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"May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, give you a spirit of wisdom and perception of what is revealed, to bring you to full knowledge of him." Eph 15: 17
Reading of the Day

"He went away again across the Jordan to the place where John had been baptizing earlier, and he remained there. Many came to him, and they were saying, ‘John performed no sign, but everything that John said about this man was true.’ And many believed in him there." Jn 10:40-42

Saint of the Day
Saint Athanasius of Alexandria
Doctor of the Church, Confessor

He was born to pagan parents. When he was in school he saw a group of Christians acting out services and when he asked to join them, they refused. From then on he declared himself Christian. The patriarch at that time, Pope Alexander, predicted that he would eventually hold a great position. Before reaching the age of 20, Athanasius wrote a treatise entitled On the Incarnation, affirming and explaining that Jesus Christ was both God and Man. In about 319, when Athanasius was a deacon, a presbyter named Arius began teaching that there was a time before God the Father begat Jesus when the latter did not exist. Athanasius responded that the Father's begetting of the Son, or uttering of the Word, was an eternal relationship between them, not an event that took place within time. Thus began catholic Christianity's fight against the heresy of Arianism. Athanasius fought consistently against Arianism all his life. As a deacon, he accompanied Alexander of Alexandria to the First Council of Nicea in 325, which produced the Nicene Creed and anathematized Arius and his followers.

FEATURE: Making Word of God More Beloved & Known by People of God– Archbishop Fisichella Tells ZENIT the Motivation Behind the Sunday of the Word of God

January 17, 2020. ‘Catholics have, they need, they should feel, the need to recover contact with the Word of God’

Santa Marta: The Power of Forgiveness

January 17, 2020. Pope Recalls Importance of Relationship with God.

All People of Faith & All Religions Being Able to Freely Worship & Participate in Society, Constitutes a Culture of Freedom
January 16, 2020. U.S. Bishops’ Religious Liberty Chairman Offers Reflection on Religious Freedom Day

Pope Francis to Preside over Vespers on January 25 for Christian Unity

January 17, 2020. Feast of Saint Paul’s Conversion

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: ‘They showed us unusual kindness’
January 17, 2020. Caritas invites communities and member organizations to pray, listen and reflect together as part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020, January 18-25.

Pope’s Morning Homily: God Is Moved By Even the Littlest Prayers
January 16, 2020. Reminds That God Came to Be Close to Us, Beside Us, & Often Turns Simple Prayers Into ‘Miraculous Ones’

Holy Father Greets Young and Old at General Audience

January 15, 2020. ‘Open your heart to the needs of the Church’

General Audience English Summary

January 15, 2020. Pope Concludes Catechesis on Acts of the Apostles

Benedict XVI to Be ‘Contributor’, Not ‘Co-Author’ of Book on Priestly Celibacy
January 14, 2020 . Cardinal Sarah Demonstrates Text Was Clearly Benedicts; Announces Update After Benedict’s Secretary Shares Pope Emeritus Prefers Not to Be ‘Co-author’

Authority Comes from ‘Coherence and Testimony’
January 14, 2020. Pope Francis’ Homily At Casa Santa Marta

‘I’d Rather Give My Life than Change the Law on Celibacy,’ Pope Francis Citing Paul VI
January 13, 2020. Vatican Restates Pope Francis’ View Against Optional Celibacy In Response to Benedict XVI & Cardinal Sarah’s New Book on Priestly Celibacy

Message from CELAM: ‘Let us walk and pray together for peace in the world’

January 13, 2020. Join Pope’s Appeal for Peace

Baptizing 32 Babies in Sistine Chapel, Pope Reminds Parents to Pass Down Gift of Faith (Full Text of Homily)

January 12, 2020 . On Feast of Baptism of Our Lord, Also Reminds Mothers They Can Nurse Their Perhaps Hungry Babies & Not Worry If They Start to Cry or Scream

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI & Cardinal Sarah Write Book on Priestly Celibacy

January 13, 2020. Theologians Co-Author ‘From the Depths of Our Hearts’, Published in English by Ignatius Press

‘Celebrate in Your Heart Each Year the Date of Your Baptism,’ Reminds Pope (Full Angelus Address on Feast of the Lord’s Baptism)

January 12, 2020. On Today’s Feast, Pope Says, We Rediscover Our Baptism, Are Reborn & Know We Are Loved Children of God

‘Heightening Tensions Between US & Iran Risk Rebuilding in Iraq,’ Pope Warns in Annual Address to Diplomats

January 09, 2020. Pope Appeals to International Community to Help Achieve ‘De-escalation’, Encourage Dialogue

Archbishop Follo: The Baptism of Jesus: Epiphany of Humility, Mercy and Grace
January 10, 2020. With the invitation to live the baptism not as a reminder of a moment of the past but a journey of our whole life in God, daily.

Pope’s Morning Homily: Love Is Concrete & Daily — And Not Optional

January 10, 2020. He Who Loves God But Doesn’t Love His Other is a Liar

US Bishops Urge Pursuit of Peace in Middle East

January 10, 2020January 10, 2020 ‘All must discover islands of trust in a sea of distrust’

‘Let Us Walk Together for Peace in the World,’ Exhorts the Latin American Episcopal Council
January 09, 2020. CELAM Launches Appeal in Response to the Pope’s Call