERVIEW: WYD Panama 2019 The Pope Said to Us: â??Donâ??t Worry, Peter Will Goâ??
INTERVIEW: ‘I Want to Give a Voice to Those With None’
INTERVIEW: ‘I Will Speak to Pope Francis About Jesus’ Humanity,’ Says Friar to Lead Francis’ Spiritual Exercises
Interview: “If There Is Faith, to Study the Universe With Science Is An Act of Prayer,” Says Guy Consolmagno
INTERVIEW: “It’s Impossible Not To See Christ Among The Poorest And Not Feel His Presence,” Says Spanish Missionary
Intolerable Secularists. Interview With Author of "The New Fundamentalists"
Intolerance Against Christians Rising in Europe, Says Report. Arts and Media Have Become "New Playground of Intolerance"
INTROD, Italy, JULY 13, 2009 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI said today that he is planning "a bit of work" during his vacation in the Italian Alps, but mostly and above all, a time of rest.
Introduction to New Book of Interviews on Blessed John Paul II "[In this Book] you will discover many unpublished stories and anecdotes; you will have the possibility to know the great heart with which Karol Wojtyla loved God and humanity."
Introduction to Synod of Bishops for the Mideast. Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Explains Background By Gabriela Maria Mihlig
Investigating Shakespeare's Hidden Catholicism. Clare Asquith on the Bard's Faith and Coded Works
Investigation on Medjugorje Complete, Findings to be Sent to Vatican. After CDF Examination, Pope Will Take Final Decision
Investigation on Medjugorje Complete, Findings to be Sent to Vatican. After CDF Examination, Pope Will Take Final Decision
Investing Innovation. Entrepreneur Tells How He Is Bringing Success to Africa By Edward Pentin
Investing, Profiting and Growing Business in Africa. Former Swiss Guard Offers Catholics a Way to Live Faith in Finances By Edward Pentin
Invitation to a Dialogue: Voting on "Gay Marriage". Professor Jane Adolphe Shares Her Comments of New York Times Article
Invite to Beijing Seen as Encouraging. Spokesman Notes Chinese Catholics' Love for Pope
Invocation Vocations Ministry Welcomes New Executive Director. UK Initiative Offers Support for Priests, Men Discerning Priesthood
Involve Christ in Everything, Says Pope. Urges Northeastern Italy to Protect Its Roots
IOR Appoints New General Director. Rolando Marranci Has Experience in Number of Executive Roles in Finance
IOR Board Gives Vote of No Confidence to President. Board Seeks to Regain Effective Relations With the Financial Community
IOR President Dispels Myths on Vatican Institute. Ernst von Freyberg Speaks on Challenges in Restoring Reputation of the Institute for Religious Works
IOR Publishes First Annual Budget Report. Transparency Is Key Element of Report, Says Cardinal Bertone
Iowa Prelate on Vatican II, Evangelizing and What to Do Now "We Must Stop Speaking of the 'Pre-Vatican II' and 'Post-Vatican II' Church"
iPhone Confession App Receives Imprimatur. Developers Use Technology to Promote Sacramental Life By Genevieve Pollock
iPhone Users Offered Stations of the Cross. Lenten Devotion Can Be Prayed Anytime, Anywhere By Genevieve Pollock
Iran Accord Deemed 'Greatly Preferable to Military Action' US Bishops Welcome Interim Agreement
Iranian Ambassador to the Holy See Hopes For Peace Through Dialogue (Part 1). In An Exclusive Interview with ZENIT, Mohammad Taher Rabbani, Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican, Talks about Inter-Religious Dialogue and Irans Agreement in Geneva on Its Nuclea
Iranian Ambassador to the Holy See Hopes For Peace Through Dialogue (Part 2). In An Exclusive Interview with ZENIT, Mohammad Taher Rabbani, Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican, Talks about Inter-Religious Dialogue and Irans Agreement in Geneva on Its Nuclea
Iranian Christians Arrested For Praying in a House. Raids Carried Out By Police During Christmas Season
Iranian President Pleased by Benedict XVI's Election
Iraq Archbishop Unharmed in Attack on His Residence. Two Dead After Shots Fired
Iraq Bishop To Speak at UK Parliament. Archbishop Bashar Warda Will Discuss Relief Efforts For Persecuted Christians
Iraq Churches Targeted in Series of Attacks. 3 Killed; Blasts Hit Baghdad and Kirkuk
Iraq Executions Cruel, Laments Newspaper
Iraq Mourns "Always Smiling" Bishop. Baghdad Auxiliary Dead at 67
Iraq Ordinations Seen as Sign of Hope
Iraq Prelate Laments Widespread Kidnappings. Says Problem Receives Too Little Media Attention
Iraq Prelate: Let's Talk to Benedict XVI Frankly, Openly. Kirkuk Archbishop Hoping Church Leaders Will Tell Pope in Lebanon of Grave Situation for Christians
Iraq Prelates Take Concerns to Council of Europe Leader
Iraq Prime Minister Asks for Archbishop's Release. Says Attack on Christians Is Attack on all Iraqis
Iraq Signals Support for Harassed Christians
Iraq Withdrawal Needs Responsibility, Says Prelate. Cautions Against Moving Out Too Rapidly or Too Slowly
Iraq's Babel College Begins New Year. Rector Calls for Optimism and Courage
Iraq's Christians Fearful of Islamic Law
Iraq's Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako: a Voice in the Desert Catholic Leader Appeals to Pope, Brother Bishops: 'Speeches Are Good for Nothing'
Iraq's Terror Has Fraternal Twist, Says Newspaper
Iraq: 'We Priests and Nuns Will Be the Last to Leave' Seminarian Says His Vocation Has Strengthened Amidst ISIS Conflict
Iraq: A Heroic Church That Could Disappear. A Vatican Delegation and Humanitarian Organizations Visited Kurdistan, A Region that Shelters Thousands of Refugees
Iraq: Christianity Could Disappear
Iraq: Our land Is a Land of Abraham. Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil Speaks About His Suffering Church
Iraq: Repaired Houses Spur Resettlement
Iraqi Archbishop Affirms Mission to Bring Hope Calls for Political Pressure to Stop Anti-Christian Persecution
Iraqi Archbishop Calls for Pressure on Politicians. Requests Prayers for Kidnapped Priests
Iraqi Archbishop: "My Diocese No Longer Exists" Mosul's Prelate Speaks as a Refugee Among Refugees
Iraqi Attack Prompts Protest of UK Parliament. British Government Urged to Aid Christians
Iraqi Bishop Appeals for Tariq Aziz's Life. Calls for Christians and Muslims to Unite for Cause
Iraqi Bishop Assails Execution of Prelate's Abductor. Says Slain Archbishop Wouldn't Have Wanted It
Iraqi Bishop Hoping Faithful Home for Christmas. Urges Government to Make It Possible
Iraqi Bishop to US: Leave Peace in Your Place. Calls for Sowing an Education in Democracy
Iraqi Bishop: Violence Leading to Immigration. Prelate Laments Declining Numbers of Christians
Iraqi Bishops in Rome: Don't Forget Us. Mideast Prelates Lament Media Silence
Iraqi Bishops Make Urgent Appeal to Country's Political Leaders. Call for "Necessary Protection" for Christians, Provisions to Protect Families
Iraqi Bishops Send Plea to Sharm al-Sheikh
Iraqi Bishops to Address European Parliament. Archbishop Louis Sako Awarded for Peace Work
Iraqi Bishops to French: Stay With Us. Appeal for Support as Christians Are Targets in Attacks
Iraqi Bishops Urge Faithful to Resist Factions Pushing Country Back Into Chaos. Call for Prayer for Peace During Lent
Iraqi Catholics Celebrating Amid Fear. Cardinal Delly Offers Message of Charity and Hope This Christmas
Iraqi Catholics Donate to Rebuild Samarra Mosque Kirkuk Archbishop Tells of Act of Solidarity
Iraqi Catholics Losing Hope, Says Priest
Iraqi Christian Monthly Is Honored
Iraqi Christian Targeted in Shooting
Iraqi Christians Attacked Over Christmas Holidays. Prelate Says it May Speed Up Exodus
Iraqi Christians Hit Hard, U.S. Bishops Say. Prelates Urge End to Minority Discrimination
Iraqi Christians Might Resume Exodus. Attacks on Holy Sites Seen as a Message to Get Out
Iraqi Christians Mourn Destruction of Monastery
Iraqi Christians on Edge After Priest's Kidnapping. Archbishop of Kirkuk Says $1 Million Ransom Demanded
Iraqi Christians Rebuild Churches
Iraqi Christians Return Home for Easter. Violence Continues in Baghdad
Iraqi Christians Searching for Signs of Hope. Archbishop Notes Signs of Pessimism About the Future
Iraqi Christians Victims of "Unprecedented Ferocity" Bishop Laments Western Misunderstanding; Urges Courage By Tony Assaf
Iraqi Christians Wary of Withdrawal, Says Prelate. Doubt Ability of Native Police to Provide Security
Iraqi Christians, Muslims Unite in Seeking Peace
Iraqi Christians: Heavy on Pope's Heart. Aide Comments on Benedict XVI's Remarks
Iraqi Christians: Long History, Precarious Future. Documentary Sends Cry for Help to the World By Genevieve Pollock
Iraqi Diocese to Build Hospital, University. Seeks to Employ Skilled Christian Refugees
Iraqi Election Portends a Nightmare, Warns Bishop
Iraqi Election Seen to Invite Return of Christians. Bishop Affirms Positive Outcome in Separating Politics and Religion
Iraqi Envoy Pleased With Pontiff's Words
Iraqi Government Accused of Complicity in Murders Patriarch Warns of Coming Protests
Iraqi Leader Congratulates Cardinal-Designate
Iraqi Leader to Visit Benedict XVI
Iraqi Patriarch Hopes Easter Season Inspires End to Suffering in Country. Reminds Faithful of their Duty to Vote in Upcoming Elections
Iraqi Patriarch Urges Fasting for Peace
Iraqi Prelate Appeals for Protection
Iraqi Prelate Calls for Meeting on Christians
Iraqi Prelate Decries Silence About Killings 10 Christians Murdered in 2 Months
Iraqi Prelate Says Christians Feel Desperate. Security Is Very Bad, Warns Chaldean
Iraqi Prelate Urges Obama to Help Minorities. Laments Political Involvement in Anti-Christian Violence
Iraqi Prelate: Living God's Word Comes With Price. Cardinal Recalls New Martyrs at Synod
Iraqi Priest Released After 4-Week Captivity
Iraqi Prime Minister Tells Patriarch He'll Do More for Christians. Meets With Delegation of Church Leaders
Iraqi Refugees Recount Their Experiences. Some Christians Fleeing ISIS Have Found Refuge in Jordan
Iraqi Writer: Benedict XVI Wants to Turn the Page. Younis Tawfik Tells of Impressions at Castel Gandolfo Meeting
Iraqis Add Lenten Sacrifices to Daily Trials. Prelate Hopes for Sufficient Security to Have Sunday Mass
Iraqis Fasting Today for End to Killing Spree. Protest "Heinous" Slayings of Christians in the North
Iraqis Plan Easter Liturgies Despite Violence
Ireland Celebrates Day for Life
Ireland Invites All to 2012 Eucharistic Congress. Organizers Call for International Volunteers
Ireland Launches Catholic Schools Week Initiative. US Also Celebrates Catholic Education
Ireland Marks Day for Life
Ireland Mourns Slain Missionary. Was Set to Come Home to Retire Next Year
Ireland No Longer a "Bastion of Catholicism" Dublin Prelate Notes Worrying Statistics
Ireland Nuncio: Pope Is 'Resolute and Determined' in Dealing With Abuse. First Public Ceremony for Archbishop Brown
Ireland on Trial for Pro-Life Laws. Doubts Cast on Neutrality of European Rights Court
Ireland Presents Priesthood as Gift for This Sunday's Vocation Prayer Day. National Coordinator for Vocations: 'It Is Still a Good Time to Be a Priest'
Ireland Pro-Life Vigil Draws Tens Of Thousands Who Say No To Abortion. Citizens Ask Politicians to Keep Promises William A. Thomas
Ireland Readies Catholic Schools Week
Ireland Stands By Criticism of Vatican in Cloyne Report. Says It Hopes Lessons Have Been Learned
Ireland to Aid Pakistani Flood Victims. Church Collection Planned This Weekend
Ireland to Begin Year of Prayer for Renewal. Plans for Eucharistic Congress Under Way
Ireland to Mark Mission Sunday With 'Growing in Faith'
Ireland's Apostolic Visitation Concludes Phase 1. Full Report Expected Early 2012
Ireland's Board for Safeguarding Children Releases 4th Portion of Review. Director Says Progress in Most Cases 'Heartening'
Ireland's Embassy to the Holy See to Reopen. New Premises will be "Modest" and with Just One Diplomat
Ireland's Justice Council Marks 2 Anniversaries. Good Friday Agreement, 'Pacem in Terris' Bring Moment of Reflection
Ireland: Archbishop Eamon Martin’s Saint Patrick’s Day Message
Ireland: Pope Speaks of Faith and Suffering in Press Conference
Ireland: Pope Speaks of how Marriage is Unique
Ireland: Speaking Notes of Archbishop Eamon Martin at Mass for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer Initiative
Irish "No" to Lisbon Treaty Seen as Wake-Up Call. Holy See Representative Says Bloc Needs a Well-Founded Ideal
Irish Ads Promote Religion as "Good for You". Institute Backs Claim With Scientific Study
Irish Baptisms Steadily Increasing. England and Wales Also Welcome More New Catholics
Irish Bishop Applauds US Immigration Bill Progress. Hopes Final Approval Will Give Undocumented Irish a Path to Citizenship
Irish Bishop Highly Recommends the Priesthood. Calls It "Unique Gift" From God to the World
Irish Bishop Says Prayer Is Central to School Community. Opens Ireland's Catholic Education Week
Irish Bishop Urges Drivers: Be Safe. Suggests a Prayer for Travelers This Holiday Weekend
Irish Bishop Urges Parishes, Catechists to Draw Attention to Cloistered Life. Describes Contemplative Communities as 'Power Houses of Prayer'
Irish Bishop: Priest Wasn't a Mass Murderer. Chides Journalists for Spinning Political Agenda
Irish Bishops Address Suicide on Day for Life. Urge Parishes to Join Prevention Effort
Irish Bishops Apologize to Abuse Victims. Meet With Survivors at Fall Meeting
Irish Bishops Appeal for Captive Missionaries. Filipino Government Joins With Rebels to Find Kidnapped Priest
Irish Bishops Asking How, Why Abuse Became Endemic
Irish Bishops Blast Politician for Misquoting Pope. Say Christians Deserve Better From Media, Officials
Irish Bishops Call for End to Wartime Sexual Violence. Highlight Issue on Today's 100th International Women's Day
Irish Bishops Conclude Summer Meeting. Affirm Now Is Time to Uphold Right to Life
Irish Bishops Explain Why Marriage Matters. Call for Freedom of Conscience in Pending Bill
Irish Bishops Give Report of Fall Meeting. Discuss Response to Ireland's New Abortion Law
Irish Bishops Halt Issuing of Pregnancy Leaflet. Publication Referred to Agencies That Publicize Abortion
Irish Bishops in Pastoral Letter: Repent and Believe. Suggest Renewing Practice of Making the Sign of the Cross When Passing a Church
Irish Bishops Laud Pope's "Marvelous Achievement"
Irish Bishops Launch Resources for Missal Changes. Note Opportunity to Understand Eucharist More Fully
Irish Bishops Prepare for Vocations Sunday. St. John Vianney Relics Arrive This Week
Irish Bishops Reach Out to Prisoners Abroad. Prelate: Church Is the Center of Many Migrants
Irish Bishops Reiterate Commitment to Safeguard Children. Mark 1-Year Anniversary of Papal Letter on Abuse Crisis
Irish Bishops Reiterate Commitment to Safeguard Children. Mark 1-Year Anniversary of Papal Letter on Abuse Crisis
Irish Bishops Respond to Abortion Legislation. Bill "is unnecessary to ensure that women receive the life-saving treatment they need during pregnancy"
Irish Bishops Say Media Affects Everyone
Irish Bishops Send St. Patty's Day Greetings. Affirm Concern for Emigrants; Recall Patrick Was a Migrant
Irish Bishops Stress Europe's Christian Heritage. Conference Focuses on Vocations in Pauline Year
Irish Bishops Stress Human Dignity in Elections. Call for Continued Support to Developing Nations
Irish Bishops to Meet With Pope Again
Irish Bishops Unite Against Civil Partnership Bill. Archbishop Laments "Contrived Polemic" in Press By Genevieve Pollock
Irish Bishops Urge Faithful To Reflect on Same-Sex "Marriage" Referendum. Say Effects of Proposed Amendment Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences
Irish Bishops Welcome Bloody Sunday Report.British Prime Minister Issues Apology
Irish Bishops Welcome Cluster Bomb Treaty
Irish Bishops Welcome Vatican Statement on Abuse Give Conclusions of Spring General Meeting
Irish Bishops' Advent Calendar Gets Good Response. Welcomed as Helpful Daily Activity for School, Home
Irish Bishops' Project Fosters Community Action to Combat Drug Abuse. Archbishop of Dublin Says Community Is Where Broken Lives Can Be Healed, Integrated
Irish Bishops' Statement for Sunday's Day for Life "seeing life as a whole, caring for it as a seamless garment, stretching from conception to natural death"
Irish Bishops: Help Youth Get to Mass. In Appeal to Parents, Coaches, Employers
Irish Bishops: True Meaning of Christmas Is Accessible. Ask What More We Can Do to Reflect on Simplicity of Bethlehem
Irish Cardinal Affirms Church Can Recover. Admits It Will Take Time to Rebuild Confidence By Jesús Colina
Irish Cardinal Notes Progress in Youth Protection. 2,356 Laypeople Working as Child Safeguards
Irish Christian Leaders Appeal to Parliament. Northern Ireland Should Decide on Abortion
Irish Christian Leaders Unite to Condemn Slayings. Denounce Attempt to Destabilize Peace Process
Irish Data Protection Law Frustrating Child Safety Efforts. Board and Bishops Say Progress Is Slower Than Hoped
Irish Diocese Gets Taste of 2012 Eucharistic Congress
Irish Diocese of Cloyne Welcomes Ordination of New Bishop. Papal Nuncio, Primate of Ireland Preside Over Episcopal Ordination Ann Schneible
Irish Diocese Promotes Vocations on Facebook. Encourages Enthusiasm About Priesthood
Irish Diocese Respond to Pope's '24 Hours for the Lord' Initiative. Kildare and Leighlin Bishop Asks Faithful to Be Open to God's Love and Mercy
Irish Educators: There's No Value-Neutral School. Promotes Cooperation With Home and Parish
Irish Gather in Liturgy of Lament and Repentance. Dublin Prelate Praises Abuse Victims for Refusal to Be Silent
Irish Get Special Place for Corpus Christi Events. Honors Recall Paul V and 1608 Flight of the Earls
Irish Government Looking to Reopen Embassy to Holy See. Likely to Combine Embassies to Vatican and Italy on Same Site
Irish Jesuit to Be Beatified
Irish Life Day Focuses on Hope, Solidarity. Church Leads Reflection on What It Means to Be Happy
Irish Missionary on Stage at Rome's New JP2 Pub. Maeve Heaney Sees Music as Bridge to God
Irish Pilgrims Urged to Slow the Pace of Life. Archbishop Joins 30,000 Pilgrims at Croagh Patrick
Irish Plea: Give Money to Charity, Not to Drink. Prelates Urge Moderation in Alcohol Intake
Irish Prelate Addresses Government Committee on Abortion Legislation in Ireland. Bishop Christopher Jones Says Right to Life is Natural and Inviolable Ann Schneible
Irish Prelate Appeals for Peace in Syria. Cardinal Sean Brady Denounces Suffering Inflicted on Population
Irish Prelate Hoping for Papal Visit
Irish Prelate Launches Vocations Campaign Says Despite Clergy Problems, We're Still Open for Business
Irish Prelate Resigns And Bishop Named for Ondjiva, Angola
Irish Prelate Speaks on Fundamental Right to Life. Bishop Buckley's Pastoral Letter for Feast of Immaculate Conception Calls for Respect of the Unborn
Irish Prelate: "House of Prayer" Not OK'd by Church. Achill Center Founded by Woman Who Claims to Hear Virgin Mary
Irish Prelate: Challenges Come With Peace. But Country Is Open to Dialogue, He Says
Irish Prelates Called to Rome to Discuss Scandal. Pope Wishes to Evaluate "Painful Situation," Says Spokesman
Irish Prelates Headed to Rome to Prepare for Visit
Irish Prelates Note Regret for Reported Child Abuse. Christian Brothers Congregation Issues Statement of Apology
Irish Prelates Reiterate Shame Over Abuse. Summer Meeting Takes Up Ryan Report
Irish Prelates: Eucharist Has Something to Say. Consider 2012 International Congress at October Meeting
Irish President's Letter to Iraqi Priest's Funeral
Irish Priest Appointed Bishop by Pope Francis. Fr. Francis Duffy To Lead Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois
Irish Priest Named to Media Council
Irish Primate Thanks Pope for Concern in Abuse Cases
Irish Schools to Share in Pontiff's UK Visit. Bishops Encourage Online Participation
Irish Senator Supports One of Us Campaign. Ronan Mullen on Life Issues at Home and Around Europe
Irish Summer School on Aquinas Deemed a Success. Investigating the Divine Becomes 'Eminently Practical'
Is a Cohesive Europe That Forgets Its Christian Roots Possible? Europe's Bishops, Delegates to Consider Basis for Social Cohesion
Is a Day of Fasting and Prayer Worth It? Emptying Ourselves So That God Can Fill Us
Is Biotechnology Truly Miraculous?
Is Christ Divided? "Christians therefore must be, for the world, both a sign of unity and indeed a cause of unity, wherever we find ourselves"
Is Christianity a Fairy Tale? Author of New Book Explains How the Faith is the Myth that "Really Happened"
Is Everything Alright With Our Formation? Religious Superior Considers Mystery of Human Person
Is Faith Necessary for Salvation? (Part 2). Theologian Ilaria Morali Responds
Is Islam Part of God's Plan? Interview With Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir By Mirko Testa
Is John Paul II's Beatification Process Stalled? Former Saints' Causes Prefect Clarifies Controversies By Carmen Elena Villa
Is meat from cloned cattle dangerous?
Is Not This the Carpenter, the Son of Mary? Biblical Reflection for 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time B By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Is Palm Sunday Just a "Quaint" Custom, Asks Pope. Reflects on Man Caught Between Two Opposing Forces
Is Priestly Celibacy Psychologically Dangerous? Interview With Psychiatrist and Professor By Carmen Elena Villa
Is Proportionalism Reasonable? Problem Lies in Idea of Maximizing Good
Is Prostitution Just Another Job? Attempts to Make the Oldest Profession Legitimate By Father John Flynn, LC
Is Relativism Leading to Hate Crimes? Vatican Official Reflects on Anti-Christian Persecution
Is Religion Only in Your Head? Christianity Requires Belief in the Resurrection Rather Than Neuroscience
Is Science Compatible With Free Will? (Part 1). Quantum Physicist Speaks on Science, Freedom, and Faith
Is Science Compatible with Free Will? Part Two Quantum Physicist Speaks on Science, Freedom, and Faith
Is Southern Sudan's Secession a Solution? Interview With Denis Hurley Peace Institute Director By Mariaelena Finessi
Is Sport Good for Humanity?
Is Tanzania the Next Target for Radical Islam? Bishop of Kondou on Coexisting, Ministering in Peace
Is the Church Holy? Interview With Theologian Father Miguel De Salis By Giovanni Tridente
Is the Conscience Respected?
Is the Media Helping People or Confusing Them? Vatican Spokesman Responds to Sex Abuse Scandal
Is the Pope Too Exposed on Twitter? Why Is the Church Using Social Networks? Daniel Pajuelo Vázquez, SM
Is the Time Ripe for a 5th Marian Dogma? Vatican Forum to Host Discussion on Feast of Annunciation By Robert Moynihan
Is There Still No Room in the Inn, Pope Asks. Encourages Imitating the Shepherds' Curiosity to See What God Has Said to Us Kathleen Naab
ISIS Captures Christian Communities in Syria. An Estimated 400 Families Have Fled Following Assault By Extremists on Monday
Islam and Church Seen Facing Common Trials. Vatican Official Says 2 Religions Can Help Each Other
Islam in Zambia: Small and Notable. Interview With Author Father Félix Phili
Islam Isn't Monolithic, Says Muslim
Islam Seen as Politicized in Nigeria. Vicar General of Enugu Diocese Sounds Warning
Islamic Group Visits Benedict XVI
Islamic Moderates Put Hopes in Benedict XVI. Centrists in Need of Western Support
Islamic State Militants Using Churches as Prisons. Military Offensive Could Lead to Destruction of Ancient Chaldean Churches
Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee Meeting Report
Islamic-Catholic Panel Reaches 5 Conclusions. Agree That Muslims, Christians Share Duty of Compassion
Islamist Militants Kidnap Priest in Syria. Father Hanna Jallouf Abducted Along With Several Men From Christian Town of Knayeh
Islamists Seize Monastery in Northern Iraq. Monks of Mar Benham Forced to Leave With Nothing But Their Clothes
Island Priest Recognized as Righteous Among the Nations. Organized Fishermen to Row Jews to Safety By Antonio Gaspari
Israel Ambassador to the Holy See Received in Audience. Diplomat Presents Credentials to Pope Benedict
Israel Ambassador Urges Jews to Be More Open. Says Catholic Hand Is Outstretched, Would Be Foolish to Refuse It
Israel and Holy See Plan 2 Key Meetings
Israel Approves 1st Arab Christian College. Mar Elias University to Be Established in Nazareth
Israel Cancels Meeting With Vatican. To Discuss Fundamental Agreement
Israel Denounces Pope's Angelus Address. Didn't Condemn Attacks Against Jews
Israel Envoy: Synagogue Visit Brought Nice Surprise And Adds to Fight Against Anti-Semitism By Jesús Colina
Israel Has 'No Intention' of Giving Church Sovereignty Over Cenacle. Israeli Ambassador Quells Rumors Ahead of Papal Visit
Israel Is Not Keeping Its Promises, Says Archbishop Sambi. Nuncio Notes That Nation Lacks the Political Will
Israel Issues Stamp in Memory of John Paul II
Israel Takes Step Toward Holy See. Relaxing of Visa Rules Called a Gesture of Good Will
Israel Tightens Policy on Re-entry Visas
Israel to Allow 650 Gaza Christians to Attend Papal Mass in Bethlehem. Over 8,000 Israeli Security Personnal on Duty During Francis Visit to Jerusalem
Israel Ups Obstacles for Priests Seeking Visas. Nuncio Sees Uphill Battle to Reopen Policies By Jesús Colina
Israel Will Not Seize Funds From Catholic Schools
Israel's Chief Rabbi Ready to Welcome Pope
Israel's Hebrew-Speaking Catholics. Interview With Father David Neuhaus By Karna Swanson
Israel's President Peres to Visit Pontiff. Meeting Coincides With Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Israel's Religious Leaders to Visit Pope in 2011
Israel-Holy See Negotiations Advance
Israeli Ambassador on Ending Prejudice. Interview With Oded Ben-Hur
Israeli Ambassador to Holy See: Pope's Visit Will be Cornerstone of Peace. Pope Already Has Close Relations With the Jewish People, Zion Evrony Says
Israeli Ambassador: Pope's Trip Will Promote Understanding Between Monotheisic Religions. Calls Visit a "Milestone" in Catholic-Jewish Relations
Israeli Bomb Destroys Caritas Medical Clinic. Aid Group Launches $2M Appeal
Israeli Border Must Stay Open to Aid, Says Caritas. Gaza's Situation Described as Very Unstable
Israeli Envoy Says He Has Christian Needs at Heart. Expresses Hope for Improved Situation for Church in Holy Land By Jesús Colina
Israeli Leader to Visit Pope in September
Israeli Official Praises Vatican for WWII Aid to Jews. Church Always Helped When It Could, Says Ambassador By Chiara Santomiero
Israeli Parliament Convenes Special Meeting to Pay Tribute to St. John XXIII. Late Pontiff to Be Praised for Saving Jewish Lives From Holocaust, Improving Catholic-Jewish Relations
Israeli President Invites Pope to Holy Land
Israeli President Sends Christmas Greetings to Christians. Shimon Peres Takes Part in Christmas Celebrations in Haifa
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets with Pope Francis. Discuss Complex Political Situation in Middle East, Possible Apostolic Visit
Israeli Prime Minister Sends Letter of Gratitude to Pope Benedict. Benjamin Netanyahu Applauds Pontiff's Efforts to Improve Judeo-Christian Relations
Israeli Says Benedict XVI Wants to Visit
Israeli Wall Blocks Children From School
Israeli-Holy See Panel Concludes Another Round
Israeli-Holy See Panel Making Progress
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Needed, Say U.S. Bishops. Hail Senate Resolution to Advance Solution
Israeli-Palestinian Presidents' Prayer for Peace Confirmed for June 8. Meeting to Take Place at the Vatican on Pentecost Sunday
Israelis and Palestinians: Win Together or Lose Together. Caritas General-Secretary in Jerusalem on Christians in Jesus' Land
Israelis Apologize for Blasts in Basilica. Church Leaders Thankful for Moves to Defend Nazareth Site
Israelis Renew Invitation to Pope to Visit
Issues of "Moral Weight" Interview With Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City By David Hartline
It Is a Moral Obligation to Halt the Pollution of the Seas, says Archbishop Tomasi
It Is Never Enough, Until We Give It Away. Biblical Reflection for 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time B By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
It Should Be Called the 'Friend of Truth' A Tribute to L'Osservatore Romano By Antonio Gaspari
It Took 40 Days. Biblical Reflection for Ash Wednesday By Father Thomas
It's a Make-or-Break Moment, Say Bishops. Issue Statement on US Financial Crisis
It's a Moral Document, Not a Political One. Pope Provides Ethical Basis for Addressing Crisis By Carl Anderson
It's a Small World, Says Vatican Observatory. Hosts Symposium on Formation of Galaxies
It's About Love, Benedict XVI Tells New Cardinals. Says Their Mission Is Service
It's About Morals, Not Dollars, Says Vatican Aide. Urges a Broader Look at Economic Crisis
It's Blasphemy to Use God's Name to Justify Violence: Pope
It's My Fault. True Freedom Comes From Taking Responsibility, With God's Grace, For Our Own Sins
It's the Rosary Bowl, for a Day
It's Very Easy to Work With Pope Francis: Archbishop Parolin. New Secretary of State Attends Presentation of a Book by Cardinal Maradiaga
It's Worthwhile to Think of Others. Italian Missionary in Angola on What's Central to the Mission Thacio Siqueira
Italian Amusement Park to Host Wojtyła Exhibit. Official Links Launch Into New Millennium to Roller Coaster Ride
Italian Bill Would Recognize Rights of Unborn. Presented to Keep Abortion Law From Distortion By Antonio Gaspari
Italian Bishop Hospitalized After Mountain Accident
Italian Bishop: Ethics in Politics Is Urgent. Youth Day Participants Are Hope for the Future
Italian Bishop: Muslims Must Condemn Islamist Violence or Leave Italy. Mons. Tommaso Ghirelli Says Nobody Wants Enemies in Their Own Home
Italian Bishops Address Mafia Problems. Document Discusses Need for Solidarity and Subsidiarity
Italian Bishops' President Suggests Path to Reawaken Yearning for God. Looks at Example of World Youth Day By Antonio Gaspari
Italian Cardinal Warns of "Religious Cleansing" Bishops' Conference President Says Christian Persecution Is Increasing
Italian Catholics to Focus on Life, Family and Dialogue. Conclusions of 4th National Church Congress
Italian Editor Calls Interview with Francis 'Extraordinary Privilege' Corriere della Sera's Ferruccio de Bortoli Speaks about His Impression of the Pope
Italian Jews Back Out of Dialogue Day. Cite Concern Over Good Friday Prayer for Extraordinary Rite
Italian Jews Return to Reflection Day. '09 Event Canceled; Preparations Begin for 2010
Italian Legislators Sign On Against BBC Program. Documentary on Abuse Is Hit as "Sensationalistic and False"
Italian Missionary Murdered in Amazon. Police Believe It Was An Attempted Robbery
Italian Newspaper Lists Francis' Favorite Books. Included Are Four Jesuit Authors, St. Augustine, and Dostoyevsky
Italian Newspaper, La Stampa, Interviews Pope Francis. Pope Says Reform Begins With Spiritual and Pastoral Initiatives
Italian Parliament Commemorates 10th Anniversary of Blessed John Paul II's Visit. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone Sends Message Honoring Historic Event By Junno Arocho
Italian Politician and Professor Calls for Uncovering of Hidden Treasure
Italian Prelate Discusses Challenges Facing the Church. Cardinal Bagnasco Addresses General Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference By Luca Marcolivio
Italian Prelate Says He Won't Be Intimidated
Italian Prelates Remember Blessed Bishop of Rome. Call John Paul II a Sure Reference for Confused World
Italian Prelates See Need to Focus on Relationships. Say Faith Requires Grounding in Simple Person-to-Person Contact
Italian Prelates Speak Up for Pope. Show of Solidarity After Flap Over Mention of Islam
Italian Prelates Urge Lawmakers to Defend Marriage
Italian Priest to Be Beatified in Bresica
Italian Priest Uncovers 100 Pedophile Networks. Meter Association Gathered Evidence for US and Italy
Italian Prime Minister Meets With Pontiff. Talk of What Youth Can Offer to Europe
Italian Prime Minister Visits Pontiff. Discuss the Plight of Religious Minorities
Italian Prosecutor Raises Concerns of Possible Mafia Assassination Attempt on Pope. Vatican Spokesman Says No Cause For Concern
Italian Publisher to Have "Jesus of Nazareth Vol. III" Out by Christmas. Translations Under Way
Italian Saint Educated Women
Italian Schools Might Teach Islam
Italian Studio Films 1st Movie on St. Anthony of Padua
Italian to Head Russia's Episcopal Conference
Italian Youth Headed to the Holy Land
Italy Appeals Crucifix Ban
Italy Needs a 'Reawakening of Hope' Cardinal Bagnasco Opens Italian Bishops General Assembly By Luca Marcolivio
Italy's Bishops Decry Possible Tax Probe. European Commission Asking Around
Italy's Embryo War; a Pizzeria Apart. Both Sides Brace for a Life-and-Death Referendum. By Elizabeth Lev
Italy's Family Day Gathers 1.5 Million. Attendance Surpasses Expectations
Italy's Heritage Sites; Remembering Rome's Defender. UNESCO Honors Lombard "Places of Power" By Edward Pentin
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