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Daily News Archives
Face to Face With a Martyr Church. Monsignor Tejado on Beginning Priestly Ministry in Albania
Facebook Penalized for Offensive Photo of French Bishop. Catholics Invited to Reflect on Internet Presence
Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube in the Vatican. Preachers of Truth Meet Sellers of "My Own Truth" By Jesús Colina
Facing Into Venezuela's Ongoing Crisis. Catholics Must Take a Stand, Says Theologian
Facing the Family in the 3rd Millennium. By Carmen Elena Villa
Faculty of Theology of St. Bonaventure Turns 100. Interview With Father Kijas, Dean
Faith and Charitable Works Are Closely Linked. Christian community also vital for effectiveness, say European bishops.
Faith and Politics. Not a Problem, Part of a Solution By Father John Flynn, LC
Faith and Science Are Friends, Says Pope. Notes St. Albert's Contribution to Philosophy
Faith and Science: Prelate Defends Dual Outlook. Culture Council President Suggests Avoiding Extremes By Chiara Santomiero
Faith Declines in England. Rise in Non-Believers in Canada
Faith Fatigue Isn't Everywhere, Assures Pope. Addresses Curia With Traditional 'Year in Review' Message
Faith Frees Us From Anxiety and Fear, Says Pontiff. Though We Still Have to Work for a Living
Faith in Australia. Churches Face Challenge in Postmodern Culture By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Faith in Mary Seen as Channel for Pope to Bring Peace in Lebanon. Official of Mideast Marian Group on Devotion to Our Lady and Anticipation of Pope's Trip By Salvatore Cernuzio
Faith in Politics. The Influence of Religion on American Politics By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Faith in the Bread. Lectio divina for XVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
Faith in the Classroom. Religion Looking to Maintain Its Role in Schools By Father John Flynn, LC
Faith is a "Free Gift of God" Pope Benedict Reflects on Confidence in God's 'Yes' to Mankind By Ann Schneible
Faith Is Good for the Country, Say Cardinal Scherer. Adds That Peace Is an Achievable Goal
Faith Is Key to Interpreting Scripture, Says Pope. Addresses 100-Year-Old Pontifical Biblical Institute
Faith Is Light. Lectio Divina: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
Faith Isn't for Looking Good, Warns Pope. Tells Faithful to Avoid a 'Cosmetic Spirituality'
Faith Leaders Promote Unity in Wake of Bombings. Resist Being "Set Against One Another"
Faith Leaders, Pope Sign Declaration Against Slavery at Vatican. On International Day for Abolition of Slavery, Commitment Made to Eradicate Slavery, Human Trafficking by 2020
Faith Matters. Religion's Role in Public Life By Father John Flynn
Faith Needs Reason, But Also Love, Says Expert. Interfaith Panel Revisits Regensburg Lecture
Faith Should Affect Voting, Say U.S. Bishops. Prelates Approve Citizenship Document
Faith Still Alive in France, Says Vatican. Spokesman Calls Paris-Lourdes Trip a Success
Faith Takes Feeling, Says Benedict XVI. Affirms Whole Being Is Needed for Encounter With God
Faith Under Attack. Assaults Multiply in Post-Christian Society By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Faith Under Trial. Christians Suffering in Algeria and Egypt By Father John Flynn, LC
Faith Will Grow If We Remember God's Faithfulness, Says Pope. Reflects on History as Story of God's Presence With Us By Kathleen Naab
Faith, Reason and Bioethics. Interview With Director of Linacre Center
Faith-based Groups Fueling African Health Care
Faith-Based Sector Described as Key Player in Shaping More Just, Sustainable Future. Irish Bishop Urges Faith Communities to Be More Confident, Proactive
Faith-focused Films Out on DVD. 'October Baby,' 'For Greater Glory' Were Both Hits on Big Screen
Faith-Reason Friendship Clear in Theology, Says Pope. Considers 12th-Century Advances in Study
Faith-Reason Harmony Praised in Duns Scotus. Pope Recalls Franciscan Theologian on 7th Centennial of Death
Faithful and pilgrims line-up outside St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican
Faithful Call for Titanic Priest to Be Canonized. Fr. Byles Rejected Seats on Lifeboats, Opted to Pray For and With Passengers
Faithful Families Help Vocations, Pope Says
Faithful Gather in Manila to Pray "Rosary for Life" Bishop Gabriel Reyes Cites Prayer As Effective in the Fight Against 'Culture of Death'
Faithful Have Role in Fostering Vocations. Cardinal Rodé on Direct and Indirect Promotion
Faithful Invited to Deeper Friendship, Says Pope. Recommends Daily Prayer, Well-Prepared Mass
Faithful Invited to Follow Pope, Adore Eucharist
Faithful See Church's Beauty, Untainted by Sin. Renewal in the Spirit Affirms Love for Pope
Faithful Stewards of God's Gifts and Mysteries. Biblical Reflection for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time C By Father Rosica, CSB
Faithful Urged to Bring God Into Public Life
Faithful Waited 70 Years for Confirmation in Azerbaijan
Falling Dollar Puts Holy See in the Red. Shows Deficit for 1st Time in 4 Years By Jesús Colina
Falling in Love With Christ. Gospel Commentary for 2nd Sunday of Lent By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Families Encouraged to Pray Rosary
Families Look to Government for More Support
Families Under Pressure. Marriage, Funding and Faith Intertwine By Father John Flynn
Families Unite in Movements
Families Urged to Adopt a "Media Policy" Parents Encouraged to Use Reason in Setting Rules
Families Without Children
Families' Fair Opens in Valencia
Families, Divorce, and Children. The High Cost of Family Breakdown
Families: Speaking of & Witnessing Joy is Possible! (Interview from Dublin WMOF)
Family Congress Conclusion: Unprecedented Crisis. But 5th World Meeting Manifests "Richness, Spirituality, Life"
Family Is Life, Says Polish Deputy Prime Minister. 4th World Congress of Families Concludes
Family Meeting Begins in Valencia
Family of Missing Israeli Soldier Appeals to Pope
Family Planning and Marital Chastity
Family Trends Pressures on Married Life Continue to Grow By Father John Flynn
Family Values the Solution to Economic Crisis, Says Pope. Notes Love, Gratitude and Gift Have Universal Dimension
Family Worth Defending, Says Symposium
Family-Friendly Immigration Laws Urged. Vatican Highlights Importance of Keeping Families Together
Family: Pope Invites Engaged Couples to a Conscious Choice of Marriage
Farewell to Benedict XVI From Leader of Legionaries of Christ. "Since you have done so much for us, leading us both personally and by means of your delegate, the news of your resignation fills us with sadness"
Farewell to Pope From Superiors of Men Religious. "We are perhaps most thankful, Holy Father, for your own personal search for holiness throughout the course of your life"
Farm-School to Offer a 2nd Chance for Children-Slaves. Trinitarians and Mercedarians Team Up in Sudan
Fashion's Modest Twist. Interview With Brenda Sharman By Kathleen Naab
Fast and Furious. Growing up in a Media Saturated World By Father John Flynn, LC
Fasting Is Scary But Effective, Says Retreat Leader. Reflects on Benedict XVI's Focus for Lent By Marine Soreau
Fate of Frozen Embryos Worrying Swiss Bishops
Fate of India's Dalits in New Government's Hands. Muslim and Christian 'Untouchables' Seeking Basic Rights Protections
Father Barron Named Rector of Chicago Seminary. Will Continue With 'Word on Fire'
Father Barron: A First Look at "Caritas in Veritate" Encyclical Connects "Life Ethics" With "Social Ethics" By Father Robert Barron
Father Bergoglio's 1990 Recollection of His Salesian Education. ZENIT Publishes Full Text of Frank and Personal Letter
Father Cantalamessa Asks: Who Is Jesus for You? Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa Calls Priests to Be Servants. Says Their Vocation Is About Being, Not Doing
Father Cantalamessa Clarifies His Reference to Jews. Notes Vatican Didn’t Preview His Sermon
Father Cantalamessa Evaluates Weekly Meditations. Preacher Completes Entire Liturgical Cycle By Jesús Colina
Father Cantalamessa Explains a New Way of Suffering. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa Explains Movements, Communities and the New Evangelization. Says 4 Waves of Evangelization Mark History of the Church
Father Cantalamessa Explains Why 'Baptism in the Spirit' Is a Gift for the Whole Church. Tells What This Baptism Is and How It Relates to the Sacraments
Father Cantalamessa Given Communications Award Urges Preaching Gospel Without Vanity By Carmen Elena Villa
Father Cantalamessa Gives Recipe for Rousing Hearts With Catechism. 1st Advent Homily Focuses on Year of Faith By Kathleen Naab
Father Cantalamessa on a Prophet Without Honor. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Being No. 1, for Christ "Whoever Is Great in Service, Is Great"
Father Cantalamessa on Bread and Wine. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Calming the Storm. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Charismatic Renewal. Pontifical Household Preacher Recounts Personal Experience
Father Cantalamessa on Choosing the Twelve Apostles. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Christ as King "The Complete Jesus, Most Human and Yet Transcendent"
Father Cantalamessa on Christ at Cana. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Christ Yesterday and Today (Part I). "How Are They to Believe In Him of Whom They Have Never Heard?"
Father Cantalamessa on Christ Yesterday and Today (Part II). "What Place Does Christ Occupy in My Life?"
Father Cantalamessa on Christ's Obedience. Second Lenten Sermon Given to Pontifical Household
Father Cantalamessa on Christ's Suffering. 3rd Lenten Sermon Given to Pontifical Household
Father Cantalamessa on Christian Purity
Father Cantalamessa on Christmas. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Corpus Christi. Pontifical Household Preacher on the Day's Gospel Reading
Father Cantalamessa on Creating "a Bit of Desert". Lenten Commentary on This Sunday's Gospel Passage
Father Cantalamessa on Curing Our Deafness. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Dishonest Wealth. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Division. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Easter Faith "The Lord Is Risen and Was Seen Alive"
Father Cantalamessa on Equal Dignity. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Evangelical History. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Evil. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Families. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on First Sunday of Advent "Life Itself Is a Waiting Room"
Father Cantalamessa on Fish and Sheep. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Following Christ. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Today's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Fourth Sunday of Advent "The Lord Is on High but Cares for the Lowly"
Father Cantalamessa on Francis of Assisi's Humility. 2nd Avent Homily: "to prepare ourselves for Christmas in the company of Francis of Assisi"
Father Cantalamessa on Francis of Assisi's Method for Church Reform "to prepare ourselves for Christmas in the company of Francis of Assisi"
Father Cantalamessa on Friendship. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Genuine Love
Father Cantalamessa on Heaven's Insurance. A Commentary by Pontifical Household Preacher
Father Cantalamessa on Holiness. Pontifical Household Preacher on All Saints' Day
Father Cantalamessa on How to Live Vacation. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Infinite Chances. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Jesus "Between History and . History"
Father Cantalamessa on Jesus' Prayer. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on John the Baptist. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Kindness "A Balm in Human Relationships"
Father Cantalamessa on Limbo and the Unbaptized. Offers a Follow-up to Commentary in ZENIT
Father Cantalamessa on Marital Submission. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Marriage in Heaven. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Marriage. "Rediscover the Art of Repairing!" Says Pontifical Household Preacher
Father Cantalamessa on Memory. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Modesty. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Multiplying the Loaves. A Commentary by Pontifical Household Preacher
Father Cantalamessa on Our True Heaven. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Peace. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Pentecost. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Pope's Book. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Power. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Preaching to the World. Comments on Liturgical Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Priorities. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Liturgical Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Pruning. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Resurrection as "New Creation" Pontifical Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Revitalizing Youth. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel Passage
Father Cantalamessa on Salvation. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Seeking and Giving Love. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on St. John's Gospel. "Do You Believe?"
Father Cantalamessa on St. Matthew's Vocation. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on the Apostolic Mission. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on This Sunday's Liturgy
Father Cantalamessa on the Birth of John the Baptist. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Duty to Love. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on the End of the World. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on the Epiphany of the Lord "We Celebrate Three Wondrous Events on This Holy Day"
Father Cantalamessa on the Family. When "We Are Not Pursuing the Child's Good ."
Father Cantalamessa on the Father Cantalamessa "Mary Is a Model Who Works With Us and in Us"
Father Cantalamessa on the First World and Lazarus. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Flock of Christ. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on the Golden Rule. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Good Samaritan. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Good Shepherd. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Joy of Fatherhood. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Kingdom of God. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Leap of Faith. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Meaning of Vacations
Father Cantalamessa on the Mother of God "Mary Meditated on All These Things in Her Heart"
Father Cantalamessa on the Mystery of the Incarnation Contemplated Through Francis of Assisi's Eyes. 3rd Avent Homily: "to prepare ourselves for Christmas in the company of Francis of Assisi"
Father Cantalamessa on the Narrow Gate. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Passion of Christ "We Are All Responsible for Jesus' Death"
Father Cantalamessa on the Peacemakers. Delivers Advent Meditation in the Vatican
Father Cantalamessa on the Pearl of Great Price. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Priesthood. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on the Prodigal Son. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Repentance of Praise. Comments on Jesus' Cure of the Paralytic
Father Cantalamessa on the Rich-Poor Divide. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Right to Convert. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Sick. The Church's Most Active Members, He Says
Father Cantalamessa on the Transfiguration. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on the Trinity. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Those Who Mourn
Father Cantalamessa on Trinity Sunday. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on True Conversion. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on True Environmentalism. A Commentary by Pontifical Household Preacher
Father Cantalamessa on True Patience. Pontifical Household Preacher on Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on What's New. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa on Where Jesus Speaks. Pontifical Household Preacher Looks at This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Why Jesus Calls Us Friends. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa on Witness. Pontifical Household Preacher Comments on Sunday's Readings
Father Cantalamessa Points to Heart's Role in Faith
Father Cantalamessa Says the Family Is Church's Backbone. Considers What Revelation Can Contribute to Marriage Problems Today
Father Cantalamessa Says to Waste Not. Pontifical Household Preacher on This Sunday's Gospel
Father Cantalamessa Speaks on Franciscan Charism "Looking at Christ with the Eyes of Francis"
Father Cantalamessa Stresses Defense of Victims. Affirms Solidarity With Jews Under Persecution
Father Cantalamessa to Preach Retreat in Mexico. Cor Unum Council Sponsoring Event for Charity Workers
Father Cantalamessa to Reflect on Leaders of Faith. Pontifical Household Preacher to Use Lent to Prepare for Year of Faith
Father Cantalamessa Warns of Hypocrisy
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Advent Sermon. St. Paul: "Model of True Christian Conversion"
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Lent Homily 2014. With Jesus in the Desert
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Lent Homily 2015 "The Joy of the Gospel Fills the Heart and Life"
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Lenten Homily. St. Athanasius and Faith in the Divinity of Christ
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Lenten Sermon "We Are Born 'Old Men' and We Must Become 'New Men'"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Sermon "Called by God to Communicate With his Son Jesus Christ"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Sermon "The Second Wave of Evangelization"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Sermon. John the Baptist: "More Than a Prophet"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lent Homily 2014. St. Augustine: "I Believe the Church Is One and Holy"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lent Homily 2015 "East and West on the Mystery of the Trinity"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily "God Is Love"
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Homily. St. Gregory of Nazianzen and Faith in the Trinity
Father Cantalamessa's 2nd Lenten Sermon "The Law Is at the Service of Love and Defends It"
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Meditation "When the Fullness of Time Had Come God Sent His Son Born of a Woman"
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon "Mary, Mother and Model of the Priest"
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon "The First Evangelization of the American Continent"
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon (Part 1). The Righteousness That Comes From Faith in Christ
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon (Part 2). Righteousness That Comes From Faith in Christ
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon. "Spe Gaudentes -- Joyful in Hope"
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Lent Homily 2014. St. Ambrose: Faith in the Eucharist
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Lenten Homily. St. Basil and Faith in the Holy Spirit
Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Lenten Sermon. "There Is a Very Close Relationship Between Conscience and the Holy Spirit"
Father Cantalamessa's 4th Advent Sermon "The Current Wave of Evangelization"
Father Cantalamessa's 4th Advent Sermon. The Experience of the Salvation of Christ Today
Father Cantalamessa's 4th Lent Homily 2014. St. Leo the Great: Faith in Jesus Christ, True God and True Man
Father Cantalamessa's 4th Lenten Homily. St. Gregory of Nyssa and the Way to Know God
Father Cantalamessa's 4th Lenten Sermon "There Is No Gift More Beautiful Than Spreading Hope"
Father Cantalamessa's 5th Lent Homily 2014. St. Gregory the Great: The Spiritual Understanding of the Scriptures
Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily "Ecce Homo"
Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily "God Manifests His Love for Us"
Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily "Judas Was Standing With Them"
Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily. "We have the opportunity to make, on this day, the most important decision of our lives"
Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Sermon "Up to Death and Death on a Cross"
Father Cantalamessa's on the Usefulness of True Fast. Comments on Gospel of This Sunday's Liturgy
Father Cantalamessa: Lessons in Christian Humility
Father Cantalamessa: On Faith as a Gift. Pontifical Household Preacher on the Doubting Thomas
Father Cantalamessa: Priests Need a Friend to Succeed. Reflects on Role of Holy Spirit in Ministry
Father Cantalamessa: We've Reached the Summit of the Year of Faith. Reflects in Good Friday Homily on Believing, Sharing Our Beliefs
Father Cantalamessa: Why Christianity Is Like No Other. Explains What Makes Grace Hard to Accept
Father Cantalamessa’s 1st Lent Homily 2018
Father Cantalamessa’s 1st Lent Homily 2019
Father Cantalamessa’s 2nd Lent Homily 2018
Father Cantalamessa’s 3rd Lent Homily 2018
Father Cantalamessa’s Fifth Lent Homily 2019
Father Cantalamessa’s Fourth Lent Homily 2019
Father Cantalamessa’s Third Lenten Homily 2019
Father Cantalamessa's 1st Advent Homily "My Peace I Give You"
Father Cantalamessa’s 1st Lent Homily 2016
Father Cantalamessa’s 1st Lent Homily 2017
Father Cantalamessa’s 2nd Lent Homily 2016
Father Cantalamessa’s 2nd Lent Homily 2017
Father Cantalamessa’s 3rd Lent Homily 2016
Father Cantalamessa’s 3rd Lent Homily 2017
Father Cantalamessa’s 4th Lent Homily 2016
Father Cantalamessa’s 4th Lent Homily 2017
Father Cantalamessa’s 5th Lent Homily 2016
Father Cantalamessa’s 5th Lent Homily 2017
Father Cantalamessa’s Good Friday Homily
Father Cantalamessa’s Good Friday Homily
Father Cessario's Lecture at Psychological Institute "Seek Out the Harmonies Between Faith and Reason"
Father Corcurea's Letter to Legion of Christ. "The Holy Father Has Decided That There Will Be an Apostolic Visitation"
Father Damien Relic to Go on Tour. Will Make Several Stops from Rome to Hawaii
Father Damien's Canonization a Step Closer. Cancer Cure Attributed to Priest's Intercession
Father Fessio: A New Framework for Social Justice. Pope Places Charity and Truth at Heart of Debate By Father Joseph Fessio, SJ
Father Ford, Paul VI and Birth Control. Germain Grisez Offers New Light on the Papal Commission By E. Christian Brugger
Father Groeschel to the Legion of Christ. "This Is Not the Legion of Anybody Except of Christ"
Father Hans Zollner: Church's Work to Stop Sexual Abuse Must Be Longterm Commitment. Says Panel Demonstrates Pope's Pledge to Promoting Child Safety
Father James Schall on "Spe Salvi" (Part I) Jesuit Scholar Points to Pope's Insights Into True Hope By Carrie Gress
Father Jerzy Popieluszko: Priest and Patriot Solidarity By Antonio Gaspari
Father John Corapi on the Eucharist and Benedict XVI
Father Keith Newton to Head Personal Ordinariate. Priest Notes Prayers for Unity With Catholic Church
Father Lombardi Brings Experience to Press Office
Father Lombardi Denounces Holocaust-Deniers. Says It's Even More Grave When It's a Bishop
Father Lombardi Discusses Highlights of Pope's Visit to Sri Lanka. Vatican Spokesman Says Pontiff Seemed Very Happy, Visibly at Ease
Father Lombardi on Religious, Cultural Dialogue "The Media Institutions of the Holy See Play an Important Role"
Father Lombardi Remembers Benedict XVI as a 'Great Communicator' Notes His Unique Ability to Speak Briefly, Concisely, Clearly
Father Lombardi to Catholic Media Convention "Use the Power of the Word Only to Bring People Together"
Father Lombardi to Receive Journalism Award
Father Lombardi's Address on Catholic Media "Communication for Communion"
Father Lombardi's Declaration on Time Magazine's Selection of Francis as Person of the Year "he carries out his service for the proclamation of the Gospel and the love of God for all"
Father Lombardi's Letter to Journalists. "You Can Count on My Commitment"
Father Lombardi: "After the Resignation". Pope Benedict's Decision Is an Act of 'Admirable Human and Christian Wisdom'
Father Lombardi: "Blessed" Be the Internet. Urges Online Evangelization for the Digital Generation
Father Lombardi: "The Pope Is Well and Very Happy With the Welcome" Vatican Spokesman Reviews Pope's First Day in Korea
Father Lombardi: Advent the Time to Value Life. Reflects on Pope's Vigil for Unborn
Father Lombardi: Christians Must Examine Online Witness. Reflects on Benedict XVI's Letter on Abuse Crisis in Ireland
Father Lombardi: Lebanese See Pope as Messenger of Peace. Vatican Spokesman Previews This Weekend's Trip By Luca Marcolivio
Father Lombardi: Weapons Are, Will Always Be, Too Many. Says US Aim to Control Use of Arms a 'Step in Right Direction' Kathleen Naab
Father Mader Award Bestowed on David Suley. Winner Is Director of Catholic Home Missions Appeal
Father Manuel Cortes Speaks on Opening Vision to Global Challenges (Part 1). Interview with Newly Re-Elected Superior General of the Marianists By Jose Antonio Varela Vidal
Father Manuel Cortes Speaks on Opening Vision to Global Challenges (Part 2). Interview with Newly Re-Elected Superior General of the Marianists By Jose Antonio Varela Vidal
Father McGivney Sainthood Cause Advances. Knights of Columbus Founder Witnesses to Pastoral Vocation
Father O'Connell: Pope's Encyclical Both New and Ancient. University President Explains Importance of Charity and Truth By Genevieve Pollock
Father of Billings Method Dead at 89
Father of Five Becomes Shepherd to Many. Interview With Father Jerry Wetovick By Traci Osuna
Father Peter Smith Named Auxiliary for Portland, Oregon. 56-Year-Old South Africa Native a Member of Group Linked to Charismatic Renewal
Father Raniero Cantalamessa on Unclean Spirits. Comments on This Sunday's Readings
Father Raniero Cantalamessa’s Sermon for Good Friday (Full Text)
Father Richard John Neuhaus Dead at 72. First Things Founder Suffered From Cancer
Father Richard Neuhaus on Loving the Church "Main Problem Is a Lack of Faith"
Father Rosica Concludes 3-Year Reflection Cycle. "Words Made Flesh" to Be Available in Book Form A message from Father Rosica
Father Rosica Launches Weekly Column. Reflects on Gospel in "Words Made Flesh"
Father Rosica's Address to Canadian University Students "Is There Room for God in Our World Today?"
Father Rosica: Respect for Life Is Central to Development. Benedict XVI Analyzes Economic Crisis in 3rd Encyclical By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Father Schall on "Spe Salvi" (Part II) Says Pope a Universal Voice for the World By Carrie Gress
Father Schall: Encyclical Reconnects Rights and Duties. "Caritas in Veritate" Is a Guide For Temporal Life By Father James V. Schall, SJ
Father Shekelton: They Hold off Death for the Sacraments. English Priest Ministers to Amazon Villages
Father Williams: Benedict XVI's New Social Encyclical. Interview With Social Doctrine Professor Father Thomas Williams By Kathleen Naab
Fatherless Families. Spread of IVF Leaves Children in the Dark By Father John Flynn
Fatherless, Motherless, Childless: A 40-Year War (Part 1) Interview With Author Brian Gail By Genevieve Pollock
Fatherless, Motherless, Childless: A 40-Year War (Part 2) Interview With Author Brian Gail By Genevieve Pollock
Fathers in the "Golden Age" of Television. Pontifical University Hosts Congress the Role of Fatherhood in Modern TV Series
Fatima Apostolate to "Storm Heaven". Day of Prayer for Human Life, Oct. 8
Fatima Shrine Marks Francisco's 100th Birthday. With Congress on Spirituality of Children
Fatima Shrine Receives Golden Rose. Pope Recalls "Invisible Hand" That Saved John Paul II
Fatima Shrine Vandalized
Fatima Statue Due at Vatican to Mark a Fateful Day
Fatima: Pilgrimage to Sister Lucia’s Carmel at Coimbra
Feast Day of St. Rita: Patron of Impossibilities
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Be a Day of Prayer and Solidarity With Families of Immigrants
Feast of St. Thérèse Begins Month of Missions. Church Was Born 'to Go Forth'
Feast of the Assumption: Humanity Upheld by God. Lectio Divina: Solemnity of the Assumption, Aug 15
Feast of the Blessed Sacrament: Bernadette Soubirous' 1st Communion "For Bernadette, her First Communion was not the whim of an adolescent"
Feast of the Immaculate Conception And More on All Souls'
Feast of the Immaculate Conception: the Pope’s Traditional Prayer at the Foot of the Statue of the Virgin in Rome
Feast of the Sacred Heart: Pray to the Heart of Jesus During Whole of the Month of June
FEATURE FROM GENOA: ‘Pope Francis Is a Hero. A Father to Everyone’
FEATURE FROM GENOA: ‘Pope Francis Is a Hero. A Father to Everyone’
FEATURE: Abolishing Death Penalty Seen as Increasingly Achievable Worldwide
FEATURE: An Update on Lebanon, by Cardinal Dolan
FEATURE: Apostles of Christ in the Cradle of Islam
FEATURE: ‘Complaining Forbidden’: Pope’s Preferred Gifted Advice
FEATURE: ‘Pope Francis, I Give You a Drawing’
FEATURE: Cardinal Bagnasco to ZENIT: ‘If Church Didn’t Proclaim Gospel Today in Every Way Possible, She Wouldn’t Be Faithful to Gospel or the Young’
FEATURE: Cardinal Bo: Death Penalty ‘Inadmissability’ Is ‘Fearless Assertion’ to Protect Human Dignity
FEATURE: Cardinal Nichols: Through the Gift of Children God Renews the World
FEATURE: Cardinal Tagle to ZENIT: Caritas Wants to Be ‘Spokesperson,’ the Living Witness, of God’s Love for All People
FEATURE: Children’s Rosary Bears Fruit
FEATURE: Children’s Rosary Bears Fruit
FEATURE: Exhibition of Jubilee Bulls from Vatican Secret Archives Opens in Rome
FEATURE: Gospel’s Stronghold Welcomes Pope Francis
FEATURE: How to Become Saints: The Laity’s Lesson to Young Karol Wojtyla & Poland
FEATURE: Inciting International Action to Defeat Religious Persecution & Repression
FEATURE: Pope Francis Proposes New Work of Mercy
FEATURE: Sr. Prema: ‘Mother Teresa Was Icon of Unity’
FEATURE: The “Hypothetical” Resignation of Pope Paul VI
FEATURE: The Feast of St. Joseph — Also Father’s Day — Celebrated in Rome
FEATURE: We Must Make Good Use of Beauty As Way to Access Faith, Suggests Archbishop Fisichella
FEATURE: Welcome to a Winter Wonderland of Snow in Rome & the Vatican
FEATURE: When a Pope Understands Luther
FEATURE: ‘I Am Here to Bring the Greetings of Pope Benedict’
Feb. 19, 1858: Our Lady's Little Mission for Bernadette. Retired Bishop of Lourdes Reflects on Today's Apparition Anniversary
Feb. 8 Designated as Day to Pray for Victims of Human Trafficking. Feast of St. Josephine Bakhita
Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements
Feeding the Adult Catholic Mind and Soul. Catholic Schools Are a Foundation For Mature Christian Discipleship
Female Objectification Not All Fault of Men. Helen Alvare Highlights Woman's Complicity
Fertility Regulation, Naturally. Interview With Westminster Diocesan Aide
Festival Aims to Popularize Pilgrimages
Festive Atmosphere Welcomes New Swiss Guards. Swearing-in Ceremony of New Recruits Recalls More Than 500 Years of Loyalty to Pope
Fewer Young Spaniards Say They Are Catholic
FIAMC Statement on Obama and Life Issues. "Obama Promised to Be a Force for Positive Change"
Fidelity to Christ Can Lead to Martyrdom, Says Cardinal. Notes Faith and Love Are Needed to Protect Church
Fidelity to Gospel Will Take Courage, Pope Tells Couples
Fides Agency Analyzes Death Penalty. Considers Possible U.N. Sanction of Moratorium
Fides Supports Maronite Bishops
Fides: Catholic Population Growing to 1.3 Billion
Fidesco USA Seeks American Catholic Volunteers. New York's Archbishop Dolan Hosts Charity Launch By Andrea Kirk Assaf
Fight Against Poverty Aids Peace, Says Holy See. Extols Need for Development in Address at U.N.
Fighting Corruption Is a Form of Charity, Says Pope
Fighting Sexual Exploitation During World Cup. Congregations Mobilize Against Human Trafficking
Fighting Slavery. World Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking
Fighting the Fires Menacing Nigerian Coexistence. Bishops and Muslim Leaders Try to Snuff Out Conflicts By Edward Pentin
Fighting the Scourge of Human Trafficking. Women Religious Combat New Form of Slavery
Filipino Bishop Denounces Rise of Political Dynasties within Government. Auxiliary Bishop Jose Bagaforo Warns that Oligarchy Will Worsen Corruption
Filipino Bishop Denounces UN Recommendation to Legalize Prostitution. Bishop Broderick Pabillo Calls Report 'Morally Unacceptable'
Filipino Bishop Warns of Pandoras Box of Social and Spiritual Disasters. Bishop Gabriel Reyes Says Approval of Reproductive Health Law Will Lead To Other Anti-Life Measures
Filipino Bishops Ask Catholics to Run in Elections. Denounce Societal Violence, Killings
Filipino Bishops Call for "Truth Commission" on Election. Believe Independent Probe is Necessary to Investigate Irregularities
Filipino Bishops Call on Voters to Uphold Sanctity of Life. Prelates Make Effort to Derail Passage of Controversial RH Bill
Filipino Bishops Denounce Government's Failure to Address Real Problems. Call for Transparency and End of 'Continuing Corruption and Abuse of Power'
Filipino Bishops Denounce Move on Reproductive Legislation. Archbishop Lagdameo: May God Have Mercy on Our Congress By Junno Arocho
Filipino Bishops Prepare for Elections
Filipino Bishops Say Presidents Support of Reproductive Measure Is Misleading. Call for Faithful to Protest Ahead of August Vote By Junno Arocho
Filipino Bishops: 'Use Weapons of Prayer and Fasting Against Reproductive Health Bill'. President Aquino Attempts to Push For Passage Before End of Term
Filipino Catholic Social Action Agency Find Election Results Questionable. National Secretariate for Social Justice and Peace Calls on Election Commission to Explain Irregularities
Filipino Catholics to Gather for Day of Prayer. Call for End to Controversial Reproductive Health Bill
Filipino Expats on Reproductive Health Law: "Brace Yourselves". Lessening of Value of Human Life A Cause For Concern By Nirva'ana Ella Delacruz
Filipino Lawyers File Petition Against Reproductive Health Bill. Petition Requests Supreme Court to Declare Controversial Measure Null and Void
Filipino President Invites Church Leaders to Join Council Studying Peace Deal. Cardinals Luis Antonio Tagle and Orlando Quevedo, Archbishop Socrates Villegas Invited to Look Over BBL Agreement With Moro Rebel Group
Filipino Youth Institute Inspired by Newly Canonized Saint. San Pedro Calungsod Institute for the Young to Mobilize Youth for New Evangelization
Filipinos Ready to Pray 1 Million Rosaries
Filling Empty Catholic Schools With Latino Students Campaign Proposes Win-Win Solution
Filling the Psychological Void With Charity
Film "Guadalupe" to Open in U.S.
Film About Monastery Wins Award
Film About Polish Martyr Priest Shown in Rome. Father Jerzy Popieluszko Will Be Beatified Sunday By Antonio Gaspari
Film Affirms Fatima's Timeless Message. Priest Says Mary Links Muslims and Christians By Genevieve Pollock
Film Based on Play by St Pope John Paul II Captures Unique Life of St. Albert Chmielowski
Film Documents Life of Benedict XVI
Film Gives Inside Look at Cardinal Van Thuân. Premiered at Quebec Eucharistic Congress
Film on Pope Pius XII Debuts at Vatican. Monday's Premier of "Shades of Truth" Also Marked Late Pope's Birthday
Film Reveals John Paul II's Courage, Says Pope. Views Documentary Based on "A Life With Karol"
Film Searches for Truth About an Apparition of the Virgin Mary
Film Shows How Karol Wojtyla Was Prepared for Papacy
Filmmaker Competition Highlights the Ineffable
Final Communique on Conclusion of CCEE General Secretaries Meeting
Final Declaration from the IV Christian-Buddhist Colloquium
Final Declaration of the Holy See Delegation at the 24th Session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24)
Final Document of Congress on Gypsies "A Social Group That Has Fewer Opportunities"
Final Document on Recommendations for Airport Chaplains Released. Importance of New Evangelization and Outreach in Civil Aviation Field By Junno Arocho
Final Exams in Advent. Casting Out Fear
Final Interventions; Tapestry of Words. Cardinal Ouellet Synthesizes the Synod By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Final List of Propositions of the Synod of Bishops
Final Message of Word of God Synod "Let Us Approach the Table of the Word of God"
Final Report on Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious in US. "May the self-assessment and dialogue sparked by the Apostolic Visitation continue to bear abundant fruit for the revitalization and strengthening of religious institutes in fid
Final Statement From Arab Christian Media Conference At the Service of Justice, Peace and Human Rights
Final Statement of 3rd Meeting of Catholic-Muslim Forum "delegates unanimously condemned acts of terrorism, oppression, violence against innocent persons, persecution, desecration of sacred places, and the destruction of cultural heritage"
Final Statement of Catholic-Muslim Forum "Called to Be Instruments of Love and Harmony"
Final Statement of Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace's Seminar on the Global Common Good "Without a recovery of the virtue of gratuitousness and the willingness to make moral judgments, allowing our action to be guided by them, no structural reform
Financial Report of the Custody of the Holy Land
Find God's Love in Christ Crucified, Urges Pope. Proposes That Faithful Fix Gaze on Pierced Side
Find God's Love in Christ Crucified, Urges Pope. Proposes That Faithful Fix Gaze on Pierced Side
Find Rest in Christ, Urges Pope Francis
Finding an 'English' Faith in Rome. Tutor at England's Oldest Institution Abroad Speaks of Landmark Anniversary By Ann Schneible
Finding Bioethics in the Bible? Pontifical Biblical Commission Considers Moral Questions
Finding Christ in Sri Lanka. Interview With Nation's 1st Camillian Priest
Finding Christ's Imprint. Interview With Expert on the Shroud of Turin By Antonio Gaspari
Finding Eternity. Gospel Commentary for 3rd Sunday of Lent By Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap
Finding Forgiveness. Remembering the Purpose of Mass
Finding God in Migrants and Strangers. Interview With Sister Marilyn Lacey By Genevieve Pollock
Finding Jesus in Israel (Part 1). Vicar of Hebrew-Speaking Catholics Tells His Story
Finding Jesus in Israel (Part 2). Vicar of Hebrew-Speaking Catholics Tells His Story
Finding of Jesus' Tomb a Farce, Say Scholars
Finding Religion's Place in Society. Archbishop Celli Addresses European Media Summit
Finding the Church in Togo. Marist Brother Tells of Leaving Behind Traditional African Religion
Finding the Masculine Genius. Interview With English Professor Anthony Esolen
Finding the Right Catholic College Interview With Editor of Newman Guide By Carrie GressMANASSAS, Virginia
Finnish Lutheran Sounds a Catholic Note
Fire Destroys Asian Monastery
Fire of Love
First Blessed of Bari a Discalced Carmelite. Sister Elias of St. Clement (1901-1927)
First Friday Devotion and Good Friday
First Friday Devotion to Sacred Heart
First Fruits of 21 Copts' Martyrdom? Christians on the Nile React With Sadness, Optimism
First Lay Martyr of India Beatified. Hindu Convert Blessed Devasahayam Pillai Followed in the Footsteps of Job By Paul Kurian
First Serra Club Formed in Singapore
First Vatican Report Against Money Laundering Released. Holy See Taking Steps to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
First Woman Ever Appointed Rector of a Pontifical University. Says Church Doesn't Need Gender Quotas to Grow, But Collaboration
Five Belgians Euthanized Every Day in 2013. Rate of Killing Hits Record Numbers
Five Bosnian Martyr-Nuns Beatified. Sisters of Divine Charity Gave Witness to Charity, Chastity By Carmen Elena Villa
Five Little-Known Facts About Cardinal WojtyƂa’s Election as Pope
Flame From John Paul II's Tomb Going to Poland. "Lolek's Torch" to Mark Anniversary of His Death
Flannery O'Connor: 50 Years Later. Pontifical University Conference Marks Anniversary of Legendary Author's Death
Fledging Faith in Belarus Faces Secularism. Interview With Archbishop of Minsk
Fledgling Uzbekistani Church Perseveres. Bishop Details Life of 5,000 Faithful
Flickers of Catholic-Orthodox Unity
Flip Side
Flood Victims in Pope's Prayers
Flooding Closes Lourdes Shrine. Pilgrimage Site Asking for Support to Repair Damages
Florida Bishop Nevins Retires
Florida Bishop Weighs in on Health Care Reform. Says US Prelates Aren't Giving up the Debate
Florida Bishops Asking to Close Down Death Row. In Appeal for Life of Executed Tampa Man By Karna Swanson
Florida Bishops Give Reasons for Hope in Lead-up to Roe's 41st Anniversary "May we accept our Holy Fathers challenge to protect life at all stages and see the face of our Lord in the unborn"
Florida Bishops on Immigration Reform "Common good is not served when the human dignity and rights of individuals are violated"
Florida Bishops Plead for Stay to Executions
Florida Bishops Urge Rethinking of Death Penalty. Ask Governor to Halt Execution of Child Murderer
Florida Bishops Welcome Protection for Unborn at Viability. Note Advance of Medicine, Technology and Research
Florida Governor Seeking Ethical Stem Cell Research. Supports Funding Investigation of Non-Embryonic Sources
Florida Priest to Lead US Bishops' Liturgy Secretariat. Father Michael Flynn of Pensacola Is Theology Professor at New Orleans Seminary
Focolare 70 Years After Chiara Lubich's Encounter With the God of Love. Co-President Speaks on Movement's Anniversary and Future
Focolare Assembly to Elect Lubich. More Than Half of Delegates Are Women By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Focolare Business Initiative Reaches Africa. "Economy of Communion" Puts Profits in Common
Focolare Elects New President. Succeeds Late Founder, Chiara Lubich
Focolare Founder Gets Honorary Doctorate
Focolare Founder Gets Honorary Doctorate
Focolare Founder Promotes Golden Rule. Good for Dialogue; Could Prevent Terrorism
Focolare Helping Children in Sudan
Focolare Marks 2 Years Since Founder. Officials From Curia Join in Celebrating Her Legacy By Marine Soreau
Focolare Marks Anniversary of Founder
Focolare Movement Celebrates 1st Beatified Member. Pope Told Cardinal That Blessed Chiara Is a Model for Youth
Focolare President Meets With Francis. Says Pope Appreciates Ecclesial Movements
Focolare President Meets With Jordan's King. Movement Dedicated to Unity at Work Trying to Foster Peace in Mideast
Focolare President Promises Pope Testimony of Joy. Maria Voce Among Movement Leaders Who Greeted Francis
Focolare President, Members to Say Farewell at Audience Non-Christians, Non-Believers Speak of Pope's Legacy
Focolare Receives Papal Encouragement
Focolare Seeking Beatification of Founder. Movement Marks 30th Anniversary This Month
Focolare Youth to Run For Unity
Focolarini Mourn Helmut Nicklas
Focusing on Tolkien, Harry Potter and Others
Folk Religion Seen as Tool for New Evangelization. Commission Calls for Promoting, Purifying It
Follow His Promptings. God Doesn't Expect Big Things
Follow the Example of Your Patron St. Michael the Archangel, Pope Tells Italian State Police
Followers of Pope’s Instagram Account Quickly Number in Millions
Following Christ in China. Interview With Leader of Advocacy Group for Chinese Christians
Following Jesus Implies Suffering and a Cross. Biblical Reflection for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Following Jesus Is Key to Meaning of Life, Says Pope
Following Jesus on the Royal Road of the Cross Biblical Reflection for Palm Sunday C By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Following Jesus, Imitating Him, and Walking in His Light. Biblical Reflection for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Following Our Lady to Russia. Interview With Father Erich Fink
Following the Footsteps of Christ. Spiritual Renewal Course for Priests Offers Formative Experience in Holy Land
Following the Footsteps of St. Gianna. A Young Woman Who Postponed Treatment for a Tumor Leaves Behind Healthy Son By Salvatore Cernuzio
Fondacio. Christians for the World Association With an Ecumenical Dimension
Food and Clothes Aren't Enough, Says Cor Unum Leader. Conference Will Consider What the Poor Most Need
Food and Drink for the Journey. Biblical Reflection for the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Food Bank Gives Benedict XVI an Award
Food Crisis Forces Nigerian Seminary Closure. Many Others in Third World Could Follow
Food Security. Urged for Every Person. Holy See Addresses Conference in Africa
Food Security: A Priority in a Time of Crisis. Vatican Representative Archbishop Luigi Travaglino Address United Nations FAO Session
For "I" and For "Us," Pope Urges Responsibility. Vatican Communicators Present Papal Message
For an Examination of Conscience
For an Indian Catholic, Bitter Memories a Decade After Murderous Hindu Violence
For Benedict XVI’s 90th Birthday, a Literary Event in Rome
For Catholic Harmony, the Orchestra Has to Be in Tune. Looking Out for What Masquerades as Diversity
For Friday of Mercy, Pope Drops In on Elderly, Suffering Priests
For Greater Glory Offers Lessons in History, Catechesis. Film About Mexico's Fight for Religious Freedom Opens in June in US By Edward Pentin
For Mary’s Month of May, Pope Suggests ‘Simple,’ ‘Effective’ Praying of Rosary
For Missionary in Brazil, His Boat Is a Vital Tool for Evangelization
For Mother's Day: John Paul II's Reflections on Motherhood. From 1988 Apostolic Letter 'Mulieris Dignitatem'
For Parish Center in Nazareth
For Priests, a Crash Course in Spanish and Culture. Interview With Father Alex Yeung of Sacerdos Pastoral Center
For Second Sunday of Advent "Church-Building Is a Sign of Church-Community"
For the Handicapped, Some Are Quick to Kill. Preimplantation Diagnosis Makes Gains in Germany By Paul De Meyer
For the Love of Pets. The Growing Trend to Humanizing Animals By Father John Flynn
For the Media, 2 Criteria That Go Beyond Ideologies. Vatican Official Points to Truth and Justice to Communicators
For Unto Us a Child Is Born. Biblical Reflections for Hanukkah and the Birth of the Lord By Father Thomas Rosica
Force Can't Fix Migration Problems, Say Mexican Bishops. Conclusions of a 3-Day Church Meeting
Forced to Flee from War and Poverty, 27 Million Children Are Without School
Fordham University Hosts Cardinal Dolan, Stephen Colbert. 3,000 Attend Discussion on Humor and Faith
Foreign Investment Fuels Islam in Zambia
Forget the "Clash," Says Europarliament Official
Forgetting the Persecuted. Report Highlights Problems in Middle East By Father John Flynn, LC
Forgiveness and Judaism
Forgiveness Does Not Replace Justice, Says Pope. States Church By Jesús Colina
Forgiveness Has Implications in This Life, the Next. Biblical Reflection for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time A By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Forgiveness Has No Limits
Forgiving Hate. Dachau Memoir Sheds New Light on Holocaust By Karna Swanson
Forgiving Sometimes Means Forgetting. The Pope's Unique Role in the Holy Land By Father Thomas D. Williams, LC
Forgoing Life Conservation A Case Study
Former Ambassador Remembers John Paul II. Raymond Flynn Speaks at Polish Parish Dedication
Former Anglicans Ordained in England. 17 New Deacons for Personal Ordinariate
Former Archbishop of Florence Recognized as Righteous Among Nations. Acknowledged By Yad Vashem for Spearheading Rescue of Jews during World War II
Former Colombian Prisoners Recount Torments. Met the Pope to Thank Him for His Prayer By H. Sergio Mora
Former EU Leader to Present Papal Lent Message
Former IOR President Hopes to Speak to Francis. Reflects on Financial Transparency Efforts
Former Medjugorje Priest Laicized. Superior: Not a Judgment on Pilgrimage Site By Jesús Colina
Former Papal Assistant Charged With Aggravated Theft. Holy See Press Office Releases Indictment Charges Against Paolo Gabriele
Former Papal Butler Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Aggravated Theft. Director of Holy See Press Office Has Not Ruled Out Possibility of Papal Pardon By Junno Arocho
Former President of 'Vatican Bank' Speaks Out. Gotti Tedeschi Says He Doesn't Hold Grudge For False Accusations and is at Service of the Church
Former Pupils of Catholic Education. Encouraged by Cardinal Bea in 1960
Former Rector of Rome-Based English Seminary Appointed Bishop. Monsignor Nicholas Hudson Named Auxiliary for Westminster
Former Secretary of Unity Council Dies at 84. Bishop Pierre Duprey Known as a Missionary of Ecumenism
Former Soviet Country Celebrates Lourdes Apparitions. Conference Focuses on a Future Accompanied by Mary
Former Student Praises Recent Homily of Benedict XVI. Showed "Extraordinary Freshness and Spiritual Joy"
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Thomas P. Melady Dies. Tenure in Rome Coincided with Fall of Soviet Communism
Former Vatican Bank Chief Cleared of Wrongdoing. Gotti Tedeschi Was Cleaning Up Vatican Finances When Unlawfully Sacked, Says Court
Former Vatican Radio Director Dies at 76
Former Vicar for Rome to Write Via Crucis
Formerly Imprisoned Chinese Bishop Dies
Forming and Encouraging Good Shepherds
Fortune Magazine Names Pope "Greatest World Leader" Francis Heads List of 50 Persons Chosen for "Energizing Their Followers and Making World Better"
Forum of Catholic Action
Forum Opens for Those Approaching God as the Unknown. Courtyard of the Gentiles Launches Dialogue With Nonbelievers By Jesús Colina
FORUM: 'Remembering Middle-Eastern Christians'
FORUM: 'The Holy See and Astronomy' British Ambassador to Holy See's Deputy Head of Mission Speaks on Catholic Church's History of Supporting Sciences
FORUM: 'The Message of ‘Laudato si’, mi’ Signore’ – ‘Praise Be to You, My Lord’. Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Speaks at Acton Institute Conference
FORUM: A Letter From Syria. Archbishop Nassar: Syria has become the land of broken dreams
Forum: A Prophetic Pope and the Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. Francis' statements on the market are actually mild
FORUM: All That Is Visible and Invisible
FORUM: Ambassador Callista Gingrich: We Are Here to Celebrate Service & Sacrifice of Women Religious
FORUM: Archbishop Chaput: ‘Charity, Clarity, & Their Opposite’
FORUM: ‘Celebrating the Vocation of Fatherhood’
FORUM: ‘Do Not Be Afraid to Be Saints,’ by Archbishop Gomez
FORUM: ‘Fifty Years of the Gift of Humanae Vitae’
FORUM: ‘Love Saves Lives’
FORUM: ‘Love Saves Lives’
FORUM: ‘Our Call to Holiness,’ by Archbishop Gomez
FORUM: ‘Saints in the Making’
FORUM: ‘Summer Reading and Growing in the Gospel Life’
FORUM: ‘Ten Years Ago, Pope Benedict Came Bearing Witness to ‘Christ Our Hope”
FORUM: ‘The Rose Mass’
FORUM: Beginning Our Lenten Pilgrimage
FORUM: Cardinal Nichols on Lourdes Pilgrimage Says to Cherish Life and Embrace Death "One person's right to die is somebody else's duty to kill. We do not accept that. We both cherish life until it's end and we embrace death"
FORUM: Evangelizing Catholics "It comes down to revealing what matters most to us—God’s mercy and love—to our friends"
FORUM: How You Can Enter More Fully Into Mystery as it Unfolds Over Coming Week
Forum: Let Those Who Have Ears "This week, I’ll try to receive Pope Francis as he is: as the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, and as a man, a brother in Christ"
FORUM: Life and Death – A Different Worldview
Forum: Love, Tolerance, and the Making of Distinctions. Once the sense that there is objective good and evil has been attenuated, as it largely has been in our society, the only categories we have left are psychological ones
FORUM: Mount Tabor, Blessed Paul VI and the Feast of the Transfiguration. Fr. Thomas Rosica Reflects on the 37th Anniversary of Blessed Paul VI's Death
FORUM: On Mother Teresa’s Canonization
FORUM: On This 12th Day of Christmas, a Reflection on Healing Our Decembers and Hope
FORUM: Patriarch Younan: Jesus’ Words Are a Beacon That Guides Our Lives
Forum: Praise be To You, Lord. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput Reflects on Pope Francis' Encyclical 'Laudato Si'
FORUM: Requiring Genetic Tests Violates Fundamental Human Rights
FORUM: The Death of God and the Loss of Human Dignity "For the past two hundred years, atheists have been loudly asserting that the dismissal of God will lead to human liberation. I would strenuously argue precisely the contrary."
FORUM: The Face of Mercy in Calcutta’s Gutters: Mother Teresa to Be Proclaimed a Saint
FORUM: The Newness of Christmas
Forum: The Pope, The Congress, and a Trappist Monk "When a sense of God evanesces-as it has increasingly in our secularized Western world-all we have left for understanding human affairs are psychological and political categories"
FORUM: The Spiritual Master Pope Francis Wants You to Read
Forum: The Supreme Court and the Passion of Christ
FORUM: The Value of a Single Human Life
FORUM: There is No Equivalence "No Christian can avoid the duty to work for more justice and charity in our life as a nation"
Forum: Two Months and Counting. Excitement Builds as World Meeting of Families Draws Near
Forum: We Must Stand for the Truth About Marriage. Patriotism is a virtue; Supreme Court ruling a reminder to pray and sacrifice for the nation
FORUM: What We Should Really Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving: Grace, Salvation, Mercy and Holiness
FORUM: Why You Need Spiritual Food "The soul wants to pray every day, to speak to God and to listen to him"
FORUM: Your Life Does Not Belong to You "We are built for worship, and therefore in the absence of God, we will make some other value our ultimate concern. Wealth, power, pleasure, and honor have all played the role of false gods over the course of the hu
FORUM: 'High level seminar on Freedom of Religion in Europe: achievements and perspectives'
FORUM: ‘A Way of Life’
Forum: ‘Celebrating St. George’
FORUM: ‘Faith and Trust in the Goodness of God: The Mercy of Christian Hope’
FORUM: ‘Gifts From God’
Forum: ‘Making Earthly Life More Heavenly: Marriage Jubilarians’
FORUM: ‘Making Moral Choices’
Forum: ‘Mary, Help of Christians’
FORUM: ‘Reflection on the Role of Cardinals in the Church’
FORUM: ‘Religions Against Extremism’
Forum: ‘Saint Joseph, the Quiet Man of Faith’
Forum: ‘The Psalms of Mercy’
Forum: ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus’
FORUM: ‘Who Is Jesus’
FORUM: “Allahu akbar” Was Never a Call to Violence and Destruction
Foster Charity Through Dialogue, Urges Prelate
Fostering a Culture of Vocation. Co-Creator of Vocationcast Speaks About Utilizing Modern Means of Communication By Ann Schneible
Fostering Dialogue, Building Community. Mideast Synod Focuses on Diaspora of Christians By Bishop Béchara Raï
Foundation Advises Israel on Religious Etiquette
Foundation Allocates $2.1 Million for Latin America
Foundation Built on the Word. Interview With Cardinal Marc Ouellet By Kris Dmytrenko
Foundation Considers Nearly $3M for Aid to Latin America. Populorum Progressio Council Meeting Under Way
Foundation Hails Myth-Debunking Book on Pius XII. Says Rabbi Reveals "Other Side of the Coin"
Foundation Recalls John XXIII's Assistance to Jews
Foundation Seeking More Than Hindu in India Schools
Foundation to Aid Indigenous Poor. Proposals Include Latin American, Caribbean Communities
Foundation to Promote Thought of Benedict XVI. Announced at Gathering of Pope's Former Students
Foundation's Aid Is Just a Start, Say Prelates. Call on Catholics to Show Church's Love for Poor
Founder of Presentation Sisters Declared Venerable. Irish Nun Hailed as a Pioneer of Girls' Education
Founder of Studies Center on the Role of Arab Christian Media "Media must be a servant of Justice, Peace and Human Rights"
Founder of U.S. March for Life Passes Away. Nellie Gray Remembered As Passionate Defender of Pro-Life Movement
Founder of Vocationists Is Beatified. Established Order to Foster Priestly Vocations By Carmen Elena Villa
Founder's Thanksgiving. Kiko Argüello Shares Impressions of Papal Audience By Salvatore Cernuzio
Founder: Mideast Reconciliation Is Sign of New Era. Israeli, Palestinian Politicians Continue Dialogue
Founding Science; Jews Who Love the Pope. Where Honest Scientists Trace Their Roots By Edward Pentin
Four Named to Eastern Churches Congregation
Fourth Lenten Sermon of Father Cantalamessa "Let Us Call Even Those Who Hate Us 'Brother'"
Fourth of July Forum: Remarks at U.S. Embassy to the Holy See 2018 Independence Day Celebration, by Ambassador Callista Gingrich
Fowl Suggestion for Lent
Foyers de Charité Called to Live the Beatitudes
Fr Cantalamessa: All of Us, Our Institutions Have Risk of Being Like Pilate, Washing Our Hands. Reflects in Good Friday Homily on How What God Requests of Us Is Not Impossible
Fr Cantalamessa’s Homily at Vespers for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
Fr Lombardi: Pope's Visit to Native Latin America Showed a Pastor Among His Sheep. Says Pope's Dedicated to Helping His People Construct a Future
Fr. "Kenny" Walker: Innocent, Pure, Joyful, Holy. Friend of Murdered Priest Recounts Memories on Day of His Funeral
Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Sermon
Fr. Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon. 'Mary in the Mystery of Christ and of the Church'
Fr. Cantalamessa's 3rd Lenten Homily 2015. East and West Before the Mystery of Christ
Fr. Cantalamessa's 4th Lenten Homily 2015. East and West Before the Mystery of the Holy Spirit
Fr. Cantalamessa's 5th Lenten Homily 2015. East and West Before the Mystery of Salvation
Fr. Cantalamessa: Christ at the Center of Time
Fr. Cantalamessa: Homily at Celebration of Lord’s Passion (FULL TEXT)
Fr. Cantalamessa: The Importance of Obedience to a Christian
Fr. Cantalamessa: The Truth of the Passion
Fr. Cantalamessa’s Third Advent Sermon
Fr. Cantalamessa's 2nd Advent Homily "Peace as a Duty"
Fr. Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Homily "Peace, Fruit of the Spirit"
Fr. Lombardi Reflects on Pope Francis' First Year. Vatican Spokesman Says Holy Father Has Given "Great Impulse" to the Church
Fr. Lombardi Responds to Pope’s Answer to Trump Question
Fr. Lombardi's Statement on Questions Regarding Pope's Daily Homilies
Fr. Lombardi: 'Pope Benedict is Still Our Pope' Holy See Press Office Director Says Pontiff's Schedule Will Continue As Normal
Fr. Lombardi: 'Pope Francis Following Catania Shipwreck Closely'. Boat Carrying Mainly Syrians and Egyptians Runs Aground, Killing Six Migrants
Fr. Lombardi: Brazil Expected to Be Pope's Only 2013 International Trip. Spokesman Also Confirms Benedict XVI's Move Back to the Vatican
Fr. Lombardi: Cardinals Are Aware of Seriousness of the Papal Election. College of Cardinals Meet Twice Today to Discuss Situation of the Church
Fr. Lombardi: Cardinals Are Preparing In A Serious, Profound, and Unhurried Way. Fourth General Congregation Takes Place This Morning
Fr. Lombardi: Church is Committed to Protection of Minors. Vatican Spokesman Explains Pope's Defense of Church In Interview
Fr. Lombardi: Consistory Focused on Pastoral Vision for the Family. Vatican Spokesman Updates Journalists on 1st Day of Cardinals' Meeting
Fr. Lombardi: Indictment Will Help People Reflect on Loyalty. Holy See Press Office Director Releases Statement on Charges Against Paolo Gabriele By Junno Arocho
Fr. Lombardi: Pope Did Not Give Blessing to Ugandans Backing Death Penalty. Spokesman Responds to Media Reports on Officials Seeking Capital Punishment for Homosexuals
Fr. Lombardi: Pope Francis Did Not Perform Exorcism. Holy See Press Office Director Denies Reports that Pontiff Performed Rite on Young Man After Pentecost Mass
Fr. Lombardi: Pope Francis Gives Testimony of Simplicity "We Have a Pope Who Wants to Serve"
Fr. Lombardi: Vatican Not Concerned by NSA Spying Rumors. Italian Article Claims US Intercepted Vatican Phone Calls
Fr. Lombardi’s Note on Document Clarifying Removal of Bishops Due to Negligence
Fr. Melvin Castro: Reproductive Health Bill is 'Anti-Women'. Filipino Catholic Bishops Executive Secretary Denounces Proposed Legislation
Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa Addresses Charismatic Renewal Meeting in Rimini. Preacher of the Papal Household Speaks on Experiencing and Knowing the Holy Spirit
Fr. Robert Barron: We Are in a Golden Age of the Papacy. Word On Fire Founder Reflects on Legacy of Saints John XXIII, John Paul II
Fr. Robert Prevost: New Evangelization Must Counter Distortion of Faith in Mass Media. Augustinian Prior General Addresses Synod of Bishops By Junno Arocho
Fr. Rosica: Advent Wakes Us From Our Stupor. Liturgical Season a Time of Hope, Celebration and Ultimate Triumph
Framework Agreement Signed Between Republic of Burundi and Holy See. Treaty Solidifies Amicable Ties Between the Two States
France Called a Hope for the Church. Vatican Aide Evaluates Lourdes Trip
France Has New Marian Shrine. Shepherdess' Visions of Our Lady Approved by Church
France, Spain Unite to Protect Ancient Pilgrim Path Way of St. James Still Seen as Evangelization Opportunity
France: call for ultrasound and prenatal screening practices to be reassessed
Franchising to Evangelize. Interview With Director of Mary of Nazareth International By Jesús Colina
Francis Again Appeals for Peace in Syria. Says Real Battles Are for Life, Never for Death
Francis Again Calls for 2-State Solution. Says Israelis and Palestinians Both Have Right to Live in Peace
Francis and Catholic Social Teaching. Debates About Economy, Equality and Poverty Sure to Continue
Francis and Clare: In Love, But With Whom? Father Cantalamessa Analyzes Relationship
Francis Answers Letter From Argentina's President. Admits His Work Is 'Not at All Easy'
Francis Appeals for an “End to the Causes of Forced Migrations”
Francis Asks Faithful to Pray For Benedict XVI. Calls Him "Man of Great Courage and Humility" on One Year Anniversary of Resignation
Francis Asks Faithful to Pray For Benedict XVI. Calls Him "Man of Great Courage and Humility" on One Year Anniversary of Resignation
Francis Asks Forgiveness Because of Priests Who Have Harmed Children. Calls on Protections for Children, Including Reaffirming Right to Grow Up With a Father and Mother
Francis Asks Peace for Central African Republic. Rebel Fighters Have Taken Over Capital
Francis Assures His Closeness to Unemployed. Encourages People of Sardinia to Not Lose Hope in the Face of Struggles
Francis at Morning Mass: Corrupt Must Repent. Says Christians Should Pray for Those Who Fall to This Sin, and to Avoid Temptation
Francis Calls Faithful to Visit Retired Priests, Nuns. Notes Difficult Final Years for 3 Biblical Figures
Francis Calls Human Trafficking a "Crime Against Humanity" Conference on Combating Human Trafficking Draws to a Close Today
Francis Calls on Base Ecclesial Communities to Continue Commitment to the Gospel. Sends Letter to Inter-Ecclesial Meeting in Brazil
Francis Calls on Faithful to Live as 'Children of God' Thousands Gather in St. Peter's for Weekly General Audience
Francis Canonizes Record-Breaking Number of Saints: 802 Reflects on Giving Witness to Faith in the Midst of Persecution
Francis Celebrates Feast of St. George Mass. Pontiff Celebrates Namesake Day with Cardinals of Rome
Francis Celebrates Mass at Tomb of John Paul II. Reflects on Being Open to Receive Gods Love
Francis Commemorates 35th Anniversary of Blessed John Paul II's Election. Entrusts Polish Pilgrims to the Intercession of Predecessor
Francis Condemns Calumny as Work of Satan. At Morning Mass, Pope Remembers Martyrs
Francis Confirms New Eparchate of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Assents to Election of Father Tuchapets as 1st Bishop
Francis Congratulates Benedict for Feast of St. Joseph Holy Father Calls Pope Emeritus for His Name Day
Francis Congratulates Benedict XVI for Feast of St. Joseph. Holy Father Calls Pope Emeritus for His Name Day
Francis Convenes Extraordinary Synod of Bishops For October 2014. Synod Will Focus on Pastoral Challenges of the Family
Francis Encourages Knights in Their Public Witness. Says Patrimony of Moral Truths Must Be Protected
Francis Follows Benedict in Decrying 'Tyranny of Relativism'. Speaks to Diplomatic Corps of Fighting Poverty, Environment, Peace-building
Francis Gives 3 Guidelines to Focolare Movement. Urges Them to Grow in Contemplation, Evangelization
Francis Goes to Francis' Home. Monastery Custodian on Anticipating the Pope's Visit to Assisi
Francis Has Caused Faithful to Flock to Rome. Number of Those Visiting St. Peter's Has Tripled
Francis Has Spoken With Pope Emeritus And Journalists to Be Among First to Have Papal Audience
Francis Invites 'Going Out of Ourselves' in 1st General Audience. Calls Faithful to Follow Jesus' Logic
Francis Invites Faithful to Live According to the Holy Spirit. Offers Prayers For Victims of Garment Factory Collapse in Bangladesh
Francis Invites Faithful to Turn Eyes Toward Eternity. Begins November With Reflections on Death, Sanctity, Salvation
Francis Issues Motu Proprio on More Financial Reform. Pontiff Reaffirms Holy See's Commitment to Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing
Francis Looks 10 Years Younger, Says Argentine Journalist Eduardo Woites on the Holy Spirit's Comforts
Francis Lunched With Priests of Rome on Holy Thursday. Meeting Described as a Father Embracing His Sons
Francis Marks Today's Anniversary of John Paul II's Death Says Upcoming Canonization Is Invitation to Revive 'Heritage of Faith' Left by Polish Pontiff
Francis Meets with "Centesimus Annus - Pro Pontefice" Foundation. Emphasizes Need to "Rethink Solidarity" As a Fundamental Human Right
Francis Meets with Archbishop of Canterbury. Both Encourage Need for Dialogue and Unity Among Churches
Francis Meets with Delegation of the Knights of Columbus. Calls on Them To Continue to "Seek New Ways of Being a Leaven of the Gospel"
Francis Meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Economic and Socio-Political Situation of Europe Among Topics Discussed
Francis Meets With Leader of Argentine Indigenous Community "We Don't Belong to the Church But We Trust in the Capacity of Many Good People"
Francis Meets with President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon of Colombia. Head of State President Attended Canonization of First Colombian Saint
Francis Meets with President Michel Sleiman of Lebanon. Importance of Dialogue, Humanitarian Assistance for Syrian Refugees Among Topics Discussed
Francis Meets With Priests of Rome. Reflections From His Conversation
Francis Meets with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey of Spain. Current Economic Situation, Importance of Marriage and Family Among Topic Discussed
Francis Meets With Salesian General Chapter. Offers Advice on Fostering Vocation to Consecrated Life
Francis Meets With Seminarians, Novices, Youth Discerning Vocation. Speaks Openly on Mission of the Church in the World
Francis Meets with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Humanitarian Emergencies and Human Trafficking Among Themes Discussed
Francis Mourns Death of Zambia's 1st Cardinal. Former Archbishop of Lusaka Died Thursday at 81
Francis Offers Mass for Benedict XVI. Pontiff Emeritus Celebrates 88th Birthday Today
Francis on Turin: “I Truly Felt At Home” Expresses Gratitude to People of Turin Following Papal Visit
Francis Opens to Public the Gardens at Castel Gandolfo 'Where Splendor of Art and Glory of Nature Coexist in Admirable Equilibrium'
Francis Pays Homage to St John Paul II on 12th Anniversary of His Death
Francis Personally Signs Ramadan Message. Speaks of Respect as Common Value for Muslims, Christians
Francis Praying for Flood Victims in His Homeland. Rain Storm Causes Flash Floods; More Than 50 Dead
Francis Praying for Those Considering Suicide. October Intentions Focus on People Suffering Despair and Missions
Francis Praying This Month for Priests' Fidelity. November Intentions Also Include Missionaries From Latin America
Francis Prays Before Shroud of Turin. Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Piazza Vittorio Veneto For Papal Mass
Francis Rallying Support for Peace. In Addition to Sept. 7 Day of Fasting and Prayer, Using Twitter to Discourage War
Francis Receives Governor General of New Zealand. Audience is a First in Country's History
Francis Recounts Testimony of Argentine Worker, Father of 8. Man Takes Strength From Name of Jesus
Francis Reiterates Appeal for Peace in Syria. Says Saturday's Prayer and Fast Will Also Be for Peace in the Heart
Francis Remembers Thatcher's Promotion of Freedom. Former British Prime Minister Died Today at 87
Francis Reminds Charismatic Catholics to Never Lose Freedom Given By Holy Spirit. Addresses 52,000 Members of "Renewal in the Spirit" in Rome's Olympic Stadium
Francis Responds to 3-Year-Old's Letter. Sends His Blessing to Her Daycare
Francis Saddened by News of Fertilizer Plant Explosion. Sends Condolences and Prayers to Victims in Texas
Francis Says God Never Gets Tired of Forgiving. Celebrates Sunday Mass at Vatican Parish
Francis Sends Aid to Flood Victims. Nuncio Sees Gift as Concrete Expression of Spiritual Closeness
Francis Sends Condolences to Australian Wildfire Victims. Devastating Fires Claim One Life and Destroy Hundreds of Homes
Francis Sends Message to the Americas for Thursday's Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mary's embrace showed what America-North & South-is called to be: a land where different peoples come together; a land prepared to accept human life at every stage, from
Francis Sends Message to Venezuela's Dialogue. Urges President, Opposition Leaders to Work for Good of Nation, Future
Francis Sends Messages to Compatriots and Local Citizens of Two Popes. John Paul II Helped Faithful Not to Fear Truth, John XXIII a Great Gift For the Church
Francis Starts Festival of Forgiveness by Going to Confession. Dioceses Around the World Participating in '24 Hours for the Lord'
Francis Stresses Mission of Women in Transmitting Faith And Calls Faithful to Feel the Joy of Being Christian
Francis Supports Day of Remembrance of Persecuted Christians. Italian Bishops Conference Choose Vigil of Pentecost To Pray for Today's Martyrs
Francis Surprises Vatican Employees by Dropping In. And At Mass Today, Says Gossip Is Like What Judas Did
Francis Takes Possession of Basilica of St. Mary Major. Invokes Maternal Protection of the Blessed Mother on Rome and the World
Francis Taps Franciscan Director for Religious Life Post. Fr. Rodríguez Carballo Named Secretary of Congregation
Francis Tells Religious Leaders: We Are Brothers. Says Life Is a Journey That Cannot Be Traveled Alone
Francis Thanks Charity Group for Being 'God's Caress' Says Apostles of Charity Take the Gospel Seriously
Francis the Radical. Rooted in Love
Francis to Arabic-Speaking Pilgrims: Faith Can Make World More Just. Encourages Them to Be Example of God's Mercy
Francis to Argentinians: Instead of Traveling to Rome, Donate to Poor. Pope Makes Same Request He Made as Cardinal
Francis to Caritas: The World Needs Church's Tenderness Pope Refers to Charity Organization as Church's Caress
Francis to Celebrate Feast Day Mass at Verano Cemetery. Friday Service to Include Blessing of Tombs
Francis to Crowds: Hail Mary, Blessing, ‘Go to Sleep’ For 2nd Night, Large Crowds Shout for Papal Greeting at His Residence at Apostolic Nunciature in Quito
Francis to Families: Don't Ever Let the Sun Set Without Reconciling. More Than 150,000 Gather in St. Peter's For Pilgrimage of Families
Francis to Newly Ordained Bishops: The Episcopate is a Service, Not An Honor. Pope Celebrates First Episcopal Ordination of His Pontificate
Francis to Participate Friday in Family-Led Vigil. Event Sponsored by Italian Family Movement Marks Its 10th Year
Francis to Visit Assisi on Oct. 4. Schedule for Day Trip Includes Visit to Sick Children, Lunch With Poor
Francis to Visit Rome's Agostino Gemelli Hospital This Friday. Visit Marks the Occasions of Feast of Sacred Heart and 90th Catholic University Day
Francis Urges Writers of Civiltà Cattolica to Seek Out Frontiers. Says Jesuit Journal Must Build Bridges, Engage Even Non-Christians
Francis Visited by Children, Parents and Staff from Local Hospital. Pilgrimage Group Invited After Children Request to Pray with Pope
Francis Visits Missionaries of Charity. Soup Kitchen, Home for Women Supported by 3 Popes
Francis Visits Tombs of Predecessors. From Peter to John Paul II
Francis Welcomes Benedict XVI Back to Vatican. Pope Emeritus Takes Up Residence in Monastery
Francis Will Take Up Cathedral as Bishop of Rome on April 7. St. John Lateran Celebration Held Off Till End of Lent
Francis Will Visit Lampedusa to Pray for Shipwrecked Migrants. Will Urge Taking Responsibility for Brothers and Sisters
Francis Wishes Benedict XVI a Happy 87th Birthday. Pope Emeritus Marking His Birthday With Prayer, Especially as It Falls During Holy Week
Francis Won't Spend Summer at Castel Gandolfo And General Audiences Only Suspended for July
Francis Writes Rome's Chief Rabbi. Notes Hope of Contributing to Progress in Jewish-Christian Relations
Francis Xavier's Church Closes to Guided Tours
Francis' 1st Homily "When we journey without the cross ... and when we confess a Christ without the cross, we are not disciples of the Lord"
Francis' 1st Tweet Requests Prayers. 3.4M Following Papal Twitter Account
Francis' Address at Prayer Service With Patriarch Bartholomew. Let us not deprive the world of the joyful message of the resurrection! And let us not be deaf to the powerful summons to unity which rings out from this very place, in the words of the One wh
Francis' Address at Seraphic Institute of Assisi "Jesus' wounds are here and they are in Heaven before the Father"
Francis' Address on 50th Anniversary of Pacem in Terris "I wonder if the words justice and solidarity are only in our dictionary or if we all work to make them a reality"
Francis' Address to Bishops' Congregation "Where can we find such men? ... I am sure that they are there, since the Lord does not abandon his Church"
Francis' Address to Cardinals. "I express my willingness to serve the Gospel with renewed love"
Francis' Address to Catholicos of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church "it is important to intensify our prayer, because only the Holy Spirit with his grace, his light and his warmth can melt our coldness and guide our steps towards an ever greater brotherhoo
Francis' Address to Circle of St. Peter "Every day we are all called to become 'God's caress' for those who perhaps ... have never felt a caress in their lives"
Francis' Address to Congregation for Catholic Education "I also allow myself to suggest the need for retreats and Spiritual Exercises for educators"
Francis' Address to Cor Unum Coordinating Meeting for Syrian Relief "Let the weapons be silent!"
Francis' Address to Diplomatic Corps. "Fighting poverty, both material and spiritual, building peace and constructing bridges"
Francis' Address to Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem
Francis' Address to Gregorian University "Your Institutes are not machines to produce theologians and philosophers; they are communities in which one grows, and growth occurs in the family"
Francis' Address to Italian President "In todays world religious liberty is more often affirmed than fulfilled"
Francis' Address to La Civiltà Cattolica "Your main task is not to build walls but bridges"
Francis' Address to Meeting on 'Mulieris Dignitatem' "The Church is woman, is Mother, and this is beautiful"
Francis' Address to Members of the Apostolic Signature "it is necessary to always keep alive the connection between the action of the Church that evangelizes and the action of the Church that administers justice"
Francis' Address to New Ambassadors. "There is a need for financial reform along ethical lines that would produce in its turn an economic reform to benefit everyone"
Francis' Address to New Bishops on Pilgrimage in Rome "To tend means: to welcome with magnanimity, to walk with the flock, to stay with the flock"
Francis' Address to Pastoral Councils, Clergy in Assisi "What a great gift it is to be the Church, to be part of the People of God!"
Francis' Address to Salesians' General Chapter "To go against the marginalization of young people requires courage, maturity and much prayer. And the best must be sent to this work! The best!"
Francis' Address to Soccer Delegations. "Even if you don't realize it, you are models, for good or evil, for so many people who look at you with admiration"
Francis' Address to the Mercies, Italian Volunteers "We have heard plenty of words! What is useful is doing, your doing, Christian witness, going to people who are suffering, getting close to them as Jesus did"
Francis' Address to the Poor Clares "Contemplation Always ... And Community Life Always"
Francis' Address to Tribunal of Roman Rota "The juridical dimension and the pastoral dimension of the ecclesial ministry are not in opposition"
Francis' Catechesis at Marian Day Vigil "It is a fact: Mary always brings us to Jesus"
Francis' Chirograph to Establish New Commission "To continue in the work of introducing reforms in the Institutions of the Holy See"
Francis' Homily at Cathedral of St. John Lateran "We hear many offers from the world around us; but let us take up God's offer instead: his is a caress of love"
Francis' Homily at Roman Cemetery on Feast of All Saints "Today is a day of hope. Our brothers and sisters are in the presence of God and we also will be there, by pure grace of the Lord, if we walk on the path of Jesus"
Francis' Letter to Argentine Bishops' Assembly "We must come out of ourselves ... and grow in boldness"
Francis' Letter to Delegate for Legionaries of Christ "Please extend a word of encouragement on my behalf"
Francis' Letter to Superior-General of Jesuits. Pope Praying for All Jesuits, That They May Be "Evangelical Leaven in the World"
Francis' Message for 88th World Mission Day "Let us not be robbed of the joy of evangelization!"
Francis' Message for Beatification of Spanish Martyrs "There is no such thing as love in parts, in portions. Love is total: and when one loves, one loves to the end"
Francis' Message for Shroud of Turin Broadcast. "Yet mysteriously he is watching us, and in silence he speaks to us"
Francis' Message for World Day of Peace 2014. "The family is the wellspring of all fraternity, and as such it is the foundation and the first pathway to peace, since, by its vocation, it is meant to spread its love to the world around it."
Francis' Message for World Mission Day "Faith is Gods precious gift"
Francis' Message to Muslims for End of Ramadan. Promoting Mutual Respect Through Education
Francis' Message to Symposium on Church-State Relations "Ecclesiastical authority and the civil power are called to collaborate for the integral good of the human community"
Francis' Message to Venezuela "Unity must prevail over conflict"
Francis' Message to Winners of Ratzinger Prize. Benedict XVI did theology on his knees, and we all know it. And he has made it available in the most accessible way"
Francis' Pentecost Homily "Christ glorified at the right hand of the Father continues to realize his promise, sending the Church the vivifying Spirit, who teaches us and reminds us and makes us speak"
Francis' Petrine Ministry Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima. Portuguese Prelate Recounts Pope's Request
Francis' Pontificate Consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima. Cardinal of Lisbon Asks Mary to Help Pope in Renewing the Church
Francis' Press Conference on Return Flight From Brazil (Part 1). "I am happy. It has been a good trip; it has done me good spiritually"
Francis' Press Conference on Return Flight From Brazil (Part 2) "If you do what the Lord wants, you are happy. This is my sentiment, what I feel"
Francis' Schedule for Lent Liturgies. Mass of the Last Supper to Be Held in a 'Situation of a Special Nature From a Pastoral Point of View'
Francis' Secret Was Love for Christ, Says Pope. Assisi Trip Marks 800th Anniversary of Saint's Conversion
Francis' Vicar for Rome Confirmed in Post. Cardinal Agostino Vallini to Continue Overseeing Pope's Diocese
Francis' Video Message to '10 Squares for 10 Commandments' "The Ten Commandments come from a God who has created us for love, from a God who has forged a close alliance with humanity, a God who only wills the good for man"
Francis' Video Message to Conference on Evangelizing the Americas "The Church's intimacy with Jesus is an itinerant intimacy, it implies going out of oneself, walking and sowing always again, always further on"
Francis' Video Message to Shrines Participating in Marian Day Vigil. When we are weary, downcast, beset with cares, let us look to Mary, let us feel her gaze, which speaks to our heart and says: "Courage, my child, I am here to help you!".
Francis' Words at Consecration of Vatican City State to Archangel Michael. "evil has been vanquished, the accuser is unmasked, his head is crushed, because salvation was accomplished once and for all in the Blood of Christ"
Francis' Words at End of Via Crucis. "Christians must respond to evil with good, taking the Cross upon themselves as Jesus did"
Francis, Benedict XVI Send Greetings to New Archbishop of Canterbury. Enthronement of Justin Welby Takes Place in London Today
Francis: "The Church is not an NGO". Pontiff Emphasizes Necessity of Poverty and Praise in Proclaiming the Gospel
Francis: 'A Good Priest Is Recognized by the Way His People Are Anointed'. In First Chrism Mass Homily, Pontiff Reflects on Priestly Ministry
Francis: 'Christ Defends Us From the Insidiousness of the Devil' Pope Continues Catechesis on the Creed During Weekly General Audience
Francis: 'Give Time to Time'. Says God Works in History, Not With a Magic Wand
Francis: A ‘Creative’ and ‘Corrective’ Pope. Papal Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Guillermo Karcher Reflects on the Pope’s Recent Visit to Latin America
Francis: Ask For the Grace of Meekness and Love. Celebrates Mass In Spanish For the First Time In His Papacy
Francis: Commandments Aren't Fashionable, But Are Hymn to Love. Saying 'Yes' to Love Means Saying 'No' to Non-Love, Pope Explains
Francis: Everyone Should Make Personal Contribution to End Injustice. Says Brazil's Poor Have Valuable Lesson for the World
Francis: Look Out, Because the Devil Is Present. Warns Against Being Naive or Thinking It's Old-Fashioned to Speak of Satan
Francis: No Crime or Sin Can Make God Forget His Child. Pope Considers Lesson of Zacchaeus in Angelus Address
Francis: Nourish Hope in Refugees, Migrants. Recalls That for the Church, No One Is a Stranger
Francis: Patience of God Is a Mystery. In Homily for Today's Mass, Focuses on Jesus' Patience
Francis: The Church is Not the Master of Forgiveness, But Its Servant. Stresses The Ministry of Priests as Bringers of the Mercy of God
Francis: We Don't Save Ourselves. Pope at Morning Mass Warns Against False Securities
Francis: We Must Submit to the Holy Spirit. Pope at Daily Mass Encourages Individuals, Whole Church
Francis: We Too have Been Chosen by God to Live Free of Sin. Pope Remembers Feast of the Immaculate Conception During Angelus
Franciscan Community To Be Founded in Jordan
Franciscan Historian Father Cenci Died This Week. Priest Found His Mission in Studies
Franciscan Minister General on the Custody of the Holy Land "To the Service of the 'Pearl' of the Missions"
Franciscan Nun Murdered in Brazil. Sr. Irma Odete Francisca Dedicated Final Years of Her Life Helping Those Battling Drug Addiction
Franciscan Priest Kidnapped in Syria Released. Father Jallouf Under House Arrest in Convent of Parish
Franciscan Virtues Worthy of Imitation. Cardinal Recalls Feast of Pardon of Assisi
Franciscan's Visit to Vietnam Is a First
Franciscans Continue Hospitality of Founder
Franciscans Convene 199th General Chapter
Franciscans Going "Home" for 800th Birthday. Will Commemorate Meeting Called by St. Francis
Franciscans Prepare for 800th Anniversary. Chapter Reflects Vocation of Order
Francis’ Address to Benedict for 65th Anniversary of Pope Emeritus’ Priestly Ordination
Fraternal Delegate: With Justice, Comes Peace. Methodist Archbishop Addresses Assembly
Fraternal Delegates at 7th General Congregation
Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities. An Initiative Identified With Renewal
Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld. Centered on Jesus and 3 Aspects of His Life
Free "Prayers for Haiti" Book Offered Online
Free Booklet Explains Conclaves. 36-page PDF Tells What Happens Before, During and After a Papal Election
Free Enterprise and the Catholic Church. The Morality of Business and Work By Father John Flynn, LC
Free Smartphone App Promotes Hope in Divine Mercy. Interview With Father Michael Gaitley, MIC By Genevieve Pollock
Freedom a Gift and Responsibility, Pope Tells US. Says Liberty Must Be Won Over for Cause of Good
Freedom and the Law. The Widening Gap Between Technology and Morality
Freedom Doesn't Justify Everything, Says Pope. Suggests a Redefinition of Liberty Is Needed
Freedom Is in Obedience, Says Francis. Reflects at This Morning's Mass on Discernment
Freedom Needs Relationships, Pope Says to Germany. Benedict XVI Begins 4-Day Visit to Homeland
Freedom of Conscience and Islam. Christian Converts Put to the Test, By Father John Flynn
Freedom of Expression Has a Limit, Says Vatican. Respect of Human Dignity Urged in Address at UNESCO
Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression Have Delicate Interplay, Says Holy See at UN
Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Belief. Mary Offered as Guide for Synod Fathers By Bishop Béchara Raï
Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Christian Freedom. Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi on What This Right Really Means
French Bishop Frustrated Over Church Desecrations. Laments "Ineptitude" of Civil Authorities
French Bishop Named to Education Congregation
French Bishops Affirm Support for Pope. Spanish Cardinal Laments Media's Disregard for Facts
French Bishops Ask: Why Not Be a Priest? Launch Priestly Vocation Campaign
French Bishops Open to Lefebvre's Followers. Will Do "Everything Possible" to Achieve Full Communion
French Bishops Visit Iraqi Christians. Cardinal Barbarin Listened to Their Stories, Moved by Witness of Faith
French Cardinal Admits Complexity of Immigration. Stresses Need for Respecting People By Serena Sartini
French Cardinal Honors Victims of 9/11 Asks: "Is it Possible to Forgive?"
French Cardinal: Mutual Respect Between Christians, Muslims Must Prevail Over Any Desire for Revenge
French Cardinal: Time Is Right for a New Secularism. Notes Religious History of Europe, Anti-Catholicism By Anita Bourdin
French Founder Abbe Pierre Dies at 94
French Imams Join Vatican Official in Condemning Paris Attack. Say That Without Freedom of Speech, World Is in Danger
French Martyr Moves Closer to Sainthood
French Missionary Priest Kidnapped in Cameroon. Local Sources Claim Boko Haram Terrorist Group Behind Abduction
French Philosopher Defends Benedict XVI. Bernard-Henri Lévy Decries Spread of Disinformation
French Prelate Welcomes "Summorum Pontificum" Cardinal Barbarin: Document Invites Reconciliation
French Prelates Offer Guide for Dialogue With Islam. Note Importance of Viewing Muslims With Esteem
French President Hollande to Visit Pope, Say Reports. January 24th Audience Scheduled
French Priest Killed in South Africa Called a "Pioneering Missionary"
French Priests Give a Month's Salary to Needy Charity Initiative Spreads Internationally
French Religious Leaders Assail Same-sex Unions
French Senate And National Assembly Members Meet with Pope Francis. Pontiff Says Hostility Towards Religion From Public Debates is Unnecessary
French Soldier's Open Letter to President Hollande of France
French, German Bishops Mark Anniversary of Elysee Treaty. Warn That 'Contempt and Mistrust Between the European Nations' Is Reappearing
Frequency of the Extraordinary Form And More on Habit-Wearers
Frequent Communion Seen as Key for Christlike Love. Pope Reflects on St. Catherine's Example of a Heart Transformed
Frequent Confession
Friar Assails "Lies" Against Franciscans of Assisi
Friar Made the Street His Cloister. Leopoldo de Alpandeire to Be Beatified Sunday By Carmen Elena Villa
Friars Aim to Start a Community in Khartoum
Friars Minor Conventual Elect New Superior
Friars: Still No Peace in Holy Land. Issue Statement 40 Years After Six Day War
Friday Abstinence and Local Solemnities And More on Salt and Water
FRIDAY OF MERCY: Pope Makes Surprise Visit to Bambino Gesu’s Children’s Hospital
Friend Honors Author Who Criticized Abuse of Vatican II. Michael Davies Was a 'Man of the Church' By Edward Pentin
Friend Remembers Slain Father Ganni
Friends and Friendship, Virtually. Interview on the Benefits and Dangers of Internet Relationships By Carmen Elena Villa
Friends Tap Talents of the Disabled. A Sant'Egidio Group Exhibits Artistry of the Handicapped
Friendship With Christ Indispensable, Says Pontiff. Addresses Seminarians From Capranica College
From A to Z: On Francis’ Anniversary, a Look at the Last 12 Months
From Altar Server to Bishop. Priesthood Is a Pilgrimage and Privilege By Bishop Frederick Henry
From Apostolic Times to Today …
From Australia to Rio "Our young pilgrims are ready now for their mission"
From Beyond the Grave. Fathering Children After Death By Father John Flynn, LC
From Castel Gandolfo, Pope's Final Farewell. "I wish still with my heart, my love, my prayer, my reflection, with all my inner strength, to work for the common good and the good of the Church and of humanity"
From Comics to Music to Film, Faith Is In
From Communism to Catholicism to Priest. Interview With Father Yurko Kolasa of Ukraine By Traci Osuna
From Communist Militant to Underground Priest. Father Bao's China Odyssey
From Controversy to Opportunity: Church Is Learning. Vatican Communications Leaders Speak of Road Ahead By Jesús Colina
From Convert to Church Leader. Interview With Auxiliary Bishop-Designate Elliott
From Doing Good to Finding Peace at Heart
From Joseph Ratzinger's "Jesus of Nazareth" "A Historically Honest and Convincing Figure"
FROM KAUNAS: ‘Jesus Christ Is Our One Hope,’ Pope Reminds During Last Mass in Lithuania
From Math Teacher to Archbishop. Interview with Archbishop Osoro of Valencia, Spain By Inma Álvarez
From Moscow to Minsk: Prelate Continues Unity Work
From Speed Skating to Religious Life. Former Olympian on the Call to Join Franciscan Order By Ann Schneible
From Sri Lanka, an Ecumenical SOS. Appeal for Halt to Violence in Island Nation
From Suffering to Solidarity. Interview With Chicago's Cardinal George
From the Holy Land, Bishops Call for Peace
From the Introduction of Benedict XVI's New Book "A First Glance at the Secret of Jesus"
From the Synod to the Exhortation, Part 1. Interview With Father Rosica on "Verbum Domini"
From the Synod to the Exhortation, Part 2. Interview With Father Rosica on "Verbum Domini"
From the “Regeni Case” to the French Elections: Pope Francis Covers Issues Across the Board on the Flight Back to Rome
From Tolerance to Love; Don't Kick and Pray. Cardinal Tauran Comments on Interreligious Dialogue By Edward Pentin
Fulfilling the Call to Evangelize. Former Mission Student Reflects on Easter in Rome By Ann Schneible
Fulfilling the Gospel Dream. Biblical Reflection for the Ascension of the Lord By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Fulfillment Comes Through God's Will, Says Pope Blesses New St. Joseph Fountain in Vatican Gardens
Full English Text of Pope Francis' Interview With 'Il Messaggero' "It's as if Europe was tired of being a mother, preferring to be a grandmother. Much depends on the economic crisis and not only on a cultural drift marked by selfishness and hedonism."
Full Text of Angelus Address: On the Communion of the Trinity, and Ours
Full Text of Court Statement Exonerating Former Vatican Bank President "It has emerged clearly that the President of the Institute Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was not part of the incriminating operations"
Full Text of Holy Father’s Press Conference Returning from Romania to Rome
Full Text of In-Flight Papal Press Conference From Albania "The Albanian is not tolerant; he is a brother. He has the capacity of fraternity: and more than that. This is witnessed in the coexistence, in the collaboration between Muslims, Orthodox and Cath
Full text of Pope Francis' In-Flight Press Conference (Part I) "I think the Church must give examples always more examples - of refusing every worldliness."
Full text of Pope Francis' In-Flight Press Conference (Part II) "Prudence is the human virtue that regulates our relations"
Full text of Pope Francis' In-Flight Press Conference (Part III) "We Christians must ask for the grace to cry"
Full Text of Pope Francis' Q&A With Seminarians in Rome. "For leadership there is only one way: service. There is no other."
Full Text of Pope's General Audience Catechesis, Oct. 15th "Christian hope is not simply a desire, a wish: for a Christian, hope is expectation, fervent, passionate expectation for the final and definitive fulfilment of a mystery, the mystery of Gods love
Full Text of Pope's General Audience Catechesis, Nov. 19th "To be holy, it is not necessary to be Bishops, priests or religious. We are all called to become saints!"
Full Text of Pope’s Q-and-A With Women Religious
Full Text of Vatican Answer to Cloyne Report
FULL TEXT: Pope's Address at Interreligious, Ecumenical Meeting in Kenya
FULL TEXT: Pope's Address to Catechists, Teachers in Uganda
FULL TEXT: Pope's Address to Muslim Community in Bangui's Grand Mosque
FULL TEXT: Pope's Address to Plenary Assembly of Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples 'Therefore, continue to be committed so that the spirit of the Missio ad Gentes animates the path of the Church, and that she is always able to hear the cry of the
FULL TEXT: Pope's Angelus Address "I follow with great concern the situation of tension and violence that afflicts the Holy Land."
FULL TEXT: Pope's Angelus Address. 'Are we aware of this great gift? We are all children of God!'
FULL TEXT: Pope's Homily During Mass at University of Nairobi's Campus
FULL TEXT: Pope's Homily for Canonization Mass "There can be no compatibility between a worldly understanding of power and the humble service which must characterize authority according to Jesus’ teaching and example."
FULL TEXT: Pope's Homily for Opening of Jubilee of Mercy. 'The feast of the Immaculate Conception expresses the grandeur of God’s love. Not only does he forgive sin, but in Mary he even averts the original sin present in every man and woman who comes into
Fullness and Foolishness. Christianity Isn't a Religion of Being Nice, But About Radical Transformation From the Ground Up
Fulton Sheen Declared Venerable. American Archbishop Listed Among Newly Declared Servants of God
Funding Blocked for Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Bishops Laud Victory of "Common Sense and Sound Medical Ethics"
Funds for Bailout But Not Development? Holy See Asks Why Money Can't Be Found for Aid
Funeral Held for Ralph McInerny. Catholic Scholar Died at Age 80
Funeral Liturgy Prayer Format
Funeral Mass Celebrated for Cardinal Noè. 89-Year-Old Italian Died Sunday
Funeral Mass to Aim for a Note of Hope. Rites to Have a Focus on Resurrection
Funeral Service Held for Bishop Padovese. Catholic Community Urged to Not Be Fearful
Future Cardinal on Abuse: Every Measure Has Been Taken. But You Can Never Do Enough, Says Cardinal-Designate Burke
Future Cardinal Zen Benefited From Almsgiving. Hong Kong Prelate Urges Faithful to Give to Poor
Future Jerusalem Patriarch Implores More Aid
Future of Church in Israel Is in Focus
Future of Venezuela's Catholic TV in Peril. Chávez to Consider Revoking License
Future Papal Representatives Hear of Mission to Serve. Benedict XVI Urges Diplomacy Students to Foster Unity
Future Priests Share Ugandan Refugee Life. Rector Says It Roots Them in People's Reality
Future Seen as Uncertain With Announcement of Cloned Embryos. Researcher Notes That Science Has Passed by Cloning for Stem Cell Production